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  1. spikey

    axe 3 speculation

    September, 2016...
  2. spikey

    Announcing FAS-FX REVERB!

    Do I feel like Nostradamus or what!!! :p Grats FAS and best of luck with the new line!
  3. spikey

    Quantum 1.02 update made my tones sound very warm

    I played around with the normal Twin and really liked what I was hearing.
  4. spikey

    How many of you have dimed out the Gain on and seen the Crazy Face

    I have, and laughed when I saw it! Most excellent easter egg!!!
  5. spikey

    AXE FX or Pedals?...opinions please

    Being overly simplistic in wishing FAS would model "signature" lines of famous pedals while dodging any copyright infringements of course... Just thinking out loud here- An original sounding copy of a real Dunlop Uni-Vibe, a Digitech Talker, Mutron, etc etc. Yea I know we can fiddle and get...
  6. spikey

    AXE FX or Pedals?...opinions please

    I wish that I could say that, but to this day I still prefer the Keeley 2 knob compressor and the Fulltone MDV-2 over anything comparable inside the Axe FX. As always YMMV :)
  7. spikey

    AXE FX or Pedals?...opinions please

    Keep yer pedals until u get the Axe FX, then decide on which pedals u want to keep.
  8. spikey

    Forum Migration Complete

    Nice looking page, grats!
  9. spikey

    Upgraded to Quantum from 16.01... presets sounds shitty

    Trust me there is no cure for that... :mrgreen
  10. spikey

    Upgraded to Quantum from 16.01... presets sounds shitty

    Like this above for instance? Just maybe, and pure speculation but the patches may have been shitty sounding before the firmware upgrade, in which case it does no good polishing a turd. OTOH moving up several firmware versions at once and then acting surprised that it might need a tweak here or...
  11. spikey


    And that's ok as long as you don't gripe about it...;)
  12. spikey

    Radio Interference

    Check around the net for some Ham Radio websites. Most often they (I am still a Ham de AA5ZX) have info on RF interference and where to find the filters you need to prevent it (if its coming in on the AC line). Most times the length of the guitar cable can act as a harmonic of the wave (antenna)...
  13. spikey

    After new firmware update, what should I reset ??

    Do a save of your user patches/presets within Axe Edit. Then reset if you want. If you don't like it then, just reload your presets. Problem solved. Reloading should keep your patch and settings the same as when you saved them. At least, thats my idea of how it works.
  14. spikey

    All views, experiences and opinions much wanted - Matrix GT-800 vs. GT-1000

    Using non neo CLR's here and they are great for me. The Matrix power amps I almost bought before the Atomics, and Im surprised to know (first I have heard as well) about the scooped sounds from them. Maybe you just got a bad one? I know that you were saying it had a wider range of lows and highs...
  15. spikey

    **Help Needed** pulled the cord out of the plug--what goes where?

    The "smaller" of the two (brass) is usually the Hot, or black wire. The Silver is usually the common (white) wire, and yes Green is supposed to always be ground. That said, there is no telling what people did when the Electrician was on vacation...
  16. spikey

    Question to those that own both the Axe FX II and the Kemper...

    I own the Axe FX II XL+ and am quite pleased with it. That said, if you own both it and the Kemper I have a question or three. In your personal opinion please, 1. Is there any advantage in owning both products (like maybe playing both together)? 2. Does one out shine the other in...
  17. spikey

    Who is using dephase?

    I like pi...;)
  18. spikey

    FAS 6160 for TSO - I've come full circle

    If we didn't we would have to use metric... :lol
  19. spikey

    1965 Vox AC30 2x12 IR

    TYVM for the IR's! I will try them out for sure...:eagerness: Edited- Axe FX II XL+ - Just spent the last hour playing with your 65 Vox AC30 IR thru the AC30TB amp. I couldn't put the guitar down. :-P
  20. spikey

    Question about when using 2 amp blocks...

    Adjust the pans till it sounds right to you. Its all good then... :eagerness:
  21. spikey

    Kemper 2.7.0 VS Axe Fx II XL 16.02

    I want both of um but...., that new JP Majesty has my eye atm... Hehehehehe... :mrgreen:mrgreen:mrgreen:devilish:
  22. spikey

    What made you decide to go Axe FX?

