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  1. Kdog

    Adding a delay switch as an effect probs

    That was it Thanks !
  2. Kdog

    Adding a delay switch as an effect probs

    Hey guys. When I add delay to the FC-6 and turn it off it kills the sound. I know its prob some easy fix So what am I doin wrong? By killing the sound I mean NO sound.
  3. Kdog

    Reflections on the Fractal community

    Only downside to this forum is how stupid it makes me feel. There is an incredible amount of intelligence here.
  4. Kdog

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    Get a Range Rover Boss!
  5. Kdog

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    But what about our instruments?
  6. Kdog

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    their instruments are all wet
  7. Kdog

    Do you think Gibson Guitars new CEO can turn the company around?

    I think they are gonna be just fine. Mark Agnesi Joined them too. He left Norms to go to them. I think they are pulling out all the stops. Stuff looks beautiful too.
  8. Kdog

    Man still using Line 6 amp to be tried as an adult

    Imagine if you kept all the gear you've ever had.
  9. Kdog

    What product do you think Fractal will release next?

    Fractal Headphones?
  10. Kdog

    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    I got a new Taylor on the way. Koa k24ce. Wanted a nice one to invest in for sitting on the deck in the summer whilst gazing upon a sunset with my fav Craft beer.
  11. Kdog

    Paul Gilbert Cover - "Blues for Rabbit"

    Paul said he used a Marshal Bluesbreaker 2x12 and pedals for all the recordings. Not sure who was using the Axe 3.
  12. Kdog

    Paul Gilbert Cover - "Blues for Rabbit"

    I've been on his site since he started Artistworks in 2012. You won't regret his teaching. Make sure you stomp to whatever material you send him. He loves a good foot stomp! If you get on his site look me up. Kdog User name. I'm gonna ask him right now about the AXE 3. And I'll report back...
  13. Kdog

    Joe at Hendrix

    I'm sorry, I didn't even know about Dug until the show. The guys got a great singing voice too...His version of "I Don't live today" Was amazing. His whole set was with satch And Kenny and those 3 together sounded amazing. Man how long are Dugs arms. Serious that is crazy to behold live. His...
  14. Kdog

    Some very creative heavy riffage

    This guys a beast. I heard him on Jason Becker’s new album and he really stands out with his eastern sounding syncopated tapping and whammy stuff.
  15. Kdog

    Joe at Hendrix

    Dweezil zappa’s axe 2. Yes kenny was smokin. Dweezil played very conservatively. His delays were nice!! Kenny lang did a great watchtower.
  16. Kdog

    Joe at Hendrix

    Joe stole the show. He killed it last night. The chemistry with who he was teamed up with was wild. That bass players arms are crazy long ! Here’s a clip of some machine gun.
  17. Kdog

    I'm a guitar player

    Hey bro. I’m playing through A pair of Matrix unpowered monitors and using the Matrix power amp. most of output 1 goes to this. In stereo. The second Output goes to the Atomic CLR cabs that are powered. I like to run two amps. With fractal products i’ve never experienced that fake tone of which...
  18. Kdog

    Steve Vai: Legato 100

    He’s investing a lot of his time into the synergy Product i think.
  19. Kdog

    What is your number one guitar at the moment?

    I’ve been playing this one a lot lately. 1956 Fender strat Relic Roasted neck.
  20. Kdog

    Want a nasty, spitty, gated fuzz?

    Interesting Turnaround on that clip !
  21. Kdog

    Cracking The Code

    Kramer Pacer Lives!!!
  22. Kdog

    I'm a guitar player

    It's All I want to do. I would play all day if I could. When I first plugged my Axe Fx 3 in I knew I would be inspired to continue my guitar fix for years to come. First preset I went to 100 watt plexi....Magic. I added some chorus and got that cool Rhythm chunk tone from the 80's that I...
  23. Kdog

    New Dream Theater Coming

    Barstool Warrior and S2n are some amazing tracks
  24. Kdog

    Any "Fretless Wonder" fans?

    Dang! I'm a little late to the game huh??? I didn't realize , been surfing all around this forum.
  25. Kdog

    Matt Schofield!

    Man, There is a thread in the lounge about "Building a dream Strat" Don't know much about making guitars But if I could it would have this kind of tone...Oh my! I saw this guy live when he was not really known. I love seeing nobody's become somebody's. So my question is . who have you guys...
  26. Kdog

    Advice on my Setup.

