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  1. Larcher

    Very very thick and meaty sounding tone

    link to patch: https://www.mediafire.com/?elz4qrcr374vew4
  2. Larcher

    Periphery - The Bad Thing cover/tone test

    Friend of mine got this pickup and it sounds massive. I just used one of my patches that I use with seymour duncan blackouts and I did literally zero tweaking(for the guitars) in Cubase once recorded.
  3. Larcher

    How can I setup my axefx2 to play through my interface?

    Hey guys, I've tried to find a way to plug my axefx into my firestudio for a while and I just can't figure it out. I've tried plugging both the main outs 1 to go in where the mics/instruments are on the firestudio (in front) and there was no sound being transfered. Is this the right way to do...
  4. Larcher

    Final Fantasy 7 boss theme!

    I love quantum
  5. Larcher

    Which DAW can import ALL setting from different midi files during the same project?

    (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I thought I'd post here since this is the recording section for the axefx2) The title sucks, I know I'm sure we've all run into this problem when recording an album or an EP, where you import your first midi file into the project (for the sake of...
  6. Larcher

    Since updating to 18.07, my AFX2 is not sending my PC sound through my monitors

    I have checked that everything is plugged correctly (which it is), the axefx is plugged into the pc via usb, I have checked that it is detected in the playback devices, I've checked to make sure the cable from the axefx to the monitors are plugged in correctly.. I can play through the axe fx...
  7. Larcher

    Just did a comparison between 7 high gain amps. Patches, Stems and love FW14.02

    With instruments Stems only for tonematching Patches available here: Larcher FW14.02 high gain pack There is no post-processing done on the guitar tone, I used the same presets for the drums/bass in every take. I recorded these on my Carvin DC800 Enjoy guys :)
  8. Larcher

    Recycling an old metalcore riff

  9. Larcher

    I love the Das Metall.

    This tone is raw from the axefx, there is no post processing on the guitar tone! here is the patch: Larcher Das Metall 2.13.2014
  10. Larcher

    I've got Metal DIs for you guys along with a sample :)

    link to DIs -> http://www.mediafire.com/download/2t82jho5c53aj38/larcher_DIs.rar If you guys would'nt mind I'd love to hear what it sounds like with your rigs/patches :D
  11. Larcher

    Questions about re-amping

    Hello everyone. I've had my axefx2 for almost 2 years now and I'm ready to start and try out some reamping. I've tried to follow Ben Kiltz guide on youtube but, I didn't understand anything he said (not because of his accent) but because it wasn't all that clear. Also I use cubase, he...
  12. Larcher

    Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand cover :D (download available)

    Hope everyone likes it :D patch: http://www.mediafire.com/?c4x05xc0s95ysnl
  13. Larcher

    Deathcore mixtest for funsies

    :D edit: patch http://www.mediafire.com/?55khylqy5o43a76
  14. Larcher

    [Deathcore] Band I recorded last weekend. This mix is huge.

    This is definitely my best mix :) Give these dudes a like on facebook if you dig the tunes! https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Hitmans-Business/169276909767153 edit: Patch http://www.mediafire.com/?hfhheepk8edz2u8
  15. Larcher

    Final Fantasy VII - Prelude/Bombfare cover (arranged by bulb)

    Recorded this with my DC800! you can download the song aswell Bulb and Mark Holcomb did a cover of this song in haunted shores a while ago, and I fell in love with it, so I decided to cover it myself!
  16. Larcher

    FF7 - Highwind metal cover

    you guys can download the song on soundcloud :D
  17. Larcher

    Sound like Metalcore (patch inside)

    patch: Das Larcher.syx Once again played on my Carvin DC800 with the 7th string tuned to Drop A! :D Enjoy
  18. Larcher

    Final Fantasy fans; contain your orgasms

    I had to. :)
  19. Larcher

    Das Metall test + mastering test!

    I really really dig this amp :D patch: http://www.mediafire.com/?bv1hhu7toaqlpgf
  20. Larcher

    6160 block tone that I think I've fallen in love with

    yay/nay? patch: http://www.mediafire.com/?m4r6o764a5k5zp8 guitar stems for tonematching: http://www.mediafire.com/?2dpp9dqkc6hytul I used my DC800 on this, so the patch will probably sound different for you. Tone matching the stems would be your best bet
  21. Larcher

    Just made the switch from fw9 to fw10.05, too much 'grain' in the gain?

