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  1. kevrock

    Need some help?

    so my axe fx has been fine until the last couple of days I have changed anything. so my clean presets have been getting more distorted like not in a good way and now when I use the drive pedal infant of the clean amp it sounds in the background and you can hear the clean tone pretty loud inside...
  2. kevrock

    Removing something from the Global Perform screen?

    like the title say. I for the life of me can't figure it out and I've searched thanks for any help and also where do I got to delete a global block thanks
  3. kevrock

    Tuner Exit question

    I have my tuner assigned to a hold switch I can't get the exit by hitting any switch to work. any help?
  4. kevrock

    Queensryce Eyes of a stranger Solo fx

    what FXs are on that solo I can't seem to nail the solo tone. some sort of harmonizer? And any suggestions on how to replicate it? Saw Alex wards you tube video and he nails it with a AX8 but never really says what IR or FX he's using Thanks
  5. kevrock

    FC-6 Led Color Question

    just wondering I have a button to toggle scene 1 and 2. is there a way to make the led ring change color per scene? im going from clean to dirty id like clean to be green and dirty to be blue
  6. kevrock

    FC layout question

    I didn't know which forum to post so I posted it here and in the controller forum sorry if this is not the right forum I know that you can store 8 layouts. But is that all? Im trying to have a layout for scene 1 and a different lay out for scene 2 3 etc. My question is when I switch to another...
  7. kevrock

    FC-6 layout question

    I know that you can store 8 layouts. But is that all? Im trying to have a layout for scene 1 and a different lay out for scene 2 3 etc. My question is when I switch to another preset I can't seem to figure out if I can have a whole new 8 layouts. Are the lays just 8 total? so you have to use...
  8. kevrock

    What about all the extra cab Its in the cab block

    Just wondering if I can delete or whatever the cab IRs inside each cab block. Since in not using then Thanks for the help I've had all versions of the Axe FX starting at the ultra and a AX8. just got a 3 and working on it. Thanks
  9. kevrock

    crazy problem. help?

    so this morning I was playing and ax8 freaked out and just got really loud and sounded like everything got bypassed. scared me to death lol. power cycled it and it was fine for awhile then bam it did it again its like the entire thing bypasses and gets really loud. any ideas I got the newest...
  10. kevrock

    Advice on scene 1/2 clean to dirty clean question

    so scene 1 is my HBE drive all good sounds great. Scene 2 is a shiva clean sounds great by itself but when playing in a band or with any recording my cleans get lost I’ve tried more mids. But I feel I have to have my clean volume way way higher than my dirty volume. Is this normal? Any advice...
  11. kevrock

    Replacement for ASM12

    so I love the sound of my asm12, but not the heaviness of it. what do you guy recommend for a lighter powered speaker that will give me the same response as the Friedman. thanks for the help in advance.
  12. kevrock

    1st gig outside with ax8

    so I had my 1st gig outside with my Friedman asm12. And ax8. I turned it on and OMG. so much bass. It was crazy. Muddy bass heavy mess. I always have the lowest bass on the output eq all the way down. And this show I had to cut the 63 all the way down and some of the next one. Lol. Man I knew...
  13. kevrock

    HBE sounds different after FW8

    not that it sounds bad but it sounds different not as huge soundings it just in my head? lol
  14. kevrock

    Adam Jones (Tool)

    Anyone get close to his tone with the ax8? Since we can't dual amp it in using a vh4 sim and asem ir close but not quite there
  15. kevrock

    Stereo cab block with mono rig

    Stupid question here. But I'm using a lot of yak's presets. And a lot of them have stereo cabs I'm running a mono set up I'm just confused about the panning left and right on the cabinets to make sure they both come through equally. it seems like when I adjust one just the overall volume goes...
  16. kevrock

    question on factory preset

    didn't the ax8 have the infield preset? i have the new factory preset bank but its not in there does anyone know where i can get it r the bank that its in? lol i just need that preset lol thanks
  17. kevrock

