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  1. flash6969

    Basic Rocktron Midi Raider setup - do the IA LED's light up when you switch presets

    Hi all, Was reading this thread (https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/rocktron-midi-raider-and-scenes.61754/#post-1717210) & @Kromi mentioned "Only thing you can't get is LED lighting up showing chosen scene". I'm not interested in scenes - I use my FM3 in a very old fashioned traditional...
  2. flash6969

    New nut for Input 1?

    I somehow seem to have lost the nut for out 1 & am seeking a replacement nut. Have ordered a M10 (ie: metric) nut & it wont screw on, so I'm wondering if the AX8 nuts are imperial?? Can anyone help me order a replacement nut for out 1 (see screenshot)??
  3. flash6969

    [fixed] Volume pedal not going to 0 value

    And now it’s fixed itself!! :( Thanks everyone
  4. flash6969

    [fixed] Volume pedal not going to 0 value

    Hi all. I have my wah setup as Ext1 & it works as expected; that is, sweeps through the wah range & disengages when the pedal value get to 0. But my volume pedal sounds like its doing the same thing; and so when it gets to 0 value the pedal disengages & the amp returns to full volume. This is...
  5. flash6969

    CAE 3+ preamp tonematch

    Check out my CAE 3+ preamp preset on the Axe FX III. What you will hear is my actual CAE 3+ preamp followed by the Axe Fx III preset. Presets are here: 1. Rhythm = http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6714 2. Lead = http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6715
  6. flash6969

    Bogner 100B tonematch

    Thanks. I would agree - the Axe has a little more treble/presence to the sound. The intro riff is a guitar thing i found in some online 'guitar loops' thing. It sounded crazy so now i use it for all my videos - its my "theme song"
  7. flash6969

    Bogner 100B tonematch

    Check out my Bogner 100B preset on the Axe FX III. What you will hear is my actual Bogner 100B followed by the Axe Fx III preset. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6710
  8. flash6969


    Here's my version http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6540
  9. flash6969

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Integration is perfect. RJM developed a software upgrade almost as soon as the Axe 3 was released. It works perfectly with all preset names & scene names displayed
  10. flash6969

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    It’s the RJM GT22. Monster board & very expensive but there’s no better
  11. flash6969

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Correct - the Eventide DSP400 is 1990's technology; some people like that but the Axe III does everything it can do & the Axe is quieter
  12. flash6969

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Ha! Hoping you saw my video. It’s an amazing amp; full, huge & sounds stunning
  13. flash6969

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Axe 3 arrived last week; here’s my WDW rig with Friedman SS100 & CAE 3+ for preamp tones. Friedman 4x12 for dry sounds & Bogner 1x12 for wet sounds from the Matrix amp.
  14. flash6969

    Is anybody in here using the RMJ gt22

    Yes I have the GT22. I assume you’re interested in phantom power for the GT? If so I would highly recommend buying them from RJM; it’s easy & very fair price. I bought mine in Australia. You will need the junction box that has both midi in & out & power.
  15. flash6969

    Is it possible to connect a Blu-ray player to Axe-Fx III?

    Your bluray player already has a digital output. Why would you run it through a Axe??
  16. flash6969

    Multi Delay 1 kills Reverb?

    Thanks; I suspected as much
  17. flash6969

    Multi Delay 1 kills Reverb?

    Thanks but that’s not it: i didn’t get silence. The delays worked as expected & there was sound coming out; just no reverb effect
  18. flash6969

    Multi Delay 1 kills Reverb?

