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  1. Shredology

    NGD - well, sort of

    Looks killer, awesome job with the paint!
  2. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III into another audio interface

    I ended up using this and plug everything, including the Axe into it. It has a return from the PC so I can mix playback audio from the PC with the Axe and keyboard, etc. Works really well. StudioLive® AR12c
  3. Shredology

    What happened to Artists Presets?

    I don't know which is worse these days. The attitude of entitlement or the ability to easily share one's stupid opinions with the world.
  4. Shredology

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    I like it!
  5. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III menus extremely slow all of a sudden [solved]

    I had this happen. Redownloaded the FW and reinstalled it and everything was back to normal. Also the first time this has happened to me.
  6. Shredology

    Axe-Fx iii cases

    I have a white one for sale. PM me and I'll make you a deal if interested.
  7. Shredology

    Vendor Friedman 2020 Preset

    Ah! now I'm less confused. The original post sounded like he was giving us a preset but no link anywhere. Weird way to present something.
  8. Shredology

    Best FRFR for FM3 (Poll inside)

    Wow!! I've never even heard of this before and I though my finger was on the pulse of the all things guitar related:p
  9. Shredology

    Best FRFR for FM3 (Poll inside)

    FRFR but more of a backline choice than a monitor. I didn't realize all in your list were configured as monitors to sit in front of you but they are. Sorry, my bad.
  10. Shredology

    Best FRFR for FM3 (Poll inside)

    line 6 power cab
  11. Shredology

    Is it just me?

    Don't laugh but my theory is that this is autism spectrum stuff. The link between music and math has long been established and the fretboard is a repeating pattern which autistic kids recognize with great ease. I really wonder if that is the key to a musical prodigy.
  12. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    I agree with you. The NFT Floyd seems very nicely made, and like I said, has nice feel and sustain.
  13. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    Another thing to note. The NFT Floyds are made in Korea. If that implies anything about quality then you have to consider it.
  14. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    It is pretty stiff. I am not a dive bomber, mostly just a soft flutter. The blade runner just doesn't give me that fine, smooth feel. There is also something about it that looks a little cheap. I'm not going to say I hate it, Just not as nice as the NFT Floyd or vega. The thing I have not tried...
  15. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    Never had a problem, It is less than others though because the thing is crazy tiny.
  16. Shredology

    Tom Anderson vintage tremolo opinions

    I have them all on different guitars. The old model Anderson vintage is fine but I like the non-fine tuner Floyd better I have never bonded with the blade runner, I am about to put two up for sale as I have swapped them out for Vega's In my opinion, the Vega is the best trem currently available
  17. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III Mk2 Incoming - some questions

    This is what I do
  18. Shredology

    Any TA Drop Top owners..

    Love my solid Cobra S Beware of Anderson pickups though. I don't like them at all
  19. Shredology

    Wish Axe-Fx III boot right into Tuner

    side effect is that when you set the tuner to mute output, you boot up muted, which is nice
  20. Shredology

    Thick Pick/Thick Strings, Thin Pick/Thick Strings, Etc

    1.38 or 2.0? for the Ultex Jazz III. Looks like it comes in 2 thicknesses. I'm usually a red user and forget what thickness that is
  21. Shredology

    Patty Smyth!

    Huge fan our hers since forever. I didn't see she had new stuff out. Thanks for posting this!
  22. Shredology

    Eighties Clean - preset walktrough

    Awesome Preset. Thank you so much
  23. Shredology

    Eighties Clean - preset walktrough

    I must have missed the other post that he is referring to(RJ?). Is the preset there?
  24. Shredology

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    What if they already have the Ax-Fx XX and they release a slightly less dumbed down version every few years:flushed:
  25. Shredology

    So for no real reason I decided I needed an ESP E-II Eclipse

    How is the neck on them? Les Paul chunky or shredder thin?
  26. Shredology

    "Stone In Love" remixed with Rhythm overdub

    I love everything he does!!!
  27. Shredology

    Big shout out to Line 6 Powercab 212+ as an amplification solution for FM3

    The Powercab got killer reviews from one of the magazines that reviewed it when it first came out. It never seemed to get much attention on this forum however Now I am very intrigued!!!
  28. Shredology

    FS Casesmith Customs 4U Case $100 South Carolina

    bump price lowered
  29. Shredology

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    If we can make this forum snark-free it will be a first in the history of forums. Sad but true, human nature=snark. I have had to stop posting on one of the car forums because too many people were responding with how stupid my question was. Gee-wiz, I was starting to get a complex.
  30. Shredology

    Recommendations for Purchased Patches

    Edosounds are killer for me. They sound exactly the same for me as they do in his demos. I can't say that for some others I've tried.
  31. Shredology

    FS Casesmith Customs 4U Case $100 South Carolina

    Mint condition, one owner, studio use only for storage of AF III Includes shipping in continental U.S.
  32. Shredology

