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  1. Sean Ashe

    Real JP2C vs Axe-Fx 3 sim comparison

    Try the input boost. Maybe the grind or shimmer
  2. Sean Ashe

    Real JP2C vs Axe-Fx 3 sim comparison

    I’ve had no trouble matching my JP2C, even with no tone match, but the biggest thing was getting the sliders right and the master volume. If I may make a suggestion it would be to change the impedance until you find one that reminds you of the captor. I always switch to one of the Marshall...
  3. Sean Ashe

    Friedman cab?

    There’s a wonderful IR pack for two notes wall of sound called Fried25 and Fried30 that are a 412 Friedman. Same cab but are separate for the speakers. Requires some extra work since one has to IR capture that but.. I’ve been using the same setting from that for a couple of years. Cleans...
  4. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00

    this one feels fantastic-er under the hands! awesome
  5. Sean Ashe

    "The Gift" - Stel Andre (melodic improvisation)

    Great feel! Tone too, love the pick articulation, what amp?
  6. Sean Ashe

    Using a Rockman Tone Match (Leon Todd) for some righteous 80s jams!

    it should just drag right into axe edit right?
  7. Sean Ashe

    Using a Rockman Tone Match (Leon Todd) for some righteous 80s jams!

    thanks so much for the kind words you guys! Really flattered. Was definitely going for a lukather/holdsworth thing but ya always gotta add some of your own spice :)
  8. Sean Ashe

    Using a Rockman Tone Match (Leon Todd) for some righteous 80s jams!

    Back in September I downloaded @2112 's awesome RockMan Tone Matches, and they were perfect for this track. My cousin has been producing '80s style' synthwave music since the start of the pandemic, and asked me if I wanted to lay some notes down on one of his tracks. Ended up using all of...
  9. Sean Ashe

    Some Live IIC+ Snippets and 2gtrs through one Axe!

    Not the longest clips but M@ thought I should post this here. Had the great pleasure of playing live (it was safe and under the proper precautions). Sure brought me some life to perform again. I run the sound and all the guitar rig for a cover group I play with, and over the summer I was...
  10. Sean Ashe

    Looking for 24.75 with Floyd

    the new anderson l’il angel or arc angel (arc is just all mahogany construction) and they offer Floyd, and non fine tuner Floyd also.
  11. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    Archean looks new..
  12. Sean Ashe

    Elixir strings

    Been using the nanowebs for about 6-7 years now. Hard for me to use anything else short of having a live-in guitar tech lol! I just kill normal strings so fast. I have not noticed quality overall dipping but I do know my strings are due for a change when the intonation starts getting a...
  13. Sean Ashe

    Powering FC with Pedaltrain Volto?

    Stayed alive for four hours and then still had some juice left over. Excellent
  14. Sean Ashe

    Powering FC with Pedaltrain Volto?

    I gig with a cover band and we've started using my Axe FX III for both guitars. We are trying to eliminate the amount of cabling needed, and one of those cables I'm trying to eliminate is the power for the 2nd FC. Last practice we tried a Volto and it workekd!!! But my question is: Is this a...
  15. Sean Ashe

    MacOS Catalina Core Audio Issue?

    This happens to me as well
  16. Sean Ashe

    2x FC-6 serving as FC-12?

    Sorry for the totally late response to this, this is exactly what I had in mind! Thank you so very much. I still vote for a 'default view' or 'starting view' for the FCs ;D Really appreciate your time and effort Joe!
  17. Sean Ashe

    What is your favorite beer?

    I quite like Lagunitas Lil’ Sumpin, they’re in Petaluma right next to Boogie and that makes me happy for whatever reason. It’s also quite tasty, and effective
  18. Sean Ashe

    2x FC-6 serving as FC-12?

    I see, I’m using the Austin buddy presets and was intending on using his fc12 settings. But in your case you must have each fc on a separate layout. I want the layouts to change on both fc in tandem but with FC2, being exclusively view 2 (to fit the fc12 layouts)
  19. Sean Ashe

    2x FC-6 serving as FC-12?