    So I experienced something very strange today. Wanted to ask if anyone else has seen this behaviour before in their Axe FX II?? A few effects (drives, amps, phasers etc) goes into a chorus, this splits into a multi delay 1 which then feeds a reverb and then out. Other side of the split goes to...
  19. flash6969

    I tried 4CM even bought the cables

    Humbuster cables can be used on other gear - no problems. Like @searching said, interested to know why you didnt like it? Its not something you can set up in like 5 minutes; it takes some time to get it right
  20. flash6969

    MFC to control Axe FX 2 XL+ and Voicelive 2

    Yes it's possible. Probably should have posted this in the MFC section but anyway... Hope this helps
  21. flash6969

    Faslink power details - need specifics

    I need to uncover this secret!! @Mr.X posted this a few years ago = https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/faslink-to-midi.97980/ It's already been done with FASLink. Not completely sure of the encoding method, but likely its: pin 1 ground Pin 2 data send & Vcc Pin 3 data receive & Vcc
  22. flash6969

    Faslink power details - need specifics

    Thanks appreciate the advice but do you have specifics on how the Faslink connection works over XLR?
  23. flash6969

    Faslink power details - need specifics

    Hi all, Trying to understand how the Faslink actually works over XLR - does anyone have any info on the XLR pins used for power and midi?? The CAE RST midi foot controller says its can accept phantom power over XLR so needing to check if there is compatibility between the Axe & the CAE. So...
  24. flash6969

    Rig Setup help - Two amp heads with Axe FX (V / JP2C)

    Sounds like you might need a head switcher is sorts?? I believe Radial make a stompbox thing can handle the loads of tube amps or Egnater make a 4 head switcher (might be overkill) that has individual line outs for each head.
  25. flash6969

    jp-2c with axe-fx2

    Does this help??
  26. flash6969

    Labeling options

    Sukh is the man - his product is impeccable. Seriously check it out
  27. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    I found one in the Fractal Forum - used. They don't get made new anymore
  28. flash6969

    Axe Fx II: Recording DI with Logic Pro X problems

    I think your output on track 2 might need to be set to 3&4, not 1&2??
  29. flash6969

    Using a booster in FX Loop for solos

    FYI - I use the filter block as a. Post in front of my tube amp. Works great - give it a shot
  30. flash6969

    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    Looks amazing. Sorry if I've missed this bit of the chat - any feedback on the price point yet??
  31. flash6969

    Running my Axe in front of my JVM instead of in the loop

    Dont forget to play with the I/O menu & adjust the pad settings for out 1 & 2. Might help?
  32. flash6969

    Axe FX II +/MFC101 with Bogner XTC/RJM Mini Amp Gizmo

    Here you are. Select your preset you want to edit (eg: #336). The program change needs to happen in the 'preset' menu (not the midi menu!). Then go to 'ProgCh' screen (page x 2), hit up to select 'Ch2' = this is midi channel 2. Select 'parameter' over to the 'ProgCh' value & hit up/down arrows...
  33. flash6969

    Axe FX II +/MFC101 with Bogner XTC/RJM Mini Amp Gizmo

    Hey Hayden. im planning to make a video & help you out. I find the Fractal manuals miss alot of key information so I'll try & get that video for you soon. In summary, Axe FX runs on channel 1. The RJM needs to run on channel 2. All patch programming must be done in the MFC; the Axe is really...
  34. flash6969


    I found this post today & pulled out my 1990 SLO100, dialed in these settings & recorded. Honestly, it's a little too much bass but otherwise it's 95% VH FUCK tone. Then I dialed in the Axe & it's exactly the same. Great SLO tone in the box
  35. flash6969

    Can A Bogner Ecstasy's Channels Be Controlled By MFC-101?

    Yeah what Yek said. Lemme know if you need anything else - it's a little tricky to setup the MFC but once you do it's rock solid
  36. flash6969

    In studio: Direct & IRs vs. Cab & mic?

