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    Def Leppard Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III

    I need to see them live. DL is one group I have been trying to catch for 25 years, but every time they are within a doable distance for me, life (birth of a child, etc.), gets in the way.
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    Axe-Fx II XL vs HELIX

    The Line6 stuff is good for what it is. Buying Line6 is like getting a stock Mustang GT off the lot, while buying a Axe II or III is like getting a Saleen. I think Andertons did a video where they compared the old Pod 2.0 to some current mid-level modelers. You can obtain good tones from the...
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    [NOT A BUG] Tuner is off a bit

    I've had tuner and intonation issues that were the result of old strings or strings with some inconsistency in the windings (on strings 4 through 6).
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    If the III was 2U (or 1U!!!) I would have ordered one by now

    Personally, I wish it was 4 units tall and had more lights (seriously), but I signed up for the wait list anyway.
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    Napoleon Bone Apart

    First I have heard of the Napoleon. I went to the site and saw the Oasis outdoor kitchen setup. That might be a purchase my wife and everyone agrees on. Here in South Carolina, where American Barbecue originated and exists to this day in its finest form, everyone is big on Rec Tec grills. I...
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    Stage "props" instead of cabs?

    I looked into realistic looking fake cabs and the costs were too high compared to buying some of the "cheaper" Marshall cabs used (like the ones they sell for solid state heads). Going that route and selling the speakers out of them might further reduce the cost. I already have a few heads and...
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    Saw Buckethead last night...

    I have all of his pikes - fascinating stuff to listen to.
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    NGD: Fame Forum IV Modern

    Looks quite nice. Is that made at the world plant in South Korea? I have noticed several brands seem to have very playable and well made guitars coming out of that plant.
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    So far I'm not entirely sold on the Axe Fx 3....

    Digitech seems to have always had decent pitch algorithms. Even the old IPS -33 did good shifting for its era. I own many of the devices/instruments designed to allow a player to use a standard tuned instrument to play detuned (or in an alternate tuning). Although most of them are pretty good...
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    NGD Godin A12

    I have always been interested in the Godin Multiacs...this thread and the one on the Turner Model 1 the other day has me thinking it is time to start saving for a few of my "bucket list" guitars.
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    NGD=Rick Turner Featherweight Model 1 Custom!

    Very nice. The Model 1 is definitely an iconic design.
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    New Line 6 FRFR cab - Powercab

    It is an interesting concept, and I would like to see if any other companies produce similar products. As far as the "amp in room" sound, most of the modeler users I hear (or read) talking about missing the "amp in the room" feel with FRFR are referring to missing the thump and air movement of...
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    1 Minute: Make ANY Expression Pedal Spring Loaded!

    Thank you - Will be trying this tonight.
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    Why are there so many d*ckheads on Facebook?

    Hate social media but, except for the occasional idiot I encounter, I love playing co-op zombie mode on call of duty. I have met interesting strangers and has many enjoyable experiences with it, so perhaps there is some hope for the human race. I wonder when or if the “in” thing to do is not I...
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    I would like to post a rant

    I've gone to carrying a few prepaid cards to cover meals and incidental expenses when I travel out of town. I hate the reloading fees, but every time I have had my regular cards popped it was after buying a meal, gas, or small items when out of town. For the card I use for hotel rooms, I have it...
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    I was hoping I wouldn't be tempted, but..

    A II with a MFC and an expression pedal or two still kills. I look at the Axe units as being in the same class of PCM delays, the H3000, etc. just because the stuff is digital, it doesn’t suddenly sound bad when a new model comes out. To a degree, Fractal is its own biggest competitor because...
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    FRFR: I Admit I Prefer It

    Spent a few hours today going back and forth between FRFR, a Marshall 2x12 w/ V30s, a Marshall 4x12 with same speakers, and stock Dual Rectifier 4x12 (whatever Mesa loads in those). I actually prefer FRFR, even with a bass and drummer chugging along and the FRFR setup (I have some EVs and...
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    "Skipp the wait-list price"?

