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  1. fox5150

    Anyone Using Bare Knuckle on a Single Coil - Specifically Strat Style Guitar?

    I've got a custom set that Tim made up for me based on an original set of '62 strat pickups, and they're in my '62 strat re-issue. They sound exactly as I'd imagine a '62 strat to sound, but completely different from humbuckers, which is to be expected really. Can't go wrong with his pickups in...
  2. fox5150

    Custom Carry case suggestions?

    Check out the the Mono Case range of pedalboard cases. They're very sturdy and are sized around the Pedaltrain dimensions. I've got my MFC on a Pedaltrain II in one of their cases and it's excellent.
  3. fox5150

    Shoegaze downer with Jag and tormented Prince Tone - vid and preset

    That sounds incredible (as always)!
  4. fox5150

    *BRAND NEW* MFC-101 Labelling System imminent!! Next gen KickTags launching in September!

    I need these in my life! Where's that magic "buy now" link :P
  5. fox5150

    Parallel routing of effects and sound drop

    Set bypass mode to Mute FX In or Mute FX Out, should fix it.
  6. fox5150

    Atomic CLR problem

    I have a standard CLR and a Neo and they've been stellar. The only thing that lets Atomic down is their awful email system. First email goes through, but pretty much every reply gets missed - I assume as spam. Once you can get hold of Tom the support is first rate, just a shame that making...
  7. fox5150

    Clr in europe?

    Having bought both the CLR and the Neo from the Atomic European Shop, at those prices I'd wait until Andertons have them in stock. Should be cheaper buying them direct from the manufacturer, but apparently not :(:(:(
  8. fox5150

    AC-20 with Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine

    I've loved watching your demos right from the very beginning. The level of professionalism displayed with this video on the Valentine, a guitar that I must check out, is first rate. Cheers Cooper for your hard work!
  9. fox5150

    Sigh... gig failure.

    No, I leave the other presets as they were from whatever the current factory presets bundle is. I might have some that I'm experimenting with dotted about, but otherwise they're as per the factory presets.
  10. fox5150

    Sigh... gig failure.

    Axe-FX II Mark II with a MFC Mark II connected by an Ethercon lead (Neutrik connectors). I use it in Preset mode with Scenes and only use five presets. I have had one issue, back when FW15 first came out, where the MFC was unresponsive. A single power cycle resolved the issue and I've never had...
  11. fox5150

    How I Read The Forum

    I do exactly the same thing. I'm a big fan of the new Xenforo software; it makes vBulletin setups look a bit tired when I've had to visit them. To be fair, I had the exact same workflow on the old forum, but everything seems slicker with the new setup. Loving it!
  12. fox5150

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    There's a bit of overhang on either side, but as I use a Mono case for it, it doesn't really matter. I've got size 10 (UK) feet and access to both pedals isn't an issue.
  13. fox5150

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    This is the most recent picture I've got to hand right now. I can take a close-up if you'd like?
  14. fox5150

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    I've got my MFC on a PT2 with two EV-1s...
  15. fox5150

    Chorus - Settings for Parallel

    Thanks Cliff. Look like I was getting confused with Spread as it's in the same position as Input Gain. I'll have another go with Level and experiment.
  16. fox5150

    Chorus - Settings for Parallel

    Hi Folks, So I'm redoing everything (moving up from 15.02 finally!) and I'm starting from scratch. I'm working on some of the effects now and I'm having some difficulty with Chorus in parallel. Delay and Reverb were easy - mix to 100% and level to taste. However those settings don't appear with...
  17. fox5150

    Fractal Audio AMP Models: Yeks PDF Guide

    Donated. I learned so much about all the different amps. Thanks Yek for your monumental effort!
  18. fox5150

    G66 appreciation

    G66 are the European embodiment of everything that makes Fractal Audio such a success. I am proud to be a customer of both these fantastic companies.
  19. fox5150

    Set List Maker vs BandHelper

    My band adopted SetListMaker quite early on and can't recommend Arlo's support of his products highly enough.
  20. fox5150


    G66's service is incredible, both pre- and post- sale. Not long to go now!
  21. fox5150


    Welcome Johnny! I'm in Essex too. If you get the urge to try out FRFR amplification and want to give the CLRs a whirl, shout ;)
  22. fox5150

    Missing tube amps or just a bad gig??