    So I've decided to bite the bullet and go with fw10, I've played around a bit with the amps, I play 95% metal with the axefx, every amp sim I've tried, has too much grain in the gain, if that makes any sense. I'm use to the FW9 having a tight gain that doesn't distort my playing. My gain knob is...
  22. Larcher

    Upgraded to FW10.05 finally. Big mix [Metal]

    edit patch: http://www.mediafire.com/?haksmjyj950j6ex as always, this is played on my carvin DC800 in drop A
  23. Larcher

    A local Deathcore band I've recorded finally finished their work with me!

    I did the recording/mixing/mastering of their EP. it sounds really good :) edit: Here's another song by them :D give them a Like on facebook if you want :D -> https://www.facebook.com/pearofanguishband
  24. Larcher

    8 string Pre-Production from my band [Metal/HUGE] with lyrics!

    the lyrics are on the soundcloud page for whoever's interested :D
  25. Larcher

    If I turn off my axefx2 while it is updating the FW...

    Will it break in any way, shape or form? I just read a forum where a guy did not want to lose his patches while updating to FW10. I've never lost any patches while updating to any firmware... so this kinda scared as I've not done a backup of my patches, ever.
  26. Larcher

    First djent in a long time!

    decided I'd give djent a go since it has been too long since I've tried!
  27. Larcher

    Nolly style riff

    same patch as last time! -> DC800 6505.syx
  28. Larcher

    I come bearing heavies... again!

    this is hands down the best patch I've come up with, I am so fucking proud of it, and I am here to share it with you. As always, keep in mind, I used my DC800 on this so it will most likely be different for you. patch -> DC800 6505.syx EDIT: Stems for tonematching ->...
  29. Larcher

    Local metal/post/core band I recorded over the last few months!

    I recorded them using my axefx2 for guitars and bass! Drums are metal machine with slate samples for the snare. Mastering was done by Paul Gill from Eye To The Sky production, he can be contacted here: http://www.facebook.com/EyeToTheSkyProductions?fref=ts if you find yourself interested in...
  30. Larcher

    Extremely epic composition I made to show-off a tone.

    This was recorded with my DC800! and here is the patch, as always :) ! patch: DC800 6505.syx I gave it a slight boost around 1500-2000hz once the tracks were recorded, enjoy!
  31. Larcher

    Illusionists 2013 teaser (With axe2 patches and Metal Machine/SD2 drum kit patches!)

    This little teaser was recorded with my axefx2 through my carvin dc800! rythm patch: DC800 VH4.syx lead patch: DC800 lead VH4.syx drum kit patch: illusionists metalmachine_pre_mixing_punchy_kick.s20 A few points to mention; I use Firmware 9 with the axefx2 so if you don't have said...
  32. Larcher

    Clean patch FW9

    Patch: sparkle clean.syx This was based off of Misha's 'Clean Bulb' patch he and Nolly realeased for the Firmware 9 version of the Axefx2. I just added a bit of treb and mid and played with the eq a bit. Hope you enjoy the patch! edit: this was recorded with my Carvin DC800
  33. Larcher

    I was trying to add a cab in my clean patch, and this happened (FW 9)

    imgur: the simple image sharer My axe-edit has been acting up today since I've update to 9.. When I upload a patch via axe-edit it just puts what ever is in my 001 slot. This normal?
  34. Larcher

    Greasy deathcore band I recorded this month! Patch inside

    they were really fun to record since it was my first deathcore band I was recording. Here is the final product. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kEEmjRkFEhg I recorded them and mixed their songs and Paul Gill (IAMLORDVADER over at sevenstring.org) Did the mastering :)...
  35. Larcher

    8 string death/metalcore/progressive track!

    patch -> https://rapidshare.com/#!download|811p2|1262357964|6505%20dc800.syx|6|0|0
  36. Larcher

    Another 8 string groove (axefx2/no djent/patch inside)

    patch: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|811p2|1262357964|6505%20dc800.syx|6|0|0
  37. Larcher

    Groovy 8 string thing (axefx2/dc800/no djent + patch)

    patch: http://rapidshare.com/files/1262357964/6505%20dc800.syx How do you guys like the tone? Smash or pass?
  38. Larcher

    Loading presets and then no sound?

