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    Any advice on EQ-ing tone?

    Just take out 3-4db at 250hz on the amp graph .
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    YET another Q about power conditioners :eyeroll:

    Does the noise change if you point your pickups in different directions?
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    Attempting to record guitars but I get flangey, chorusy tones when I dual track.

    The only way(s) it would have sounded like flange or chorus is if either A.) You were monitoring through software and hardware (which will have different latencies)at the same time while tracking, resulting in phasing issues.. or B.) You somehow are monitoring in mono\both tracks are panned to...
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    Looking for authentic raw IRs without altered EQ-ing

    I'm not sure the bloated low mid hump is coming from the IR's entirely.. I've done tests with the real amps vs fractal models and I've noticed that the real amps have far less clutter in the 200-300 range.. I just knock 2-ish db down in that area.
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    Confirmed Folded tabs in Pitch-Block on device

    Any word on this? I forgot about it until I had to use the interface the other day..
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    Confirmed Folded tabs in Pitch-Block on device

    I can also confirm this
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    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    I know it's a beta and I'm sure the team is aware but when I'm using the nav knobs to scroll through amps; there's a lag due to the amp model engaging immediately where previously it would allow me to scroll through without immediately engaging an amp. Not a big deal but i haven't seen anyone...
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    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    I think Cliff has been pretty open about the status of the new firmware, beta testing and letting us know where it is every few days- being (from what I gather) a pretty significant overhaul; it's going to have kinks to iron out and..well, as soon as it's ready to be released; it'll be released...
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    Celestion IRs vs Other?

    Not to mention mesa v30s are different than Marshall v30s :)
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    Celestion IRs vs Other?

    There are a couple stock ones installed.. I saw your post about dealing with harshness and from my experience; the celestion IR's are pretty harsh . Check out ownhammer or York.
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    AX8 Shrill High End

    Odds are that it's not the highs that are harsh but in fact the upper mids.. 2-5k is absolutely brutal on the ear drums so try notching some of that out
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    I just have an ax8 but I find that I almost always have to dump a few db of 250hz and add a little bit of dynamic depth to any high gain patch.. so you think the lows are thinner in general or that the mud just isn't there anymore ?
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    AX8 high gain issue - please help

    Not a problem, I hope it helps. I will say that I get equally gnarly recorded tones from my amps and ax8 (along with tens of thousands of other people) so if something doesn't sound right, it's absolutely user error (which I have been guilty of).
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    AX8 high gain issue - please help

    For whatever reason the ax8 has inherently more 250hz and less sub (dynamic depth control) than it's real-life counterparts. Try cutting 250 between 2-3db and boosting the dynamic depth a little. Another parameter to check is the speaker resoance. Other than that, it's pretty dead-on .
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    Can't get my patches to sit in the mix.

    I just downloaded your patches but there isn't a cab included. But I did re-work your patch; not sure if it's what you're looking for.
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    Dry signal recording possible with AX8?

    I do this all the time over spdif.. run your main virtual rig and create another cable running from the input to the output, pan the rig and DI hard opposites and record the spdif to 2 mono channels L/R. Obviously this won't work if you want to record stereo effects though
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    All hail Yek and the Wiki

    Yes! All hail Yek! He is truly invaluable
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    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! I may have a new love for EVH cabs.
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    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    Thanks, man.. they were just sloppy, quick IR's but I'll be doing am extensive pack at some point if I like them enough. I also usually hate gt-75s but these ones sound a bit different than every other that I've hear/played/toured with. I'd love to know what SinMix's mic technique (or maybe it's...
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    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    I've noticed that the fractal consistently is a bit leaner in the low end than its tube counterparts. That said; SinMix has magical cabs or something.
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    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    Too Late: <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
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    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    I can whip up some crappy demos really quick of what I have but I only grabbed a few random IR's a few months ago.
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    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    I have a Frankenstein Marshall cab that sounds absolutely menacing .. 2 old gt-75s, 1 k100 and a cv75. Gonna be shooting more SS neutral IR's of that and my stiletto cab soon(it's the only usage they get anymore).
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    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    This is a testament to being able to dial in killer tones and how far technology has come. All of them sound sick!! PS... you should share this IR.
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    How do i take the harshness or the bite out?