    Same story and disappointment ..., DT50, HD500, Variax JTV59 and on and on. Ideas and suggestions were useless because no one was listening on the company level as far as you knew. In fact Biting nails in half was easier than getting any information from Line-6 on anything, so you just went...
  23. spikey

    Did you sell your "REAL" rig in favor of the Axe?

    And...., There are a lot of folks with CLR's on stage as well, so YMMV ;) I have a real nice Fender SuperSonic 60 combo and a Line-6 Vetta2 combo gathering dust since my Axe-perience...
  24. spikey

    quantum, now cab backups = message timeout

    What laugh said ^^^
  25. spikey

    AFX2 + FRFR Amp VS Guitar Valve Amp

    Im thinking that it would be a close comparison once you dialed in the settings on the AXE FX in comparing it with your test amp.. But the + side of this is that (from the wiki below) there are around 222 more differences between it and a "real guitar amp". :eagerness: Amp: all models -...
  26. spikey

    First Rehearsal w Quantum

    Wifey got mad one night and told the band members, "he's got more guitars than he had wive's"... I just smiled and said, yea but my guitars keep getting better. :devilish: Needless to say that costs me couch time... lol...
  27. spikey

    Opinions needed... Axe II Mark II or XL+

    I owned a FX II MKII and upgraded to the XL+. Why? As mentioned lower noise floor, nicer display, and more memory. I thought I would never run out of room for the added Cab-packs, but I did. And I don't even have them all yet. Its the little things. :mrgreen
  28. spikey

    One month with my (new to me) Axe-FX II Mark II

    I still have my Eleven Rack for the Fender'ish tones. Its also a good audio interface for Pro Tools. But it won't replace my Axe FX for everything else.
  29. spikey

    Possibility of adding more CPU

    Little tricks in the OS/firmware that Cliff knows better than anyone is the ticket. Add-ons to the motherboard (unless undocumented) is just wishful thinking. As always this is pure speculation because only the "man" knows for sure.
  30. spikey

    Is Axe Fx too perfect sounding?

    I thought I was perfect once but found out later I wasn't. :roll
  31. spikey

    de-phase and cab lab

    Do a google of cab lab on YouTube. You should see many examples there.
  32. spikey

    Firmware updates...blessing or curse?

    But, this thread wasn't about keeping current. And it wasn't about a commitment to stay current. It was about stopping "the rest of us" from getting a firmware update because some were whining about having to spend the time afterwards tweaking patches. So let's ALL have fewer updates?!? I'm sure...
  33. spikey

    Fryette Power Station tube power amp

    As always, thanks for the info Yek.
  34. spikey

    What 2 amps are your favourite to blend together?

    Right Now Im blending two Vibrolux AB's (one clean and one dirt) and its sounding great! Thanks to Tyler for that concept!
  35. spikey

    Firmware updates...blessing or curse?

    I'm trying to understand why a firmware update isn't worth the time to re tweak a patch or 2 If it's even needed ? On most other guitar boxes people would kill for a mention from the makers on an update, and then have to wait months to see one. And they can never speak with the one doing the...
  36. spikey

    Atomic CLR vs Matrix Q12a

    And whats so wrong with having a more "spikey" sound??? ;)
  37. spikey

    Axe-Fx 2: Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Tone Video Tutorial

    I really liked the tutorial and your playing is great too! I followed it to the letter but there was still something (besides our fingers) that just didn't exactly jive on my end, until I noticed you were tuned a half step down. Once there, everything seems to fall in place....:encouragement...
  38. spikey

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    I've been informed that "the real thing" can sound different from one another right off the production line, so if this Q-Tech has used a good reference then yes, it has better models. All depends on if your real amp got built on a Friday before a Monday holiday. :D
  39. spikey

    External Effects

    I use a Fulltone MDV-2 before the Axe FX II XL+ input. Why? Because thats the only pedal for a Uni-vibe that matches the "organic-ness" (I hear) besides the original one. The tones of the MDV-2 is just "to die for" in my opinion. A swirling mass of lush vibes..:encouragement:
  40. spikey

