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  1. Spartacus

    Cubase 11

    Cubase Pro here. Could probably get away with Artist for the most part.
  2. Spartacus

    Cubase 11

    Hey GlenO. That’s a bit of a show shopper! Hopefully they get it sorted quickly. I usually upgrade for less during the summer offer - cheaper, plus any fixes are in place at that point. Thanks
  3. Spartacus

    Cubase 11

    Been using/upgrading Cubase since version 6 (9th upgrade) and never had an issue. I believe steinberg had an auth server issue at launch. You can keep and run any of your older versions on the same machine which is hand.
  4. Spartacus

    The headstock survived

    A very “Tap” moment!
  5. Spartacus

    The future?

    I think having any/many social media apps on your phone is a much bigger deal by about a million times, compared to worrying about this type of feature on an amp.
  6. Spartacus

    July deals on Cubase

    Never used S1, it looks good. But I’m at the stage where I believe the DAW you are most familiar with is the best option. After investing nearly a decade on Cubase I’m pretty handy with it. I recently tired UAD Luna, and after three days Of baby steps and pulling my hair out I decided that...
  7. Spartacus

    July deals on Cubase

    Cheers for the heads up. It’s time for me to upgrade as well..
  8. Spartacus

    FM3 sounding better through headphones than monitors

    Also maybe your room could benefit from some decent acoustic treatment. Make some bass traps, and steer away from that thin foam stuff. As well as speaker positioning which is important. I find when buying monitors it’s advisable to choose a pair that are suitable for your room size. Plus you...
  9. Spartacus

    Iconic Prince 'Blue Angel' guitar, that was once considered lost, is sold for over $500,000

    Wow! I wonder if @Rex has an idea how close the Schecter Clouds are compare to the original guitars? I bought one from the NPG music club 17/18 years ago. They don’t have the active EMG’s, the bridge is different (nightmare-ish to change strings), plastic nut, and front loaded neck pickup. But...
  10. Spartacus

    Closed Word Clock

    Add me to the dummy corner too...
  11. Spartacus

    Iconic Prince 'Blue Angel' guitar, that was once considered lost, is sold for over $500,000

    Yeah I was surprised too. But it some ways it’s impressive that the guts of these two iconic guitars started out as different production models. He certainly liked to throw them about the place. I have seen some performances where an employee catches them slightly out of shot as well. No stunt...
  12. Spartacus

    Iconic Prince 'Blue Angel' guitar, that was once considered lost, is sold for over $500,000

    An interesting piece on this guitar was put together for that auction: https://www.juliensauctions.com/auctions/2020/Prince_Blue_Angel_Guitar/Prince_Blue_Angel_Flipping_Book/
  13. Spartacus

    Closed Word Clock

    This would make sense. I assumed it would sync to an interface like the 2/3. Still playing an Ultra (it can only be a master - so I have to run analog), but planning to buy an FM3.
  14. Spartacus

    Audio Interface for FM3

    Why don’t you use the FM3 as your interface and spend your cash on a preamp - connect the preamp to input 2.
  15. Spartacus

    First year new iPhone is meh......

    I had the same battery for 3.5 years (battery cell life was down to 71%) - I got it replaced a few months back due to performance of the handset! So slow! I had dropped the phone and smashed the screen for the second time, so I took the opportunity to swap out the battery. But the chassis has...
  16. Spartacus

    First year new iPhone is meh......

    Phone technology has matured to a point where a single year/generation is not enough of a leap forward to justify yearly upgrades - especially at the prices these devices go for. It reminds me of what happened in the PC market 15-20 years ago. I’m looking to upgrade from a 6 plus this year...
  17. Spartacus

    Any Tricks To Improve A Bass Track That Is Pumping Like Crazy?

