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  1. VeryBadMan

    AX8 + backing tracks

    My one gripe with the AX8 was lack of usb audio. How was I going to play my backing tracks and program music and AX8 through my speaker? So I got a little mixer Yamaha MG06X. Headphone jack from laptop to mixer , AX8 outs to mixer then out to FRFR speaker boom backing tracks and AX8 together...
  2. VeryBadMan

    Wanting an AX8 but...

    Long time fractal user here. I was thinking the AXE8 would be a perfect way to downsize my rig for shows , travelling ect. I run my AXEfx via usb into laptop ( or pc ) for backing tracks, program music , jamming. Do I understand correctly that with the AX8 I cant do this ? Um why ? Does one need...
  3. VeryBadMan

    Backing tracks ?

    How can I play my backing tracks with my non- Fractal rig? So I've done my best to replicate my awesome fractal rig - which stays at home with a somewhat smaller rig for playing out. I'm using a Mesa Mini Rectifier 1X12 cab and pedalboard. Is there some kind of interface / pedal I can use to...
  4. VeryBadMan

    Lamb of God Cover ;-0

    Anybody remember the Hurdy Gurdy guy ? I wonder if he's still using an AXEFX with it? Made some really cool tones. Anyhow I found this vid and it reminded me of that. This girl can really play, she needs an AXEFX for it though ! https://youtu.be/-W-s6yHlbtA
  5. VeryBadMan

    New music Friday

    New Lamb Of God CD out .... Thinking it sounds like some of their best work in awile. I really like it. Not using Mark IVs anymore ? Are both Mark and Willie using Mesa Transatlantics now ? I tried a MB transatlantic in store and couldnt get a usable high gain tone. But what do I...
  6. VeryBadMan

    Mesa Mark IV FW 18 beta Demo

    here is a quick demo of a Mark IV preset I made , I think this amp is sounding particularly brutal. Soundcloud] https://soundcloud.com/verybadman/markiv-fw-18-beta-demo2[/Soundcloud
  7. VeryBadMan

    Bloody Nut

    So I got this new PRS -SE guitar last week and I'm playing like crazy riffin' like mad n all. Then I notice I'm getting blood on my fretboard , hey , well goes nicely with the Bat Inlays but hurts a bit. Seems the nut is this block of plasticy stuff and its sharp not rounded off and the edge cut...
  8. VeryBadMan

    VBM studios

    Moved into a house and set up my junk in the basement , makes a nice " studio " space.
  9. VeryBadMan

    Camcorder / making videos ?

    I found an old Camcorder in my house a Cannon GL1 . Seems like a nice camera but is it hoplessly out of date ? Seems like it uses these little Mini DV cassette thingies. Just maybe want to make some youtube vids of music / songs / Fractal stuff . I have tripods and lights I found with it too...
  10. VeryBadMan

    FW 15 AND New factory presets

    So I decided to do a clean start loaded FW 15 and overwrote ALL banks with new #15 presets . Am I correct in assuming with that done there is no need for " resetting " the amps , back and forth blah blah ? Has anyone found any NEW Factory presets that showcase some of the new amps that have...
  11. VeryBadMan

    NGD 7string

    My new Carvin DC700 Flamed Koa top , maple neck , I am really blown away by the quality and playability of this guitar .
  12. VeryBadMan

    New BabyMetal video out

    Is it Wrong to like this ? BABYMETAL - Now I cant get that silly chorus out of my head . Somebody has to make a BabyMetal patch . ASAP.
  13. VeryBadMan

    repurposing Tube Amps

    Have any of you found alternate uses for your old Tube Amps since you've gotten an AXEFX ? Cat Stand
  14. VeryBadMan

    New song sketch

    I've been having fun with the SD2 Metal Foundry pack and recorded a new song idea . no mixing mastering n all that as you can probably tell I am just starting to learn how to record. I am planning to buy a Bass guitar so I can add that to the mix later. feedback would be...
  15. VeryBadMan

    soundcloud ?

    Ive got a track I'd like to share on sound cloud but its says " this track is being processed " what does that mean it has been in that state for awile now ! ( well its seems to be done now but won't play ) arrggh soundcloud !! Could Someone please tell me how to get the soundcloud track...
  16. VeryBadMan

    Superior drummer newb

  17. VeryBadMan

    Superior Drummer

    So I got this Superior Drummer thingie so I could add drums to my songs. I am finding it excessivly difficult to create a beat that fits . I notice alot of people use this and create awsome demos and songs with it . How in the heck do you do that, have you any tips / tricks ? Are there any...
  18. VeryBadMan

    Simple routing question.

