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  1. J

    Is the II Leaps and Bounds Beyond the Standard?

    I've had my Standard since '08 and it still blows me away for direct record purposes and I like using it live as well. I've been eyeing the II but other than some of the nice upgraded features like assignable control knobs, bigger screen, headphone jack, USB, ethercon connection with MFC, etc...
  2. J

    LF Jr - Wow and Big Props to Voes

    Picked up a like new LF Jr from a fellow forumite, got it today and wow, what a powerful little controller. Haven't even scratched the surface but I wanted to throw out some big props to Voes, your LF Jr website has helped me tremendously already, never would've figured out the tuner interface...
  3. J

    Not Looking 2 Start Trouble, Time 2 Give Up Hope on Email?

    Believe me I'm not trying to incite a riot, start a new "bash Fractal's business tactics" thread or look for Cliff's wrath, I just have an honest question. Is it time to just abandon hope on receiving "the" email anytime soon and put an MFC-101 in my shopping cart and be done with it? I check...
  4. J

    Damn - Snooze You Lose!!

    So wait list be damned, I want an MFC!! So yesterday I got on the computer real quick and decided to check the stock situation, went to purchase and low behold into my cart it went! Of course I was on the go at the time and couldn't make the purchase. Well, conked out early last night and...
  5. J

    So I Finally Tried Out the Citrus - YUMMY!!!!

    I gave the Citrus model a whirl finally last night and I'm in love. Not that I've owned an Orange amp before, I had something kind of similar when I had a Matamp 1224 a few years ago, to compare to but hot damn I love it. Flipped to the neck position on my JP, rolled the tone all the way off...
  6. J

    So Who Received "The Email" and When Did You Get on the List

    I've been checking my emails daily hoping to see that my turn has come up but nothing as of yet which is fine. I'm just curious if those who got on the list early have their's coming in the mail or maybe already received? I know Scott got his and he went on the list way early, 3/08 I believe...
  7. J

    Atomic Mono Block Amp Vice QSC GX3?

    All, I currently have a QSC GX3 power amp I use with a Mesa Recto 2x12 with my Axe. The setup works well for me but I'm wondering if an Atomic Mono Block would sound even better? I'm not getting any stereo benefit with my current setup, my Axe is outputting in mono since I only have the one...
  8. J

    Who Carries Their GCP in Their Rack?

    I think I've come to conclusion after alot of hard thinking that the GCP really suits my needs and when my turn in line for the MFC101 comes up I will probably pass to the next guy/gal waiting. I want to be able to transport my GCP in my rack with my Axe along with my expression pedal instead...
  9. J

    So It Seems the MFC 101 is Real Close, Anyone Get Any Emails

    Just curious if anyone who has been on the waiting list has received any sort of emails from Fractal letting them know it's coming soon to a theater near them? I went on the wait list back in either June or July of 2008.
  10. J

    Expression Pedal Jacks on Midi Controllervs.Direct into Axe?

    Is there any functional difference of plugging expression pedals into a MIDI controller (GCP in my case) in lieu of going straight into the Axe?
  11. J

    Roll call: Who's Using Mission SP-2 for Both Wah and Volume

    Think I might jump on the Mission bandwagon and get an SP-2 so I can do volume and wah with the same pedal. I can either retire my Hex or use it for like whammy or continuous gain or delay time control or something.
  12. J

    I Currently Have a GC Pro, Would I Regret Going to the LFJr?

    I currently use my GC Pro in the 8 IA / 4 preset mode, have used it for almost two years. At the time, I felt I needed more IA switches than what I currently have to have maximum on the fly switching flexibility and have been holding out for the MFC or maybe putting the money together for the...
  13. J

    Instead of Using an A/B Box, Can I Do This Instead....

    I've been thinking about getting a quality AB/Y box and running my Bogner Duende dry in channel A and my Axe/QSC GX3/Mesa 2x12 setup in channel B and using either or combining both. But after some thinking I was wondering if I could do it all in the Axe, i.e. setting up two paths: 1. one...
  14. J

    Any A/B Type Switch to Avoid with the Axe?

    I'm thinking of running an A/+B configuration with my Axe setup and my Bogner Duende. I've many time thought about selling my Duende as it's just sat and collected dust while my Axe/QSC GX3/Mesa 2x12 have ruled the roost but I jacked into the Bogner the other day and I just can't part with it...
  15. J

    Anyone Got a Good Tim Mahoney (311) Octave Patch?

    I've been on a serious 311 kick lately, especially after seeing them live a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to cop the octave distortion thing Mahoney has going on in songs like Homebrew, Prisoner, etc.
  16. J

    Remind Me Again How to Turn Amp Block Boost On/Off w/ FC

    I think awhile back, there was a thread on how to setup a drive block or maybe an EQ block that acts as the boost function that many of the amp models have. I was messing with the Uberschall model tonight and I was really jonesing to be able to turn the boost on and off with my Ground Control...
  17. J

    Can U Do the 4 Cable Method AND Send an Output to Mixer?

    I saw a post where you could do a modified 4 cable method where Output 1 ended up going to FOH. What I'd like to be able to do is connect in the standard 4 cable method which I do now plus be able to send an output to a mixer for direct record. It probably sounds stupid but I'd like to be able...
  18. J

    Expression Pedal Jacks on Axe vs. on Midi Controller

    Is there any difference using the expression pedal jacks on say the Ground Control Pro vs. using the jacks on the Axe itself? I'm using my Rocktron Hex as a wah controller with one of the expression pedal jacks on the Axe (with one end of the TRS cable lead swapped) with no problems but as I...
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