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    Download 6.02

    Does anyone know where I can download Ax8 6.02? I want to try 7.01 but have a gig tomorrow and want to be able to roll back for the gig. Thanks in advance!
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    4x12 PRE-ROLA 55 M160 Alternative

    Weird question, hopefully someone can help me. I use the Ax8 exclusively for all my live gigs. I just got an Amplifire that I plan on using as a back up. I use cab 54, 4x12 PRE-ROLA 55 M160, which is from Cab Lab 20. Does any one know of a alternative that can be purchased in a .wav format that...
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    Pitch Detune Delay

    I am using the Pitch Detune instead of a chorus but when i play single not lines or like a muted rhythm picking pattern there is a noticeable delay. Kind of almost sounds like a slapback delay. I have the delays in the block set to 0. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
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    FAS Rocks!

    I do about 2-4 live gigs a week mostly weddings with some concerts and shows sprinkled in here and there. I have been going direct to FOH for about three years now using pedals and cab simulators and before that was using amps (Boogie Mark I RI, Boogie Lonestar, Fender Super Reverb RI). I have...
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    Removing AX8 Feet for Velcro?

    Has anyone put velcro on their Ax8? When taking off the feet did you have to replace the screws? Does anyone know what size screws are needed to have them flush against the unit with the feet off?
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    So I am used to leaving my pedalboard in my car while I am at work. I live on the east cost and sometimes the weather is really cold or really hot in the summer. Do you guys know whether this will be an issue for the ax8?
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    Hotone Soul Press

    Is anyone successfully using the Hotone Soul Press as an expression pedal with the Axe. I am specifically asking for wah purposes. I know some people said the AMT wasn't ideal but want to see if anyone tried this. I am currently using a Mission Ep-1 but would love to be able to go smaller if...
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    Output 2 (No Signal)

    Can you guys help me troubleshoot this? I am not getting any signal out of out 2.
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    My Experience

    I am still on the fence with regard to whether or not I am going to keep the Ax8. I did my second gig with it last night and it sounded pretty good. As I used to do with my old pedalboard, I ran it straight to the board and used in ears for monitoring. I think the key for me at this point is to...
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    Sticky Preset Questions

    Is there any way to disable preset up and down for switches F2 and F3 if I am using F1 to sticky presets. Ideally I would like to have the unit on sticky presets while using F2 for Scene 1/2 and F3 as the tap tempo. I guess a related question- Is there anyway to have the unit kind of default...
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    Invite received

    I got my wait list confirmation at 5:11 and am under the spreadsheet as Jake. What do you guys think about the extended warranty option? Overkill?
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