    Guitar on Drop Dead Legs

    If I really cared ?.....:mrgreen ... It means " If I recall Correctly" .
  41. spikey

    Axe-Fx Out to PA XLR: serious noise issues

    Plug the Axe FX into another outlet on the other side of the room, preferably in the same outlet/strip the board uses. Do you still hear the noise? If not then there is (for what ever reason) noise on that power outlet you 1st used. try different outlets in the room if possible is the meaning...
  42. spikey

    AXE FX 11 vs. most recent model

    Agreed with strat, just update the Axe FX II, and don't forget to update Axe Edit and the MFC-101 if you use them too... You will be amazed at the tonal changes and amps added, if you have not updated in years. Good luck!
  43. spikey

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    Thanks for the education from an old schooler. We still think multitasking is holding a screw driver in both hands... :mrgreen
  44. spikey

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    Errrr, that's "rocket science"... But, I agree with the rest :D
  45. spikey

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    Nope all I said was that the jmp1 G2 version sounded good as is. I still hold that opinion. If that opinion bothers you I don't really mind. :mrgreen Here's another opinion. I'm sure that the G3 version will sound even better as I expect it should. And, I won't mind that either... :frog:
  46. spikey

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    That was only after "some people" said the G2 sounded good too, and you took that as an insult..Relax , not picking but every ones ears are a bit different, and that's ok too, right? :pride:
  47. spikey

    Axe FX Compressor, or your favorite Pedal Compressor?

    That being said, there is a difference in compressors and the (lack of a better term) tone, at least to me. I like and use the Axe's compressors too, but the two knob Keeley is the best I have ever used (and I do give a shit which one Im using and have used many). No rush and Im quite happy with...
  48. spikey

    Does the XL+ have more processor power?

    And I thought I solo'ed air space... hummm.:mrgreen
  49. spikey

    Just can't get FRFR vs amp/cab to work for me?

    Agreed about 2 CLR's in "backline" mode. I stack mine and run um like this. You are correct in "it can rattle the room"!:mrgreen
  50. spikey

    Newbie Here

    Hi spanny and welcome. I might add that once you learn how to save a preset, save it with the . Or - "fac" (on the end) name. So if you get lost wile tweaking, u can just load back that un tweeted preset and start again.
  51. spikey

    Fractal Audio has been challenged, or so it seems.

    Most of the time, yes... But those few that do listen and learn show much promise. Sadly when I was young my transmitter (like most) was also stuck on and the receiver was shorted to ground. In other words good music isn't defined by when it was done, but how it was done.8)
  52. spikey

    My updated Dumble tone patch

    Nice pickin and great tone!
  53. spikey

    What guitars used?

    This has no negative intent towards the presets there, I use my musicman Steve Morse for varied tonal bliss and I don't usually use the presets unless I'm tweaking. But that's just me n how I started doing it a while ago.
  54. spikey

    I think I want one of these in the FX loop!

  55. spikey

    Cab Packs?

    Also you can read about what IRs are available in each cab pack. I see since you are running Eminence speakers they will effect your IR Tone. You might like that effect, but I'm saying they won't be flat sounding like say studio reference monitors (like Mackie 824's) or CLR's are. For me, I like...
  56. spikey

    Recommended AXE FX accessories

    Some might disagree with my choices but I would get the cab packs "and" a pair of CLR's to play them thru. Expensive? Yea and worth every penny for me.
  57. spikey

    Reliability of CLR?

    No issues with both CLR cabs in 2 years of nearly every day use switched on and off. But, the real kicker for me is that they sound almost identical to my studio monitors (Mackie 824's), but with more power of course! This means I can bounce between speaker cabs at will with no tweaking urges...
  58. spikey

    AXE 2 vs Kemper good balanced review

    I appreciate the review, but however harsh this may seem to me this is just total bullshit, which makes me wonder about the rest of the write up now... I'd love to own both units regardless but strongly disagree on the support statements made.
  59. spikey

    Windows 10 Kills For Audio

    I AM TOO! ;) BTW upgraded my gaming PC to 10 and it just worked well and worked without a hitch...
  60. spikey

    If you could only have one amp modeled in your Axe...