    ^^This When we do the larger gigs I'm on IEMs, much like most of the band. I still have the CLR on the floor in front of me so I can get some interaction going, plus it's always there as a safety net if anything goes wrong with the IEMs :)
  23. fox5150

    Downloaded patches not working

    Check to see if the patch has a user cab specified. If it does and your corresponding slot is empty, then you won't get any sound. Another favourite is if the patch has a volume block in it assigned to an expression pedal. Bypass the volume block in that case.
  24. fox5150

    Buying Cab Pack 3 For AX8- Do I Need Cablab?

    They provide IRs in WAV format. If you look at the download links on their site, they're grouped up by device type. So in our case, the WAV files are the right format for converting into UltraRes. Just needs to be run through CabLab to produce the syx files for loading. The WAV files won't load...
  25. fox5150

    Stay login on mobile forum

    Have you ticked the box that says something like "Keep Me Logged In?" If you have, are you accepting cookies within the Safari settings?
  26. fox5150

    Question about cab pack 20 preset-bundles

    Cheers Mikko. I'll hold off on re-downloading everything until they're announced as done :)
  27. fox5150

    Question about cab pack 20 preset-bundles

    Mikko, are all of the Fractal cab packs being converted to UltraRes2 and are they all ready for re-download? Cheers, Simon
  28. fox5150

    Gig Set-up

    I'm still embarrassingly stupid and I've had this magic device a couple of years now. You'll soon get your head round it and then realise you've just scratched the surface ;)
  29. fox5150

    Live performance presets

    if it's the ones I'm thinking of, then the supplied free alternate cabs sound very close to the commercial IRs suggested by the creator. I've bought them, so I'm very familiar with this. The alternate IR is not as good as the commercial IR, or the mix of them, but it gets you close enough. You...
  30. fox5150

    Gig Set-up

    I send Out1 to FOH and Out2 to my CLR on stage with me. Typically the run back to the desk is much longer than the run to my CLR. Out1 is balanced and so will benefit the longer cable run. Independent level controls between FOH and the CLR is killer!
  31. fox5150

    Quantum 3.00 AC-15 Preview

    Yet another great sound there Cooper, and whetting the appetite for Q3! Mind you, doesn't matter which firmware you're playing through, it always sounds incredible. Maybe it is in the fingers after all ;)
  32. fox5150

    When everything (or at least something) you thought you knew is a lie...

    The number of times I can't figure something on a recording, find a vid on YouTube and "bang!", so that's how he did it. Such a great resource.
  33. fox5150

    Buying a second CLR cab - active or passive?

    That's what I thought...
  34. fox5150

    Buying a second CLR cab - active or passive?

    Are you sure you can slave them?
  35. fox5150

    What do you guys carry your MFC in?

    I like the Mono cases (surprise, surprise, as I pretty much love everything they make). Just a bit concerned by your pricey comment, in that they are I'm afraid :(
  36. fox5150

    AX8 Owners who upgraded from Axe Fx (Poll)

    When my AX8 arrives, one of them will be the backup, but the Axe-FX is going nowhere. Although for smaller gigs, I can see me just taking the AX8 and leaving the "full" rig at home.
  37. fox5150

    Fremen AX8 presets - teaser

    I'll be buying whichever pack has the acoustic sim preset in it, regardless of where you set the price point. It's that important to the AX8 being a suitable backup for my Axe-FX.
  38. fox5150

    Fremen AX8 presets - teaser

    Thanks Fremen. I'm on the wait list for the AX8 over in Europe as a backup to my Axe-FX and my number one concern was whether your Acoustic Sim patch would translate or not. Seems like you've got it in hand, so I'll stop worrying ;)
  39. fox5150

    Wait and see

    Your best bet is to contact G66 directly. That way they'll put your name down for when they come back into stock and keep you informed of any delays. Their customer service really is exemplary, just the sort of people you want providing Fractal Audio products in Europe.
  40. fox5150

    How do I update MFC without midi connector on PC

    http://support.fractalaudio.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/7/0/mfc-101-firmware-update-guide---fractal-bot Check out this guide regarding updating using your Axe-FX as the midi interface. It's how I did mine.
  41. fox5150

    Blue mofis loudness

    Sorry, I just re-read your post and you do say they're in passive mode. I've not had any problems with mine with the Axe-FX, but have yet to receive my AX8 to run a comparison. Hopefully someone here has both and can compare for you.
  42. fox5150

    Blue mofis loudness

    Have you got the pre-amp on in the mofi's?
  43. fox5150

    Cab Packs 21 + 22 Wellspring UltraRes™ Now Available!

