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    Atomic CLR

    @Tom King
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    Atomic CLR

    Yeah, I might do that. I’ve been holding off going the whole shaming route, but it’s definitely gone well beyond any amount of time you could reasonably expect for a resolution.
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    Atomic CLR

    The support issues may only be outside of the US. I’m in Australia and have legit been waiting almost 2 years for parts. That’s with me and the Australian distributor bugging them. It took me ages just to get a response. That was trying support tickets, and even Facebook. When I finally got a...
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    Bug? Amp block Whistling

    Axe-FX II Ares 1.03 I have a 2 amp patch that is whistling on the amp 1 block in scene 4. Doesn’t seem to be there on other scenes where that block is also on. Seems to be through all outputs. To make it go away, I enter edit mode of the amp block through the front panel or the editor. I can...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.03 Released

    Getting a great sound has gotten insanely fast. I had a rehearsal the other day and the bass player had another rehearsal straight after with another band. I talked gear with the guitarist from the other band for 20mins or so. He was going on about his dual half-stack Soldano and massive pedal...
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    I destroy CLRs

    I had a woofer go out on mine. Andrew at Independent got me a replacement quick fast. Called late on a Friday arvo and got a new one by Tuesday morning. That's pretty damn fast for Brisbane to Sydney. Haven't had any issues since. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Want to be annoyed? (Brad Paisley content.)

    It's funny, I wouldn't consider myself a country fan by Texas standards (born and raised), but by Australian standards (where I now live) it seems I'm huge country fan. In either place I'm a big Paisley fan. Always has tasty licks and an awesome tone. Great sense of humour in his lyrics as well...
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    About the Parker Fly Classic - I AM GASSING

    My first electric was a '96 Fly Deluxe. It was my main guitar for every gig I played up until a couple years ago when it took its first trip to a luthier for a setup. I also have a Mojo Spring #2. If you go on the Parker website or see any official photos, that's my guitar. It's the white guitar...
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    Gibson fights back!!!

    That may be so if it was a civil suit, but this is a suit brought by a federal agency. The Equal Access to Justice Act makes the government liable for legal fees if they lose and can not show they had good reason to bring the suit. They weren't saving legal fees. There was evidence against them...
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    Gibson fights back!!!

    Yeah right... Gibson paid out $350k because they did nothing wrong. That's like saying the financial giants were extorted and did nothing wrong because they paid a settlement that included a clause allowing them to deny blame. They didn't pay $350k out of the goodness of their hearts. They were...
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    We all just made the Endangered Species list...

    Let's see if you can book that band for a few bottles of whiskey and some slabs of beer...... Technically some very good stuff, but sooooo boring. Like has been said though, there are plenty of musicians that play just as mechanically and I find them just as boring. I tend to listen to a song...
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    NAMM 2014 Winners and Losers Thus Far

    It's a rehashing of an old idea. I have an old Shergold Modulator from the 70s that has swappable modules that do everything from rewire the pups to add onboard effects. You loosen a simple thumb screw and interchange modules that are built on to a front plate similar to a Tele control plate...
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    NAMM 2014 Winners and Losers Thus Far

    There are a couple really cool things coming out. The Keith McMillen StrongArm sustainer. The Touchmark guitar interface that replaces your pots and switches with 2 touch pads. He should change the name though. His name is Mark and I'm pretty sure I don't want to touch Mark... Just sayin. The...
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    NAMM 2014 Winners and Losers Thus Far

    Too bad. Was hoping for a next gen VG... not expecting, just hoping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Problems with dealer in AUS/NZ on MFC-101

    When in doubt, go to the source... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Motu 828 mk3 hybrid

    32x32,,,, even if it was mixes out, it's a 25 bus desk. Download the app. It's seriously powerful. It doesn't need a computer, but does require a router which are a dime a dozen nowadays. Better security and more future proof. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Motu 828 mk3 hybrid

