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    FS 2 EV-1's Black and Silver $125/ea

    EV-1's in excellent shape. Both have velcro that I attached for my studio board. Never left the studio. Have boxes as well. Save on Taxes and Shipping will be based on actual charges depending on where you live in Continental US only.
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    AX8 with Mission Engineering Gemini 2 Studio Edition

    I can't seem to get a decent sound through this setup that doesn't sound Casio like.. I've been gigging with this setup for a few months now and I'm not getting good feedback.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was using a Splawn QR and it doesn't seem to come close to that sound I was...
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    Week of May 18th Shipments

    It will be easier to keep track of invites on a weekly basis so we can guestimate when we might receive our invites. Anybody receive an invite today? If so, when did you place reservation? Any and all participation is greatly appreciated..
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    Second Wave Of Shipments??

    Does anyone have any idea when the second wave of shipments are going to start? The hype has seemingly died down...:|
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