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  1. Shredology

    FS Casesmith Customs 4U Case $100 South Carolina

    Mint condition, one owner, studio use only for storage of AF III Includes shipping in continental U.S.
  2. Shredology

    Schaffer Vega system mimic

    So I'm sure most of you have heard about this thing being Angus' secret sauce. Can we approximate this with the AF III to get the feel of what its all about?
  3. Shredology

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    Anybody getting regular use out of a sustainer equipped guitar? I was watching the rig rundown of TSO and Joel Hoekstra seems to be using them a lot. I can see them for that style of music but they have never been on my radar. Just wondering if I am missing something.
  4. Shredology

    Giving up my spot on the FC list. Fool me once Fractal!

    So just had to vent about this a little. I bought my III on 8/25/18. Too bad for me that the unit has come to be on what is almost a permanent sale for $250 less than I paid. I have never been what you would call an early adopter, so maybe I should have learned this lesson before now. I did not...
  5. Shredology

    Output volume control question

    So reading through the info included with austinbuddy's amp pack, he mentions not controlling volume with the output knob on the axe-fx, but rather controlling it at the end source. ie. the CLR's that I run in stereo. My issue is that in the house, the master volume knob on the CLR's is really...
  6. Shredology

    Copy scene on front panel ?

    Hey guys, At a gig this weekend, I realized I needed to create a new scene with just a small tweak. I wanted to copy scene 2 to make a new scene 3 that was 99% the same but with a bigger delay mix. I didn't have AXE-Edit. How would I have done this quickly from the front panel?
  7. Shredology

    Fremen presets in Q9.02

    So in the new FW, I rest my amp blocks in the latest Fremen presets(made for FW 7.02) and a lot of the patches sound dark and kind of bad. Anybody having this problem? Is there a quick tweak to get them back to good?
  8. Shredology

    Reset amp blocks/ I forgot how this is done

    9.01 release notes say to do this. I'm having a brain fart on how this is done. Can someone remind me?
  9. Shredology

    cab-lab question

    Hey guys, I'm finally starting to use cab-lab a bit and something weird is happening. I make a custom ir mix and name it. Then when I load it into the axe-fx using cab manage, it has a different name. It is renaming it to one of the individual ir's in the mix. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Shredology

    Jazzhooligan Gift

    It has been a while since I browsed through AxeExchange but I was over there this evening and stumbled on the batch of presets posted by Jazzhooligan on 12/14. They are fantastic! Check them out if you haven't and many thanks to the author.
  11. Shredology

    TAF Ultra Res love

    U070 TAF WAT Mix in the FAS freebies is the BOMB!!!!! I am loving this cab for all my clean and twin based blues. Check it out if you haven't
  12. Shredology

    FW14 changed my MFC presets?

    It seems that after installing FW14 today, my song bank presents are all messed up. Patches I never use are in slots previously occupied by my old friends. Should this be?
  13. Shredology

    Anybody get a tone like this?

    So a couple times a year I take a break from listening to 80's hairband metal and check out some other things. I ran across this guitar tone and it makes me very happy. It is the tone in the opening riffs of the Martina McBride song "Love's the only house". Is anyone familiar with this song and...
  14. Shredology

    FW 11. Maybe I'll wait.

    There seems to be a good bit of chatter about FW11/AE3 problems. I just saw this morning at work that all was released and I have been browsing around the posts. User cab issues, USB communication errors, etc. I never install betas so I have so excited for the prime time release but it seems...
  15. Shredology

    Output knob question

    So I played air guitar for an entire set this morning at church. I went to hit my first chord and NOTHING. The sound man said he was getting just a whisper of level from my Axe. The first set was perfect. We think the ouptut 1 knob got touched but I cannot really confirm that. I am only setting...
  16. Shredology

    CLR active wedges

    Has anybody heard an update on availability of these things? There was supposed to be a huge batch ready about now.
  17. Shredology

    CLR Boomy?