    No you're right.... It's a 32x32 interface with 16 Midas pres. The sound guy I use is a gear head with a good ear. He uses nothing but top quality desks. After trying the full size x32, the only thing that stopped him from converting was the badge. The quality was there, but he wasn't sure how...
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    Poll MFC vs LiquidFoot vs Something else

    I may be wrong, but the wait has gotten much shorter. Mass production is easy, but smaller orders from smaller companies can be a major hassle. I guarantee with the number of boutique gear owners on this board you'd find dozens of stories of companies being riddled with those issues with many...
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    Motu 828 mk3 hybrid

    Only with a computer as well. The iPad only controls the cue mix software, not the 828. I had an 828 and sold it. Now looking at a Behringer x32 rack. Probably more expensive than you'd like, but they were also making a cheaper iPad version last I checked. Looked pretty damn good IIRC. Sent...
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    Poll MFC vs LiquidFoot vs Something else

    12+ all the way. Really made to work around how you work instead of vice versa. Can be crazy complex or stupid simple... your choice. If it doesn't do something you need or want it to do, contact Jeff. It'll likely be able to in short order. I've had features added on each of the 3 FAMC products...
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    Problems with dealer in AUS/NZ on MFC-101

    I bought my CLRs through Independent and Andrew has always been quick to reply and fast with service as well. I had a CLR woofer amp go out on a Friday evening before a gig. I called him immediately and had a new one at my doorstep the following Tuesday. Try giving him a call. I've always called...
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    New Ipad user ... cool audio interface ?

    As much as I'm a fan of Apogee, the Line6 Sonic Port is about the best balance of size, functionality and quality. It's powered from your iPad. It has a guitar in, stereo in, phones out and rig out. Have a look on the website. Can turn your iPad or iPhone into a viable emergency rig. I've been...
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    Midi player?!

    I've been using the LT-100 for a couple years now. I've used it in exactly that way, using it to send midi commands. It's incredibly simple to program and will play your synced mp3 backing as well. In fact there isn't really any programming. If you download the manual you'll see a midi record...
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    Looper purchase advise please

    I know it's not a dedicated looper, but an iPad with the Loopy HD is pretty hard to beat. I've been using it for a couple years and lately been looking a adding it to my rig. I have a Line 6 Sonic port, which is excellent, and am on the waiting list for a MIDI Puc which sends midi over wifi...
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    Just got an iPhone. Must have apps?

    Using the iPhone mic, iStrobosoft is nowhere near as accurate as the other Peterson tuners. It does the whole locking in to a pitch thing which is the exact opposite of their other tuners. I have a number of Peterson tuners, but I use the TC PolyTune app on my iPhone and iPad. That being said, I...
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    Wish axe edit - a couple of requests

    +1 I find being able to see what I'm hearing in relation to what I'm hearing in my head helps me close the distance between the two much faster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tuner Question

    The VS2 isn't a mechanical tuner. The AutoStrobes are mechanical and calibrating them is required at regular intervals. The VS stands for virtual strobe. I have numerous Peterson tuners. The AFX tuner is pretty damn accurate and I have used it exclusively on gigs in the past, but after you learn...
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    Are 2 Alto TS112s overkill for bedroom player?

    Just my opinion, but I would always go for the option that would allow you to gig or at least jam with some mates. You wouldn't want to miss out on those kind of opportunities simply because your rig won't cut it. Besides, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. If your limiting yourself to...
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    Atomic Amps CLR Owners- Wedge or Cab???

    I actually have them on a cart most the time. I have the smallest Rock N Roller cart. They fit on it side by side like it was made for them. I can roll my whole rig into a gig. Really compact and fast setup/breakdown. I occasionally take them off the cart, but it doesn't change the sound. The...
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    Atomic Amps CLR Owners- Wedge or Cab???

    I personally love my cabs. Not only do they sound awesome, but they make my AFX rig look a lot like my old Boogie Triaxis and 2:90 rig with 2 1x12 cabs. Gotta love it.
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    Scored a Marshall Club and Country

    I don't get the hate for the C&C. Even if you don't like it, it's at least a sound not currently in the AFX. I look forward to that way more than just another modded Marshall. Vive la différence!! And who's to say, being this would be an AFX model with all those advanced parameters available...
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    Axe Fx II vs VG-99?