    I am on the wait list, and I am not bothered by the jump ahead pricing. Buying at 3500 is tempting, but that extra 1k could go to my planned Strandberg or Kiesel purchase. That guitar purchase is essential to my plan of becoming the first djenter old enough to need Depends.
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    Purchased a Axe Fx ii just befoer the iii came out.

    The II sounds really, really good. Just enjoy it until you are ready to upgrade to the III. I have heard people getting amazing tones out of the original Axe Standard and the Ultra as recently as last week in March of 2018!. Fractal has taken modelling into the world of professional processors...
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    So unless I missed it in the manual...

    Wouldn’t Gibson robi tuners elimiate the need for an electronic tuner and the string butler?:)
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    Ares on XL+ ... mission possible or impossible!

    Post got cut off. That being said, I am grateful for the support Cliff has provided to us II owners. If I recall correctly he burned some extra hours to make sure original II units could keep up with the Quantum updates.
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    Ares on XL+ ... mission possible or impossible!

    Those of us who had any dealings with MOTU in the late 90s to early 2000s know to never base a purchase on what a product might do through future updates.
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    Thinking of giving away my XL+ ... Any Ideas?

    The school system in my area takes donations, and I am amazed at what they take in. I have a friend who works in administration for the district, and he made a policy that requires notifying the donor if the value is over $500 with the option to pick it back up. I believe the school system...
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    Is Heritage Making an Explorer?

    Scroll down to the picture with headstocks - the second from the front looks like an explorer with a shelf for a Floyd Rose nut install. https://heritageguitars.com/ I have always liked the their hollow bodies, and I would love to have an Explorer option from them.
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    How Long Until III’s Amp Modeling Definitively Surpasses the II?

    I am a Marshall junkie and I have owned (still have a JTM45 and a JCM800) many of the classic models. A few folks slagged me for stating a few months ago that the Marshalls in the II sound better than my real Marshall’s. I still stand behind that statement because the II has allowed me to get...
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    Anyone Else Redoing Entire Rig?

    I used a Digitech Drop for a few months with my II, but I decided to just go with a down tuned guitar. I don't know if I would go back to shifting down again even with an improved pitch block.
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    Anyone Else Redoing Entire Rig?

    I have decided to redo my entire rig when I get the III. I’ve been using EVs for FRFR, but I recently played through one of the Friedman’s and liked it. I’m thinking III to two Friedman ASC-12s, along with the new foot controller when it becomes available (time to abandon the FCB-1010 when...
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    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    I like the looks, but if I didn’t I would still purchase it based on what it is capable of doing out the door at launch. However, if I could change the appearance I would go for a four-space unit with leds on every single button and knob. If they all flashed at tempo that would be even better.
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    Fractal mugs?

    I’m in South Carolina. Our idea of cultured drinking is Bud Light from a styrofoam ice chest. I’ll take a Fractal beer coozie please.
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    Expression Pedal Help and Suggestions - Foot Injury

    I had to look up the EMB - never knew that was the way sound I was chasing all these years.
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    Expression Pedal Help and Suggestions - Foot Injury

    Thanks for the suggestions - I did not know about the flexibility with the Mission Engineering pedals. I am going to have to play with the auto-wag as well. I am about a week away from using my left hand again, but I may play with it by re-amping some stuff I have recorded. I am
  32. R

    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I'm going all in and plan to get the new foot controller as soon as it is available. I'm not sure when I will sell my II. More than likely I will trade it with someone local for a guitar or bass. I have been setting aside money for about a year and half for this unit (was guessing something...
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    Expression Pedal Help and Suggestions - Foot Injury

