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    Steve Vai - "Ballerina" 12_24

    Steve Vai -Ballerina...
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    Ev-1 expression pedal

    Hi there !!!i have a problem with the pedal,when I set up the parameters of the expression pedal in axe-edit The pedal throw isn't the same with the diagram...I mean this...It starts at 0.0 and ends at 100.0 but the pedal doesn't correspond the same,the pedal will reach 100.0 much sooner leaving...
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    New song " Shuffle Pepper""

    this is my new instrumental song shuffle pepper ,all guitar parts are with Axe-fxii...enjoy
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    Funk me off (all guitar parts with Axe-fxii)

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    Fixed Firmware 5.2

    i installed the new firmware 5.2 and the axe and axe edit shows that I have installed the 5.1 version .i did this several times from fractal bot but nothing changed.
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    Need some help with reamping....

    I use Windows 8 uad Apollo and cubase 8. The problem is when I change in the ''VST audio system''the ''Asio driver" into "fas USB audio asio driver " I don't have sound of the project .the faders seems to be working properly but I don't have sound.i tried to reamp something and worked fine.to...
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    Can I use fx8 to control axe fx 2 instead of mfc?????

    Can I use fx8 to control axe fx 2 instead of mfc?????will be any difference ??
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    Recording axe with spdif make any difference ??

    I had a discussion about rec. and some people think that recording the axe-fx with the spdif option would have better results...does anyone tried this? I haven't done this yet because I did something wrong with my sound card,I had a signal going in but no sound..if this actually works and...
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    Bright knob on axe-edit????

    I read about the importance of bright knob,works really great, found It in the front panel of axe but didn't find it in axe edit....found only bright switch (on/off)I'm i going something wrong?
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    Reamping freeze my PC (Solved)

    Everything was doing great,,I record the wet and dry signals and then I found a preset for the dry one to peamp,,I record the dry with the new preset and I m ready to listen,I turn the input from USB to analog and then the PC freeze !!!nothing moving not even the mouse,I force to shutdown and...
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    Axe edit -time delay knob doesn't work

    It was working a few days ago and suddenly stoped moving with my mouse,,,I tried differed presets and delays the same...maybe needs an update along with axe-manage....
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