    Yes, and my one choice is the "Bassman".:encouragement:
  61. spikey

    Challenge to Axe-FX Users: Claims L6 POD HD is On Par!

    For me here is the glaring difference in product lines, even if the Pod/XD/Helix whatever sounded just like the Axe FX does (which it never did to me so far). I roamed the Line 6 forums for years so I know how they do things over there. If you wanted to discuss with "the" person involved in the...
  62. spikey

    Axe FX2 overkill for me?

    When ever I am asked if a new guitar player needs a nice guitar to start out with, or a beginner guitar first.... I always always say get the nicer one. Why? Because it plays in most cases the easiest (and easier on the fingers) and therefore you will practice (play) longer. Same goes for what...
  63. spikey

    I have a problem in connecting my Fxii to computer via MIDI

    Ive used a midi-sport for years with no issues. One thing... Be sure and DO NOT hook the hardware up without installing the drivers first...! You have been warned....
  64. spikey

    What's everyone using for their lead tones?

    I love Marshall's but I find that I don't stray far from the 59 Bass-guy...
  65. spikey

    AxeFx Usb to Keyboard

    Bottom line is use a longer cable or re arrange the studio "again" to make shorter cables work. Everything else is just fulffilled fodder.... ;)
  66. spikey

    Bought AXE FX 2 returned...not exactly happy

    Yes I see your point but there are reasons for that defense. Think about this, just for a second. How many Owners/ Companies do we know that admits to their buyers on their own forum after making and selling said product, to any mistakes made ever by them, and then turns around ASAP and fixes...
  67. spikey

    Just ordered an Axe FX 2 XL+, quick question...

    You will love yer setup. I use CLRs but considered going the Matrix route as well. :eagerness:
  68. spikey

    Bought AXE FX 2 returned...not exactly happy

    Credit Card companies can and do hold funds after a purchase return, for their own protection (funds are frozen until the deal is processed or canceled thru the banking system) and so that idiots with credit cards can NOT exceed their own credit limit (and stupidity in the process). But the real...
  69. spikey

    Never get a good sound with Axe FX II

    A humble guitar player. Rare... +1
  70. spikey

    AxeFx Usb to Keyboard

    Amazon.com: Comprehensive ST Series USB Cable 2.0 A to B Cable 25 FT: Computers & Accessories Heres a 25 foot usb cable. How long do u need it?
  71. spikey

    "Fat Switch" could use different waist sizes :)

    To have more options is generally a good thing...
  72. spikey

    Brit Pre and Jazz 120

    Well At least we agree on one thing. :lol And you don't have to be interested kavoo, in anything anyone says here, but that won't stop people from voicing opinions same as you have. Btw I didn't start this, you did by telling me I dint know what a Marshall preamp sounded like (remember?), and...
  73. spikey

    If you would have to give up on your Fractal...

    Add mine for the Eleven Rack too. For Fender'ish tones it sounds great to me and is very very reasonable on the wallet.
  74. spikey

    Axe-Fx Causing Ringing, I think?

    There's a ground loop issue I'm thinking too... So when you flip the ground lift button on the back of the axe does the ringing stop?
  75. spikey

    Cant get audio working after update

    Calm down its probably a simple fix. One thing at a time. So plugging in headphones directly into the phones jack on your Axe FX doesn't produce noise out? And while playing are the input meters bouncing on the Axe FX? If not then you are not getting any signal into the box.... Get signal meters...
  76. spikey

    Brit Pre and Jazz 120

    Nothing to settle. I handled it as needed. Have a nice day... :pride: As far as G3'ing go's I am for anything that sounds better than it does now, but Im not taking anything from the hard work already done. The guys that tweak this stuff get no respect because most are looking over the horizon...
  77. spikey

    Brit Pre and Jazz 120

    Slightest idea eh? Mahaha don't try an BS and insult a 60 year old without a cannon. And please Don't preach accurate to me either because I probably was playing the real deal before you were the sparkle in yer daddy's eye... In fact I've been playing thru Fender and Marshall amps an cabs since...
  78. spikey

    It's been a little too quiet here lately... Maybe FW 20 is around the corner?