    Option 1 or 2 will be quicker. If you're paying the studio by the hour that might save you some $$$ as well as getting a good sound. As already suggested, try a re-amping track
  37. flash6969

    Setting up 4CM in I/O with settings

    The reason is - output 2 goes to the front of your amp. Typically volume changes here don't occur here. Output 1 goes to the efx return of your amp & so this acts like a master volume on a 4CM rig. You don't want to push this section too hard so it's best to keep the Axe knob at about 12pm &...
  38. flash6969

    Setting up 4CM in I/O with settings

    Hope this helps
  39. flash6969

    Configuring external switches with your MFC-101

    Thanks for the reply. It's a fab little unit that sits perfectly next to the MFC
  40. flash6969

    Configuring external switches with your MFC-101

    Hey all. After struggling with something I expected to be very easy, I made a quick video to share my lessons learnt. Hope it helps you out.
  41. flash6969

    Looking for a power amp

    Tune will color the sound - that's just what they do. Matrix amps have a tube like sound & are very light & cheap. Almost every Axe player uses them - check em out
  42. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    You're a genius Rex! I thought about my statement 'I've selected toggle in all the menus' & went back to the setup menu. And changed it to be 'momentary'. And now it works! So what I've deduced is this; the setup menu sets the input switch type. In my case it's momentary. In the midi menu of...
  43. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    As I said, I need toggle/latching. The 'toggle' selection in the MFC edit menu is meant to make momentary into toggle. Chapter 8.2 states "toggle" - Use this setting if you want a connected MOMENTARY switch to behave as if it were really a TOGGLE/LATCHING switch.
  44. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    Yes. Toggle is latching. I believe I've selected toggle in all the menus (see photos above) yet it continues to be momentary. I'm stuck!
  45. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    I think so. I'm wanting it work as a IA switch - this is, press the switch to turn it on & press the switch again to turn it off
  46. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    Ok. Thanks for the help so far - making progress. EA1 is now working - as a momentary switch!! Everything I've tried to make it 'toggle' doesn't appear to work. MFC setup menu is set to 'toggle'. I step on the pedal & the effect comes on; when I release the pedal the effects turns off. I'm sure...
  47. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    So I'm trying this differently now. EXT4 in the Axe is assigned to CC19. Perhaps if I assign pedal 4 to #19 & then assign the bypass controller to EXT4?? Thoughts
  48. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    Hi all, Managed to find a EXTMFC unti - its a 4 switch unit & I can NOT seems to get it working! Lets start simple - trying to get button #4 to swicth on/off/bypass a Formant block. I know formant bypass is CC #58. I've set the MFC XS4 to #58, type is 'toggle', Off is 000, on is 127. Have i...
  49. flash6969

    Help choosing power amp for Axefx II

    Matrix amps are stellar. Come in a variety of power ratings, ohms are automatically sorted by the amp, really light to carry & sound great. Customer service is exceptional
  50. flash6969

    New pickups, Bareknuckle, which?

    Same as above. I've got Rebel Yells in several Les Paul's & Strats. Just amazing pickups - fat, articulate & clean up really well.
  51. flash6969

    Help! Trying to record directly to Mac via USB

    What Chris said. There are 2 lots of stereo outputs over USB: 1. Wet/efx 2. Dry for reamping
  52. flash6969

    Fractal Audio AMP models: CA3+ (Custom Audio Amplifiers 3+ SE)

    The Axe model is great - one of my favorites. But I had to buy a real 3+ a few months ago & nothing will beat it
  53. flash6969

    Matrix amp issue

    Yes I've spoken to Andy at Marrix. Just interested to hear of other experiences :mad:
  54. flash6969

    Matrix amp issue

    so decided to upgrade my 800 to a 3 channel 1500 Matrix amp. Gotta say the 800 has been very stable & great. 1500 arrives & I plugged it in - immediately it's whisper quiet. Barely any sound. Then after 30 seconds the fans start going crazy, it shorts & blows a puff of smoke. It's dead! Update...
  55. flash6969

    The first ever Extension Module for MFC-101 !

    Goddam it!! I need this unit - please
  56. flash6969

    bit of a problem

    So many jokes I could add!! But that's s different forum ;)
  57. flash6969

    Any plans for right-angle Humbuster cables?