    Hey guys, I've been trying to use some patches that I had saved for a while in a folder and when I load them up in axe-edit I import them by click recall -> import from preset file and then chose the preset, but when I load them they do not work. As in there is no sound whatsoever coming out of...
  39. Larcher

    I come bearing heavies

    patch -> http://www.mediafire.com/?asp0q4kexzxqwae ;) used my new carvin DC800 with stock pups!
  40. Larcher

    I've recently been getting 'crackles' and 'pops' with my axefx2 when recording

    This had never happened before, it was pop and crackle free. Even our 11 track album had like 18 gigs of DAW raw files in there and there were never cracks and pops. It all started yesterday after I plugged in my Presonus to record some vocals (which at this point exactly the pops started.) And...
  41. Larcher

    Recorded my band's full 11 track album with my axefx2, here is the result :)

    Our very over-due album is finaly released! It's got 11 tracks, you can either pay 5$ for the album on band camp, OR, you can download it for free if you like! Bandcamp: Contempt | Illusionists Free download: http://www.mediafire.com/?9sm6b77fgiu9v7e Tracklist!11!11one!: 1-Intro...
  42. Larcher

    I LOVE the FAS amp. (8 string content + patch + settings for standard/ultra users)

    having a fucking blast with my new dc800, it's god damned amazing. Even ordered new sets of string for that maximum tightness :D patch -> https://rapidshare.com/files/4126885695/8%20string%20FAS.syx for the ultra/standard users: guitar -> axefx -> gate -> T808MOD -> FAS amp -> 4x12 German V30...
  43. Larcher

    VH4 clip with 8 string (first ever 8 string weee) + pics + patch!

    Patch VH4.syx Clip Pics I LOVE my new guitar :) Enjoy the patch!
  44. Larcher

    My band's almost-done album track! (Axefx2/melodic/technical)

    This is not the mastered mix, so it's going to sound even better :D Illusionists | Facebook
  45. Larcher

    [DEATHCORE] Recorded a local Deathcore band today.

    No vocals yet. patch: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|104p10|4227584634|Molotov.syx|6|0|0 guitar used was the ESP AW7 with Dimazrio D-Activators (not my guitar)
  46. Larcher

    Deathcore band I recorded over the weekend. (Energyball)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tn7en5VtDQ&feature=plcp Here is their teaser, I think this is one of my heaviest mixes so far! Also, here is their facebook page! A Hitman's Business | Facebook patch: https://rapidshare.com/files/1154330561/ENGL.syx edit: forgive the youtube link, they...
  47. Larcher

    5150 axefx2 amp mix test (Nolly's 'The Heavies 2' inspired riff)

    What do you guys think of this one ? :3 ps: I did not really compose this, I used Nolly's "The Heavies 2.0" as a reference to write this. patch: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|851p3|2937176450|Larcher%205150.syx|6|0|0
  48. Larcher

    [METAL] Another 'almost' final mix for my band's album!

    the patch I used was this one: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|827p9|1626688684|Rythmillusionist.syx|6|0|0 cheers guys :D
  49. Larcher

    [METAL] Das Metall tone funsies

    Keep in mind this is not the latest VH4 model, but I haven't had time to play with the Dizzy one much yet. So here is my 'old' VH4 tone, which I think is pretty fucking great patch: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|257p8|4140255148|VH4%20metalcore.syx|6|0|0
  50. Larcher

    [METAL] new VH4 dizzy amp tone test (patch inside/in flames content)

    And of course, the patch! https://rapidshare.com/files/4307255/Larcher_VH4_dizzy.syx have fun kids :D
  51. Larcher

    Cannot download latest axe edit?

    When I go to this page http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-edit-software.php/downloads/axe-edit/downloads/axe-edit/downloads/axe-edit/Axe-Edit_Setup_1_0_317.exe and click download for windows on both the link and the download button it does nothing, I've tried in all browsers, anyone got a mirror?
  52. Larcher

    [DJENT] I've never djented this hard before (patch included)

    I like this patch, alot. I like it so much that I think I chose the right name for it :lol https://rapidshare.com/files/1819640252/Djedi.syx
  53. Larcher

    [METAL] Our album is almost done! Here is a clip with vocals! <3

    This is the same patch I used in my other thread that I posted :) Hope you guys are excited for us, because we sure as hell are :D Can't wait to release this, and for free!
  54. Larcher

    [METAL] Almost final mix of my band's upcoming album <3

    Rythm patch: https://rapidshare.com/files/1626688684/Rythmillusionist.syx Lead patch: https://rapidshare.com/files/282587904/Leadillusionists.syx We'll be putting vocals on this soon :D if you guys dig it, you should give us a like on facebook! Illusionists | Facebook <3
  55. Larcher

    [METAL] melodic djent tone test (energyball)

    patch: ENGL.syx I used bareknuckle aftermaths 7 in my bridge, enjoy!
  56. Larcher

    [METAL] Little something I threw together last night

    I can't get the patch because my axe-edit isin't loading anything right now, just sits there with no patch on the screen :/ if there's an alternative to getting the patches from the axefx onto the pc please tell me how!
  57. Larcher

    Getting some weird electrical/fizz noise in my patch, how do I remove this?

    my patch has always been like this but in recordings you dont notice it because of the other instruments playing. my friend told me it has something to do with my patch, as in I should re-do it, but I don't want to do that because I absolutely love the tone from this patch :/ halp
  58. Larcher

    [METAL] Engeryball tone test!

    guitar used was an agile 7string with bkp aftermath in the bridge :) patch: http://www.mediafire.com/?llsb53z49k0oouu enjoy/comment :D
  59. Larcher

    [METAL] My band's song from our CD that I'm working on!

