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    Bug? Amp block Whistling

    Axe-FX II Ares 1.03 I have a 2 amp patch that is whistling on the amp 1 block in scene 4. Doesn’t seem to be there on other scenes where that block is also on. Seems to be through all outputs. To make it go away, I enter edit mode of the amp block through the front panel or the editor. I can...
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    Auria On Sale For Half Price

    Just an FYI to all you guys with iPads. Auria, which is really the only pro level DAW on iPad, is now on sale for half off. I'm not affiliated in any way. Just really like the app and thought there'd be quite a few who might find $25 more attractive than $50, although at $50 it's still an...
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    HELP!!! AFX Won't Start Up...Now working, but still concerned.

    While writing this it finally did a full startup, but I'll go ahead and post just in case my issue shows an underlying problem. Will wait to hear back before updating to 5.07. The full startup happened after the cycling through on/off/wait a couple minutes a couple dozen times: Any help...
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    Synth: Local Pitch Tracking, Universal Local Pitch/Envelope

    Was just wondering how possible it it to have local pitch tracking on the synth block?? I use a VG-99 into input 2 and my guitar pups into the front of my Axe-FX. For duo and trio gigs, I regularly play bass and guitar at the same time splitting the strings and sounds within the VG. In the...
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    Logic Studio Cab Mixer

    For those of you using Logic, here is the project I use to mix IR's. [attachment=0:263frxc0]Cab Mixer.zip[/attachment:263frxc0] It requires LAconvolver which I've found to be about the most resource light. It's also free and you can download it from here...
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    Sensaphonics or Ultimate Ears??

    Just wondering if anyone has actually compared these? I'm looking to buy a set very soon, but obviously you can't exactly just try them out. Any experiences? Price is no object, only sound quality and comfort. I'm liking the idea of the ambient controls on the Sensaphonics, but was wondering...
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    AlbertA's IR Convertor Won't Launch OSX 10.6.4

    I've been having some issues using AlbertA's convertor since I updated to Snow Leopard a couple weeks ago. I'm also having the same trouble with my LIquid-Foot editor. I have Mandolane installed on a Mac Pro Quad and I'm using an M-Audio MidiSport 2x2 Anniversary. I only just got the...
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    What look do you reckon?

    I'm finalizing my custom FRFR rig and was just wanting some input on handles and logo placement. I can only give rough pics at the moment as the horn is a proprietary design by the main acoustic engineer and loudspeaker designer who helped design the box. The pics are without the speakers...
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    Effect Bypass Not Working

    The effect bypass button seems to be unresponsive on my Ultra. The pitch block in one of my presets won't disengage. I have tried turning the unit on and off with no change. Other blocks turn off just fine. I have an envelope attached to the level and the bypass mode is set to mute fx in...
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    FYI: Liquid-Foot Status

    All you guys wondering about your Liquid-Foot order, have no fear. There was an error, but all is now sorted. Nothing more than growing pains from a very new company. Your wait is coming to an end. Here is the message from Jeff himself (from the Liquid-Foot forum).
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    Holden Wasp: Early AC/DC

    The Holden Wasp is an Australia/New Zealand amp made in the mid/late 60's to the early/mid 70's. The chassis was designed in NZ and the cabs were done in Sydney. They are ball tearing head. Malcolm and Angus Young used them in the early days of AC/DC and prior. They didn't do the full switch...
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    Programming Blind

    The preset I use with this I made as sort of an exercise. I wanted to get a full clean sound with an over the top reverb and delay tail. The challenge was I wanted to do 95% or more of the programming intuitively without listening to check my work. Everything was done on without listening...
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    Sound Right? Jay's "4x12" IR and RedWirez 4x12

    Does this sound right to you? One clip is using Jay's Eminence Legend Off Axis Natural from Axe-Change, the other is using the Red Wirez Marshall V30 TC30 Off Axis 2m. Both are through an 800. I know the tone is nothing to write home about. I picked a random patch I had and put those 2 cabs...
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    9.0 Volume Block Taper

    I've found that using the volume block with pedal1 as the controller give an abrupt jump as opposed to a smooth increase. I've calibrated my pedal and compared using it to control the volume on the volume block and the input volume alternately. Using the Input Volume to control volume gives a...
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    Cerwin Vega CVA-28

    Just wondering if anyone has tried these out? Looks interesting. Just curious.
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    Help: Effect Bypass Controlled By Envelope?

    I've posted this in the general discussion, but I think it might be a bug. Have a look. What do you think?
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    Help: Effect Bypass Controlled By Envelope?

    This is a weird one. I updated to firmware 8.02 o couple days ago. I've been working on a conventional pedal board type preset (lot of effects, CPU heavy, about 92%) and now have a delay that is going between active and bypassed whenever I hit a note. I don't see anywhere that shows a...
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    Choose Global Amps Within Presets

    I've been setting up my Ultra for stage use, and have just wondered about an extra feature using the global amps. I though it would be good, since global amps are saved in the non-volatile memory, to be able to access any of them within a preset live. Then it would actually act like a 10...
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    Effect Models in Editor

    I just had an idea about implementing different effect models. Might not be feasible, but here goes. If someone else has mentioned in the past, I apologize. I thought a possible way of getting effect models into the AFX without using the finite resources available would be to have a template...
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    FRFR Quad Box

    Just letting you guys know, if you're interested, I've found a speaker system designer here in OZ who reckons he can make a quad box style FR that has quite a broad sweet spot. I want to play through an FR, but I love the aesthetics of a quad box. I definitely believe that quality of sound and...
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