    I see, is that somewhat similar to OMG9 for FM3 ( if you're aware?) I essentially want it to be set up that as I change layouts, they change on both FC6 with FC#2 maintaining view #2 the whole time. I see the value in also being able to have it parked on one layout, which i think I understand...
  20. Sean Ashe

    2x FC-6 serving as FC-12?

    I’ve been fooling around with connecting another FC6 to the 3. My aim is to be able to switch layouts, while also displaying two separate views I can’t seem to find any luck with getting the 2nd FC6 to follow the FC1 AND maintain View 2. It resets to View 1 when loading a new layout. in...
  21. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00 Public Beta

    man.. this just keeps getting better and better and better. You rock, Cliff Hoping that if we got a Precision, we can also get a Kl... Wampler Tumnus! :innocent:
  22. Sean Ashe

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    ... pics!?
  23. Sean Ashe

    Which boost would be a Klon?

    I would be soooo thrilled for a klon in the axe. Thanks to rr (if you know you know!) then I understand not, but at the very least a tumnus would rock! I prefer the tumnus to an actual klon, call me crazy but I genuinely prefer the little tumnus to several real life (authentic) Klons.
  24. Sean Ashe

    Les Paul with bolt on neck, Yay or Ney

    Tom anderson makes an LP type with a bolt on and it rocks!!!!
  25. Sean Ashe

    Mono 365 still workin’

    A bag designed to carry OMG9 + EV1 and cables would be so cool. Niche, but that would be awesome. I am glad the fm3 itself fits in a regular backpack though!
  26. Sean Ashe

    Mono 365 still workin’

    Dang! Pretty cool
  27. Sean Ashe

    Time for a new audio interface?

    RME fireface UC still going strong here. As its an older interface, relative to other options, may be worth looking at their newest offerings. But, I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy this interface. I got it as I had a UAD, but I can't say I'm too fond of their plugins. It's great...
  28. Sean Ashe

    Best amp block for Fender Stratocaster Acoustasonic guitar

    You can make some cool sounds splitting the signal in two, maybe one with some grit one that's more clean.. Blend with an exp pedal? not traditional but many artistic options available (of course)
  29. Sean Ashe

    Interface to work along Axe-Fx III?

    I have been happily using an RME fireface UC with my 2018 MBP. Have had no issues at all. I often run it in aggravate with my Axe 3. I initially got in 2016 when I made a jump to PC/Windows, and it’s always been rock solid.
  30. Sean Ashe

    Neal Schon noodling on a Tom Anderson though an FM3

    can confirm that anderson + fm3 is a pretty righteous rig
  31. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    wowwww love this, feels so fluid under the hands and that high end is sweeeeeet.
  32. Sean Ashe

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

  33. Sean Ashe

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    Gigs seem like theyre being cancelled shortly but I had music videos and some live studio sessions cancelled due to some of our personnel being from Europe. Been slaving over an album for several years and now many things are uncertain right now. Hoping everyone maintains health and peace in...
  34. Sean Ashe

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    My go to these days is the Dirty Shirley, I have used one for some recording recently and I really love how it sounds and responds. Cleans up beautifully and when you push it with drives, it screams. But I only recently jumped into the III/FM3 world so I have a lot more experimentation ahead...
  35. Sean Ashe

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Took the FM3 out for a gig on Saturday, and wowee.. Tones that could fill the largest stadium.. coming from a rig that I was able to fit inside of my backpack. After the gig the other guitarist came over and said 'that's it, im just getting one of those'. I know, the coolest photo of the...
  36. Sean Ashe

    Port City OS2x12 V30 IRs - SM57 - Sean Ashe (37 FREE IRs!)

    Hey guys sorry but unfortunately I can't locate these files :( If I find them at some point I'll update this though
  37. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I feel the same excitement I did as I was waiting on that email for the II.. :D
  38. Sean Ashe

    New Mission Io?

    After more time with it, the tones just don't seem to translate that well to the sources I feel comfortable working with. My friend had wanted me to sell it for him so I'll be popping it up on reverb soon. Kind of having a hard time figuring out what option to go with now though, I see the...
  39. Sean Ashe

    New Mission Io?