    Live delay level

    So i use my delays in mono. and parallel live what do you guys like you mix level set at at home i use around 20 something but live i find i can't hear it. so I'm trying 30 now this id for higher gain solos any thought? thanks
  18. kevrock

    Input gate ??

    is there difference in the input gate and the gate block. My house has started to develop a lot of noise. I've had the electrical checked out. And it's all good. they just constructed a tornado siren near my house. Seems to be when it started. It drives me nuts. Lol. Any help would be...
  19. kevrock

    IR cab question

    I purchased fremen's presets. And I notice he uses the ASEM lead and Rhythm cabs a lot. And I've really started to like them too. Does anyone know what cab they are from?
  20. kevrock

    Question about what scene to load up

    So I have my scenes ordered on the footpedal and then I go into the settings and instead of global scene load I pick the number of the scene I wanted to load to when I go to that preset and it never does it always goes to scene one. is it because I have some scene controllers in the scenes Thanks
  21. kevrock

    Help with these 2 presets

    so goofy request im in a situation that i can't turn my rig up loud and i have a show coming up and i know that volume makes the lows and highs more pronounced. so could someone that can turn up try these two presets on scene one and tell me which on will cut better the splawn is a little...
  22. kevrock

    F button question

    why can't i assign sticky or single preset to F2 or F3 is that normal
  23. kevrock

    Reordering scenes

    can you reorder the scenes I've found some presets i like but the scenes are not on the order i like and if i just assign the footswitch button to those scenes when i go to preset it just goes to scene 1 when i would like it to start on scene 5 say
  24. kevrock

    amp tone control question

    question the tone controls on the amps don't seem to do much like the treble knob does not seem to have a huge effect on your presets and on the stock ones is that normal i just got back into fractal land after using real ams for 3 years or so i used to have a axe fx II before this ax8 so I've...
  25. kevrock

    question about factory presets

    so i have my ax8 loaded with freeman presets love them but there are a few factory one i want i downloaded the factory banks from fractal. how do i get just one or two presets out without messing with my current ones thanks
  26. kevrock

    Converting preset help

    I just bought the silent underground ghost preset pack and it said it was for a axe fx II and ax8. But it's not for the ax8 I've emailed them but no response. Can anyone here help me out by converting them to ax8. I'd be willing to pay you for your time. Thanks.
  27. kevrock

    Ghost square hammer tone

    anyone got any ideas I tried the orange rv amp and citrus cab but still not really there. Thanks for any help
  28. kevrock

    Help with jp6 piezo and wireless

    I have a jp6 with the piezo my problem is When I plug into the piezo/mono jack into my axe fx. With a standard instrument cable. I can use the magnetic and then flip the switch and use piezo. All good. Last night I brought it to a show. And plugged it into the same rig but used my line 6 G90...
  29. kevrock

    Are we wrapped up in the tech of the axe fx

    My question is are we wrapped up in all the tech of the axe fx. We have all these threads about how to achieve great sound and what to do this and that etc. I plugged into a Epiphone shitty Les Paul into a Blackstar HT 40 and achieved a super cool hair metal tone. That easy. No discussion no...
  30. kevrock

    Is tone matching the same as kempers profiling?

    If so why would anyone buy a kemper? If the axe fx can "profile" and do all the other stuff it does. Just wondering. Thanks
  31. kevrock

    Passive version of mackie HD 1221.

    Hi. I'm using a matrix gt1000fx. Into a peavey pv12. It sounds ok. But I'm ready to step it up a little. I see a lot of people using hd1221. Is there a passive version of those? I didn't see one on there site. Thanks.
  32. kevrock

    What fx is this

    Hello in the clean into to eve 6. Inside out song. I can't tell if it's rotary,chorus, tremolo or what. Any help would be great thank. http://youtu.be/DudgmaXQRQc
  33. kevrock

    Country/Motown/etc tone help

    So I'm mostly a high gain guy. And I have my standard clean patches. My question is what are some tips for getting 1 bright ultra clean Motown funky Clean setting. (Like daft punk get lucky song) 2 thick country gain like rascall flatt or jason Alden luke Bryan shit. Lol. (Cover band wants...
  34. kevrock

    Pedalboard suggestions.