    So Cliff recently posted that during some testing he found the CLR boomy in the room. He was clear that it could have just been the room. Have any of the new CLR owners found them boomy?
  18. Shredology

    Axe-o-matic how to?

    I just donwloaded Axe-o-matic. Now what? Is there any kind of tutorial on how to mix IR's. Particularly what to put in the amount box as a guideline. Any help appreciated.
  19. Shredology

    Cab IR loading with Midi-ox

    Hey guys, I have some user cabs that I put in when we still had Axe-Edit. I wanted to overwrite a few by sending them in with midi-ox as instructed by the wiki. It seems like they changed but the name dispalyed on the Axe-Fx front panel did not. Is this right?
  20. Shredology

    When is FW 9 coming out of beta?

    It seems like a long time. I usually wait for the prime time release but I have some gigs at the end of this month and would like to fully updated by then.
  21. Shredology

    Axe II Patch loading without Axe-edit Question

    So I am not using Axe-edit until the new one comes out. I tried to download a patch from the exchange yesterday and sent it to the II using Midi-ox. It was sent seemingly randomly to preset #014. It took me forever to find where it went. Will this file always go to preset 14 or can it be controlled?
  22. Shredology

    Update without Axe-Edit?

    I am very excited to check out FW 7.0 but with Cliff saying don't use Axe-Edit, could someone post instructions on how to update the FW and banks without it? I can barely update my MFC with midiox so I am nervous about using another interface for the Axe II.
  23. Shredology

    Novice Loading Tone Matched Presets

    Am I doing something wrong? When I try to load a tone matched patch that I download from the forum, it never even sounds close to what is posted. Is there something special that has to be done for these? I have loaded other posted patches fine
  24. Shredology

    6.0 Cameron love

    When I first got the Axe II, I was anxious to check out the Cameron Hi model. There is a lot of weird stuff online about the man but the amps are supposed to be the bomb. I have to say I was unimpressed. It was just O.K. Now in 6.0, I LOVE it. I can't stop playing the patch. I recommend all the...
  25. Shredology

    Wah Worble

    Does anyone know how to eliminate/minimize the audible worble that is heard at the moment of auto engage/disengage after stepping on the controller. I am using a Mission EP through the MFC?
  26. Shredology

    What is a MIDI channel?

    Hi all, I am getting ready to set up my new MFC/mission pedal board. I have been reading everything on how to do this because I know nothing about MIDI. This is my very first experience with it as a simple amp and pedal guy formerly. I think I understand all I need, but the MFC manual goes...
  27. Shredology

    Axe II MFC Jack

    Is it just me or is it REALLY hard to unplug an ethernet cable from the Axe II jack?
  28. Shredology

    5.01 Presets?

    I am going to skip version 5 due to the freezing bug and 5.01 already on deck. Will there be a new set of preset banks for 5.01?
  29. Shredology

    MFC-101 Rip-off

    I just got my MFC today and did not get any nunchuks or a king size twix bar like Larry Mitchell did in his youtube unboxing video. Is this a simple mistake or discrimination against those of us who don't have a Grammy
  30. Shredology

    Great Cables

    I'm sure many of you know about a web site called guitar-cables.com but if you don't, I though I would share my experience with them. I have ordered from they several times in the last year and they have been absolutely awesome. They seem to be trying to have a relationship with Axe-Fx users and...
  31. Shredology

    IR question with exchanges presets

    As I am waiting on my coupon, I have been reading a downloaded copy of the manual and trying to be ready to rock immediately when the Axe arrives. My question is if I try to use someone's preset from the exchange that was created with an aftermarket IR from Ownhammer or Redwirz and I don't have...
  32. Shredology


    Hi everyone. I am sitting here waiting on my coupon for Axe II. I went to GC last night to check out the QSC k10/12 and took my ipod to test with. I was hoping to get a small mixer and let my QSC do triple duty with my Axe, keyboard, and backing tracks. I know there is minimal love here for the...
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