    Guitar store riffs

    There is a store in Durham, NC called Sound Pure. Small shop with great really high-end gear. When you try something out, the owner sits and stares at you. I suddenly get very self-conscience about my store noodling.
  33. Shredology

    Journey/Schon tone/equipment

    I haven't seen too many of the gods contribute to this forum. Are there any that do with any regularity?
  34. Shredology

    Journey/Schon tone/equipment

    Mark Day seems to be the source for all things Journey around here. He has posted some presets over time. Maybe looking at what he's using in them will help. He had posted a preset called "main live" or something like that. It was awesome for me for a while but changed somewhere along the...
  35. Shredology

    Homemade 9V Power Out for pedals on FM3

    Beautiful mod. Thanks for sharing
  36. Shredology

    Modern English - I Melt With You (from Quarantine)

    OMG, Haven't heard that one in years. Pure 80's synth goodness
  37. Shredology

    Modern English - I Melt With You (from Quarantine)

    Totally agree with the nostalgia of this song. Another that takes be back to good times is The Cure's "Friday I'm in Love"
  38. Shredology

    Floyd Rose with threaded collar on bar

    The push-in is great. I have replaced the arms on all my Floyds. You get them directly from Floyd Rose's website
  39. Shredology

    Recommend a replacement tremolo for my Strat

    I have noticed a good bit of difference with the feel of the 6-screw 510 and the 2-point version. I like the 2-point very much but was unhappy with the stiffness of the 6-screw P.S. The Vega I have is the 6-screw replacement-LOVE it!
  40. Shredology

    Burg's Dumbles. Preset demo and free download.

    The rotary is liked to a pedal. I think you have to set the control to"none"before you can bypass
  41. Shredology

    Recommend a replacement tremolo for my Strat

    I have used everything except the new Floyd rail tail. The Vega kills everything I have used. The feel is incredible. I don't even care about the pull-up feature
  42. Shredology

    FM3 Session Preset

    Milo, you mentioned that you had an AF3 version of this preset prior to this one for FM3. Is that posted anywhere? If not, could you share that one with us?
  43. Shredology

    Mooer Shrooms footswitch toppers... do they fit FM3?

    Just received mine for my FC12 really nice and no set screws to damage the buttons
  44. Shredology

    Spring loaded EV-1?

    youtube video of a guy using a section of bicycle tire innertube as a rubber band to make a pseudo spring pedal. Looks like it would work well. I'm going to try it this weekend
  45. Shredology

    Time for a new audio interface?

    Presonus StudioLive AR12c is the ticket for me. I run everything through it.
  46. Shredology

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    Seriously soup Nazi. There is a lot of reading there. Really informative but kind of scary
  47. Shredology

    Schaffer Vega system mimic

    Ahh, I searched schaffer vega instead and found nothing. Thanks
  48. Shredology

    Schaffer Vega system mimic

    So I'm sure most of you have heard about this thing being Angus' secret sauce. Can we approximate this with the AF III to get the feel of what its all about?
  49. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    I once dated a German chick who liked to cuddle ;)
  50. Shredology

    FM-12 III in progress

    Mind-blowingly wonderful!
  51. Shredology

    Lok-N-Roll Compensated Locking Nut

    I don't know. Seems like a hard sell to me. Having to 1.)grind(level) the bottom of the nut 2.)fabricate a custom shim Ain't nobody got time for all that!!!
  52. Shredology

    Swapping out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Duncan JB

    Well I think part of the problem is that JB's suck ;)
  53. Shredology

    Wish Tone King Imperial Mark Knopfler Amp

    sorry, didn't mean to hijack your Tone King thread
  54. Shredology

    Wish Tone King Imperial Mark Knopfler Amp

    I agree. I have never heard a Victory amp clip that didn't sound great. Seems worthwhile.
  55. Shredology

    Ted Templeman's new book

    Pulling out of my high school parking lot after my last final exam blasting Summer Nights.... Good times!!!!
  56. Shredology

    Larry Mitchell Livestream

    Just say you have a fever and a dry cough. I guarantee you will be given the day off no questions asked :p
  57. Shredology

    Help me choose some pickups

    I'm dying to try the WCR (JWP)Godwood's as the hype around them is unreal. But really expensive and I'm happy with all my pickups right now.
  58. Shredology

    Help me choose some pickups

    I have Aldrich's in a couple of things and I love them too.
  59. Shredology

    Help me choose some pickups

    A couple of Loller Imperial fans here but I hated them. They were completely lifeless and sterile in my Collings CL. I couldn't get them out fast enough. I put in a set of Motor City Hotheads as that was what Mark Day was posting with at the time. I love them
  60. Shredology

    Neil Zaza Rig Rundown: Axe-Fx III

    My all-time favorite player. Wildly underappreciated!
  61. Shredology

    The 10 Best Mid-Gain Factory Presets Demo

    Yes these are his 9 favorite presets :)
  62. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III pricing - What is going on?