    I use a voodoo gcp. And a mission sp1. I want a pedal board that I can take to shows and just take the top off and have a board on the ground. Any suggestions. Kinda like the gator G tour large. Thanks
  35. kevrock

    Opinions Please my main rhythm patch

    this is my main patch i play mainly in a hair metal and rock etc cover band i use this for most of my high gain stuff i just wanna know what you think and what changes you would make. I have a gcp and i use on button for scene switch to lead.scene1 for main scene8 for lead i have then a use 2...
  36. kevrock

    So I have this offer I'm milling over. Help?

    So this guy wants to trade all the stuff in the pic plus 200 bucks for my axe fx II and gcp. I've always wanted to try out the archon. But I still think that that rig will get old after awhile. Idk. Opinions please.
  37. kevrock

    High gain amps that clean up with volume knob

    I know this has been asked. But I can't find the thread. I mainly use the hbe sim for my gain sounds. What high gainers can clean up with volume knob. And what's the correct way to go about setting the amp to do this? Thanks for any help.
  38. kevrock

    Ideas for this tone.

    My kids love this. I really like his tone. Any ideas where to start and what FX. Thanks. http://youtu.be/GG31XuWPQQ4
  39. kevrock

    EBMM JP6 piezo help with axe fx II

    Hello I just got a loaded jp6 and I wanna take advantage of the piezo for some acoustic tones. My question is I use a line 6 g90 wireless then into my axe fx. What's the best way to use the jp6 in this configuration? I don't wanna run 2 cables I wanna stay wireless. Should I just use the...
  40. kevrock

    NGD x2. Carvin and EBMM

    So my 2 newest toys.
  41. kevrock

    Setting the Vu meters??

    So as i understand it you just constant strum and set the level. sounds easy. my question is when i do that to a clean patch vs a high gain patch it always sounds like the clean is louder is that because of the compression of high gain? will it not be as noticeable at stage volume? just...
  42. kevrock

    Can you load more than one ir at a time

    Like the title says can i grab more than 1 ir and load it?
  43. kevrock

    New to using IR packs! Help?

    I currently use Clark Kents gift to mankind ir a lot. So I'm thinking of purchasing is new cab pack. But I've never bought one. So if someone could give me. Quick rundown of using them. My main concern is how to convert the ones I want to ultra res. as my understanding is there all hi res when...
  44. kevrock

    HB/HBE. how much gain for live use

    I use these amps sims a lot live I'm just wondering where you like your gain set. Please let me know if you are using passive or active pickups if it even makes a difference. I just wanna see if I'm in the ballpark. As some of the guys here. I play hair metal to Metallica kinda stuff live...
  45. kevrock

    Axe fx II MachineHeads Rob Flynn rig

    I saw this in the background lol. He does start the interview like a dick. And mentions kemper but not axe.
  46. kevrock

    axe fx II w/ Peavey PVX12

    thats my current setup axe fx ii matrix gt100fx pvx12 anyone else have any experience with the pvx? i like em just wondering if I'm missing out by not having a high end frfr speaker
  47. kevrock

    Best way to record live show?

    If everything is running into the board, in your guys opinion what's the best way to record it so we can listen to it and see what works and what don't. Not trying to make a live album lol. Just wanna hear the mix for my axe fx patches and the overall performance. Any ideas that r cheap and...
  48. kevrock

    Can the Axe FX II simulate dropped D tuning?