    So I have just learned I am probably never going to be able to flex my right foot in a manner that will let me control a wah. I love a wah - I make Kirk H. of Metallica look like the Ebenezer Scrooge of wah usage. I can't switch to using my left foot because I am probably 18 months away from...
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    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    When I was a boy we didn’t have fancy editing software. We edited our rack units my scrolling through multiple sub menus displayed on tiny monochrome LCDs. It made us men. You kids whining about football field sized color displays...
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    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    This release is perfect timing for me. I was in a head on collision last Tuesday that the reasponding officers and EMTs can’t believe I survived (some broken bones though), so my wife absolutely had no problem with setting aside the funds. I am milking her sympathy as much as I can. I really...
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    Kiesel Vader Content - Video Playthrough

    Loved your playing. I didn't need to see this - I have been going back and forth between buying a Vader and a Strandberg for a few weeks now.
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    At first I thought this was stupid...

    It seems similar to those little Vox headphone practice modules that plug into the output jack. There wasn't much to those in terms of components, so someone fitting a similar circuit into a cable was inevitable. As poorly executed of an idea that was the Gibson Firebird X, I wonder how many...
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    Devin Townsend Rig Rundown Video

    I like his Framus, and I wish we could see more of the new Framus guitars here in the states. I seemed to recall reading somewhere that the company was leaving the US market.
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    Vai Rig Rundown from Vai Academy

    I was sad to see the Antares tech abandoned. I was reading up on the install kits after hearing Hetfield had the Antares system installed in his acoustic Variax, and right as I decided to buy into it I saw the price drop to $399 on the floor units. The price drop tempted me, but I couldn't find...
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    Peavey HP2 - Anyone Else Order?

    I ended up cancelling my order - the dealer never could get it in.
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    Is the Axe-Fx good for bass?

    Yes - but be willing to experiment w/ amps and cabs. I have been very pleased with setting up patches that include a bass amp model into an IR of a bass cab along with second guitar amp (usually JTM45) model into a 4x12 IR. Being able to blend in the guitar amp model for some bite has really...
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    YouTube Madness.

    I'm a huge metal head, but I really, really like this cover:
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    Medium Jumbo vs. Jumbo Frets

    The difference is noticeable. I have guitars that vary from one another from one fret size to another (vintage, medium jumbo, jumbo, super jumbo) and the difference is noticeable to me from one fret size to another. Whether it distracts you from playing or not will be something you just have to...
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    What's your opinion of the Gibson SG ??

    I've played one of these, standing, and experienced none of the neck dive issues I've encountered with most SGs. http://www.jaydeecustomguitars.co.uk/donnington_sg.html
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    I started using Sweetwater again after a long hiatus from shopping there. Around 2001 I was treated fairly rudely when I called to ask about an interface and software. The sales person informed me I was in their system as a PC user, so he didn't understand why I wanted to know about software...
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    Gibson Brands announced the end of Cakewalk

    Sad to see Cakewalk go. I started on it back in when it first became "Cakewalk Pro Audio" and followed through with most of the updates until the 11 Rack came out. After that I switched to Pro Tools, which is complete overkill for what I use it for. I can't quite figure out what Gibson's...
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    Is now a good time to buy into the Axe FX II platform?

    Buy now, enjoy, and learn to use the unit. If and when a III comes out, you will have experience working with a professional quality modeling unit should you decide to buy a III. Plus, as others have stated, its not like the current generation will suddenly sound bad when/if a new model comes out.
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    Metallica's latest rig rundown has an interesting nugget!

    I hate to hear the Antares stuff is going away. I thought the guitar modeling in it was a cut above what the Variax offers.
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    FCB1010 Expression pedal Spring - return to heel position

    Thank you for posting this and including the picture. I know what I am doing next Saturday.
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    Programming Drums - AD, Superior et al

    I program in SD by finding a pattern close to what I want and then tweaking from there. I have the GrooveMonkey stuff, so it gives me a wide platform of things to start with.
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    Leaving Your Acoustic Out of It's Case?

    I have a Taylor 214 I keep out in my office as my practice guitar during conference calls. It has been out for three years in 30% (heart of winter) to 60% (warmest part of summer) humidity. It has been fine, and I haven't noticed any change in its playability. I obsess over things like that, so...
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    Peavey HP2 - Anyone Else Order?