    You can make humbusters yourself - get some right angled plugs & solder the cable. It's very easy to do
  58. flash6969

    Dial in popular Mods

    "Better" is relative. Your better might not be the same as mine
  59. flash6969

    4CM Updated To 4.00 Output 1 LED CLIP

    I use 4CM & the boost pad is set to 12db. It's also about your signal/noise ratio. Check your levels in the input/output sections - the boost pad won't help you much with this problem
  60. flash6969

    4cm - Volume Level

    I've found best results for inputs at about 50%, but feel free to play around. The output 1 is your master volume (goes into your efx return) so it's a convenience thing but also means you get your amp tone at any volume you choose, since you're not moving the amp volume or gain settings
  61. flash6969

    4cm - Volume Level

    Not familiar with the Marshall but you'll need to play with both input & output volumes in the IO menu. Make sure inputs are set to around 50% & output pads are at 12db (this will improve signal to noise ratio). Set out 2 knob to max & output 1 knob at about 2pm. This becomes your master volume
  62. flash6969

    Can A Bogner Ecstasy's Channels Be Controlled By MFC-101?

    I switch my XTC with the RJM mini amp gizmo. Works perfectly with the Axe fx & MFC
  63. flash6969

    For the Love of God tone

    FYI - it was a Bogner 100A amp but yes, probably a DS1 pedal in there somewhere
  64. flash6969

    4-Cables Method Hi-Gain Question

    I use high gain amps in 4CM & don't believe there's a need for a compressor on gain sounds (clean - yes, dirty - no). Gates go after the efx loop before delays & reverbs. Use the gates in the Axe - don't buy one, they work just fine
  65. flash6969

    foot controllers that use USB?

    I can't think of any. Ideally USB should be short : 5-10 feet at most Rules out the purpose of having a remote pedalboard
  66. flash6969

    Effects loop only.. What am I missing?

    Check your input & output levels in the I/O master section. Here's my 4CM patch - try this. If it doesn't work you've got issues http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=2995
  67. flash6969

    Friedman SS100 preset

    My version of a Friedman SS100 amp. I have a real SS100 so I know what these amps sound like & have tried to recreate Steve's signal path & favourite tone tricks. Steve likes gain & lots of mids, so feel free to adjust the mids to your taste. Cabs are: - 4x12 Basketweave (for the G25) - use a 57...
  68. flash6969

    When monitoring through Logic X, audio goes out of sync sometimes

    Can you also provide your Logic audio preferences?? Buffer size & available RAM will be important
  69. flash6969

    Liquid Foot Junior plus and mini plus

    Tried to help a mate program one with his Ultra - what a nightmare!! Doesn't talk to the Axe unless it has latest firmware, impossible to follow the instructions etc. in the end, we gave up!! I would not recommend the Liquid Foot products
  70. flash6969

    Fractal Audio AMP models: SOLO 100 (Soldano SLO-100)

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I've loaded the SLO rhythm patch, added the TV cab, cranked the master & it's definitely in the same tonal ballpark as my 1999 SLO. I'm happy
  71. flash6969

    wah has stopped working on exp pedal 1

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I wasnt aware of the default CC#'s for each pedal & obviously trying to run wah from XP1 is an issue. All solved. Wah is mapped pt XP2 & works! Thanks again
  72. flash6969

    wah has stopped working on exp pedal 1

    Thanks @Bakerman. The Exp pedals are responding to the CC#. They work fine - just not on the wah. For example, Exp 1 works to control the volume on this patch - http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=2642 (as expected). As I said, the xp pedal 1 is sending midi to the Axe Fx (midi...
  73. flash6969

    wah has stopped working on exp pedal 1

    Hey all. Feel a bit silly asking this, but hoping someone can check out my settings & see what i am missing. My wah used to work - now it doesn't. So, Exp pedal 1 is sending midi to the Axe Fx (midi in lights up when i move it) but does nothing on my wah sound. Nothing engages & obviously no...
  74. flash6969

    Diezel Schmidt

    just landed this amp - it's my first play through so check it out.
  75. flash6969

    Settings of recording tracks in Logic for rhythm guitars

    Up to you. 2x mono tracks will allow you to EQ each track differently & add different efx (compressors, delays).
  76. flash6969

    4CM seems noisy?