    You could try this chain of waves plugins (or equivalent) if you have them: Cla 76 in doctor pepper mode to tame the biggest peaks only Into an cla la2, to even out a bit more - gently Then into that bass rider plugin Or maybe c4 Basically multi stage compression, starting with the latest...
  18. Spartacus

    Helix Native Fail

    I ran a demo of Helix Native a few months back, and didn’t like the amps sims at all. My old Ultra is better. Or some of the UAD, or one or two of the IK models are alright. However, I do like the effects (have an M13) so having those is the box would be handy. But just couldn’t justify the...
  19. Spartacus

    UAD plugins

    So many, but for some general colour the neve or ssl preamp/channel, for depth Ocean Way, for compression distressor. For guitar, the Roland chorus boxes are great, and the korg delay.
  20. Spartacus

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin MK II Question

    I think you might need a computer with thunderbolt 3 to us an Arrow - or at least an adapter to feed it power. If you are going down the UAD route my advice would be to at the very least go with a duo. My assumption is that you want to use some of their plugins? The really great ones like...
  21. Spartacus

    Rick Beato

    He’s an excellent guy who gives away lots of great information for free. I found the steely dan video is great. He covers a lot of different concepts and genres which is cool. Lots to learn.
  22. Spartacus

    TC2290 video

    That is an excellent video - lots of interesting information.
  23. Spartacus

    Anyone using thunderbolt ?

    Been using a silverface apollo (thunderbolt) for four years now on an iMac. No complaints at all, it just works. For me I appreciate that fact that you use it like a digital mixer once you’ve powered up your computer - no DAW needed (no detectable latency). Excellent plugins too. But as far as...
  24. Spartacus

    So: What is the best way to make your guitar sound like a bass?

    A second hand bass is the best option if you're serious about presenting ideas to your bass player.. And I find playing ideas on the actual instrument (bass) rather than on a guitar with a pitch shifter/using the synth, gives you a much better feel for writing bass parts.. Long term it's the...
  25. Spartacus

    Welcome Robin Finck!

    Congrats guys!!
  26. Spartacus

    Poll, Would you buy a relic, or distressed looking new guitar

    No I'm not a fan of new guitars professionally smashed up! Do it yourself over a lifetime of playing.. ;)
  27. Spartacus

    My Vibroverb addiction...and Axe fx Album

    Excellent work.. This reminds me of why I love music..
  28. Spartacus

    Ever find yourself playing on a session with a druumer like Jens Hannemann?

    I'm sure we've all at least seen one of these characters in action.. Enjoy.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nECoe4eCp_o&sns=em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFL6_jmWsB4
  29. Spartacus

    Having Sustain Issues

    You could also try one of these if you can't play at the required volume to create sustain/feedback: Vibesware Guitar Feedback Playing
  30. Spartacus

    Is Cab Lab a good buy?

    Is this true? Will the Ultra be supported too?
  31. Spartacus

    Microphones for recording

    I'm taking a bit of a guess here but let me clarify you need first.. You use the Axe Fx for pre amp and fx, and you output that to a pair of real cabs via two different tube power amps (a stereo pair via output 1, and mono via the effects loop/output 2).. I don't think it is possible to use...
  32. Spartacus

    Axe fx 2 Ireland

    Hey Luke, I've tried to PM you twice but nothing is showing in my sent messages. Can you please PM me and I will reply with my number. Cheers
  33. Spartacus

    Axe fx 2 Ireland

    Hey Luke, I work from home and have my gear here til the weekend - after that it's back the rehearsal space.. So over the next few day works best for me. I'll PM you my number so you can give me a call to arrange.. Cheers,
  34. Spartacus

    Digital vs Analog, the myths.