    Has anyone else ordered a Peavey HP2? I had a Wolfgang Standard (the flat top version built by Peavey) about 16 years ago, and I loved it. I normally don't like that smaller neck width, but it felt right on that guitar. Unfortunately, the neck was damaged in a fall, so I parted it out. I...
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    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    My thoughts as a consumer of your presets (as well as those created by others): I like "artist" presets even though I do not use them to play/perform songs by those artists. The artist reference is a good idea to know whether or not a tone will appeal to me and if I have a use for it. If...
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    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    Peace of Mind Live patch is very nice. Great work! These are working on my Mark II without doing any conversion (just doing the normal import function).
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    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    I've been enjoying these presets for a few days - well worth the donation. After trying a few as-is in a band setting, I have become suspicious I tend to dial too much bass in when I program my own patches. These really blended well in a full group setting.
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    Finally figured why...

    I've done it live, once, and not by choice. The in house sound guy at a convention center insisted on doing it. From what I could tell it sounded fine out front. I never understood his logic, and over the years I've quit worrying about craziness at those types of gigs. I have found using the...
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    Antares ATG Experiences?

    Tried the Line 6 JTV69 and I didn't care for it. Sounds were within my expectations, but the neck was not to my liking. I thought about keeping it and swapping out the neck, but I recently learned about the Antares internal kits and the external ATG-1 processor. Has anyone here tried either? I...
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    Integrating Variax with Axe II

    Should have searched: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/integrating-jtv69-with-axefx-ii.98069/
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    Integrating Variax with Axe II

    I'm thinking about getting a Variax (one of the JTVs), and I want to integrate with the Axe in way that will allow me to have patches on the Variax set up to change when I change patches on the Axe. Accomplishing that would require, I believe, buying a piece of older L6 tech that has the...
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    Metallica to perform with Lady Gaga @ Grammys

    Hard to say 100% if it was intentional because of the lead up comments about starting in a garage. It could have been a reading error. However, metal is perceived to be the music of working class white guys, so an intentional slight is certainly a possibility given the political bent of the...
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    KH-602 (LTD) - Thoughts and Opinions

    Does anyone have any experience with the ESP LTD range, specifically the KH-602? I am looking for a Floyd-equipped guitar (this has the 1000 series, but I can work with that) for a specific tuning (drop-d but 1/2 step down). I'm in one of those situations where having something in that tuning is...
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    Headrush Pedal board. Eleven modeling

    Many people who buy this will realize modeling works for them and that will lead them to move into a more professional solution. I do like his ESP Stream. I picked one of those up at a store, thinking it was hideous, and it sounded and played nice. The body was actually quite comfortable.
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    Regarding the recent price drop

    It will be the most satisfying gear purchase you make. In 30 years of playing guitar and buying gear, I have never owned something that worked this well for its intended purpose.
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    What will you do when no more firmware updates?

    Did my MkII sound great the day I opened the box and plugged it in? - Yes I have learned to never buy tech based on what it might be able to do down the road through upgrades. My MkII was worth the original purchase price, and all of the updates have been welcome "bonuses" that are the result...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Firmware Released

    As the owner of a lowly II, I'm excited about this update, and I will gladly live without backwards compatibility to have access to future revisions.
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    AC/DC, R.I.P?

    I find it kind of cool that Angus just seems to be intent on doing this until the day he dies. No one can every question his dedication to his craft.
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    The Axe FX could be 30% shorter

    Lights on equipment are never nonsensical. Girls love them, particularly blue LEDs.
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    The Axe FX could be 30% shorter

    I did small for three years with my bass rig, and I had one problem after another with the high-powered, micro-sized class-D amps. I know the Axe isn't powered, but those issues (which I believe were all heat dispensation related) scared me away from anything overly compact. I'm a physically...
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    The Axe FX could be 30% shorter

    Personally, I hope the III is physically larger. My primary audience consists of people with no musical backgrounds, so good looking and physically large equipment (minds out of the gutter please) goes a long way with them, particularly if flashing lights are involved.
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    How many of you guys use the enhancer block and...