    Just to be clear, I can use 2 and 3 together …. So another Chain would have to be created. Maybe one for clean/ one for dirty?
  27. Kdog

    Any "Fretless Wonder" fans?

    I can't view your attachment for some reason
  28. Kdog

    Cracking The Code

    Troy Grady is great . I graduated class of 88 too...So it like we kind of went through the same Experiences together. The first time I heard troy play was when He Absolutely Nailed the Crossroads Lick. It wasn't the classical part. It was the Part right after jack butler takes off his jacket...
  29. Kdog

    Bono and The Edge walk into a bar

    OMG :):):)
  30. Kdog

    Question about outputs/ Humbuster.

    Thank You ! Respect ✊!
  31. Kdog

    Question about outputs/ Humbuster.

    well, I don't have one (xlr) long enough but my fractal Humbusters are 25 footers. Plenty long enough. So....Just to be clear. I can run my Humbuster cables to the Atomic powered cabs...? I know you had told me speaker cables only but you might have meant When using the Matrix power amp...
  32. Kdog

    Question about outputs/ Humbuster.

    Hi, In the output section on the rear near the XLR's There is the Humbuster outputs. I've gotten a few of these cables from fractal over the years. Are these Outputs to be connected to an Amplifier only? What is an example of an Unbalanced Input? As the Manual says. Are atomic powered cabs Ok...
  33. Kdog

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Here’s my Axe FX 3 currently. Lighting by phillips Hue. ✊
  34. Kdog

    Bono and The Edge walk into a bar

    I must have told this joke 20 times yesterday after I saw you post it. Its funny some people don't get it right away.
  35. Kdog

    In Stock today?

    Sweet ! Fast shipping !
  36. Kdog

    Dotted 8th for idiots

    I'm really enjoy delay sounds like these now.
  37. Kdog

    Woodstock 50

    Yeah , Bummer. Although having a 14 year old daughter has opened my eyes to some of the new music out today. Few and far between. Billy Eilish has def got a unique sound. And Ariana Grande's new stuff....The Song "Bad Idea" is done pretty well.
  38. Kdog

    She had those apple bottom jeans—/boots with the furrrr

    She had those apple bottom jeans—/boots with the furrrr
  39. Kdog

    FS FX8

    I've had this one since launch. Great shape FX8. Name a fair price. USA only. East Coast only.
  40. Kdog

    Stranger Things

    Season one of True Detective is the best of the 3. You'll love it.
  41. Kdog

    Stranger Things

    Stranger things is awesome. Can't wait for the next season 3. I think in April? Not sure. I really enjoyed " Homecoming" too. On Amazon. And just recently I went back and watched season 1 and 2 of True Detective. Which were better than season 3 in my opinion. Ready for GOT . Can't wait...
  42. Kdog

    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    Try a Gibson!!! Nick Lucas. You'll love it .
  43. Kdog

    Big Wreck's Locomotive: AC/DC meets RATM meets Audioslave meets Zep?

    Nothing You can't play, brother!
  44. Kdog

    Big Wreck's Locomotive: AC/DC meets RATM meets Audioslave meets Zep?

    Ghost is my favorite Album. There has been a lot of talk about Andy wood Lately . When these two get together at the Suhr parties they always sound amazing.
  45. Kdog

    Solving the in-ears puzzle...

    I left my church when The "worship" leader told me to buy a Helix....He lost all credibility w/ me right there.
  46. Kdog

    Read The Manual

    Why did this guy get deleted?
  47. Kdog

    Some days...I love YouTube.

    Man. I’ve been digging Joel’s Lessons with Guitar world a ton lately.
  48. Kdog

    Andy !@#$ Wood!

    I think Andy has been in this forum too? I remember him asking a couple questions in here.
  49. Kdog

    In Stock today?

    I spit my coffee out !!! LOL Charlie gotta golden Ticket !!!!
  50. Kdog

    Ancient Aliens - History channel

    I was watching this youtube guy....He went into some crazy ass explanation that Aliens are really Demons in disguise. And they will trick the masses into following the Anti Christ during the last days of man. I'll see if I can find it. He was going on and on about CERN....Cell phones. Government...
  51. Kdog

    Andy !@#$ Wood!