    Definitely upload the patch.
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    How do i take the harshness or the bite out?

    The harshness you're hearing is coming from the 2k-5k region from various peaks that almost all guitar speakers (real or impulse) have, unfortunately. Take a parametric eq with a fairly narrow bandwidth, cut a few db and scan around the 2k-5k region. You may need more than one band of PEQ to...
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    Anyone use the Behringer XR16\32?

    I need to re-read the manual but that is awesome info!
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    Anyone use the Behringer XR16\32?

    I use either a tablet or a laptop... Depends on if I'm running lighting, tracks and video for a cover band set. I actually never looked into whether or not the fx can be changed via midi. Maybe using multiple snapshots? Again, I don't even know if the snapshots can be assigned to a controller...
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    Anyone use the Behringer XR16\32?

    I have an xr18 and I know that there are midi CC's for fader functions.
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    1/4” adapter/cable broke in output jack

    Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about that.. What a hoal..
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    Oh man, why?

    If we can get Henry Kaiser to stop playing guitar by pascifying him with this; then it's worth it.
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    High Gain tone sounds digital

    It sounds like a guitar, amp, cab and mic... have you had the opportunity to mic up a real rig in the studio ? There is almost zero difference between my 5150 and the sim using my IR's.
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    How do i record with the ax8?

    I'm willing to bet it was a quick troll roll.
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    surgical cuts in high gain patches

    To expand on the whole "if you're using good IR's and amp settings, it should never be an issue" statement; I'd say that if you can find an IR that isn't peaky (which most of the stock fractal IR's are by far less peaky than most on the market, then you're in good shape. I personally have only...
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    surgical cuts in high gain patches

    I've been AEing for 15 years and each type of speaker typically has some peaky frequency stuff going on.. for example vintage 30's are notorious for having a 2.3k and a 3.5k peak that you'd typically notch out a bit. That said, notching those frequencies out before the amp won't really do much...
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    New user. WOW.

    Welcome to the club!!.. I've found myself in the same boat. Inspiring, isn't it? :)
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    Recording with SPDIF

    The clicking is from the lack of sample rate lock. You need to set your focusrite clock source to spdif.
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    Protector for playing live

    I just use the xxl ziplock bags- they are cheap and last for quite a while
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    Updated to FW 9.01...Getting Really Strange Noise.

    I stand corrected :) so the OP clearly didn't have anything set as a master clock.
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    Updated to FW 9.01...Getting Really Strange Noise.

    That'll most certainly fix your problem as that bust of noise every 5 or so seconds is the the motu and axe falling out of sync. I have an ax8 but if I'm not mistaken; the axe rack doesn't have a clock input (it can only send a clock source).
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    AX8 looses global settings including Large Display Mode

    It happened to me a few times before I bad an expression pedal.. I wasn't changing settings or saving presrts.. it just booted up with the default global settings a few times.
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    Reaper Sounds Like Crap?

    I use StudioOne, Pro Tools, Cubase and Reaper daily.. there is absolutely no differencell in fidelity/quality between them. It sounds like your having a sample rate issue..which is strange because reaper converts on the fly.
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    Q9.01b Demo and Comparison with Q8.02

    9.01 for the win. I just did some testing with it .. it really does make me think I'm playing through an actual amp.
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    HM-2 N.A.I.L.S, Entombed..etc....

    ]Hey guys, I made this horrific sounding patch which seems to resurface on the forum from time-to-time. let me know what you think . http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5843
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    Wish Japanese Boss HM2

    Yes please
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    Wow.... 4k bump in amp graphic eq is the shit!