    Here you go :)
  40. Sean Ashe

    New Mission Io?

    Doesn't specify on the literature that came with it, would opening up the back of it be an indication? I know nothing about this stuff, happy to check for you guys though :)
  41. Sean Ashe

    New Mission Io?

    A friend just sent me one to check out. I'll be honest, my experience with FRFR is pretty much zero outside of using wedges on a stage or my studio monitors in my home, so I won't be of a whole lot of information. I am not able to crank it too loud in my current place, but it seems to...
  42. Sean Ashe

    My favorite AX8 amps & cabs

    Plexi Hi 1 + factory cab 59 (TV Mix C4 ML) has been my mainstay for awhile now.
  43. Sean Ashe

    Allan Holdsworth Lead Distortion Patch for Q8.02 Plus Demo!

    Wow. The playing and tone.. crazy good
  44. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.01 Firmware Release & New Bank A Presets

    I don't know why I never tried the Ruby Rocket model until now but.. dang!
  45. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Firmware Release

    I've used a handful of things over the last few years, mostly Mesa stuff (Mark V25 & an old IIC+) but the axe has been my mainstay since November or so.
  46. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Firmware Release

    Yep! That was a fun one, and owanes a great dude :)
  47. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Firmware Release

    The Plexi 50 and Brit 800 #34 have been killing me! :D This firmware feels so nice under my fingers
  48. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

    Just updated. Feels (and sounds) so good!
  49. Sean Ashe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    My patch for the last week or so has been the Plexi 50W Hi and I really love what this update brought to that!
  50. Sean Ashe

    FW18 Dirty Shirley + Cab pack 8 noodling

    Thanks guys! @Tonic I dont really know how the dirty shirley is, so I didn't dial it in in any way. I think it sounds good though, wether its close to the amp or not, its a fun tone that inspired me to play differently. Very dynamic. I too use an amp/cab most of the time, but I've stopped...
  51. Sean Ashe

    FW18 Dirty Shirley + Cab pack 8 noodling

    haha! It's kind of funny, I just randomly selected and IR and then went "oh, sweet" and then just played. I'm liking that as the Axe FX gets updated, and better IRs are being made, its more about just plug and play than tweeaking to get tone. I'm a big fan of clarks other cab pack (the mesa...
  52. Sean Ashe

    FW18 Dirty Shirley + Cab pack 8 noodling

    Just a bit of sloppy noodling on Preset 60, but with the Cab Pack 8 TV SM57-R121 B01 IR. All changes in gain or tone are just volume knob or pickup selector on one of my Tom Anderson Angels (this has a Koa top, basswood body, maple neck). Tried to keep it short and sweet. Really impressed...
  53. Sean Ashe

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Welp.. This seems pretty much to cover every use I would need and currently use my XL for, and is ultra portable and convenient. Sign me up! :)
  54. Sean Ashe

    Maybe new AF2 owner... Mam, Dad, I'm so scared!!!

    Just wanted to say I don't offer those services, I did once upon a time but no longer. Thanks for the shoutout though :)
  55. Sean Ashe

    Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel 'Gingerburst' - Demo

    haha! thanks :)
  56. Sean Ashe

    Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel 'Gingerburst' - Demo

    Thanks! Just checked and the links are working, try this as a direct link Angel 'Gingerburst' — Sean Ashe Its chocolate maple which is roasted/baked/etc. The fretboard is maple too
  57. Sean Ashe

    Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel 'Gingerburst' - Demo

    Thanks! I love the Smallbox, its great, and yes its 4 cable method. I don't typically run anything in front of the amp though, but I like the flexibility.
  58. Sean Ashe

    Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel 'Gingerburst' - Demo

    Well a Droptop Classic has a pickguard, so its not close to this. The Angel is a different body shape entirely, to accommodate the larger horns.
  59. Sean Ashe

    Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel 'Gingerburst' - Demo

    Thanks! The neck is wonderful, its not too thin (i dont like super thin necks) and its not too fat. Its .810 at the 1st fret and .870 at the 12th fret. All Andersons are 12-14 radius, which is very comfortable. And this guitar is 1 11/16 nut width
  60. Sean Ashe

    Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel 'Gingerburst' - Demo

    Hey all! Thought I'd share this here, a recently uploaded demo I did of my newest Anderson. Some of you may have seen me post stuff using my other Anderson that had a koa top. It is a lovely instrument but I decided to go ahead and try the classic Basswood+maple top combo and.. I love...
  61. Sean Ashe

    A $266 Tom Anderson Guitar?