    I just hope those Line 6 savages don't kidnap him, not that they could afford the more expensive A to D converters... :mrgreen
  79. spikey

    Brit Pre and Jazz 120

    So Kavoo what makes these "other people" so sure? It sounds pretty decent to me...
  80. spikey

    Using switch # 6 for X/Y?

    TY also Jeff and yea I might try that now that I know more about where to set this up....
  81. spikey

    MFCIII Display flickers

    Im assuming you meant the ethernet cable? Sounds kinda like the connector on the cable is dirty or wires lose inside.
  82. spikey

    Using switch # 6 for X/Y?

    Well it would have been quite a waste of time for me and you if I had and then asked, wouldn't it? ;)
  83. spikey

    Using switch # 6 for X/Y?

    Thats what I was looking for- Thanks! Now I can mess with it and see its limitations.
  84. spikey

    Using switch # 6 for X/Y?

    Amps, cabs, effects, wives, etc etc... You know... Stuff :eagerness: I want a switch on my MFC-101 to allow an X/Y toggle. How do I do this please?
  85. spikey

    Using switch # 6 for X/Y?

    Can someone show me a link for setting up one switch (#6) on my MFC-101 for X/Y'ing stuff please? Or a step by step? I have MFC Edit but can't figure this one out. Yea I know... :grey: Thanks a lot! :D
  86. spikey

    How many of you use REAL cabs still?

    I would need roadies for that one...
  87. spikey

    Axe-fx II lost it's balls (solved it myself - thought I'd share)

    Thanks Speculum for the info- :eagerness:
  88. spikey

    Axe-fx II lost it's balls (solved it myself - thought I'd share)

    Just too many commodeians around here lately....
  89. spikey

    BEST FW19 Cleans.

    Wow I didn't even see that one. TY! Tried it out as this was my first "nice" amp head and cab (around 1968 or so). And it sounds great!:encouragement:
  90. spikey

    Dialing in Fender-ish Semi-clean and Cranked Tones

    Do you hear this with the drive turned way down too? And no other clean amp (other than Fender) does this no matter the monitor? 1st thing I thought of was reload the firmware. Then do you use a mixer (or other audio gadget in the path) before all the monitors you have tried? Are you using the...
  91. spikey

    A quick pointer

    I am assuming no sound output? If so did u click on the output tab (right side) and see if its set to 0 db?
  92. spikey

    A few II > XL+ migration questions

    What I did was save write down my FX II MK2 presets with what cabs I used. But then there were only around 20 max patches I use so it wasn't hard to migrate into the XL+ for me. The rest is experimentation and quest for tone stuff .:eagerness: The presets on the XL+ will be silent if the XL+...
  93. spikey

    Lots of noise all of a sudden *****

    If no electrical work or transformers were added in your area, and NO patches were changed and no noise was there beforehand, and then you had your guitar worked on and now there is noise, It pretty much has to be the guitar (or guitar cable) doesn't it? Plug in another guitar. Do you have the...
  94. spikey

    Why can't 'amp in the room' feel be modelled?

    +1 Yep I was fixin to say that with "my" 2 CLR's stacked and in "BackLine" mode using "my" ears Ive got a killer guitar amp. Ok maybe it sounds a little better than that ;) but you get the point... And just so you know Im near 60 years young and played since I was 12 or 13... Lots and Lots and...
  95. spikey

    TWO new Cab-Packs!

    Just ordered them both!!!
  96. spikey

    Cab Pack 13! Misha Mansoor!!!

    I tried to resist this one but after the video.... Dammit quit making videos! :devilish:
  97. spikey

    Confessions of a sound man

    I have used terrible sound guys and very very good sound guys. These guys can make or break a working band. If you are serious about getting that next gig and have a good sound man, keep him happy. PAY him well. It pays off in spades over the long run.
  98. spikey

    Expression pedals are out of whack after updating to FW 19.00

    I also had/have some issues with pedals and 19, but Im not sure just exactly what it is/was. Recalibrating the EXT 1-4 Mission pedals on the MFC-101 helped some, but going from the Axe FX II to the Axe FX II XL+ (and 19 firmware) is where I immediately noticed what I call a "stepping" tone when...
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