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  1. J

    Looking for lamb of god presets

    I am looking for lamb of god presets!
  2. J

    FX II XL Amp setting Question

    is there a setting in the FX II XL amps to change from dry sound to wet?
  3. J

    Need Gibson Les paul BurstBucker Pro presets!

    Anybody has presets for Gibson Les Paul with BurstBucker pro pickups to share?
  4. J

    Speaker Monitor or FOH speaker

    What is best deal for 8 inch speaker monitor, and FOH speaker? What is the difference between speaker Monitor and FOH speaker?
  5. J

    FX II XL Preset Decapitated - Spheres of Madness

    I have FX II XL and Matrix amp connected to pair of FR212 speakers. I need the Decapitated - spheres of madness preset, I really appreciate if anyone send me. Thanks.
  6. J

    Help, FW 19 get lots of feed back when I use hard Fuzz or shred Dist.

    I need help: I am using Firm ware 19 on FX II Xl, I get lots of feed back when I use hard Fuzz or shred Dist., how can I fix it. Thanks.
  7. J

    Need help on FX II XL presets and user's prests to match with my guitar pickups

    I have FX II XL connected to Matrix GT1600FX amp to Pair of Matrix FR212 speakers. I don't get great sound when I use either factory presets or user’s presets. I am sure the reason is: I am using different guitars and pickups. I need help on how to tweak the presets setting to match with my...
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