    What he said. Although I doubt there is going to be a next gen VG. Roland's typical MO is to create an extremely versatile and powerful unit, then dumb it down and add bells and whistles while removing things that made their previous unit great. That's probably even more so with the VG as the...
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    Connect AXE-FX and iPad

    Give the Line6 Sonic Port a go. It has a stereo input so you could use dual mono 1/4in to stereo 1/8in to get the sound into your iPad. You could then use one of any number of recording apps with background audio enabled to monitor your AFX while you're using whatever app you like. I personally...
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    Auria On Sale For Half Price

    Just an FYI to all you guys with iPads. Auria, which is really the only pro level DAW on iPad, is now on sale for half off. I'm not affiliated in any way. Just really like the app and thought there'd be quite a few who might find $25 more attractive than $50, although at $50 it's still an...
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    Triaxis models - why no cabs?

    The simple answer is that the wiki is merely a guide to get you started. In the end it's your ears that should be the judge, not some suggestion in a wiki.
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    Triaxis models - why no cabs?

    Cabs aren't designated as N/A. The cabs listed in the wiki are merely suggestions for people wanting to get the most common or "signature" sounds of a given amp. They are in no way meant to limit YOUR TONAL CHOICES.
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    Stereo Delay Block Questions

    The proportional delay time is with the tape delay. It's simulating multiple heads on the tape moving a percentage of tape length. You can still do this with only one delay block. The warble is the "mod" controls in the delay and reverb blocks. Turn up the depth to taste and keep the speed on...
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    anyone using the CLR active cabs?

    I've been using 2 active cabs on a Rock N Rolla cart (the smallest one with solid wheels) and my rack on top. FYI, the two cabs fit on the cart like is was made for it. I've actually had a number of people ask if the cart came with the speakers. The dispersion is excellent in that position. If...
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    Rock cover songs with both keys *and* guitars?

    + 1 Reading my mind.
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    AxeFX II + BB Sonic Maximiser

    I have a maximiser in my B-Max bass pre which works really well. I haven't used a stand alone unit in years, but IIRC, the maximiser works on the way the loudspeaker, as a mechanical device, recreates different frequencies, not on the speed of sound. I used one in my old Boogie Triax 2:90...
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    Axe Fx tuner vs Peterson

    I've used nothing but Petersons for a number of years now. I basically have one of each model of their virtual strobes and 2 flips. Are they more accurate than the II?...? Absolutely. Wether or not it's worth it to you for the extra weight is for you to decide. I've recently moved my...
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    I need help

    If you've taught yourself, I would suggest Diatonic Theory and Harmony by Doug Doppler. He's one of Satriani's students who took over his teaching when he went to just playing. Really gives a really solid basis and structure, even if you know a lot of what he covers.
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    New Deep Purple album for 2013

    Saw them with Journey 2 weeks ago. One of the best gigs I've ever seen... And mean ever. Don Airey was one of the biggest highlights. While he covers the Lord stuff incredibly well, he's really starting to put his own stamp on things which is awesome. Journey started off the night and were...
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    Axe FX II + Roland VG-99 = Axe FX III

    The VG-99 can be very useful live. It was a major part of my rig until I recently decided to downsize. The VG wasn't mounted in my rack so it took extra setup whenever I wanted to use it. Got over the extra wires and setup time and really don't want a bigger rack to accommodate it. It's...
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    SPDIF and sample rate

    The sample rate only matters if you're going digital. The moment you use the L/R XLR or jack, it matters nada. BTW, depending on your interface, you may be able to apply a sample rate conversion to the coax from your AFX in real time. It'll probably say SRC and allow you to choose any rate you...
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    Balanced Tension Sets

    I've been using progressive tension sets for a number of years now. I actually started by swapping out singles over the course of a couple years and slowly worked out what worked for me. I now buy all singles and roll my own. Works a treat. Equal tension is a good start, but equal tension...
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    Frozen Sun Audio website is LIVE!