    Excellent post!
  35. Spartacus

    Axe fx 2 Ireland

    Hi Luke, I've got an Ultra and live in Dublin if that's any help to you? I'm actually down on the wait list to buy an XL from G66... The amp modelling on the II seems to sound a lot more raw (in a good way) from the clips posted here with the last few firmware upgrades - compared to the Ultra...
  36. Spartacus

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    Looking forward to up upgrading my ultra to an XL.. I was wondering like a lot of others if a III would be released soon, but this would suggest it's at least another year or two away.. This should give owners of the II a little piece of mind that more firmware will be coming there way! I...
  37. Spartacus

    Metallica Meltdown

    Haha!! Yep! I'm Irish and for some reason we actually don't pronounced our th's.. So sometimes you write how you tink .. ;)
  38. Spartacus

    Metallica Meltdown

    I sorted of enjoyed that.. And Justice was the first trash album I bought.. I think what's not sitting right on people's ears is the piano parts where it gets out of control harmonically.. The limited chord choices (power chords mainly), would make it difficult to be adventurous with on a...
  39. Spartacus

    Here it is - LINE 6 Amplifi

    Yeah it's aimed at beginners (as seen in the video).. Wish I had something like that twenty years ago :)
  40. Spartacus

    AES Damn Lies Workshop - about audio gear specs etc..

    Hey all, Some great information about audio gear specs and how they are measured and presented to the public. AES Damn Lies Workshop - YouTube Cheers
  41. Spartacus

    AC30TB - Too harsh?

    I like it - even on apple ear buds.. ;) As you stated in the context of music is when you'll find out if it's too much. But for me that's a nice mix of twank and dirty break up..
  42. Spartacus

    What do you run between your guitar and the AxeFx?

    Zvex Fuzz factory!! Nothing like it..
  43. Spartacus

    One Shot From Your Last Gig - Bar/Club/Hall/Stadium/Bedroom

    Axe Ultra, Fender, Atomic and Gretsch - great combination!
  44. Spartacus

    Are all/most of your guitars the same specifications?

    All very different, don't see the point in having a tool kit full of Philips screwdrivers.. :)
  45. Spartacus

    Internal Controllers Overview - Video

    Unbelievable video with a great view on how the controllers can be used! Thank you posting this. Cheers.
  46. Spartacus

    Live bands playing along to karaoke tracks - Moral Issue?

    Playing with backing tracks to add extra parts is 100% fine in my book. If you play in a cover band trying my make some cash it makes a great deal of sense - cuts down on the number of mouths to feed and speeds up practice sessions.. After all, if you play music in front of people it's only...
  47. Spartacus

    Tutorial Video on Cab Lab and Speaker Resonance Frequency

    Excellent as usual Scott!! Well done!!
  48. Spartacus

    $9,000 a metre USB cable.....

  49. Spartacus

    Welcome to the Jungle - Completed

    Great work dude!! Well done!!
  50. Spartacus

    FW 11 Jumpered Plexi Video - VH's I'm The One

    Awesome playing Adam!! Great sound - the note attack is unbelievable.. Any post processing done on the guitar track?
  51. Spartacus

    Axeperts! I need guidance on recreating this effect.

    You could probably recreate that with a jet flanger and very fast tremolo set to square! You might try an expression pedal to turn both effects on/off using auto engage.. Hope that's of some help! Cheers
  52. Spartacus

    running through a Fender Deluxe Reverb.

    Hi gthomas, I use an Ultra (previous version) with some Atomic Reactors and a Fender Blues Deville. If you intend running an Axe Fx through a really guitar amp, you will need to disable the amp sims and cab sims.. You would run it as an effects processor for effects like drives pedals, verbs...
  53. Spartacus

    Vernon Reid's crazy rig ...

    Great rigs for both guitar and bass. Pushing technology to its limit..
  54. Spartacus

    Reptilia (The Strokes cover). Hello Dirty Shirley!

    Excellent job!! Nicely played.. Where did you get the tracks without guitars?
  55. Spartacus

    Welcome Hershel Yatovitz of the Chris Isaak Band

    Seen him play here in Dublin last year. Excellent player, and fantastic show too! Great to see him with an Axe Fx..
  56. Spartacus

    Which is the real JCM 800????