    Will provide the patch if you guys want it :d edit: Here is the patch! The song was recorded with Dimarzio D-Activator pickups, so it may sound different, also there is some post-processing done(nothing major)! http://www.mediafire.com/?f0p3b353yaorv4f
  60. Larcher

    So I made a patch today! [death/tech/metal]

    I think it sounds good! What say you fractal forums :)
  61. Larcher

    So I was working on a patch..

    And when I hit save in axe edit, the sound changed completely, it was NO WHERE near sounding what I had done. I am sad. I was working on the patch for a good while and then it just..changed when I hit save. I tried clicking on the Y/X button and it's just as shitty. Anyone know what causes this?
  62. Larcher

    I am very proud of my band's album I am recording :) [metal]

    So this is one of our songs so far, the mixing is not finalized since we've yet to record the vocals yet, though this one will be an instrumental one! Fractal Audio Systems, I adore you. This machine is just wow! I used the PVH amp with the Recto 4x12 V30 cab with the u87 cond mic and the...
  63. Larcher

    Technical/melodic recording from a local band I did.

    Offshore - First Contact (axefx2) by Larcher on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free The guitar tone is 100% from the axefx2, by that I mean no post eqing :) the guy recording had an ESP with emg81's I used the PVH6160 amp with the V30 4x12 cab
  64. Larcher

    Metalcore tone test (PVH/V30)

    Metalcore tone test by Illusionists on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free follow me on soundcloud if you dig it :)
  65. Larcher

    Rack Cases for axefx2?

    I made a thread a while ago before I got my axefx2, but now I looked at the wikipedia page and it says the axefx2 is 19 inches deep. That causes me somewhat of a problem. I was about to order from Rack Cases the 18" 6 unit one but I fear the axefx2 would go beyond it. What do you guys think?
  66. Larcher

    work in progress/metal tone test! (Das Metal/V30)

    work in progress/tone test (Das Metal/V30) by Illusionists on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free my mix is far from great, but god damn the axefx2 is like the holy grail :|
  67. Larcher

    Which rack cases to use?

    Hey d00ds, I've been looking around for a rack case to put my axefx2 and my firestudio in because I really dislike them lying around with shit on top of them (computer screens etc) I've been looking at some rack cases from 123dj but I'm not sure if they would be the right size? I've never used...
  68. Larcher

    Using the axefx2 as a vocal amp?

    Is this possible? I've tried plugging my SM7B into the XLR in but there is no sound coming from it.
  69. Larcher

    Trying to get a Within the Ruins type of tone, clip inside! (afx2/bkp)

    This is my clip: Tech djent (tone test)ver2 effect test by Illusionists on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free and I'm trying to get: Within The Ruins - Invade - YouTube If anyone could help me out and maybe give me a bit of pointers I would <3 you edit: There is no...
  70. Larcher

    My go at a djent sounding patch! what do you guys think?

    New Year Groove(axefx2) by Illusionists on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  71. Larcher

    Probably a stupid question for a new user.

    I just got my axefx2 on friday, the thing is absolutely amazing. But my question is, when there will be firmware upgrades, will we have them for free? I would hope so, but then again I would'nt mind paying for updates. As long as they're not over 200$ ಠ_ಠ
  72. Larcher

    Received my axefx2 today. Happy as can be. Here is my first clip with it!

    http://soundcloud.com/illusionists/iwml-violence-axefx2 I used the "Djentlemanly" preset and added a noise gate, and then post-EQ'd it in cubase 5 using ozone 4. edit: Also, if anyone knows a nice Bass amp model I'd like to know :D I haven't looked much into playing with it yet. But I was a...
  73. Larcher

    I got my axefx2 today amd I have no clue how to export a patch.

    I'm trying to export a patch from my axefx2 to my computer, so I can upload it in axe-edit. Would there be a quicker way to do this? Like say, going straight from the axe to axe-edit ?
  74. Larcher

    Question about the waiting list coupons

    Hey, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, of it's been asked before (I've searched and found nothing :/) Lets say I get the email saying I'm on the waiting list, and then I receive my coupon at a bad time (car problems or whatever) and I'm short on cash. How long is the coupon valid for...
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