    I think fork over applies seeing as you're not telling anyone what they're getting other than your vague description of how you think they sound. No speaker models, cab models, signal chain.... not even the number of IRs. I'll spend far more for a high quality cable, but I know what cable I'm...
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    LF+ and scenes

    You and Jeff are both right. I currently use a Pro and am about to upgrade to a 12+. I find scenes really quick and easy and are the best bet when time is tight IMO, but the ability to have modifiers and regular on/off CCs all triggered in a single push of an IA is pretty awesome. There is crazy...
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    Another V10 Preview

    Pretty damn awesome... Has the step by step matching process changed as well or are all the changes internal?
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    SLA 2 into 16 or 4 ohm

    I had this issue a number of years back and contacted ART directly. It is 8ohm bridged, but 4ohm won't hurt it..... It'll just likely overheat on you and go into thermal shutdown halfway through your gig. That's what it consistently did to me at 4ohm. In the end I decided I preferred the sound...
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    Anyone going direct in a practice studio situation?

    +1 for JamHub. I've been using one for a few years now. Works awesome.
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    Drum software

    Yeah, but you can also recognize that someone's hands were playing those guitars. That's what I love about Mixosaurus. It's the closest thing to a multi mic'd drum kit in a studio I've found. One really good kit that you can make fit pretty much anything musically.
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    Drum software

    All the Spectrasonics stuff is awesome. I have Stylus, Omnisphere and Trillian. I'd buy any new product they release sight unseen. As far as drums go, I personally like Mixosaurus. It's the most natural sounding IMO.
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    gr 55 guitar synth v axe

    If you mean for actual synth guitar, then yes. For triggered midi sounds, the GR55 is better as the 99 doesn't do that without adding a separate sound module hooked to the midi out. VG sounds all use the actual sound of the guitar string as their basis, not midi. The best guitar to midi...
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    gr 55 guitar synth v axe

    If you're really looking for great synth guitar, not triggered midi, then you should be looking at a VG-99. The AFX, while it sounds really good, can only do monophonic synth. The GR has a good but simple polyphonic synth and the VG-99 has 2 simultaneous, much more advanced poly synths.
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    Wireless system for Axe FX II - Any recommendation?

    I use 2 XD-V75s and they work great. I also have an X2 XDR95 that's done me well for a number of years. I looked at the G90, but I wanted to cut down on space in my rack so 2 half rack V75s made more sense. I also wanted the longer range so the G30 and G50 weren't an option. The Shure cable...
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    Election day.....

    About the only thing that can actually be classified as news nowadays is the PBS News Hour. There's a clear line between news and commentary, not this BS hybrid that Fox and MSNBC spout. The PBS commentary also tends to be fairly balanced. If there's a hyper conservative giving a POV then...
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    Parker users

    I agree with Patzag. Parkers are amazing and really spoil you. My first electric was a '96 Parker Deluxe which I still have. Up until it's first visit to a luthier about a year ago, I had never played a gig without it. I also have a Mojo Spring. Patzag has obviously had a lot of experience...
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    AXE + Focal CM65 - Genelec 8040 - Dynaudio BM12A

    As RB said, differing opinion.... I would go with the Genelecs any day. I personally use the 8030s in my studio at home and am about to upgrade to the 8050s and pass my 8030s to my wife's edit suite. I like the Dynaudio and Focals as well, but as far as accurate reference, the Genelecs are...
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    Video: Cliff and Team Working on 601

    Damn straight.... just recently started re watching all the old MST3K. pure genius...
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    New Modeled Drive- Xotic AC Booster or RC Booster

    The RC is just a clean boost.
  62. O

    Firmware 6.01

    Beat me to it. The RC is a transparent boost so my money is on the AC.
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    Firmware 6.01

    I'm assuming the Xotic AC Booster. Good addition. I sold mine to a mate a while back. Wish I hadn't.
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    X/Y Switching

    I use X/Y same as most on here, for 2 amp sounds, but I like the feature much better with a different controller. For example, on my LF Pro I have IAs set for one delay block. We'll call them IA 1 and 2. 1 (X) would be a short or simple delay and 2 (Y) would be a long or complex delay. If I...
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    Matrix FRFR 1x12 Coaxial solution!