    I want to Play my guitar through my EV ZLX powered speaker and play music via usb / computer through my monitors separately. Ive got the EV ZLX hooked up to output 1 , then I plugged my monitors into output 2 = no sound . Can one play back music , backing tracks , you tube vids through one...
  19. VeryBadMan

    11 beta recto tones

    I am digging the 11 beta for alot of great tones esp with amps I had not tried before BUT . My Recto patches seemed to have been lost , gone South , changed for the worse . I tried the new 5band ( mark ) eq . Do any Recto experts have any advise on how to remake my recto patches so they...
  20. VeryBadMan

    10.12 -> 11.00 sample

    https://soundcloud.com/verybadman/fw11-00 First one is 10.12 second one is 11.00 . preset used # 17 euro red with Euro Red mdrn amp . I did not touch any parameters recorded the first one downloaded the 11 beta and recorded the second Tried to keep the riff the same but got over exited by...
  21. VeryBadMan


    Variations on a metal theme I made using my Mark IV Log preset https://soundcloud.com/verybadman/logjam I know , no drums or Bass yet ! but I just got that Superior Drummer 2.0 thingie So far Getting a drum riff to fit my inventions is a tad challenging.
  22. VeryBadMan

    Pinnick Gales Pridgen

    First " supergroup " I've ever felt actually was super new CD kicks some serious butt . seriously , I don't rave on new music often but this one's worth checking out !
  23. VeryBadMan

    am I close ?

    Just a very small sampling of a preset I'm working on using 10.10 Mesa Mark IV model with the new input drive I think I got very close To a Lamb Of God MarkIV tone . Is it anywhere close ? I have old ears so i'm not sure . https://soundcloud.com/verybadman/mark4log-tone
  24. VeryBadMan

    Oh what an Idiot I am

    I was really not getting what all the fuss was about the Cab models I " thought" I heard a difference when I selected different ones but Meh not so much ha ha ha For the past week or so I've been happily dialing in tones making presets etc WITH CABINET MODELING OFF in global config never...
  25. VeryBadMan

    LOG tones

    Does anybody have or can point me in the right direction for a Lamb of God tone ? I have been tweaking and twidlin' virtual knobs for only a short time Did download a Dual- rec- modern that I think is very nice thank you Javier ! but I haven't got the knack for dialing in a tone that is like a...
  26. VeryBadMan

    active frfr options

    Hey Ive kind of settled on the idea of an active cab / wedge to use with my AXEII this is for bedroom studio usage . I probably wont do any but small gigs with it, if any. So volume is not a big condsideration . Just want to get a decent representation of the axe and enjoy jamming with...
  27. VeryBadMan

    FAS Amp

    Ok so we have this great technology that makes virtual versions of real world amps and effects . What if the process were done the other way around. Could we make a real world version of a Amp that only exists in the Virtual one . I know, I know , Why would one want to do something like this ...
  28. VeryBadMan

    Would Quality headphones make a difference or...

    Ok so I am starting to make some progress BUT , my monitors are ruining my axe fx experience . these Mackie bargan monitors so overemphasize the bass - have boominess flubby auful ear rattling nodes ( ??? ) at the D note I found . Great since I play alot of my Metal Repetoir in drop D ...
  29. VeryBadMan

    what next

    Now my fingers hurt and I have to put the guitar down so I have time to ask some newb questions . I've just been playing around with the factory presets , really enjoying them but I want to dive in deeper and sculpt my own tones . How does one start with a clean slate - an empty layout grid...
  30. VeryBadMan

    not going to get any sleep

    The big brown truck came , and it's HERE - I cant believe I got it to do what I wanted it to do so quickly - played through headphones , check , tried the factory presets and I cant stop playing ... surprised that there are so many " usable " presets right off the bat man I cant wait to...
  31. VeryBadMan

    Pre-Newb thoughts

    It shipped , It shipped .... not here yet :-( After reading the forum checking out youtube clips seeing the unit used live - Animals as Leaders - I decided to take the plunge . I expect years of tonal adventures , and inspiration . I don't expect it to make me a better player , I know...
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