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  1. acidfrost

    Help with external switch

    I just received my FM3 and it is an amazing piece of hardware. I had an Axe-FX II for a while and the 2 are very different. Settings are much more complex than it used to be! haha I'm having an issue with my external switch in my mission engineer SP-1. I have a momentary switch at the toe down...
  2. acidfrost

    Ghost Noise behind note with certain VSTs

    Hey guys! Since there's a lot of tech people here I wanted to know if anyone knows what is this issue I'm having. With certain amp VST, there's this ghost noise in the back when I play. I tried different guitars, cables, preamps, sample rates, vst2/vst3, etc but still get this weird wobbly wind...
  3. acidfrost

    DI similar to the secret sauce

    Hey peeps! I'm looking for a DI that would give me a similar low noise floor as the Axe. When I go DI through my interface, preamps or DIs, my noise floor is much higher than with the axe. Anyone knows what DIs would give me something similar? Or is the magic more software side? Thanks!
  4. acidfrost

    Virtual Mics for IRs

    We all remember when we had mic "emulations" in the cab block. Now that there are a bunch of mics emulations offering from Slate, Antelope and Townsend Labs, wouldn't it be great to have a similar system in the Axe for IRs? Let me explain: IR manufacturers would shoot IRs of cabs with one of...
  5. acidfrost

    VST like multi delay plex shift

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know of a plugin that does the same thing as the multi delay in plex shift mode? Thanks!
  6. acidfrost

    Axe FX Output as reamp di?

    Hey! I've been wondering if I could use the outputs of my Axe FX 2 as a reamp DI, instead of buying a DI. Since the Axe can be used with an amp, I guess it would work? Let's say I have a DI track, the Axe is in USB and is connected to a an amp, I could just play the DI track through the Axe...
  7. acidfrost

    Can anyone test this preset on their CLR?

    Hey guys, I'm getting some buzz/vibration when palm muting/chugging on this preset. Not sure if the issue is with my CLR or with the preset itself. I sounds like the tweeter is vibrating like some screws are loose. I had a similar issue but much less prominent on a clean channel with a lot of...
  8. acidfrost

    Easy way to get DI + AMP through S/PDIF

    Hey people! I'm trying to record both the input 1 (DI track) and the output 1 left (axe fx amp) through S/PDIF. The only way I was able to achieve this is creating a shunt line and panning it right. the amp/cab etc is panned left. Now I can record through S/PDIF and have both track. The issue...
  9. acidfrost

    How is your Ax8 reamping experience?

    Hi! I'm looking into moving from the Axe FX to the Ax8. I do as much studio as live so the reamping is pretty important to me. With no USB reamping feature on the Ax8, have you found it easy and good sounding on the Ax8? Anyone has experience with both and can help me compare?
  10. acidfrost

    Export IRs to wav

    Hi, I've bought multiple cab pack to use with my Axe-FX a while back, but now just realized there's no .wav files, so can't use it outside the axe or Cab-Lab. Is there any way to convert IR to .wav? Thanks.
  11. acidfrost

    Mobile Rack ideas?

    Hi! I have a particular situation I'm trying to figure. Right now, My Axe-FX 2 with a power conditioner and my wireless are in a standard 4U SKB Case. I use my Axe both in studio and live. In my studio, I have a rack with all my gear and obviously, my SKB case doesn't fit in it. I'm trying...
  12. acidfrost

    Where is the line?

    I've been thinking. Since companies like Fractal, Line 6, Atomic, etc can emulate real world amps without legal actions, what stops them from emulating each others? If Line 6 emulates the FAS Amps, is there any difference compared to emulating physical amps? I mean outside of the amp algorithm...
  13. acidfrost

    FAS-FX Reverb Demo

    Hey guys and gals, Here's my demo of FAS-FX Reverb. I chose to do a full band demo, minus vocals because I can't sing lol, to give you an idea of what this amazing tool can do. No other effects except for the FAS-FX Reverb. It is seriously a great versatile plugin. I mainly stuck with the...
  14. acidfrost

    Bug? IA06 only works in reveal mode

    Hi guys, Just updated my MFC mk3 from 3.02 to 3.08. I knew the IA would be messed up so I just manually went through them to set them as they were. Everything works as it did except for my I06. It's set to toggle Drive1, but it doesn't work. It doesn't light up when there's a Drive in my preset...
  15. acidfrost