    If they live up to their claims, and I have no reason to think they won't, then they are in no way overpriced....compared to the rubbish that's available, i wouldn't even call them all that expensive.
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    Version 6.00 Preview

    That isn't possible....
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    Axe FX VS. TC electronic 2290

    Of course the Edge himself is the vital ingredient, but we can't all go out and buy our own personal Edge to play the stuff for us. A Herdim is easy to come buy and you'd be amazed how much of that tone, is in that pick... even in less than masterful hands it has a vey distinct sound. I'm...
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    Axe FX VS. TC electronic 2290

    If you're wanting to copy the Edge sound, one of the things that has the biggest impact on the tone is actually the smallest thing... the pick. A Herdim pick turned upside down using the grip to strum the strings is absolutely essential, I'd say even more so than any particular delay unit. He...
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    Taming the Monster - Leveling Presets Video with the Axe-FX II

    Great vid Scott. Just to add to that, slight variation, the inc/dec volume commands can really be your friend here. I tend to do as Scott and balance through my amp level by ear using cans or whatever I happen to be using to get it in the ballpark. I then turn up to gig levels and use the...
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    HELP!!! AFX Won't Start Up...Now working, but still concerned.

    Thanks for all the replies. Luckily mine has fixed itself. I've also now upgraded to 5.07. Hopefully Cliff or someone else from FA will chime in and confirm wether this is a cable issue or not. If it is, it'd be good to get it sorted.
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    HELP!!! AFX Won't Start Up...Now working, but still concerned.

    Thanks for the reply. Do you mean the recall button? I tried that pretty much first up and it did nothing. Like I said, it's working just fine now so I don't have any way of testing it anymore. Really just want to make sure something else isn't going on. Would hate that to happen at a gig...
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    HELP!!! AFX Won't Start Up...Now working, but still concerned.

    While writing this it finally did a full startup, but I'll go ahead and post just in case my issue shows an underlying problem. Will wait to hear back before updating to 5.07. The full startup happened after the cycling through on/off/wait a couple minutes a couple dozen times: Any help...
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    Tone bender possible

    Gimme a week or so. The great thing about the muff is that there really aren't any bad settings.... if you're into fuzz that is. That being said, the newer ones just don't sound any good. BTW, the tone knob has a HUGE tonal range, so I'm not sure how to replicate that, maybe a filter of some...
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    Tone bender possible

    I have an older Big Muff if you're interested..... One of my favourite pedals. How man different settings would you like? They all sound really cool.
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    VG-99 output settings.

    With the AFXII you'll want to plug into the front input directly so that you get the benefit of the variable impedance. I run 2 cables from my guitar: the GK and a standard jack. Well worth the hassle IMO. That obviously isn't as important with the Std/Ultra. You ought to give the noise...
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    VG-99 output settings.

    Try turning on the noise suppressor in the COSM guitar section. Don't turn it up. Just turn it on and set it to "0". At a 0 setting it reduces the noise without ruining not decay. Just try turning it on and off with it set to 0. Odd functionality, but it works. FWIW, I am now using input 1...
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    Can i get what i am dreaming of? 4 Amps + big pedalboard programmable with MFC?

    One switch each for X1/Y1/X2/Y2 is not possible on the MFC unless there has been an update that I'm not aware of. My Liquid-Foot Pro does it easily. So it's possible, just not with the MFC. Go check out www.famcmusic.com and have a look at the new LF+ series. I'll be upgrading my Pro to the...
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    Droptune with AXE FX II -----> FX II vs. ULTRA vs. Morpheus droptune

    Comparing the polyphonic pitch shifting of the II to the monophonic pitch shifting of the VG-99 is not a fair comparison. The II, or any other standard effect processor has to deal with the signal of all 6 strings at once which is a huge task. The alternate tuning of the VG-99 requires you to...
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    Droptune with AXE FX II -----> FX II vs. ULTRA vs. Morpheus droptune

    If it's that important to you, get a VG-99 or a variax. I use a VG-99 with my II for alternate tunings and did the same with my Ultra. Works really well.
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    Axe-II Sighting- The Edge of U2....