    So close.. Taking a guess, I'd say 1 is the Fractal..
  57. Spartacus

    Anvil! The Story of Anvil

    Great movie, it's funny and heartbreaking at the same time! Putting yourself out there is no easy piece of cake..
  58. Spartacus

    New video Vibrato King jam

    Super playing and tasty tone!
  59. Spartacus

    Wish Me Luck

    Very best of luck!!!
  60. Spartacus

    Used one pedal and head at practice last night

    Had a similar experience about a month ago where a played a few songs with a friend in a bar - a laid back evening with different folks getting up to join in for different songs.. To make things easy for all i left my ultra and atomic reactirs at home, I just brought along a strat and a delay...
  61. Spartacus

    Marcus Miller's kid?

    So so good!! Fantastic...
  62. Spartacus

    Only one side of output 1 working after damage on flight

    Hi All, I recently had a bad experience on an low cost airline where my Ultra was battered about the place. Now I had it in a hard suitcase padded out with soft towels. When I picked up the suitcase I new it had been mishandled - Rack ear had busted the hard suitcase!! My Ultra still...
  63. Spartacus

    Killers - When You were Young at Rehearsal w/ FW10

    Really like the use of the Phaser too. Nice touch.
  64. Spartacus

    Fractal - Pensados Place - Chris Baseford

    Hey all, Axe FX got a mention on Pensados Place. It's a great show about recording, engineering and the creative process... Engineer Chris Baseford - Pensado's Place #101 - YouTube 35-37 mins Enjoy
  65. Spartacus

    What I've Been Doing the Past Month

    Sounds really lively = Excellent!!
  66. Spartacus

    Metallica - Nothing Else Majeur!!!

    Very interesting to here a song that you've known for twenty year change from minor to major.. Cool.
  67. Spartacus

    Another V10 Preview II

    Can't tell the difference between those clips. Fantastic work Cliff!!
  68. Spartacus

    Would this be possible? [pickup impulses]

    Hi all, I was thinking about this a while ago and how it could be achieved. I'm an Ultra user still so I can't try it out, but from a process point of view, capturing and sharing pickup profiles would probably look something like this. Process: 1. agree on a best set of chords phrases to play...
  69. Spartacus

    Another V10 Preview

    That is the closest I've heard to date - really no difference in them at any of the settings! Superbly done! In the first example the actual amp sounds a little bit more unpredictable in a pleasing way, but your model of it sounds fantastic. Is it a little more difficult to model lower gain...
  70. Spartacus

    Version 10.0 Preview

    Extremely close. I'd say first one is the actual amp, followed by the axe.. Could be wrong? Well done and happy new year :)
  71. Spartacus

    Mother of All Effect Emulation: TC2290

    Excellent work Sean. Is it the converts on the TC that give it an extra crispy sound - in a pleasing way?
  72. Spartacus

    New Looper feature preview: Attaching modifiers to Play control

    Excellent work Adam!! Looking forward to hearing a mix of reverse and half speed too :)
  73. Spartacus

    Creating glitchy/stutter effect

    No worries Adam. Instead of having to add a tempo function to the Megatap block try the Multidelay block, and the 10 tap option within. That allows you to sync to tempo correctly. Cheers
  74. Spartacus

    Creating glitchy/stutter effect

    Hi guys, I use the multidelay on my Ultra for things like the repeat thing after 2:35 in that vid. Set the tempo for the song/patch, think I choose ten-tap delay and wound it back to 8 taps, selected the tempo to I think 16th (could be wrong) and the mix at around 50%. Kick the effect in and...
  75. Spartacus

    SPL Transient Designer effect in the Axefx

    Hey Cliff, how about a separate block, say call it trans that would allow users to use it at different parts of their signal path. Would also be great for the folks who use the Axe for effects only!! Cheers
  76. Spartacus

    Happy Birthday Cliff

    Happy birthday Cliff.
  77. Spartacus

    Roland GR-33, GR-55, GI-20 and ext synth, or midi guitar (ZTAR)