    Those are rare to find !
  52. Kdog

    Andy !@#$ Wood!

    His picking is crazy. He alternates everything. Odds/Evens. Plus he’s got some amazing melodic content. He’s got a great free concert on Amazon Prime too !
  53. Kdog

    In Stock today?

    Around Valentines day.
  54. Kdog

    Advice on my Setup.

    Ok. I understand. Thank you.
  55. Kdog

    Advice on my Setup.

    Indeed, Just don't have any handy right now that are longer than 6ft.
  56. Kdog

    In Stock today?

    sure buddy!
  57. Kdog

    Advice on my Setup.

    Also.. .one more question. When I run out from my AXE 3 into the power amp. Can I use Humbuster cables (instrument) Into the speakers from the power amp? Or is it speaker cable only?
  58. Kdog

    Advice on my Setup.

    http://usa.matrixamplification.com/speakers/fr10p.html The Fr10's I have are not powered. I guess they make both kinds.
  59. Kdog

    Advice on my Setup.

    Just ordered my AXE FX 3 and I have some Options for sound. Please let me know what the Ideal sound in your opinion is. 1. Axe FX straight into a Pair of Adam A7x's 2. Axe Fx straight into my Atomic cabs. 3. Axe Fx straight into my Matrix power Amp. Then out to a Pair of Matrix Fr10's... If...
  60. Kdog

    In Stock today?

    Got my Invite....Didn't go to spam this time! Used another email....I'm Excited!
  61. Kdog

    Ancient Aliens - History channel

    shit …… I had no idea that Satan had angels that mated w/ our woman and created giants.....GODDAM!
  62. Kdog

    Chair, yes chair

    I got the idea from this Steve Vai vid...Like chris said ...Go to Staples. Find a comfy chair and just don't install arms.
  63. Kdog

    In Stock today?

    Yeah man...Me too...I just want the Unit itself. Everything is ready. Just need the unit !
  64. Kdog

    Joe Bonamassa and a wonderful Story....

    My god Joe can play.
  65. Kdog

    In Stock today?

    The website says March 18th. Do you think some invites will go out today? :)
  66. Kdog

    Friendly reminder: tell your loved ones you love them

    I lost my Dad a few months ago. So I can relate . We were hanging out . Drinking a beer by the pool. Planning my upcoming Bday dinner. I went home . Next day I got a frantic call from my mom. "Your fathers dying, I don't know what to do" He had a blood vessel break in his brain. So out of the...
  67. Kdog

    RE: Dynaudio monitors

    Years ago I asked for speaker recommendations. I was told ADAM A7X. I've had these for 6 years and Really like them with The Axe Fx. They sound clean. No digital noise. An honest sound to replicate these amps and cabs with.
  68. Kdog

    Expensive Equipment at smaller gigs

    I use the Ax8 into the the mixer. I have the EV as a wah pedal. We have a quiet stage and use all in ear. The two mains are Yamaha DBR 15s. The Ax8 sounds good through these speakers.
  69. Kdog

    Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour

    Sweet Goin to the DC show !
  70. Kdog

    Andy Timmons

    Beautiful Guitar. But very thin at the top. I bought it from Ibanezrules….He exchanged it for the Tom Quayle model for me.
  71. Kdog

    Andy Timmons

    I had the pleasure of meeting him at one of Paul Gilberts Guitar Escape getaways. So down to earth. I asked about a lot about his "Resolution" album. He is such a Pro player. Actually that's was the very same time he First met Mimi. They hit it off right away.
  72. Kdog

    What technique does GG play here?

    Some of these kids are incredible !
  73. Kdog

    What technique does GG play here?

    Yes Please!
  74. Kdog

    What technique does GG play here?

    Its right at the 3:57 mark.. Sounds like something completely different. An octave thing he's doing. I dunno
  75. Kdog

    On waitlist for a long time.

