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  1. jpelzel

    *NEW* Custom Master MIDI Foot Controller for Axe-Fx III

    I feel like such an underachiever right now.
  2. jpelzel

    DLR content... Sad

  3. jpelzel

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    I just don't see you being the type to search for answers on stackoverflow ;).
  4. jpelzel

    Modeler Stress Test

    Yeah me too.
  5. jpelzel

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    The two instrument ins, can youbuse both simultaneously? Asking for a friend.
  6. jpelzel

    Oh man, why?

    This is what happens when you let people think vaping is cool. Your silence is complicit. Do your part and let them know they are douchey.
  7. jpelzel

    DWEEZIL does FLORIDA (And a little south/ midwest , too)

    Thanks! Ticket bought.
  8. jpelzel

    P.E.I. Police Force Threaten to Hit Drunk Drivers with Nickelback Tunes

    Problem is that some people actually like the Bay City Rollers. ro
  9. jpelzel

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    If it's to be the last firmware, at least name it 4.20.
  10. jpelzel

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    MkII owner here. Just wanted to say thanks for what it is and thanks for loving your own product as you do. That said, are there really that many more amps in the world that just couldn't be built on the rig itself with all of its available parameters? With all the bias', tubes, positions...
  11. jpelzel

    New from 'Tallica

    Sounds just like any other Hammet solo. Bends>trem pick>repeated pentatonic lick>open string pull offs->unison bends. Add wah to any two elements to taste. Formulaic sure but it works. Ant Metallica song just wouldn't sound right without the solos the way they are. And the new songs works...
  12. jpelzel

    Jon Finn - AxeFX II XL

    His book, Advanced....https://goo.gl/aIubzG, is a must.
  13. jpelzel

    Power amp sag-o-meter

    Depends on where they are on the sag-o-meter.
  14. jpelzel

    Dream Theater - The Astonishing

    Sounds exactly like old school DT to me. o_O
  15. jpelzel

    This may be the wrong forum for this but...AxeEdit for tablet/iPad?

    Microcenter Winbook tablet. About 100 bucks. Full Windows 8. Full size USB port. Micro hdmi. Actually been my only PC for about a year. Have a monitor and usb hub with keyboard, mouse, external hd, and afx2 plugged in. Does the job fine running axe edit, most web stuff, some daw stuff (not too...
  16. jpelzel

    So rare not to see people clamoring for new firmware.....

    Would actually like a Pignose.
  17. jpelzel

    Is MFC edit of use to someone that just uses MFC with AFX?

    Or is it mostly for those that use it for other controlling other MIDI devices? Does it provide useful functionality if I only use the MFC with the AFX? Or is it sort of redundant? Sorry if this would be obvious to most. I'm just not sure. ;)
  18. jpelzel

    Nice Guy Dave Mustaine

    The concert was at a hotel? Did he try to sell you a program on how to flip houses and make it big in real estate after the show?
  19. jpelzel

    Nice Guy Dave Mustaine

    Since that last one is just general knowledge I think your still good with 2 observations.
  20. jpelzel

    Axe-Fx Sighting (Wait!.. In a 1985 movie??)

    What are you then, like 4?
  21. jpelzel


    Isn't this the band that played the Halloween dance in the movie Hocus Pocus? ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaC-WDrvmUQ
  22. jpelzel

    G3 Dumble and Cliff's Impression

    Yeah me either. No clue as to what a 'flip' is. But I am quite curious just for reference sake and a better understanding of what people reference when they describe something tone-wise.
  23. jpelzel

    Why the AFxII has one dsp chip dedicated to amp(s)?

    Why not just think of it the other way in that the Axe had a full chip dedicated just for FX!
  24. jpelzel

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.01 Public Beta (1)

    De-phase. I guess that I don't get it. The more that I turn it up the less it sounds like AFX and the more it sounds like COSM. Seems to get flatter and have less....environment? TBH I've never been a real amp guy. I've had but never really utilized. Have pretty much lived in the land of the...
  25. jpelzel

    Silver faced Axe ?

    Too bad. Sounded pretty weak in comparison.
  26. jpelzel

    Silver faced Axe ?

    Wonder who was the one playing it?
  27. jpelzel

    NGD (almost): Kiesel Vader 7 master grade Koa top

    Gawd I wish they offered these with trem.
  28. jpelzel

    I'm a midi fail.

    Thanks guys. Seems to be working so far. Part of my problem was that I would test changes by using the value knob to change patches. This doesn't appear to send the midi changes when doing so as I thought it would. FYI in case someone else see this.
  29. jpelzel

    I'm a midi fail.