    I use it on 50% of my clean settings, both with a PA and in situations where I am not going through the house system. As stated earlier, if you are the only guitarist in the band, you have quite a bit more sonic real estate to operate with. The patches I use it on are those that use a JC-120...
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    Another suggestion is to educate yourself about cryptocurrency and ride the up and down movements on bitcoin and ethereum. You would probably want to start with ethereum because of the current cost of a single bitcoin. In your post you mentioned being on SSD, so I am guessing you are at home and...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Firmware Release

    I like it and the ability to be able to A/B - It really makes hearing the differences with certain models easy. However, please hurry up with 5.0 and make sure the company continues to top itself with each new version. Thanks.
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    Live Use: Great Amp Sound or Great Recorded Sound?

    I don't feel like I am missing anything other than knowledge. Until the Axe my user experience was solely with loud tube amps, a few pedals, and the venerable 57 in front of the cabinet. I have spent a considerable amount of time recently on reading/researching recording techniques and signal...
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    Live Use: Great Amp Sound or Great Recorded Sound?

    Is there a difference? For example, I recently realized that I have gravitated to having the sound of a recorded guitar when playing live. In other words, I want what I feed the mains to have the complexity common to many of my favorite recorded tones. Does anyone else take this kind of...
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: SV Bass (Ampeg SVT)

    Agree on some ultra res stock cabs. Of those that are available in the packs, has anyone found any standouts?
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    Sigh... gig failure.

    Never had a problem or glitch with daily use and fairly frequent performing. I do run a powerconditioner, and I believe that makes a huge difference. I don't use an MFC. I run a 1010 with the eureka chip.
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    IRs, CabLab, and Next Steps Question

    Please bear with me as I am just beginning to appreciate the effect of IRs on a patch. Until today I have dialed up a single IR for the amp in my patches, set the mic position to "null" in most cases, and played on. After reading a few threads about IRs over the past few weeks, I settled in...
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    Is there an easy way to keep up on firmware updates??

    The upside is staying away from the forum may provide him with more time to refine the firmware and develop new products.
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    Has the Axe-FX II Achieved 99% amp modeling accuracy?

    I agree - I hear (and have been in) many bands where everyone fights for the same frequencies. It often leads to an on-stage volume war. A few years ago I moved to dialing in my live sounds while playing with the group. Taking that approach really helps regardless of what I am using (tube amp...
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    Price of AXE FX

    The price on the Axe FX is actually is somewhat on the lower end of the cost spectrum for what it offers. Reverbs and delays are stellar. I remember what high quality and great sounding reverb and delay units used to cost, and the Axe FX represents a significant improvement in the price to...
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    Has the Axe-FX II Achieved 99% amp modeling accuracy?

    That is what I think as well. Additionally, using the "null" mic setting seems to work well (for me at least) when playing in places that have a ton of natural "ambiance" because of the construction. On two occasions I swapped to a different IR because of the effect the physical space of the...
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    Has the Axe-FX II Achieved 99% amp modeling accuracy?

    For live purposes, is having the sound of the "cab in the room" desirable? Perhaps I'm in the minority/just have a strange ear, but I don't like adding "ambiance" on top of what is already in a room. In a recording, adding the sound of the room makes sense to me, but not through the PA mains.
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    Has the Axe-FX II Achieved 99% amp modeling accuracy?

    Being different doesn't mean a model is "less accurate," particularly when dealing with older tube amps. I don't have two Marshalls that sound the same. Sure, two of the same heads if I A/B them with a single cabinet are in the same "ballpark" in terms of tone, but there are still subtle...
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    Has the Axe-FX II Achieved 99% amp modeling accuracy?