    I've heard there's actually an IEM recording going around of Edge A/Bing his rig with an AFX during a sound check. That guy has so many effects units, I think it'd be weird if he didn't have one.
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    The Holy Grail: Pat Metheny's synth lead! Anybody?

    If that sound is the holy grail to you, then you should get yourself a VG-99. It has a fully featured GR-300 built in, not to mention the other synth engines, COSM guitars and effects. The real beauty is it's not a triggered sound, but a HRM sound, so it's the sound of your guitar reshaped to...
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    Axe-fx 2 for the aussies!!!

    Thanks for that. Good to know. I guess the main thing would be to make sure it's marked as Made In The USA.
  83. O

    Axe-fx 2 for the aussies!!!

    Thanks for that. It's a package. I heard some people marking them different things and their customs charges was different by what it was marked as.
  84. O

    Axe-fx 2 for the aussies!!!

    I was just wondering what you guys who imported your AFX marked it as for customs? When I bought my Ultra, I just walked it through the gate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to know in the next day or so. Thanks heaps.
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    Rack Tuner

    Peterson StroboRack. The best live tuner available IMO. Fast and accurate. Axe tuner is pretty decent, but I still like my Peterson tuners better.
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    This wait is unbearable, assist me with a discussion about headphones for the AFXII.

    I love my Audio-Technica ATH-M50. Sound great, comfortable, good pice. Best bang for buck cans around IMO.
  87. O

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    My apologies. Replied to the post quoting you without moving up an checking your original post. My bad.... Carry on..
  88. O

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    [ Originally Posted by scarr In case there is some confusion in the language, you can shift a polyphonic signal by a fixed amount. You can not shift the individual notes in a polyphonic signal by different amounts, at least with the current technology... I'll add to that: in real time...
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    Axe II and Guitar Synth

    I've been running my VG-99 through my Ultra for a couple of years now. As long as you have it plugged into the rear inputs and nothing but shunts from input to output, there should be no tonal difference.
  90. O

    Axe-fx 2 for the aussies!!!

    +1 Just sold my Ultra about an hour ago and am already having withdraw. Money is just sitting there waiting to hear they're ready to buy.
  91. O

    Leveling all my presets

    Inc/Dec is the exception. Very useful. I have the Inc/Dec set to 2sec hold (page 3) on 2 of the IA's on my LF. Always available, but not in the way or taking up real-estate on my board.
  92. O

    Where are the Axe II samples? Come on, beta testers!

    There's seriously no winning here. "GIVE US CLIPS, GIVE US CLIPS." ..... you get some clips. "YOUR CLIPS SUCK." Gotta love forums.....
  93. O

    Why Isn't Reverb and X/Y Block

    I'm just looking forward to replicating my old Road King and big stomp and rack effects rig with even more flexibility. Before there was never enough DSP or blocks to replicate it.
  94. O

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    Can the effects loop send and return be independently routed? I use my VG-99 in input 2, as per the layout I went through earlier in this thread, but would still like to use output 2 for W/D/W or an independently adjustable desk send without cutting back my rig.. ATM, the effects loop is the...
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    Axe-fx 2 for the aussies!!!

    I saw that as well, but I trust the person who told me implicitly as far as this is concerned. I know they've started direct distributorship in other markets worldwide with good success. They were supposed to have launched that model in Au, but decided to go for EU first instead. Doesn't make...
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    Hey at least the Ultra cosmetically looks better than the axe fx 2!

    I believe Home Depot has fine selection of colors if someone was so inclined. I say Ultra to II.... ehh ... much of a muchness.... as far as looks is concerned.
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