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    Screen flickering (USB not connected)

    Hi, a few days ago i noticed my axe-fx screen flickering (ive had the unit for a couple of months and this is the 1st time it started doing this). I did a search and saw that this can be normal with the usb connected. I disconnected the usb cable from my PC but the screen still flickers...
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    Building your own FRFR using the same driver as the Matrix GFR12 (plans included)

    Hey, im a diy type of guy and have built guitar cabs in the past. I noticed that B&C (company that makes the driver for the new Matrix GFR12 FRFR) has a "suggested design" build plan for the B&C 12HCX76 on their website: http://www.bcspeakers.com/PDF/SUGG/SGG_11.pdf The driver is...
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    Check out my band's new video/single! (Female singer)

    Hey guys. My band just released our 1st ever single/video. I recorded/mastered it at home. Axe-fx ultra used for most guitar parts and even the synthy sounding part at the start. Chorus gain tones was my Marshall JVM. What do you think? Mending Melissa - Harmony [OFFICIAL-HD] - YouTube
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    Daydreaming: A possible way to have Axe-fx2 amp sims on the Ultra

    I wrote this in another thread and decided to start a dedicated one just to get some responses: Cliff said (i think) that an amp block in the axefx 2 code would take up 40% of cpu of one tigersharc processor (ultra has 1.... AxefxII has 2) I am a sparse effect user and never use 2 amp sims at...
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    Axe-fx into Mesa Mark V front input (impedance question)

    Hi, Ive been using the axe-fx for effects only. In the loop of my Mesa Mark V i still hear a sound difference with all shunts on the axe-fx but it is something i can live with. My big problem is that I was excited to use the axe-fx in front of my amp as well to utilize the drive blocks, wah's...
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    Is a 500w step down transformer enough for a Mesa 2:100?

    Hi. I just got a Mesa 2:100 (us voltage) and with it came a step down transformer for Australian voltage rated at 500w. It does work but the guy i bought it from used the two together but never really gigged or played loud volumes for long periods of time. Will the 500w step down transformer...
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    Please explain to me why some ppl prefer v 9.0?

    I've read the amp poll thread but im finding it hard to put a handle on what exactly it is that people that play heavy music are missing with 9.2 vs 9.0. Please enlighten me. Thanks
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    Do you want mix control for mic sims?

    Ive often felt the need to brighten up my patches or give it a different character by using the mic sims. Adding say an sm57 on some cabs just puts it over the top and I found myself wishing that I could dial the mic sim in with a mix control. Same goes for the Royer 121..... What if you want...
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    Presence defaults to real world noon equivalent.

    I think this would be a better starting point for new axe-fx'ers if they intend to match their current rigs or amps they've owned in the past. Im suggesting axe-fx amp models who's real world counterparts have presence controls, default to 5 which would be equivalent to noon on a real amp and...
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    Tell me about the VHT 2150...

    Hey guys. Ive been using an Art sla-2 SS amp with my axe-fx and Im getting tired of the unnatural fizz it has compared to for instance a marshall 9200. I have an opportunity to buy a VHT 2150. But i have no experience with kt88's. I cant try the power amp before buying it. Im also looking...
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    Cheap $5 chinese midi interface..... the verdict is:

    Hey. Thought id take a chance on one of those $5 chinese midi interfaces. http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/a ... -718-.html It works better than I thought it would. Recieving data from the axe-fx works flawlessly (backing up banks and patches etc) If i edit patches it seems to send data...
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    Y-cable instead of auxilary inputs on in-ear transmitter

    Hi, If i get an in ear setup but the transmitter does not have 2 seperate inputs ( i want a direct send from the axe-fx to the in ear transmitter, together with the normal iem mix) would it be as easy as using one or 2 of these: (Y-Cable 1/4" (M) Mono to Dual 1/4" (F) Mono)...
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    FCB1010 resetting patches 70+'s volumes to 0

    Hi. When i bought my fcb1010 2nd hand i did a factory reset on it. The other day i tried to use patches 70 and up and found the numbers werent corresponding to the patches it was changing e.g. 6-0 actually did 1-5 etc.... i googled and found out how to reprogram it to change to the...
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    Any experience with Crest Audio LQ12p powered 12" 560w?

    Id like to know if anyone has used these with an Axefx and how they compare to other popular FRFR's. Specs : http://www.crestaudio.com/media/pdf/LQ12_ss.pdf Thanks C
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    Furman pl plus E vs APC 1200 power conditioner? specs inside

    Which is better? I dont know how to interpret these specs. All i want is something that can protect my Axe-fx and my SS-poweramp. http://www.furmansound.com/product.php? ... ifications Details: Furman Maximum Output Current: 10 amps Line Cord: 3/1.0MM AWG, 2.5M cord w/IEC female to 10A Schuko...
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    FCB1010 only switches patches up to 69

    Hey, I was at band practise tonight and for the 1st time tried to use a patch higher than 69. Pressing the buttons on the fcb1010 didnt do anything at all from patch 70 and up. The "midi in" light on the axe-fx was flashing each time i hit a button but it didnt change the patches. When i bought...
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    Looking for IR of Celestion G12k-100 cab

    Hey guys, Been looking around lately but cant seem to find an IR of a Celestion G12k-100 cab anywhere..... some cabs that come to mind are some Diezels, the 400w Marshall Mode Four cab, and the more expensive Orange 4x12. From clips ive heard and what ive read these speakers have all the good...
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    Axe-fx ultra malfunctioning - all patches become clean sound

    Ive got quite an irritating problem... (Axe-fx Ultra running firmware 6.04) My axe fx has during the course of 3 months since ive had it on about 8 occasions reset to a vanilla kind of clean sound.... i think its when i press a button or randomly while im playing but all my patches become a...
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    Give me a reason not to get a Lexicon MPX R1?

    These look like everything i could want in a foot controller provided that they are reliable. Any reason not to get one?
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    Do i need more than 1 CC and 1 Program change?

    Hey, big time midi noob question here. Im looking into getting the Roland FC-200...as far as i know it only has 1 simultaneous CC change and 1 simultaneous program change per preset. I assume i wont be needing more if the Axe-fx is the only unit it will be controlling? I wont use IA mode... I...
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    Anyone use the m-audio expression pedal?

    Was looking at getting this http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-MII-EXP .... cant try it..... ye i know it looks flimsy.... but im not heavy on the stomping. your thoughts? any other expression pedal recommendations?
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    Behringer FCB1010 or Yamaha MFC10?

    I need some help deciding on which foot controller im going to use....i can get both of these second hand for about the same price.....which is alot cheaper than even a midimate. I know about the other alternatives....but ive decided i want one of these 2. Programability isnt an issue...
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