    Yeah, I predict that about as good as I pick lottery numbers :rolleyes:
  63. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III pricing - What is going on?

    Definitely, the problem is what constitutes "early". I felt like I waited a good long time.
  64. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III pricing - What is going on?

    No, I'd rather have my $500
  65. Shredology

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    I have used the PRA audio Wic for about 6 years with no issues
  66. Shredology


    Nice, I have used stair treads for a lot of shelves over the years
  67. Shredology


    You have mad woodworking skill sir
  68. Shredology

    FC Internal Firmware 1.10

    Got a popup when I opened Fractabot to upgrade to latest version. Did that, then ran upgrade for my FC-12 No issues at all
  69. Shredology

    Fractal's sales seem to just be new price......

  70. Shredology

    "Sultans of Swing" Solo with the Axe-Fx 3 + Preset for download

    well that's just great in every way and thank you for the preset
  71. Shredology

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    Can they all be set up this way? That seems amazing compared to the toggle switches
  72. Shredology

    Atomic CLR Fender Blackface Special Edition

    How much fabric does it take to do a CLR?
  73. Shredology

    Good TV shows “worth watching”

    The Americans Ozark
  74. Shredology

    Would you dislike a 4U Axe-Fx 4?

    NO!!! Everything should be in floorboard form from now on. NO MORE RACK GEAR PLEASE
  75. Shredology

    Help Me Buy a Bass?

    I am in the same market for a bass. These caught my eye but I have not been able to play one yet. https://www.sandberg-guitars.de/basses/
  76. Shredology

    Majestic Clean

    Love it, Thank you
  77. Shredology

    How to think about channels

    Thanks Matt, that was helpful
  78. Shredology

    How to think about channels

    I get what you are saying now and I agree. I have been avoiding channels thus far by simply switching to a different preset when I have a function that needs to change more than just on/off.
  79. Shredology

    How to think about channels

    Oh boy, my head is starting to hurt:veryconfused:
  80. Shredology

    How to think about channels

    Got it Thanks
  81. Shredology

    How to think about channels

    Are these two things equivalent? 1.) a preset with two amp blocks(say Vox and Marshall) where scene 1 turns off the Marshall leaving the vox and scene 2 turns off the Vox leaving the Marshall 2. a preset with one amp block where channel A is a vox and channel B is a Marshall where scene 1 turns...
  82. Shredology

    How to think about channels

    I have been struggling with this a bit myself. I get the concept of scenes but have been avoiding the whole channel thing for now.
  83. Shredology

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    That looks so sweet
  84. Shredology

    Opinion on a recent guitar purchase, neck joint cracks

    I wrote Sam Ash off long ago after two bad experiences. It sounds like Ball is the problem here but Sam Ash is total sketch to me. To me refinish is not a good option. If they didn't do a total strip, that many layers of finish on the guitar may effect the tonal qualities. A total strip feels...
  85. Shredology

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    Really cool!
  86. Shredology

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    Anybody getting regular use out of a sustainer equipped guitar? I was watching the rig rundown of TSO and Joel Hoekstra seems to be using them a lot. I can see them for that style of music but they have never been on my radar. Just wondering if I am missing something.
  87. Shredology

    Anyone still using Dunlop Ultex 1.0mm yellow picks?

    Hooked on blue chips for life at this point
  88. Shredology

    Axe-Fx III: Carry Case / Gig Bag Options and Ideas

    I also use this Quik loc stand. Works really well
  89. Shredology

    EVH volume pot

    I love low friction pots and change out the stock pots in most of my guitars. The EVH are nice. In the past I have bought pots from PRS-super low friction and probably my favorite. Also, stewmac is selling an Emerson Pro version of the CTS which is very nice. Regular CTS can be very stiff or...
  90. Shredology

    How many guitars do you own?

    Dude, you are not even in the game ;)
  91. Shredology

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    Much happier with my last 2 Dell Precisions than my last 2 iMacs
  92. Shredology

    Cat Poll

    Ha! I think all of them
  93. Shredology

    Tom Quayle (Guitar Interactive Magazine) - Axe FX III Review

    Yeah, both are kind of Fugly! looks like 1970's furniture
  94. Shredology

    FC-6 & FC-12 Wait list caught up

    Are they going to drop the price like they did on the AxeFx III after the waitlist was done?
  95. Shredology

    What's the worst thing about the Axe-Fx III? (kidding)

    That's horrible. I'm so sorry. Wishing her a full recovery.
  96. Shredology

    Alternatives to Gibson Custom?

    Collings City Limits-no brainer
  97. Shredology

    Coming soon...

    It's hilarious that the OP is still active and posting but not acknowledging this thread.
  98. Shredology

    How do you storage your guitars?

    This for me too
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