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  1. wyzyguy

    G3 - Detroit

    I work downtown Detroit and didn't realize that G3 was coming thru now. Petrucci, Satriani & Phil Collen ( no the other one)..... Right down the street... I walked up the the Box Office and bought and 3rd row center stage tix...... Better than most Monday's!!!!! I will post some clips and...
  2. wyzyguy


    Would like to hear what ideas are out there...... So I will be transitioning to the III asap. I am keeping my Axe FX II and MFC101 though.. I would like to make it a very simple travel practice rig... Take to work, Bedroom level jam with the bros, outside patio rig for the summer... Something...
  3. wyzyguy

    Axe FX II - Atomic CLR - Open Mic Night

    So I will try to keep this short and sweet. I have strictly recorded with the Axe FX II for the last 5 years or so. I went to an open mic night just to see what was up. Turns out it is awesome.. Age range 12-60+... in a great room with songs I dig. I have an Axe FX II, MFC101 & a Atomic Active...
  4. wyzyguy

    Economical Momentary Pedal for external switch Axe FX II & MFC101

    I have gotten so much useful info on the Fractal products from everyone on the forum and youtube... I stumbled across something that may be useful to someone else. I have no ties to this product.. Watched few Youtube videos from Leon Todd, KKMmusic & Flash Grover (youtube names) & they got me...
  5. wyzyguy

    iPhone to Atomic CLR

    I would like to run the output of an iPhone to CLR... What is the best cable method to do this? I tried a 3.5mm cable to a 1/4 converter plugged into one input on the CLR and got only 1/2 of the field... Any help would be appreciated. Happy Father's Day !!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. wyzyguy

    Schenker Live

    Was watching TMS on VH1 and saw a segment with Michael Schenker. Lots of love for him with everyone on that show. I was aware of him... but never really got into any of his stuff. Goofing around on YouTube and found this from a 2012 live performance. I dig the song but there is something there...
  7. wyzyguy

    Request for critique...

    Basic rough demo of a couple of tracks. If I have a idea worth remembering I will try to get something laid down. https://soundcloud.com/gregg-wyzykowski/thanks-demo https://soundcloud.com/gregg-wyzykowski/the-rocker-11282014 Looking for review/critique on anything & everything. I...
  8. wyzyguy

    Quickly goofed around with the Reverb Hold function

    Quickly goofed around with the Reverb Hold function https://soundcloud.com/gregg-wyzykowski/axe-fx-reverb-hold-test Thanks to Simeon for posting his preset. I just changed a few parameters. Save it as a block to the library.. Can't wait to put this to actually use!!!!! I am so happy I...
  9. wyzyguy

    Cracking The Code? Picking Series

    Stumbled across this on youtube. Troy Grady – Guitarist Looks like a documentary on right hand tech & picking I guess. I watched the first season & the first episode of season 2, plus a webcast "Talking the Code" last night. So.. Does anyone know anything else about this? Troy Grady is...
  10. wyzyguy

    First Crack at the Brit AFS100-1 - Appetite For Something.

    Not perfect but I like the way is sounds in my monitors. Please shoot me some feedback on what sounds off. Lots of guitars going on in WTTJ but this seems to fit nicely when I play along with the tune & the amp feels good & spongy. Input Drive is set at 2.5 and that might be too much. Cab...
  11. wyzyguy

    My Entry into the "Shut Up & Play Guitar Competition 2014"

    My entry into the "Shut Up & Play Guitar 2014 Competition" Axe Fx 2 for the guitar of course. My Axe Edit info is at the end of the video. Got me off my butt & learned a little about video editing & mixing Daw Audio to Video. Had a lot of fun with it... Three takes and picked one...
  12. wyzyguy

    Axe Fx 2 - Shut Up & Play Guitar 2014 - You Tube.

    My entry into the "Shut Up & Play Guitar 2014 Competition" Axe Fx 2 for the guitar of course. My Axe Edit info is at the end of the video. Got me off my butt & learned a little about video editing & mixing Daw Audio to Video. Had a lot of fun with it... Three takes and picked one...
  13. wyzyguy

    Axe Fx 2 - Focusrite 2i4 - Reaper -- Best Method?

    Hello all, Current setup: Axe Fx 2 Focusrite 2i4 interface - new to the setup & not sure exactly the best/correct way to incorporate. Reaper Daw with Superior Drummer 2. Yamaha HS8 monitors So... I have been recording with the Axe FX as the interface via USB & everything has been...
  14. wyzyguy

    Analog to Digital Coverter in the Axe FX 2

    I am currently recording direct via ( hard not to type Vai) the AXFX2 usb to Mac usb. I am not currently recording anything that has been mic'd up but I am thinking it is about time. Are the Axe FX II's converters high quality. Sounds good to me so I guess that is my own answer but I would like...
  15. wyzyguy

    Cab Lab Tips

    Hello, Recently bought Cab Lab 2... Watched Scott Peterson's video regarding CL on YouTube. Pretty comprehensive. Any one have any other tips/tricks or is it that straight forward? Have had much of a chance to play around with it but looks cool. Thanks Gregg
  16. wyzyguy


    Was excited to see that Blues was an artist with FAS. Has anyone heard or seen clips of him demoing or auditioning the AFX2? Just curious... Wyzyguy
  17. wyzyguy

    Anyone Using Reaper Daw & Axe

    I have been playing around with the Axe FX II, Superior Drummer 2, Various plug ins & Reaper for a few months now & am very happy with what I am getting tracked & mixed. Doesn't take much to impress me. I am not picky on what it is. I really just want to see the thought process behind how...
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