    I still have a GR-33 and VG-88. In my mind the GR-55 pretty much covers the two of these in one package. One of the advantages of the GR-55 is that when you are playing say an organ sounds, you can use the actual organ synth samples and the COSM harmonics organ sounds at the same time, and...
  78. Spartacus

    Why playing solos live is hard: Reason #34

    Yeah what did it say?
  79. Spartacus

    Wicked Wiki 15: PSI ... Preset Scene Investigation

    In the same boat here.. Next year!
  80. Spartacus

    Axe-FX II 9.0 Beta - which clip do you like better?

    Nice fullness in the first. Clean spanky part in the second was really nice.
  81. Spartacus

    It takes pedals too!

    Great tone. Very tasty!
  82. Spartacus

    Some friday night comedy...

    Brilliant!! I used to watch this show back in the 90's. Acid Skiffle, haha!!
  83. Spartacus

    Rig Rundown - Devo's Bob Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale

    PG's Jason Shadrick is on location in Chicago, IL, at the Chicago Theater where he catches up with Devo's Bob Mothersbaugh and Bob Casale (Bob 1 and Bob 2). In this segment, both Bob's touring gear including their Ibanez guitars, Bob 1's custom potato guitar the 'Spudcaster', their Fractal Audio...
  84. Spartacus

    Kraftwerk - The Robots

    Super job!! This is so good. Well done.
  85. Spartacus

    Best way to connect a Boss SE70 to Axe Fx

    The SE-70 was a great little unit. It was first ever rack process I owned and I've still got it to this day. Picked it up new in 1996 I think. As angelworm said, output 2 into L/R in's on the SE-70, L/R outs of the SE-70 back into the Axe FX input 2 - use the FX Loop block to insert it into your...
  86. Spartacus

    OwnHammer Beta Cab IR Comparison Clips

    Great work Scott!! I really like the OH Beta V30 w/ SM57 - Position 1-9 Mix.
  87. Spartacus

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.13

    I've steppd on the EDIT button too many times live - Well done!!
  88. Spartacus

    Matchbox Twenty on Letterman with a couple AxeFX-IIs

    Nice performance and very clean stage setup. Clever arrangement for three guitarists too. Each playing exactly whats needed part and texture wise for a good pop/rock tune. Using three very different guitars - clean tight Fender, rocky SG and the choral Ricky..
  89. Spartacus

    I'm addicted to Supply Sag

    If you keep that up you may go blind ;)
  90. Spartacus

    Dweezil on AMS

    So no more Atomic wedges for Dweezil?
  91. Spartacus

    VIDEO: YYZ (Cover) - Rush - Sean Ashe Axe FX II Firmware 7.0 (Patch inside too :) )

    Outstanding!! Great playing fella!! And looks like you are having a ball too!! Fair play!!
  92. Spartacus

    7.0 made me do this..

    Really cool fella. Melody and drive!!
  93. Spartacus

    Version 7.00 Preview Part Deux

    Both sound great. First is a little fatter and second has a little more snap and bite to it, to my ears. Even though they are close and sound a little different I would not be foolish enough to bet money on which one is AXE and which is the amp. At a push I'd say the second is AXE. Cliff?
  94. Spartacus

    New Sample Rate Reduction feature in Drive block

    Really cool. Excellent feature!!
  95. Spartacus

    Whoops...bad day.

    Brilliant!!! Didn't panic. I would love to see the end result..
  96. Spartacus

    AC30 Amp Match with Clips, Pics and Presets

    Superb job. Great detail in your approach to getting amp and axe as close as possible. Well done!!
  97. Spartacus

    Axe-FX II: Brown Sugar

    No way!!! :)
  98. Spartacus

    Introducing The Rack Cam: In the Cougar Den

    Looks like so much fun man!! Music should always be enjoyed by the player(s) and the listeners. 10 out of 10 on both counts
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