    Whilst I don't have an immediate need for these, I do like to buy all the Cab Packs when they're released. You give away so much for free, buying Cab Packs is the least I can do in return.
  44. fox5150

    Wish: Ability to decouple Axe Manage Window from Main Edit Window

    +1 This would be a great feature to include.
  45. fox5150

    Gig Bags instead of hard cases ?

    ^^This. I either use the Vertigo or Dual bags from Mono. Strong, light and a very good compromise. Been using them for about six years, multiple gigs per month and they're still going strong with zero issues. They're a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for.
  46. fox5150

    Consensus on FRFR stuff, improvements

    Pretty much with what I said in the post you quoted. The PEQ midrange boost is critical. I tend to get a sound I like, then just pop that in, stroll up at band practice and that's near enough. I cut at 85Hz in the cab block but don't drop anything from the high end as I find it's unnecessary...
  47. fox5150

    Looking For A Shallow Rack Case To Sit On My 1x12 Cab

    I can shoot a picture of the rear of the rack if that helps?
  48. fox5150

    Looking For A Shallow Rack Case To Sit On My 1x12 Cab

    I've got this one. I'd also recommend right angle jacks, that way I can leave everything plugged in with the rear lid on (I use a Vafam panel)
  49. fox5150

    Jumped from FW9 to Quantum 2.0 need advice.

    I've gone up from FW15.02 and have just started from scratch again. I've started with presets and then tweaked them to get into the area I need them to be. I'm going to start playing about with custom IRs, but I want to understand Q2.01 better before I start fiddling with too many variables in...
  50. fox5150

    Cloud Storage

    I've used Dropbox for years and upgraded to their Pro plan pretty much as soon as they offered it to me. I also pay for the file edits history option too. For stuff I'd be heartbroken to lose (family pictures and the like) I have copies on a local NAS and on an external drive that I keep at my...
  51. fox5150

    Why does my Axe FX XL sound different?

    I'm in the process of upgrading everything from FW15.02 to Q2.01beta2 and invited a friend of mine round who is much better at guitar tones than me, plus he's a monster player. We had my Axe-FX II running into a pair of CLRs and using my PRS Custom 24. He played through it and sounded fantastic...
  52. fox5150

    Need serious help with IR-s :(

    I own all of the cab packs and have found myself getting lost in a world of them during my upgrade from FW15.02 to Q2.01beta2. For this exercise, I'm sticking to factory cabs and once I'm in the ballpark and have got something I'm comfortable with I'm going to dive into my collection, based on...
  53. fox5150

    One for you Luke fans...

    Thanks for sharing that. Was great to listen to!
  54. fox5150

    Factory Cabs in Cab Packs

    Cheers Mikko. I did wonder if there was some special sauce going on. I'll head off into the aces folder when I'm feeling brave ;)
  55. fox5150

    Factory Cabs in Cab Packs

    Hi Folks, I'm starting from scratch going up from FW15.02 to the latest Quantum beta and have decided to start pretty simple and am modifying existing factory presets and use factory cabs before I start delving into my bulging IR folder. I've found in the wiki where it lists which cab packs...
  56. fox5150

    My KickTags Have Arrived!!

    Tell me about it. I've got to tighten up whatever holds the LEDs in place as they move easily on certain spots and take the kicktag with it. It's done it with the other ones too, but these are so much neater that I will do it this time!
  57. fox5150

    Question about tweaking presets

    Yes, and yes! I find if I don't set the patch up at live volumes then I disappear in the mix as soon as I turn up. The other thing I've noticed is that I have too much effect on my patches, particularly reverb.
  58. fox5150

    Consensus on FRFR stuff, improvements

    I use the CLR as a personal monitor for theatre/mid-size club gigs with the PA doing the heavy lifting. Output 1 goes FoH and Output 2 goes to the CLR. I use this primarily in the wedge position firing back at me from in front of my MFC. Alternatively, if the monitoring is poor, I pop it on a...
  59. fox5150

    My KickTags Have Arrived!!

