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    External switch for Volume +/-

    Hi there!!! I m trying do something similar and I could use some help please... How can I control the boost function of an amp using the ext switch of the mfc???
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    Steve Vai - "Ballerina" 12_24

    I’m really sorry about that,I just can’t correctly upload the video.
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    Steve Vai - "Ballerina" 12_24

    Steve Vai -Ballerina...
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    Ev-1 expression pedal

    It was the first thing I did...
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    Ev-1 expression pedal

    Hi there !!!i have a problem with the pedal,when I set up the parameters of the expression pedal in axe-edit The pedal throw isn't the same with the diagram...I mean this...It starts at 0.0 and ends at 100.0 but the pedal doesn't correspond the same,the pedal will reach 100.0 much sooner leaving...
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    New song " Shuffle Pepper""

    I used a shur pro with Floyd for everything... With Andy Timmons pickups set..
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    New song " Shuffle Pepper""

    Yes it's an axfx ii...
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    New song " Shuffle Pepper""

    Thanks....I use for drive the Pete thorn patch and a standard twin reverb for clean
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    New song " Shuffle Pepper""

    this is my new instrumental song shuffle pepper ,all guitar parts are with Axe-fxii...enjoy
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    Funk me off (all guitar parts with Axe-fxii)

    Superior drummer....
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    Funk me off (all guitar parts with Axe-fxii)

    Sorry the bass is trilian..for guitars I used the Pete thorn patch..
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    Funk me off (all guitar parts with Axe-fxii)

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    Fixed Firmware 5.2

    i installed the new firmware 5.2 and the axe and axe edit shows that I have installed the 5.1 version .i did this several times from fractal bot but nothing changed.
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    Need some help with reamping....

    I use Windows 8 uad Apollo and cubase 8. The problem is when I change in the ''VST audio system''the ''Asio driver" into "fas USB audio asio driver " I don't have sound of the project .the faders seems to be working properly but I don't have sound.i tried to reamp something and worked fine.to...
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    Steve Vai

    Thanks a lot for the info!!!!!i ll give it a shot!!!
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    Steve Vai

    Amazing playing and programming!!!! i would love to have that Vai sound...
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    EV-1 'Little Movie'

    Great job thanks a lot!!!!!!
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    Mike Landau style Lush Chorus (Preset & Sreenshots)

    I wish it was for axe ii plus xl ....
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    What's your opinion for paying me a little bit for a patch you love to have it !

    There are people in the forum that gave us awesome sounds and effects(for free)..honestly I don't believe that this sound worth something.....sorry
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    Fremen presets v 18.07

    Fantastic work!!!!thanks a lot for sharing...can you please tell us what guitar and pickups you used in the clean parts!!!sounds Incredible....!!!thanks again
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    Shirley turned 18 - fw18 preview

    Ok that was f..ing awesome!!!!!!iwant V18 noooowwwww
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    G3 FW18 mini review

    Every clip you make sounds killer!!!!if it is possible for the test, I would like to hear the comparison between firmwares...playing the same licks with the same preset.!!!
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    The Mic preamp effect just without a cab?

    Interesting ... I would like to do that
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    16.05 Test

    Great playing Cliff!!!!killer sound
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.02 Released

    Fantastic work!! Thanks a lot FAS team!!!!
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    Can I use fx8 to control axe fx 2 instead of mfc?????

    Thanks for the tip!!!!i guess I ll have to buy both!!!
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    Can I use fx8 to control axe fx 2 instead of mfc?????

    Can I use fx8 to control axe fx 2 instead of mfc?????will be any difference ??
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    Axe-Fx II FW 15.07 Released

    Good job,,,thanks FAS team!!!!
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    About the decibel (dB)

    Many times we hear about "headroom" ....this was the first time that someone really explained what headroom is... Thanks a lot Cliff!!!!!!
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    Light guitars, better sustain!?!

    I have a 65SG Gibson ...very light Big sounding guitar with 1 p90.but i m not sure if it is only the weigh that matters for great sound....
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    What made you pull the trigger on the Axe?

    I needed something for studio work,,I was between kemper and axe-fx.it was a difficult decision at first ,,,but now I know I made the right choice period!!!!!!
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    If you could have any guitar teacher you want, who would you choose?

    Dan huff!!!!,a great choice ...he has everything
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    Nice story,,thanks for sharing and great work with the labels!!!!
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    New Passive EQ's

    I can't agree more!!!!! The new eq is so musical and friendly,,changed my life!!!!!!thanks cliff!!!!!!!!
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    Do you have natural talent for guitar?

    Only the passion to play the guitar....
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    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    1000...thanks a lot!!!!amazing sounds
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    Recording axe with spdif make any difference ??

