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    FRFR: I Admit I Prefer It

    Spent a few hours today going back and forth between FRFR, a Marshall 2x12 w/ V30s, a Marshall 4x12 with same speakers, and stock Dual Rectifier 4x12 (whatever Mesa loads in those). I actually prefer FRFR, even with a bass and drummer chugging along and the FRFR setup (I have some EVs and...
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    Is Heritage Making an Explorer?

    Scroll down to the picture with headstocks - the second from the front looks like an explorer with a shelf for a Floyd Rose nut install. https://heritageguitars.com/ I have always liked the their hollow bodies, and I would love to have an Explorer option from them.
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    Anyone Else Redoing Entire Rig?

    I have decided to redo my entire rig when I get the III. I’ve been using EVs for FRFR, but I recently played through one of the Friedman’s and liked it. I’m thinking III to two Friedman ASC-12s, along with the new foot controller when it becomes available (time to abandon the FCB-1010 when...
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    Expression Pedal Help and Suggestions - Foot Injury

    So I have just learned I am probably never going to be able to flex my right foot in a manner that will let me control a wah. I love a wah - I make Kirk H. of Metallica look like the Ebenezer Scrooge of wah usage. I can't switch to using my left foot because I am probably 18 months away from...
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    Peavey HP2 - Anyone Else Order?

    Has anyone else ordered a Peavey HP2? I had a Wolfgang Standard (the flat top version built by Peavey) about 16 years ago, and I loved it. I normally don't like that smaller neck width, but it felt right on that guitar. Unfortunately, the neck was damaged in a fall, so I parted it out. I...
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    Antares ATG Experiences?

    Tried the Line 6 JTV69 and I didn't care for it. Sounds were within my expectations, but the neck was not to my liking. I thought about keeping it and swapping out the neck, but I recently learned about the Antares internal kits and the external ATG-1 processor. Has anyone here tried either? I...
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    Integrating Variax with Axe II

    I'm thinking about getting a Variax (one of the JTVs), and I want to integrate with the Axe in way that will allow me to have patches on the Variax set up to change when I change patches on the Axe. Accomplishing that would require, I believe, buying a piece of older L6 tech that has the...
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    KH-602 (LTD) - Thoughts and Opinions

    Does anyone have any experience with the ESP LTD range, specifically the KH-602? I am looking for a Floyd-equipped guitar (this has the 1000 series, but I can work with that) for a specific tuning (drop-d but 1/2 step down). I'm in one of those situations where having something in that tuning is...
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    Live Use: Great Amp Sound or Great Recorded Sound?

    Is there a difference? For example, I recently realized that I have gravitated to having the sound of a recorded guitar when playing live. In other words, I want what I feed the mains to have the complexity common to many of my favorite recorded tones. Does anyone else take this kind of...
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    IRs, CabLab, and Next Steps Question

    Please bear with me as I am just beginning to appreciate the effect of IRs on a patch. Until today I have dialed up a single IR for the amp in my patches, set the mic position to "null" in most cases, and played on. After reading a few threads about IRs over the past few weeks, I settled in...
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    Sold a Truck Load to GC Today

    So, instead of throwing out any more unused gear, I decided to load it in the pickup and head to the closest GC (about an hour away). I actually came out okay for my time. The store did not pay anything near what I would get on Craigslist, but I did get to avoid exchanging emails and texts...
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    Anyone Else Toss Gear in Garbage?

    I've done this a few times, so I wonder if anyone else has every done so as well. For example, I recently sold a GP-10 on ebay. Seller complained the pickup was damaged and issued a dispute. I refunded his money and, once I had the GP-10 back, I decided to toss it in the trash rather than...
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    Local PD Amazed by the Axe II

    Two very professional officers served me with a noise citation today. I upgraded my firmware this morning and spent the afternoon playing and tweaking. I invited them in and asked their guidance on determining an appropriate volume. They were both utterly floored by the capabilities of the...
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    Gate After Drive Works - Why?