    Hi everyone, The postman's just been and dropped off a package with Kicktags printed on the outside! I thought I'd pop up some pictures so you can see what's what. I was previously using the labels supplied by G66 - there's nothing wrong with them, it's just that we're about to move into doing...
  60. fox5150

    Tech questions for Axe FX II

    There have been problems reported when connecting the Axe-FX II via a USB hub so try and use a port on the computer/laptop rather than going via a hub.
  61. fox5150

    What Cab Pack had the Triptik 1x12 in it?

    I'd already bought 5, but it was also bundled in with 14, so if you're tempted buy 14, get 5 free ;)
  62. fox5150

    What Cab Pack had the Triptik 1x12 in it?

    Searching my IR folder, it was in Cab Pack 5, or in the bonus IR folder in Cab Pack 14. Looks like it was UltraRes too.
  63. fox5150

    Case recommendations?

    Check out the Mono cases. I have yet to find anything superior to those and I've got lots of them ;)
  64. fox5150

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    I used the Acoustic Simulator 7 patch last night for our first performance of Spandau Ballet's 'Through The Barricades'. The sound man couldn't believe it when I told him it wasn't a piezo doing the work, but a clever patch in the Axe-FX. His words were "Don't touch anything, it sounds perfect."...
  65. fox5150

    V-Picks, Question About Chirping

    I used V-Picks for quite a while but in the end that chirp got too much for me and I switched. Following a recommendation I tried out chickenpicks. Nice thick pick, but none of the chirps that you get with the V-Picks. Certainly worth checking out. I think the ones I use are the Shredders, but I...
  66. fox5150

    Anyone switch from a CLR Neo wedge to something else?

    What I've discovered with Tom's email is that he seems to miss replies. Start an email with a different subject line and I get a reply really promptly. I've noticed quite the difference in sound between my standard CLR and my new Neo, to the point that Tom replaced the Neo. They still sound...
  67. fox5150

    Pedal Train Soft Case and MFC101?

    Sorry - in which case, my suggestion of the Mono case isn't a good idea as my Pedaltrain 2 with the MFC is right on the limit of what I'd consider putting in it height-wise.
  68. fox5150

    Pedal Train Soft Case and MFC101?

    I've got my MFC-101 on a Pedaltrain 2 with a Mission expression pedal and a Fractal one. I carry it around in a Mono pedalboard bag. Perfect compromise between hard and soft case.
  69. fox5150

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    Money sent. Can't wait to try these out. Perfect timing as I'm about to redo everything. Thanks!
  70. fox5150

    Road case for only mfc101

    Does it have to be a full flight case? I'm using a Pedaltrain II in a Mono pedalboard case and I'm very pleased with it indeed.
  71. fox5150

    Has the Axe FX replaced your entire pedal board, or some/none of it?

    My Axe-FX plus MFC has completely replaced my pedals and pedalboard. My previous setup was based around a G-System with some specialised pedals. I have yet to sell them on; not because I have any intention of going back to them, just that I am so very, very lazy ;)
  72. fox5150

    Clr Neo in UK

    Oh, and I forgot to mention.... STEREO BABY!!!
  73. fox5150

    Clr Neo in UK

    Would you believe it, but I received an email this afternoon that the CLR Neo was in stock for delivery to the EU. Checked with Tom that it was genuine, and it is. Order placed!
  74. fox5150

    Clr Neo in UK

    I've given up on the Neo ever appearing over here. I love my CLR, but wish it was a little lighter. I've also emailed Atomic several times and always get the "we're hoping to do something..." kind of responses. The CLR is that good I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it ever showed up over here.
  75. fox5150

    What do we think of the new forum format now we've used it for a while?

    I was incredibly sceptical as I've used Tapatalk for a very long time for all the forums I visit. I do accept that the new software provides a really good mobile platform for accessing the forum. If this was here in the first place I wouldn't have needed Tapatalk as I wouldn't have hunted for an...
  76. fox5150

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    Thanks Mikko, I'll be sure to give these a whirl when I've finished "the list" the wife's given me for the week off :)
  77. fox5150

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    Perfect timing as I've got the week off and one of my tasks is to redo my live presets for Quantum. I've been on FW15 for so long as I haven't had a chance for proper down time, I cannot wait. I've always enjoyed your recommendations with the other packs (I've got them all). I tend to go for...
  78. fox5150

    I'm amp less again.

    Everything else is about to go up for sale, but I just can't bring myself to sell my Lonestar Special, even though I haven't powered it up for over a year.
  79. fox5150

    My Back Loves the Axe-FX!