    Almost every amp/cab setup benefits from cuts in that region, there's usually a bunch of harsh peaky noise around there .
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    Taming ice picking without losing airness/liveness

    When people refer to the "icepick" it's usually not the high end but the upper mids (2-5k). As someone who's worked in major studios and has mixed a few dozen internationally released albums; that's always the area that gets harsh with guitars whether it's an amp sim or a mic'd rig.
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    Taming ice picking without losing airness/liveness

    Try dipping a few dB somewhere between 2-4k. My problem areas are usually around 2200 and 3800 as I use my own IR's of my cabs. Which IR''s are you using?
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    Tone hunt: Mattias IA Eklundh

    It definitely sounds like he's using eminence speakers of some sort- reminds me of how my old vht cab with P50E's sounded mic'd up.
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    IR capture without Axe-Fx?

    I've just been using Voxengo Deconvolver but half of the time the results are unpredictable.
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    IR capture without Axe-Fx?

    Thank you for the clarification.
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    IR capture without Axe-Fx?

    I've read the manual but it doesn't answer my question as to whether it only remotely controls the axe fx or is able to shoot IR's.
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    IR capture without Axe-Fx?

    I'm an AX8 owner and can't seem to find any information on whether or not cab lab is able to capture IR's without an axe fx. I'd really love to get away from the inconsistency of voxengo deconvolver. Thanks!
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    Annoying side-tone (dissonant interval) with some amps

    Sounds like an amp to me.
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    Wish Global speaker and dynamic depth

    I almost always have to add dynamic depth on any model that isn't a combo for usage with a live 4x12.
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    Wish Global speaker and dynamic depth

    I should have also prefaced with me being anice audio engineer for about 15 years with a few international albums under my belt.. Haha. The cabinet is being captured correctly and the final direct tones are nearly identical to the actual amps but only after tweaking the speaker resonance and...
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    Wish Global speaker and dynamic depth

    Yes, this would be predominately for using with a ss power amp and guitar cab or when using my own IR's. Most of the factory ir's have an abundance of low end so it's generally a non-issue when going direct. I have found that when using my own impulses that I have to treat it the same as if I...
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    Wish Global speaker and dynamic depth

    I'm not sure how many of you gear nerds have noticed but the only way to get the AX8 in the ballpark of the real world counterpart is by adjusting the low frequency resonance, speaker drive and cranking the dynamic depth. It would be great to not have to menu dive every time I want to audition a...
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    Speaker Cabinet IR's Texas Heat-Swamp Thang

    I also am curious
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    Tips on how to tame upper midrange harshness live

    Sorry, yes the spectrum.. Being an audio engineer we use the term "spectral balance", my apologies... But yes, this is definitely intriguing because I know that you guys obsess over nailing every detail of the real-world amps. When loading up a fully reset amp simulator; that is supposed to be...
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    Tips on how to tame upper midrange harshness live

    Global EQ is off.. I've reset, updated to latest firmware, used different XLR and 1/4 in cables, guitars, cabs.. Everything.. I have no doubt that the frequency response is supposed to be spot-on because the pick attack, harmonic content and even the finite detail of the presense control on the...
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    Tips on how to tame upper midrange harshness live

    Hey guys, so I've been having an issue with upper mids when it comes to live, DI sounds great with cab Sims and whatnot. I'm not running FRFR full time yet because I need the live Mesa 412 weight behind me for certain projects. Now, I've done extensive tests by using the ax8 as a preamp into the...
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    Can't fix this ice-pick sound...

    Put a peq in the chain, narrow questions around 2200hz and dip about 5-7 db out.
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    FAS Amps, Is it Just Me?

    I agree with the FAS being the most open sounding amps... I've been doing tests with various amps and their digital Fractal counterparts running as the preamp.. I've noticed every fractal version is lacking in the 50-100hz area, too much around the 180-250 area and some weird harsh stuff...
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