    I'm just wondering if its possible. i know how to simulate detuning with the pitch block. i was just wondering if the axe can't just simulate the 1 step down on the low E string? just a thought
  49. kevrock

    Why I love my axe fx II

    Cuz this is all I gotta bring to shows. Lol.
  50. kevrock

    Delay question

    I use one of fremans HBE heavy patch and they delay I like. I copied the block and put it in another patch and it sounds good but the delay does not trail as much. I don't know why. I've checked all the settings and it's in parallel it's setup exactly like his and so is the reverb after it. I...
  51. kevrock

    Is this X and Y Switching Possible

    Just a question if i make a preset with amp,cab ,delay ,verb,etc and save them to the x state can i quickly switch with one button press on my floor pedal to change all the ones i want to the y state?
  52. kevrock

    Axe fx II and heat

    If I have my axe in a 6 space rack for live shows. And it has 1 space power conditioner 1 space. wireless 2 space. Axe fx 1 space. Matrix amp 1 space. Vafam panel So if during a show I leave the back of my rack lid on. (That's the purpose of the Vafam panel). Lol Will it over heat?
  53. kevrock

    Assigning the ABCD knobs

    Is there a way to assign say the bass treb mid controls to these knobs for quick changes on the fly and be auto saved?
  54. kevrock

    V15 presets

    I just undated to v15. And I saved my old patches for live. Then updated all my banks back to stock with the updated for 15 presets. Then my kids needed me so I didn't get to jam. I was just wondering. How good are the new 15 presets. I was hoping they would be good enough for me to use live...
  55. kevrock

    New way to level presets?

    So I got a new way to level presets tell me if you think it's a good idea or bad. You first set all your presets tone wise the way you want. Then I level them with the volume way down as to barely hear it. Then level from there cuz I think the only tones you will hear will be the loudest parts...
  56. kevrock

    Can I get you opinion on a sound?

    Here is my main preset i love it at home. Live I'm on the fence, do you guys think it sounds good or is it too scooped to cut in a live mix. BTW at the moment we have a drummer and a acoustic guitar and singer and me bass player broke arm. So any input or changes you would make would be...
  57. kevrock

    Skid row "I remember you solo" question

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. My question is. The solo to I remember you to get that sound is that just a shitload of gain? Or double track? Cuz to me if it's double tracked I can't tell it was timed perfect. But it sounds so thick and gainy. What are your thoughts. Thanks.
  58. kevrock

    Recto Sound ? with FW14

    So my recto sound has changed a lot with the new firmware. knew it would but my question is how do i get back to sounding close as it used to. now its just gassy and far back like a blanket over it. any ideas on what was changed I've tried all kinda stuff to get it back to the way it was thanks
  59. kevrock

    Dialing in live tone

    I'm talkin about a good high gain tone I know that I need to be at volume to do it correctly. I was just wondering what some of your tricks to make sure it cuts good when I don't have a bass and drummer around. Do u play along with CDs. Cuz if I try to do it on my own I always love the tone but...
  60. kevrock

    Help with Hetfield live tone

    Anyone know how to get me this live sound the very beginning of this video Thanks James Hetfield Metallica Gear run - YouTube
  61. kevrock

    Guitar cab question a/ di box.

    I have a axe fx II and a matrix 1000fx. I'm running cab sims on to front of house. But I miss my cab onstage. I know I can do the fx loop thing to have both. But I gotta lot of patches I use and I don't wanna tweak the cab sim signal to sound good and then tweak a g eq in front of the fx loop...
  62. kevrock

    Tuner not working?

    I have 13.0.7. And the newest axe edit. But if I'm in axe edit and hit tuner it won't read my signal. Any thoughts.
  63. kevrock

    Turn on order

    I have in my rack Wireless Axe fx II Matrix 1000fx. What order should I have my power conditioner turn them on. Thanks
  64. kevrock

    How to load the cabs in FW13

    I just upgraded to 13 and I noticed that there are some cabs in the folder I'm assuming they are high res. how do I load them I've never loaded a cab before. Thanks
  65. kevrock

    Quick question about a speaker

    i have a axe ii and matrix gt1000fx I'm running into a new peavey PVX12 i think it might be a little harsh. but I'm kinda on a budget and thought on this speaker or any recommendations. Thanks for any info
  66. kevrock

    Different wahs.