    Cannot update MFC-Edit, stuck at 0%

    Hi, I can't update MFC-Edit. It prompts me to update and I get a downloading screen but it stays at 0%. Java is up to date. I'm on 3.1 Build #2439. I know there was a fix a while ago for this issue but I can't find the thread anymore. Also the fact that we can't redownload the software anywhere...
  16. acidfrost

    Word Clock Business

    Hey peeps! I'm trying to have all my gear synchronized over word clock, but because of my gear limitation, have to do some kind of daisy chain. Here's the gear I have: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Audient ASP008 Axe Fx 2 The Master clock is the Audient. The Focusrite is a PoS so cannot be the...
  17. acidfrost

    Can the AX8 replace the MFC?

    Hey people! I currently have an Axe-FX 2 MK2 and a MFC MK3. I like the setup but for smaller gig it's a lot to bring (Rack, MFC with expressions, Guitars, Atomic CLR). I'm looking at the AX8, but I also use the Axe-FX for more complicated effects and to record/reamp, so I want to keep it too...
  18. acidfrost

    Intelligent Harmony rage... help please!

    Hi, I've been at it for at least an hour and it doesn't seem to work logically. I've read the manual and the part on intelligent harmony makes no sense. I mean I've studied classical music for 6 years and I don't understand the manual. What I want to do is have a -3 or -4 harmony play on only 3...
  19. acidfrost

    Factory 5153 Mix

    Hi! I bought the cab pack 5 a while ago but I find myself using the factory mixes of the 5153 a lot more than the pack itself. I was wondering if it was possible to get the .ir of the factory cab or the recipe as I want to mix the 5153 mix #1 with some ownhammers I got bought today, without...
  20. acidfrost

    TRS vs Humbuster? Which one to do?

    Hey People! I just got a new PSM 300 wireless system that has TRS (balanced 1/4") inputs. I'm using the unbalanced 1/4" connections from output 1 to the psm inputs. Now is that method good, or should I go the humbuster way? One way or the other, I'll have a balanced/unbalanced mismatch...
  21. acidfrost

    Preset Making Service?

    Hey Everyone! I was wondering if anyone was offering a preset making service. What I'm looking for actually is a tone more than a preset. Dirty but with definition, if possible, exactly like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loZTy5T8rBk Anyways I tried using the same gear as they do...
  22. acidfrost

    MXR Smartgate

    Hey Everyone! Anyone has any idea how I can replicate the mxr smartgate in the axe? I can never get the same settings, even with the new intelligent gate. IMO, this is the best guitar gate out there. One knob, very musical. Doesn't cut too fast or too slow. I'm on the verge of buying one and...
  23. acidfrost

    Choose how tremolo kicks in

    Hey peeps! Is there a way to choose how the tremolo kicks in when I turn on the block? Open or Closed (Up or Down). It seems to be random. We play with a click and when I un-bypass the tremolo, it's random between up or down. The issue is because the tremolo follows the preset tempo but the...
  24. acidfrost

    Wish Save preset/scene from mfc

    Hey, Would be nice if there was a function to save presets from the mfc. Let's say you're jamming and your preset has the delay off by default, you turn it on with the mfc, but when you'll switch back later in your set you want it on, you could save the preset as is with your feet. Not sure...
  25. acidfrost

    August Burns Red, axe fx sighting

    Found this on Facebook. Looks like an axe fx next to the mesa cab:
  26. acidfrost

    Wish Tempo set by songs

    Would love to have a way to pre set tempo by songs instead of globally or by presets. I use the same presets in different songs, so I can't set the tempo on the preset itself. Would be good to be able to program tempo on each songs. We play on a click live so the tempo will never change.
  27. acidfrost

    What's up with the FRFR love?

    What's up with everyone having FRFR amplifications and the obsession towards them? It might just be me, but I don't get the point of it. I sold my amps to get an axe fx so I wouldn't have to bring my full stack at every show or practice. I use headphones at home or studio monitors and at...
  28. acidfrost

    Wah state reset when changing presets - SP-1

    Hello everyone! I'm having an "issue" with the wah state with an expression pedal. I have the MFC-101 Mk3, Axe-Fx 2 and a Mission Engineering SP-1. The SP-1 is plugged in in 2 expression ports on the MFC, as it should be, one for the switch and one for the pedal itself. I use the switch...
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