    Hey Guys. Heres the deal. I've been waitin for the Axe fx 3 for almost a year now. And just yesterday I checked my SPAM...Fractal stuff has never went to spam before but I thought I'd check it out. Sure enough The invitation was in spam. So now i'm back on the wait list and just wondering how...
  76. Kdog

    Pedals between Guitar and AX8 input

    I'm using a Digitech Drop in front of the Ax8. The pitch wham wasn't handling the drops very well. Lots of lag.
  77. Kdog

    AX8 pre-purchase questions

    I have the helix too. For the life of me I can’t figure out why they would make this product sound terrible out of the box. Requires a lot of amp and cab adjustments before fizz is gone. It does sound good after you’ve adjusted the cabs. IRs or amps tho. I also use the AAB for portability as...
  78. Kdog

    Set up questions

    Using AX8. Marshall 4x12 cab. Matrix power amp. GT1000. No front of house or anything. Just playing straight out of the cab. When I diasable the cab. I’m losing some body. Some tone. Should I combat this by turning up the output volumes ? What’s the best set up for what I have ?
  79. Kdog

    AX8 with real cabinets

    Is this also the best sound for Running Ax8 into a MatrixGT1000 then Into a Marshall 4x12. ? Just using the Cab no PA connected.
  80. Kdog

    Tone help

    Hello, I've been using my AX8 for so long straight into the powered ATOMIC cabs. Looking to switch up. I've always loved the sound of the Matrix GT1000 fx into a cab with the AXE FX 2. I've since sold the AXE FX 2 because of the 3 coming out. But for now. I have the AX8 still. And want to Try it...
  81. Kdog

    Dotted 8th for idiots

    sorry , i did this ..can't make it work.. Is there a certain delay
  82. Kdog

    Dotted 8th for idiots

    can anyone point me in the right direction on how to set up a dotted 8th sound. Similar to Paul Gilberts echo song.?
  83. Kdog


  84. Kdog

    Carrying case?

    Mine is def the wood covered design. This will also fit the Line 6 Helix older version.
  85. Kdog

    Carrying case?

    Yes , plenty of clearance once Stand was removed. Real easy to remove. 4 Nuts. There is also room for some cables. Comes with a CABLE strap used for the stand. But I use it for the cables now. Velcros' real easy to the bottom of the board. Comes with keys too. There also is enough room for an...
  86. Kdog

    Try it with small amps too!

    I hooked my FX8 up to my little TSA15H Ibanez amp and I just can't believe the tone. I'm using the Amp with the Distortion on. Then on the FX8 I am using the FAS Patch. Took out the first distortion and kept the 2nd one. Added a reverb and removed Multi Delay. Also put my Petrucci wah In...
  87. Kdog


  88. Kdog

    Carrying case?

    I ended up going with this one (Gig-Box Jr. Pedal Board/Guitar Stand Case Black) Had to remove the guitar stand at the bottom inside but wanted hard case
  89. Kdog

    AXE 8 VS. Helix GAME Over!!!

    I just use my Helix to beat around. My AX8 however, I even dust it off after use!
  90. Kdog

    Delay in stereo

    Fellas, How would I take a Preset I like and make the Delay in stereo? Right now I'd like to hear to echo move from speaker to speaker. I'm using CLR Powered cabs. Thanks babes.
  91. Kdog

    FRFR Solutions

    Dirty Shirley.
  92. Kdog

    FRFR Solutions

    Guys, When Running the AX8 in stereo using the Atomic cabs, I'm not hearing it in Stereo via XLR cables out to monitors. How do I fix this?
  93. Kdog

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Wait listed 2/11 Invited Today. Ordered Today!!!! Yeeee hawww!!!!!!
  94. Kdog

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I'm 2/11 and Ready!
  95. Kdog

    [video] Steve Vai's Ballerina 12/24 with AX8

    Did you have an older version of this on youtube years ago? I remember this one.
  96. Kdog

    Surfing with the Axe FX !

    Surfing with the Axe FX !
  97. Kdog

    Welcome JOE SATRIANI to the Fractal Audio Systems artist roster!

    How awesome is this? Who doesn't love this guy? I graduated High school when Surfing with the alien hit the market. It was a life changer.
  98. Kdog


  99. Kdog

    Not selling again.

    Indeed. And I'm not trying to kiss anyone's ass either. (Although I will proudly wear the shirt) Its just as an Overall thing. The Device...the Forums...The community...Nothing really compares to the Fractal experience. Last night It was Dirty Shirley. All night. With my Tele (FCS relic) I...
  100. Kdog

    Active CLR Cab.

    Hey Guys, I recently bought and active CLR cab because I want to use it for small playing gigs with the AXE fx ...and soon the AX8. I currently own the active Wedges which I love. My question is...since this is and active CAB is it best to turn of the CAB sims? Thanks!
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