    So how would I go about finding the differences between some wah sound I like the Cantrell wah the Hammett wah and the dime all for different reasons. What should I look at changing in the wah parameters to achieve these sounds.
  67. kevrock

    Incubus drive solo fx?

    Any idea what fx the solo has on it rotory? Tremolo? Thanks
  68. kevrock

    Wah block question.

    So i need some help i have my axe fx ii gap and sp1 all working great but on the way i have my toe switch set to turn way on and off al works. and then my pedal sweeps the way just fine (still trying to dial in my kirk hammett wah or dime bag wah setting) the thing is i have the auto engage...
  69. kevrock

    Mission SP1 Wah Turn off problem

    So i need some help i have my axe fx ii gap and sp1 all working great but on the way i have my toe switch set to turn way on and off al works. and then my pedal sweeps the way just fine (still trying to dial in my kirk hammett wah or dime bag way setting) the thing is i have the auto engage...
  70. kevrock

    Loading in banks

    I forgot how to load an entire bank is that in fractal bot or what's the easiest way. Thanks
  71. kevrock

    Wah setting question

    So I got my pedal all setup. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Now I would like to know where u guys put it in the chain. I got my 1st. And then I want a Dimebag Hammett kinda wah sound real wah sounding. What's some good setting to look at.
  72. kevrock

    Gcp and mission sp1

    I have a sp1 and a gcp with my axe fx II I guess I have an older gcp that need the trs cable to be reversed at one end. Anyone know where I can order these. Thanks
  73. kevrock

    Block moving question

    Is there a way to say copy and paste a amp or cab block from one preset to another. My idea is to have a master patch with all the fx blocks I want, and then copy and paste the amp and cab blocks I like from other presets. Thanks.
  74. kevrock

    Def leppard cleans

    I'm coving a few hysteria songs I was just wondering if you could put me on the right path to get that clean hysteria sound. There gain sound I think I can get but any suggestions there would help. Thanks
  75. kevrock

    Help I'm in a bind.

    I got a show Saturday night and just got my ground control pro finally. Damn storms. And it has no power supply. I know it's 9vac 500ma any ideas where I would be able to get one. I looked on radio shacks website but found nothing. I've looked at every wall wart in my house. Ahhh please any...
  76. kevrock

    Need a axe fx II / gcp question answered

    I've searched around and I can't find the answer to this. So I know someone here can help. I have my axe fx II setup and I have a show Saturday I'm still waiting on my gcp to get here. Damn usps. I wanna organize my preset in the axe I just need to know if I have the gcp in 4 preset/8 ia mode...
  77. kevrock

    Amp block level control

    I know this has been asked before. But I was hoping maybe fw12 add this. I run FOH w/cab sims on and fxl block too a matrix gt1000fx into a cab with no cab sim. (Output 2). Is there a way to adjust amp block level from foot controller. So both out 1 and 2 vol go up or down. Right now it only...
  78. kevrock

    Ground control pro model question

    Is there a difference between the voodoo labs gcp and the digital music corp ground control. I know digital music owns voodoo labs. I just wanna know if I buy a digital music ground control is it the same features. Because they look identical.
  79. kevrock

    Midi mate or ground control pro

    I have a midi mate I like it. But I think gonna need more the 5 ia buttons. Will the gcp give me more ia buttons. I'm wanting to have a bunch of "pedal" buttons. And a vol up and down buttons. So I need more than the midi mate offers. Am I correct in assuming the gcp will do this.
  80. kevrock

    Axe II availability.