    Ugh. This is such a shame, and so hurtful to Tom & crew if anyone actually buys into this nonsense. :( :(
  62. Sean Ashe

    Guthrie Govan Erotic cakes sounds

    Erotic Cakes was Cornford amps, RK100, MK50 and Hellcat.
  63. Sean Ashe

    Request For Guidance Of Cliff & Also Forum Members About Signature Guitar Tone

    There is no piece of gear that will help you get a signature sound, imo. There's a video of andy timmons playing through some battery powered amp and honestly..sounds just like he normally does. If you want your own unique voice, you just have to ask yourself why you play, and once you can...
  64. Sean Ashe

    I'm producing a Cab Pack for Fractal Audio Systems

    After a few days of playing with them, I can say these are the #1 IRs I've personally used. \m/
  65. Sean Ashe

    Protone Bulb Overdrive Deluxe

    It's just another take on the TS808.
  66. Sean Ashe

    I'm producing a Cab Pack for Fractal Audio Systems

    Jeeeeez. Wasn't really too sure what to expect since I've never been one to gravitate towards a Mesa cab in a real life or modeling scenario, but dang.... these are insanely good. well worth the 25. Thanks for your work Clark and Irotlas
  67. Sean Ashe

    I'm producing a Cab Pack for Fractal Audio Systems

    Well you are a sick player too, anyone who can even get close to Andy Timmons' touch is a badass in my book :) And thanks!
  68. Sean Ashe

    I'm producing a Cab Pack for Fractal Audio Systems

    WOAH. Excellent, excellent work. Buying these because of this clip alone Edit: Bought.
  69. Sean Ashe

    I have an Axe FX again!

    Hard for me to A/B as it was early March to now that I hadn't had one, the new reverbs are sick though!
  70. Sean Ashe

    I have an Axe FX again!

    Sorry about that, I edited it.
  71. Sean Ashe

    I have an Axe FX again!

    I'm still with an amp, but I'm sure I'll be using some of the models into the poweramp of mine. Will be a lot of fun!
  72. Sean Ashe

    I have an Axe FX again!

    Yep that's the first thing I did! I hopped off at I believe 13.02 so it's quite a difference
  73. Sean Ashe

    I have an Axe FX again!

    Hey guys! hope you're all doing well :) Some of you may know I have been Axe-less for a few months. I didn't really quite have the budget to have both an Analog & Digital rig around... But now I'm back in the world of the Axe FX :D I just got an XL, and I'm realizing how much I missed...
  74. Sean Ashe

    For all you Video camera nerds like me...Gopro 4

    Wow! So glad i didn't buy a gopro the other day. thanks for posting this :)
  75. Sean Ashe

    Electromagnetic Interference - Help!!

    It's not the gear picking it up from the sockets, it's being picked up by the pickups as its in the air.
  76. Sean Ashe

    Electromagnetic Interference - Help!!

    I've unfortunately had/have this issue in my home as well. I'm 99% sure it's actually the wiring in the walls, i believe there are grounding issues with the main lines. I have tried everything, turning all the circuits off except for my room, and nothing works. What's very strange is...
  77. Sean Ashe

    Friedman Smallbox 50

  78. Sean Ashe

    Cliff: Friedman BE question

    The Smallbox 50 has a plexi mode, which as far as I know the BE100 doesn't have, and since I don't use all that much gain that the HBE has, I prefer the smallbox for my uses. The Smallbox 50 is voiced a bit differently than the BE/HBE too (more mids, and a bit more dynamics which is my...
  79. Sean Ashe

    Friedman Smallbox 50

    I love it, sounds fantastic. I'm using it mostly for just a clean (where it will break up if i hit super hard, but its mostly clean) but i also tried it with the gain cranked and it had some sweet rock tones going on I've never played a 1959 Superlead so hard to say!
  80. Sean Ashe

    Red Bear Picks?

