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  1. flash6969

    Basic Rocktron Midi Raider setup - do the IA LED's light up when you switch presets

    Hi all, Was reading this thread (https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/rocktron-midi-raider-and-scenes.61754/#post-1717210) & @Kromi mentioned "Only thing you can't get is LED lighting up showing chosen scene". I'm not interested in scenes - I use my FM3 in a very old fashioned traditional...
  2. flash6969

    New nut for Input 1?

    I somehow seem to have lost the nut for out 1 & am seeking a replacement nut. Have ordered a M10 (ie: metric) nut & it wont screw on, so I'm wondering if the AX8 nuts are imperial?? Can anyone help me order a replacement nut for out 1 (see screenshot)??
  3. flash6969

    [fixed] Volume pedal not going to 0 value

    Hi all. I have my wah setup as Ext1 & it works as expected; that is, sweeps through the wah range & disengages when the pedal value get to 0. But my volume pedal sounds like its doing the same thing; and so when it gets to 0 value the pedal disengages & the amp returns to full volume. This is...
  4. flash6969

    CAE 3+ preamp tonematch

    Check out my CAE 3+ preamp preset on the Axe FX III. What you will hear is my actual CAE 3+ preamp followed by the Axe Fx III preset. Presets are here: 1. Rhythm = http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6714 2. Lead = http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6715
  5. flash6969

    Bogner 100B tonematch

    Check out my Bogner 100B preset on the Axe FX III. What you will hear is my actual Bogner 100B followed by the Axe Fx III preset. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6710
  6. flash6969

    Multi Delay 1 kills Reverb?

    So I experienced something very strange today. Wanted to ask if anyone else has seen this behaviour before in their Axe FX II?? A few effects (drives, amps, phasers etc) goes into a chorus, this splits into a multi delay 1 which then feeds a reverb and then out. Other side of the split goes to...
  7. flash6969

    Faslink power details - need specifics

    Hi all, Trying to understand how the Faslink actually works over XLR - does anyone have any info on the XLR pins used for power and midi?? The CAE RST midi foot controller says its can accept phantom power over XLR so needing to check if there is compatibility between the Axe & the CAE. So...
  8. flash6969

    Configuring external switches with your MFC-101

    Hey all. After struggling with something I expected to be very easy, I made a quick video to share my lessons learnt. Hope it helps you out.
  9. flash6969

    EXTMFC setup = external switches?

    Hi all, Managed to find a EXTMFC unti - its a 4 switch unit & I can NOT seems to get it working! Lets start simple - trying to get button #4 to swicth on/off/bypass a Formant block. I know formant bypass is CC #58. I've set the MFC XS4 to #58, type is 'toggle', Off is 000, on is 127. Have i...
  10. flash6969

    Matrix amp issue

    so decided to upgrade my 800 to a 3 channel 1500 Matrix amp. Gotta say the 800 has been very stable & great. 1500 arrives & I plugged it in - immediately it's whisper quiet. Barely any sound. Then after 30 seconds the fans start going crazy, it shorts & blows a puff of smoke. It's dead! Update...
  11. flash6969

    Friedman SS100 preset

    My version of a Friedman SS100 amp. I have a real SS100 so I know what these amps sound like & have tried to recreate Steve's signal path & favourite tone tricks. Steve likes gain & lots of mids, so feel free to adjust the mids to your taste. Cabs are: - 4x12 Basketweave (for the G25) - use a 57...
  12. flash6969

    wah has stopped working on exp pedal 1

    Hey all. Feel a bit silly asking this, but hoping someone can check out my settings & see what i am missing. My wah used to work - now it doesn't. So, Exp pedal 1 is sending midi to the Axe Fx (midi in lights up when i move it) but does nothing on my wah sound. Nothing engages & obviously no...
  13. flash6969

    Diezel Schmidt

    just landed this amp - it's my first play through so check it out.
  14. flash6969

    Blank preset - i get nothing!

    Attempting to load a Lukather preset from 'guitarnerdswe' on the Axe FX Forum & I get nothing from my unit. Its almost like the preset has nothing in it. Every other preset loads fine, except his. Am i missing something, or forgetting something obvious?? Hoping you can assist in some...
  15. flash6969

    Anyone tried JUST the cab block with real tube amps??

    Hey all I thought I might try running a line from my Two Notes Torpedo Live unit to try all the great cabs in the Axe FX. Has anyone tried running a line from a load device into just the cabs?? Anything I need to consider?? Cheers
  16. flash6969

    Timeout message solved - here's a tip

    Hey all, Had a timeout message at rehearsal & wanted to let everyone know; first thing you should do is always check your cables & if possible try a new cable. I replaced my FASlink with a new XLR cable = problem solved. No reboots, no new firmware, no messages to the Fractal forum pleading...
  17. flash6969

    Axe FX in 4 cable method - the definitive guide

    Hey all Been alot of interest recently in the Fractal units Axe FX & the FX8 in 4CM. I run exclusively in 4CM so wanted to share some of the tips & tricks I have learnt over time. Hope it helps - the tips are generically the same, regardless of the unit you are using. https://youtu.be/4zuzDSu7KVg
  18. flash6969

    4CM - big volume jump going from dirty to clean channel???

    Hey all I use 4CM with several heads (Bogners, Soldano, Friedman) and the issue is the same with all. I have the same template for each set of amps & have tested switching the amps without the Axe, so I'm convinced the issue is the Axe. Whilst there is a known issue/delay with using my RJM...
  19. flash6969

    IA switch changes my RJM Mini Amp Gizmo??

    Hi everyone I'm running 4CM with my Axe - I have an RJM Amp Gizmo switching channels on my amps. I use my MFC in preset mode (1-5 for presets) & then all the other switches for IA (e.g.: EQ, chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo etc). I have IA #10 assigned to tremolo & for some reason, when i...
  20. flash6969

    changing efx assigned to same expression pedal??

    Hey everyone. So i have 2 expression pedals - pedal 1 assigned to volume & pedal 2 assigned to wah. Always. How can I change the wah expression pedal to be assigned to say a pitch/whammy effect on 1 preset only? So lets say preset #32 is my dirty sound with a wah. And lets say #33 is lead...
  21. flash6969

    Kicktags - get some!

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to send a shout out to Sukh at Kicktags. He's making a damn fine product for your MFC & other controllers, they're very well priced & they look fantastic. Here's my new set that just arrived:
  22. flash6969

    Axe FX presets - your first impressions??

    Hi guys I've just purchased my new Axe FX XL & have obviously started with the presets to gauge the existing sounds in the unit. I also downloaded a number of presets from Axe Exchange (I wont name names) that stated they were faithful recreations of famous players/amps (eg: Van Halen and/or...
  23. flash6969

    Friedman BE100 + Axe FX II = 4 cable method

    Hey guys Finally got me an Axe FX but dont panic - Im not planning on selling all my tube heads. I'm after the 4 cable method = best of both worlds! Check it out:
  24. flash6969

    4CM - interested to hear your feedback

    So I'm considering buying an Axe FX & have spent a lot of time & money collecting some fantastic tube amps that I love. I'm interested in running the 4 cable method to utilize the front of amp effects (eg: wah, phaser) and also the back of amp effects (delays, reverbs) whilst still benefitting...
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