    I like the sound of the Rangemaster with the JTM45 model. To tame some of the inherent background hiss, I added a gate and played around with it at several points in the signal chain. I receive the best results with the gate between the drive and the amp blocks. Why? Even with the drive...
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    Too Heavy for Halftime - AxeFX?

    Anyone else watch the live stream or uploads of it on YouTube? Was wondering if the Axe was still in use for that show? I thought the live tones and energy were outstanding.
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    Axe FX2 for Guitar/11R as Recording Interface

    Is anyone else doing this? I have incredibly low latency/zero glitches with soft synths with my 11R as my interface, so I hate to use anything else. Running analog out from Axe to analog in on the 11R works fine, but I am having trouble with digital out on the Axe to digital in on the 11R.
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    Power Cable for Axe FX II

    I mixed up several of my ac power cables for various units while moving. I know it probably doesn't matter which cable I use with which unit, but I obsess over these little things. Does anyone have a pic or know of any identifying markers (labeling, etc.) of the power cable for the Axe II...
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    Will This Work? BCR2000

    Stumbled across this while looking for some midi control options: Behringer BCR2000 MIDI Controller w/ Rotary Knobs at zZounds I'm wondering if I can map control of amp parameters and common effect parameters to it so I can have do quick, on-the-fly adjustments without going into the menus. I...
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    Plugged Into Some Old/New Modellers

    Man - I didn't realize how much of a difference there was until I went back to a few units for the first time after having my Axe 2 for about two months. Not surprisingly, the 11R came out distinctly ahead of other units, but it still wasn't close to the Axe. I can't decide what to do with the...
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    Dialing in Fender-ish Semi-clean and Cranked Tones

    These are the two tones I am having trouble dialing in. I can get the top and middle end sounding ok, but I am hearing an annoying "buzz" type of breakup on the tails of notes played in the lower register. This happens regardless of monitoring solution (real cabinets, studio-type monitors, PA...
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    PSA EV ZLX12 - 349.99 at GC

    Just picked up an EV ZLX12 at GC for 349.99 (or maybe 349.95) plus tax at the GC in Columbia, SC. The speakers went on sale today. I am not affiliated with GC in anyway - just wanted to share the information with others out there. I may pick up a second one at that price. I don't want to run...
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    I Keep Going Back to EV and QSC

    The FRFR shopping experience is incredibly frustrating. Music sounds good through most speakers I try. Use my Axe (factor presets) and pre-recorded music through several powered monitors/speakers at a range of prices. I keep coming back to the QSC K10 (sounds great w/ a P-Bass strung with...
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    Foreign Buyers - Okay; Californians - Never Again

    I am seriously considering banning bidders from California on my eBay and Reverb auctions. I don't know what it is, but when an item goes out on Monday on the east coast, folks on the west coast seem to think it should be to them by Wednesday. Fourth item in a row that I've sold to someone in...
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    Imitating an Acoustic Simulator

    I am thinking that some sort of combination of eq and compression can put in the ball park of a Boss acoustic simulator pedal. I know the sound will not be "truly" acoustic, but I have used that pedal in the past for acoustic intros on a few songs and it was a nice change of tone. Any ideas...
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    A different kind of review

    My review through a list of amps and pedals sold since buying an Axe FX II. Amps AC30 5150 Dual Rectifier Pedals Boss CE-2 Boss DC-2 Boss DC-3 FullDrive 2 OCD TS-808 DS-1 (Keeley mod) TimeLine Tone Press my box of wahs (several dunlops of varying pedigress) Big Sky Hall...
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    In Completely Over My Head

    After watching the evolution of Fractal's products since the first units hit the market, I finally decided to buy when the price dropped to $1999 on the Axe FX II. I received my Axe FX II last week and ran it into a pair of old Roland monitors that were gathering dust in the corner. Presets...
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