    I had a discussion about rec. and some people think that recording the axe-fx with the spdif option would have better results...does anyone tried this? I haven't done this yet because I did something wrong with my sound card,I had a signal going in but no sound..if this actually works and...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Released

    With the new firmware, I heard a warm big rock sound,with better feel and dynamics ..I really enjoyed it !!!!! Thanks a lot the FAS team for the great work as always!!!!!
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    Mama's back ... again (AE 3.x): The Mother Of All Pedal and Effect Emulations thread

    I just did it!!!!!thanks a lot men!!!the same goes with the effect presets??
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    Mama's back ... again (AE 3.x): The Mother Of All Pedal and Effect Emulations thread

    Hi there!!!i can't import either the blk files or the syx files in to the axe edit, how I can hear the sounds and save them?? Have any ideas please?
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    Offline for a Couple Days

    Have a good time!!!!
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    Clark Kent's TEH Dollar Sound IR's

    Thanks a lot for sharing ....I can't wait to try them!!!
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    EZdrummer 2

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    My Secret Formula

    I would say Y... More clear bright tone with definition in low freq
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    Best Studio Monitors for low level playing in a small apartment?

    I had Samson resolv 65a,,they had bad mids.now i got HS7 and really love them,axe sounds super and mixing tracks is more easy
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    Back to a tube power amp / review about real speakers and power amps with the Axe II

    I tried it with my 2/50mesa an old version with two Marsall 1/12cabs 1912,,was fantastic !!feel tone bottom end very happy, Although we used it with 2/90 Mesa with 4/12cab vht and was ok,not bad.i don't know maybe was the cab....
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    Steve Vai Tone

    I was blown away!!!!killer tone...I m a Vai fan so If you please share....
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    Welcome Robin Finck!

    It was a matter of time.......FAS rules
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    The Power of Pre-EQ

    Super info !!!!!thanks
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    Bright knob on axe-edit????

    Thanks a lot!!!!!
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    Bright knob on axe-edit????

    I read about the importance of bright knob,works really great, found It in the front panel of axe but didn't find it in axe edit....found only bright switch (on/off)I'm i going something wrong?
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    Scene settings are not saving.

    Hi there,,after installing the new firmwire must update all presets?i thought this was automated with the firm,update.if not were I can manually do it??
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    Axe FX II and feature creep

    Easy mode is a fantastic idea!!!!i when I got axe had firmware 11 was great!!!!in a few months the axe became 3 times better!!!!some of the improvements will probably never use them but I surely understand the overall improvement of the axe which is VERY important!!!! Sound and feel...I think...
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    Axe-Fx II fw14 Released!

    Best team ever!!!!!
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    Axe-Edit 3.0.7 released!

    Thanks for all the great work!!!!!amazing results,,,
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    UltraRes Celestion Rocket 50 2x12 Ir`s [SeeD]

    thanks a lot for sharing!!!!
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    Having Sustain Issues

    Great video,great info.....
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    Axe-Edit 3.0.5 released!

    You are the best,,,,thanks for your hard work!!!!
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 13.02 Released

    You give big smiles in to people faces........Thanks Cliff ,,Thanks FAS team,,,,!!!!!
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    Reamping freeze my PC (Solved)

    I switched to windows 7 and everything is ok,,,,back in the game!!!!
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    Thanks a million!

    I can't agree more!!!!!!!!!! I have the same feelings for the company and the people of the forum,I'm lucky to be part of the fractal community :D
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    Reamping freeze my PC (Solved)

    Thanks for replying !!!!!i will sure try another os,,,windows 7. And see what happens....(here in Greece most people I know work cubase 5 with xp..they say it's more light and steady ,,I really don't know ,,I m not a PC expert..)anyway reamping is great feature and very usefull for studio...
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    Reamping freeze my PC (Solved)

    Everything was doing great,,I record the wet and dry signals and then I found a preset for the dry one to peamp,,I record the dry with the new preset and I m ready to listen,I turn the input from USB to analog and then the PC freeze !!!nothing moving not even the mouse,I force to shutdown and...
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    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

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    Bogner Blue and Suhr Modern

    one of the best clips in the forum,,,great job ..its all about feeling and Super guitar playing,,no need for sharing the preset[sounds amazing]!!!!!!just upload more clips!!!!
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    Axe-FX II: Dumble + Strat

    Tyler you build great sounds!!!!!!!awsome, i resently tried the hendrix tones and i was blown away ,,,the dumble sounds killer... thanks a lot for sharing
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    Understanding Power Tube Bias

    Great lesson!!!!!very helpfull to understand how really things work......thanks a lot
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    Funky blues

    YOU R O C K !!!!!!!!AWESOME
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    Stumbled across these free IR's

    thanks alot for sharing!!!!!!!!
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    IR Help

    I had the same issue. I was working uploading presets with axe edit,,you will need fractal-bot for cabs,,,just close axe edit after uploading the cab Irs with fractal-bot.reopen axe edit go to a preset search cabs and you will find it in the empty section slots..the number of the slot is...
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    My first "IR" Bogner and Two Rock various cabs.

    Very good job,,I tried the bogner 4x12 Amazing results.......Thanks a lot for sharing
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    It's Christmas Time...!!!!!

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    Whitesnake - Still Of The Night

  74. T

    Chef's Pull Me Under

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    Axe edit -time delay knob doesn't work

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!! Yes that's it,,,,,I feel that I will have some future questions to!!!the axe is very powerfull and has a lot of stuff on board,, thanks again for your time
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    Axe edit -time delay knob doesn't work

    It was working a few days ago and suddenly stoped moving with my mouse,,,I tried differed presets and delays the same...maybe needs an update along with axe-manage....
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