    +1000 for bluechips. I pick really hard and I play a lot, and I used the same pick from February to August...and I only stopped using it because I gave mine to someone.
  81. Sean Ashe

    Guitar Strap Height - what are your experiences?

    An ideal strap height is one where your wrist can remain as straight/relaxed as possible, not saying it has to be perfectly straight but no crazy angles happening (will put tension in the tendons in your wrist). I find if the guitar neck is around the same height as the crease of the elbow...
  82. Sean Ashe

    Friedman Smallbox 50

    Ok mine came today. All I have to say is...wow. Best amp I've ever played (for my tastes). For recording I am using a Two Notes Torpedo live so i still need to find the right cab/mic IR for this amp but its already sounding good. My mind = blown.
  83. Sean Ashe

    Friedman Smallbox 50

    Mine comes on Thursday, will give my thoughts after I play with it for a bit!
  84. Sean Ashe

    luminescence Patch?

    Aww thanks Cory! <3 My only concern is that it was made on I think firmware 12 or 13 so I'm unsure how it would transfer over to the latest firmwares.
  85. Sean Ashe

    MESA/Boogie CabClone Official Demo!!!

    Hmm. Is it a reactive load, such as the torpedo products?
  86. Sean Ashe

    MESA/Boogie CabClone Official Demo!!!

    It's a shame it doesn't allow you to turn off the cab sim, so you could use your own IRs in a DAW or something like the torpedo cab
  87. Sean Ashe

    Friedman Smallbox 50

    Going to be picking one of these up in a few weeks, I'll remember to post my thoughts in this thread. Considering the Be100 is i think 3800, its a pretty good deal (even though still pricey).
  88. Sean Ashe

    NGD! JP6 BFR Koa

    Congrats, she's a beaut
  89. Sean Ashe

    wrap around your nuts!

    I use toilet paper behind my trem springs. I used to use foam but ran into an issue with the foam actually getting caught in the spring and making the trem not return to pitch. Have to be careful with that haha
  90. Sean Ashe

    wrap around your nuts!

    It's to dampen sympathetic frequencies above the nut that can become audible in recording. Also, if there is a tricky section in a song you can roll it past the nut and it will dampen the open strings. A common use is for tapping bits etc.
  91. Sean Ashe

    Some pictures from Dream Theater @ Count Basie Theater, Red Bank NJ 03/31/2014

    Really hoping they do a second leg of the US so I can catch them in chicago. Saw some videos and they're sounding great!!!
  92. Sean Ashe

    Got to give TC Electronics some props

    Oh thanks man :)
  93. Sean Ashe

    Got to give TC Electronics some props

    Yea I just picked up the hall of fame and agree. I'm using an el capistan for delays, but if i didn't have that, id have the flashback.
  94. Sean Ashe

    Just gassing for a Tyler

    Nice! i've yet to play a tyler but ive heard nothing but good things about them
  95. Sean Ashe

    Tuning stability issues

    I've not had any experience with that bridge but it could be possible the knife edges have worn already? Or maybe you got a bad bridge? As long as the strings are stretched, and everything is lubricated, then it should be fine. Or it's a flaw in hardware, or design :O
  96. Sean Ashe

    Tuning stability issues

    Make sure not only your trem posts are lubricated, but also your nut (if its not locking).
  97. Sean Ashe

    24 fret/22 frets and neck pickup

    The sound is definitely different. I know for a long time John Suhr never did anything with 24 frets (before the modern) and Tom Anderson only just this year finally did 24 frets. The sound of 21/22 fret guitars on the neck pickup, may be a bit more 'traditional' or familiar with some people...
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