    Turn pads up +6 & make sure vol 1 is maxed. Vol 2 will be your master. Also try a noise gate immediately after the loop block
  77. flash6969

    The new HBE...

    They've re-analysed the BE100 using Mark Days amp. It's possible it sounds a bit different
  78. flash6969

    Can somebody guide me with 4 cable method?

    Sorry. The MFC101 iii is my pedalboard
  79. flash6969

    Can somebody guide me with 4 cable method?

    http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=2995 My 4CM preset. Enjoy
  80. flash6969

    Can somebody guide me with 4 cable method?

    This will get you started
  81. flash6969

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Big Hair

    Or any of these...
  82. flash6969

    Steve Vai

  83. flash6969

    Using an Axe-Fx II XL with a Two-Notes Torpedo Live

    Yeah they both do exactly the same thing (play IR files). I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish here but you don't need the Torpedo
  84. flash6969

    4cm method issue with Mesa Mark v25

    Stereo output 1 mode will do
  85. flash6969

    4cm method issue with Mesa Mark v25

    Thanks - tested your preset & its all good. It worked for me also. Cleans are perfect on my amp. There's something wrong either with your global settings or your Mark V25. Check your Input settings - instrument should be set around 50%, input 1 to 50%, input 2 to around 65%. Check the Audio...
  86. flash6969

    Is there an 'idiot's' guide for setting up 4CM?

    Hey George. Checkout my 4CM patch on the Axe Exchange. If you follow the vid you'll also need to check your pad settings (set to +12) & also check your input/output settings in the IN/OUT master sections. Max output 2 control knob; output 1 should be your 'master volume' - set this to about 12-1pm.
  87. flash6969

    4cm method issue with Mesa Mark v25

    You should have an awesome tone - you've got all the right bits of gear. If you can, post a video of the problem & post the patch so we can see whats going on - this will make it faster for us to understand
  88. flash6969

    4cm method issue with Mesa Mark v25

    Ha! That's my video. Can you tell us a bit more - when you say 'different', what's different about it? Quieter, louder, distorted, out of phase etc?? If you can post a quick clip to YouTube that might help us also
  89. flash6969

    How many expression pedals are you using?

    I'm exactly the same - about to get my 3rd pedal now
  90. flash6969

    A question for the 4CM experts.. this one is for you.. (AMP X/Y ??)

    Best to just try it & see what happens! Happy to test your patch in 4CM when you're ready to share
  91. flash6969

    Anyone using the new Friedman ASM 12 FRFR monitor. Reviews on that.

    The Friedman's are voiced for dirty guitar tones & so are probably not really true flat. That's not a bad thing, just the way they are. As a result, they tend to project dirty tones better than say an Atomic. Rumour is the Atomics are slightly better are clean tones
  92. flash6969

    AOTW 4 Friedman (H)BE

    I have done an A/B with my real BE100 & the Axe is 95-98% accurate. Would anyone at a gig notice the difference - probably not. Would anyone in the studio notice - probably not. It's a damn fine model & my favorite also
  93. flash6969

    Help! 4cm Hiss

    I use almost the same setup. Noise is improved with the XL but with some tweaking you should be able to nail it. Hopefully this helps ya:
  94. flash6969

    I modified the Factory Presets for the 4 Cable Method

    I think what you've done is fine. It's the safer option & then the user can fine tune themselves. Thanks. I'll spend more time with your presets over the next few weeks
  95. flash6969

    I modified the Factory Presets for the 4 Cable Method

    Hi Chris. All appears to be working great & as described. Here is a quick sample. Scene 1 sample is a Friedman SS head using the 4CM. I've activated the delay in the preset. Scene 2 sample is the Axe FX simulating a 'Plexi Normal 4CM' preset through the Friedman power amp section only. I...
  96. flash6969

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.06 Firmware Release

    How about you cool the f$$k down & chill out
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