    Hi all, I am trying to hook up a VG99 to my Axefx2/MFC. Just for simple patch changes for now. I have the out on the Axe going into the in on the VG but I can't figure our the secret code setting on either to get the to speak on the same channel or whatnot. Any tips?
  30. jpelzel

    Sammy Speaks out

    That was actually pretty awesome of him to stick up for MA like that.
  31. jpelzel

    Logo a little close for comfort...

    Like we really need another reason to fellate the AFX ;)
  32. jpelzel

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.11 Released

    Dude. If there ever were a reason to touch something then big, shiny, and red would be it.
  33. jpelzel

    For those struggling with FW18 - my own experience...

    If the download (zip) is damaged, the item in the archive affected by the damage should not be able to be extracted from the zip. Should fail the built in CRC. If you can unzip it, it's good. At least from the source. But then again, unicorn farts.
  34. jpelzel

    Steel Panther Talent Alert!

    They are the shizzle. Seen them three times in the last two years. Really put a freshness and oomph to the 80's sound. And I like their dirty comedy. To me they just embody the essence of my pubescent memories and fantasies of how bands were really like back then and what I aspired to ;).
  35. jpelzel

    A bigger something new from XiTone Cabs!!!

    This... could be quite interesting.
  36. jpelzel

    G3 modeling thread

    Dude. When? Seriously. I'm worn for the day just because I took the kids roller skating for a couple hours. And I just watched. You're running a company, flipping out firmwares like cray, engaging customers here on the weekend, and somehow you have spare time enough for months of inventing...
  37. jpelzel

    Anyone Want to Test This Beta Firmware

    I'm dumb in these matters... That said, could this be done in the other side of tye speaker as well to remove any mic color?
  38. jpelzel

    Lincoln Brewster's Miraculum

    These sound great. So... Only church music I've been privy too is mainly old people singing out of key. What kind of churches have this kind of action? Might make me actually want to go.
  39. jpelzel

    And God said let there be bluetooth midi...

    Okay. Makes sense. Can the app/ios device act as a server between two or more sets to accomplish what Dpoirier asks?
  40. jpelzel

    And God said let there be bluetooth midi...

    How are these powered? And can they be configured to talk to each other direct?
  41. jpelzel

    Anyone have success with the Stylus pick?

    Remember when you were a kid riding a skateboard slowly down the sidewalk and the tinniest of pebbles would wedge under one of your wheels stopping your skateboard immediately allowing all of your inertia to continue to scrapedville? It's like that.
  42. jpelzel

    Cab pre-amp...I'm derping here.

    Thanks, guys. Put simply like that it does make some sense now. Never dealt with channel strips or mic pre's or whatnot. Never really been outside of the digital realm. Thanks!
  43. jpelzel

    The Future of FAS???

    Maybe not an audio plugin but one to control and edit your axefx through the DAW in a manner similar to the 11 rack and protools?
  44. jpelzel

    Cab pre-amp...I'm derping here.

    I'm not familiar with this technique or real life counterpart so pardon. Is this supposed to be like a pre-amp for the microphone that's being used type of thing? Is it some sort of pre-amp that some people use between the amp in cab? Never heard of that but what do I know? Or maybe just...
  45. jpelzel

    A bigger something new from XiTone Cabs!!!

    Is there then a smaller version of this same idea?
  46. jpelzel

    A bigger something new from XiTone Cabs!!!

    Would be cool to have one that dynamically configures based on patch. Let us know if it works out!
  47. jpelzel

    How do I tone match pickups?

    Could you just match everything on your bridge pickup and not ever have to physically switch?
  48. jpelzel

    A bigger something new from XiTone Cabs!!!

    That's pretty neat! Make the switches midi for additional win.
  49. jpelzel

    CabLabs - I don't Get It

    Editor seems to work too for transferring.
  50. jpelzel

    Need help with cleans.

    Hi all, Need some help getting some good Fendery cleans. I am pretty new to the II but have been using modelers for years so not too unfamiliar with how to go about it. However the axe is, or it seems, far more, I don't know, rubbery(?) than anything else that I have used. And with that I am...
  51. jpelzel


    Interesting pickups. The cross talk appears to be impressive, how does it compare to a fitted GK?
  52. jpelzel

    Best way to connect Roland VG-99 to Axe FX II

    Erp.... That's definitely more contrived than I had hoped. Nice wiki though. Sent from my HTC Glacier using Tapatalk 2
  53. jpelzel

    Best way to connect Roland VG-99 to Axe FX II

    This is pretty interesting. I have a vg99 and I am thinking of getting an axefx. For you find the effect of the v guitar to be pretty effective? Can you control the axe from the fc300 through the vg99? Sent from my HTC Glacier using Tapatalk 2
  54. jpelzel

    Marriage dilemma...

    Three words, 'Romantic Scavenger Hunt'.
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