    I have indeed. Unfortunately my beloved Les Paul rarely gets to a gig these days, having been replaced with a pair of PRS guitars; one 2013 Custom 24 and a 513. The Les Paul simply puts too much of a strain on my shoulders, whereas the PRS are far more forgiving. Unlike my "traditional" rig...
  80. fox5150

    My Back Loves the Axe-FX!

    Despite having used the Axe-FX for the last two years or so, I'm only just getting around to sorting out my previous rig - I know, terrible... It's all still in the pedalboard and rack case that I used. TC Electronic G-System with multiple pedals, split between the rack case and the pedalboard...
  81. fox5150

    "Producer" Cab Packs

    I think the Aces are the best picks of the single mic IR's in the ML cab packs. The Alloys are the mixes, which are pretty damn good!! I'm using the two that Mikko recommended from Cab Pack 13 and my IR hunt is over!
  82. fox5150

    No sound man, so I might need to use my CLR as a backline. yay or nay?

    Moral of the story - try all three and find which one works for you ;)
  83. fox5150

    No sound man, so I might need to use my CLR as a backline. yay or nay?

    When I've used my CLR as a backline, having it pole mounted makes all the difference. Just remember to select the FF setting on the back. I've tried it in the other positions as a backline and I found this position to be the best for the job.
  84. fox5150

    It's alive! KickTags.com is back up - new labels for the MFC available now!

    Thanks Sukh - I'll figure out what I want and pop it up on the site. Cheers!
  85. fox5150

    It's alive! KickTags.com is back up - new labels for the MFC available now!

    Hi Sukh, Looks like I missed the first wave. Any idea when there'll be back in stock again? Cheers, Simon
  86. fox5150

    Forum Migration Complete

    It's back!!! The mobile theme for this forum is so much nicer than the one over at TGP. Even with that, it's a shame that Tapatalk won't be enabled as, for me at least, it provides a much better mobile UI than a browser. Either way, I'm glad everything's back online and looking so much better...
  87. fox5150


    Just popped over to TGP to see what the new "optimised for mobile" looks like, as Tapatalk isn't going to be supported any more. I'm assuming there's a setting I've missed somewhere, as the default view on an iPhone 6S Plus, running iOS 9.1, is not good :( For those who know the new forum...
  88. fox5150

    EU pricing abuse from G66

    If you're basing your "expectation of pricing" of US products in Europe as a straight conversion of US dollars to the Euro, then you're going to be mightily disappointed for all the reasons stated above. This is nothing new and to blame G66 for it is ridiculous and doing them a grave...
  89. fox5150

    When will the EV-1 in black be available again?

    Not with any regularity that I've noticed. By comparison, their email responses are extremely prompt.
  90. fox5150

    When will the EV-1 in black be available again?

    Email G66. Sussi will get back to you with an answer within 24hrs, if not sooner. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  91. fox5150

    Fx8 Road Cases?

    Any chance of offering just the board for those of us with a suitable case? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  92. fox5150

    Fx8 Road Cases?

    I use one of the Mono cases for my Pedaltrain II with MFC plus expression pedals. Not sure of the dimensions of the FX-8 but I can heartily recommend the quality of the Mono cases. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  93. fox5150

    New Keith Urban Amp

    They're in the shop, under Cab Packs... And have just been announced: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/news/101733-two-new-cab-packs.html Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  94. fox5150

    New Keith Urban Amp

    Which IR was it (I bought 14 & 15 this morning...) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  95. fox5150

    What are you guys using for carting your stuff around (trolleys)

    I use the Gruv V-Cart Solo, after reading about it on here from Yek. Some pics and my thoughts on it can be found here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/87826-gruv-v-cart-solo.html#post1062057
  96. fox5150

    Serious Wireless Woes

    Thanks for this. Just let the other guys know so they can check what they're running and also so I can "borrow" one of their receivers to perform the firmware update. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  97. fox5150

    Serious Wireless Woes

    I had my first set of dropouts on my G90 in two years this weekend. Looking further into it, I was clashing with the bass player's G55 and the two singers wireless mics (also Line6). Looking on the Line 6 site, we all need to be on "R2" as otherwise they will clash with each other. I know I'm on...
  98. fox5150

    EV-1 in Europe?

    I think it was about £135. I use the card for air miles ;) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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