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    Motor Drive Suggestions for FRFR

    Hello everyone enjoying 7.02! I've been out of the Fractal loop for a little while and have been lost in how to dial in the new motor drive settings. I'm using a FRFR set up so I believe I'm supposed to set it in the amp block settings. I'd really appreciate any insight as to what everyone...
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    Axe FX loop / Converters / Latency and Drive Pedals

    I have some technical questions about the best way to set up an external drive pedal in front of the Axe FX. Per the Drive Pedal with science thread that was around last week, I got to thinking, I haven’t tried a real drive pedal into the Axe. I ended up trying a real one and I’m in love with...
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    Cab Pack 10 WOW!

    I've gotta give some serious props here. I originally did not plan to purchase cab pack 10, I really wasn't after any of the cabs that were in the pack. I have sooo many impulses already, and I'm quite happy with what I already have. But after hearing about the new process used for the...
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    Lets talk about the "Depth" control

    I want to talk about the depth control and primarily the default depth settings when loading up an amp. How are the default values for the depth control selected for an amp? Is it a sweet spot helping to round out the lower frequencies of an amp? Where do you guys usually set the depth...
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    Has anyone tried this expression pedal with the Axe?

    Check this thing out... electro-harmonix Next Step Expression Pedal | Sweetwater.com I'm pretty impressed by the innovation of this pedal especially since it has no moving parts! WOW! What do you guys think of this? Does anyone have one? Thanks!
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    Expression pedal does not work until you change presets

    I've been experiencing something going on with my expression pedals (been driving me crazy) and thought there was something wrong with the way I have them set up but tonight I realized what the issue is and I'm guessing it's a bug and thought I should relay the issue here... If I power on my...
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    Axe Fx 2 Firmware 10 - Metal preset pack Ola Englund

    Axe Fx 2 Firmware 10 - Metal preset pack - YouTube Enjoy.
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    If you could only choose 1...

    Amp from version 10, in the Axe FX, what would it be? Before version 10, my favorite amp was probably FAS Lead 2. But since 10, I'm in love with the 5150 Block. The USA Pre Yellow has also become a new favorite replacing all my original love for the FAS Lead 2. But if I could only go with...
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    Who are 100% satisfied with their Axes now after 10?

    I have to say that I am. I think it was Friday night when I decided to really explore a lot of the other amps, and I was shocked to load up amps that were totally unusable for me with older firmware and find they were hugely improved and had their own character now. What's even more mind...
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    New Mesa Boogie PEDALS!

    Mesa Boogie Wouldn't it be nice to have these in the Axe? Discuss...
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    Marco Sfogli - REMARCOBLE

    I thought I would just give a shout out to everyone here that Marco Sfogli's latest album just dropped. If you consider yourself a fan of guitar, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. Check it out... reMarcoble Album | Jamtrackcentral EDIT: OOPS... meant to post this in the lounge, and...
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    Is the Big Hair amp based on the ADA MP1???

    I just loaded it up and played along with some White Lion and Skid Row and it sounds spot on. I love this amp!!! Do tell!
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    Is there any way to do convolution reverb within the Axe?

    Just wondering since I've got a huge collection of impulses I love and use all the time, the Axe already has convolution processing due to the speaker cabinet impulses, is there any way to use reverb impulses within the Axe as well? Thanks!
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    Mixing custom user cab impulses (help/suggestions)

    Is there anyone doing this at the moment? There are a lot of cabinet simulators that allow the user to mix multiple impulses. I've been using Redwirez' Mix IR2 since it released, and I have crafted a lot of tones using this mixing of impulses technique. This weekend I delved into getting my...
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    Strange behavior using Axe Edit & Deconstructing User Presets

    Hey all you Axe masters… I’m a new user trying to get my head around how others are crafting their presets and I’ve been coming across some very strange things happening and I was wondering if you could suggest some tips. I’ve been loading some found user presets for the sake of learning from...
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    Gator Rack Bag for Axe II?

    Do you guys think this would be a good fit for a Furman PL Plus, Axe FX II and a Matrix poweramp? Amazon.com: Gator GR-RACKBAG-4UW Lightweight Rolling Rack Bag: Musical Instruments It says it's 19" so I was wondering if this would make it too tight a fit for the Axe and cables. I've currently...
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    Did I make a mistake?

    I decided to purchase an Axe FX II. I put my name on the waiting list, but while waiting, I noticed a video by Mark Day on You Tube showing off the Axe II along with the Matrix poweramp. The video stated that I could purchase everything from Tone Merchants so I called them up and made the...
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