    It has for me, and I have owned/still own many tube amps. Personally, I prefer the Marshall models to my actual amps, including when I run the Axe into a power amp and then into one of my Marshall cabs. I prefer FRFR, but I have done the Axe/PowerAmp/Guitar Cab setup in a variety of playing...
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    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    With a base cost of $300 and then the money and time for pickups and extra work when buying a copy, why wouldn't an ESP or Epiphone LP style guitar be a safer purchase?
  86. R

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    The knock-offs may be functional instruments with or without a little work, but they are still knock offs. Buying one is much like buying one of the better Rolex knock-offs that go for around a grand. Sure, you have a working watch that looks like a Rolex, but at the end of the day it's not a...
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    Is anyone else not blown away by the rotary speaker in the AXE?

    I was able to match, and eventually surpass the rotary effects in my 11r. I put an a/b switch in front of both units and went back and forth until I had what I wanted. I have been using the Axe's rotary effect along with a few different Marshall models when playing B3 virtual instruments. The...
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    Bonamassa's Dumble

    I wonder if they would take 30k?
  89. R

    So, the UK is leaving the EU... What does this mean for Fractal?

    So, if the pound continues to drop against the dollar, I should be able to get quite a deal on a guitar from Andertons.
  90. R

    Tone Matched my Taylor 914ce

    Tried both (Nashville and Studio) with a Gretsch 12-string electric - wow. I know this is an acoustic tone match, but it worked incredibly well with my 12.
  91. R

    Any decent floor wedges under 500?

    I use the EV ZLX-12P, which runs around 400, but can sometimes be found in the 350 range. I did a blind test with it and several other speakers, and I liked it the best. However, I typically use them as stage monitors and rely on the mains for most of my volume. On a few occasions (such as the...
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    Composite Acoustics, anyone?

    Do you know if yours was made after the Peavey buyout? I have heard varying rumors regarding whether or not Peavey fixed the molds.
  93. R

    Composite Acoustics, anyone?

    Based on my experiences, I would recommend an Emerald X20. I had a Composite Acoustics Legacy (pre Peavey buyout) and the action was ridiculously high (to the point of affecting intonation, etc.). I was unable to adjust it because of the lack of a truss rod and the bridge saddle had already...
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    Ableton Live plugin as decent alternative to Axe FX II

    I have Amplitube and GR5. For live "playing," Amplitube does feel less fake to me, which would make a difference in your situation. However, on recorded playbacks, the sound quality seems about the same to me. However, neither comes close to my Axe II for real time playing. Amplitube will work...
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    Sold a Truck Load to GC Today

    So, instead of throwing out any more unused gear, I decided to load it in the pickup and head to the closest GC (about an hour away). I actually came out okay for my time. The store did not pay anything near what I would get on Craigslist, but I did get to avoid exchanging emails and texts...
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    RIP Nick Menza

    I did a few gigs with his father Don(a jazz musician) back in the 90s. He was incredibly proud of his son's success with Megadeth He used to joke that given the earnings difference, he wished Megadeth needed a sax player. I believe Don is still around - always sad when a parent outlives a child.
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    Anyone Else Toss Gear in Garbage?

    Wish we had them around here. We do, but they only buy guns, gold, and silver.
  98. R

    "Behind" note buzz.HELP!!!

    Apparently my Marshalls always had IM issues - Never knew the technical name until this thread.
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    Anyone Else Toss Gear in Garbage?

    I've done this a few times, so I wonder if anyone else has every done so as well. For example, I recently sold a GP-10 on ebay. Seller complained the pickup was damaged and issued a dispute. I refunded his money and, once I had the GP-10 back, I decided to toss it in the trash rather than...
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    Local PD Amazed by the Axe II

    Playing along with cuts off of "Flick of the Switch" - That album is a guilty pleasure for me. A few months ago I made some drum and bass tracks for several of the tunes on it. No one else I know likes that album, but I love the guitar tone and playing on it. I need to put a pickup in my...
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