    I know this has probably been asked a million times but I'm selling some gear and maybe my ultra cuz I want a afx2. I would like to know when they are expected to be in stock. Thanks.
  81. kevrock

    Do I need a special cable

    I just ordered a rocktron hex expression pedal. To go with my midi mate. I read something about not being able to use a standard instrument cable. I need some different kind of 1/4 inch cable. Does anyone know. Thanks.
  82. kevrock

    New to expression pedals

    I have and ultra with a midi mate controller all is good I'm pretty familiar with the axe fx. My question is I want to add a wah to my pedal and use the wah in the axe What is the best and easiest way to do so. I've heard of mission pedals What do u guys recommend for ease of integration...
  83. kevrock

    Newbie with expression pedal.

    I have and ultra with a midi mate controller all is good I'm pretty familiar with the axe fx. My question is I want to add a wah to my pedal and use the wah in the axe What is the best and easiest way to do so. I've heard of mission pedals What do u guys recommend for ease of integration...
  84. kevrock

    Tremolo settings

    How do I set the tremolo block to come in right away. It waits until the chord fades and then I can here it come in. I'm looking to mimic the part in 3 days grace "I hate everything about you" just a hanging chord with heavy tremolo.
  85. kevrock

    Nirvana come as you are

    So I need to copy that real quick. I know it's just clean as chorus. Any idea on the settings. Thanks
  86. kevrock

    Opinion on mic placement on IR.

    I'm a modern metal kinda guy. I got a redwirez big box pack. It contains a lot of mic and placements. I don't really have the time right now to listen to em all. So if you guys could give me a good staring point. That a lot of u guys use. Like cone or cap and what measurement. Thanks.
  87. kevrock

    Satchel from steel panthers tone

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get his tone. With the ultra. I love his sound for hair metal. Thanks
  88. kevrock

    FRFR and cab question about I/o setting

    So I have my ultra running l+r out of output1 to FOH wth cab sims. Then a fxl block to send l+r out to carvin power amp into my 212 stereo cab. so I have out 1 running left and right into board or powered monitors and out 2 running left right into power amp then left and right into stereo cab...
  89. kevrock

    Question about frfr and cab settings.

    So I have my ultra running l+r out of output1 to FOH wth cab sims. Then a fxl block to send l+r out to carvin power amp into my 212 stereo cab. so I have out 1 running left and right into board or powered monitors and out 2 running left right into power amp then left and right into stereo cab...
  90. kevrock

    Crazy question about cab sims.

    Can the ultra send say ch1 out to my amp and cab with cab sims off. And ch2 to FOH with cab sim on. So I can have my cab sound onstage and a good sound out front. Without miking
  91. kevrock

    Some 212 cab questions

    I have the ultra and a carvin power amp I'm needing a good 212 cab to go with it. Any suggestions. I don't need to use car modeling unless I can find a full range that looks like a 212 any idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  92. kevrock

    Please recommend a good 212 cab

    I have the ultra and a carvin power amp I'm needing a good 212 cab to go with it. Any suggestions. I don't need to use car modeling unless I can find a full range that looks like a 212 any idea would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  93. kevrock

    Quick question about midi.

    I'm drawing a blank. I assigned the phaser to a button on my midi pedal. Rocktron midi mate. Now every time I got to a preset with a phaser such as eruption the phaser is always off. I have to press the button to turn it on. Even if I save the preset with the phaser on. I'm assuming all my other...
  94. kevrock

    Quick midi question

    I have a gcp for my ultra and I leave it at the rehearsal space. Is there a cheap foot switch I could use at home just to preset up or down nothing fancy thanks
  95. kevrock

    Recto and 5150 gain setting

    I run the typical 808 drive down level up into a 5150 or new Recto block question is I have my gain at 3.75 and I think it still my be to much I listen to a recording of band practice and some of my lower gain patches had better sound I'm still trying to get a good metalcore sound in dropped c...
  96. kevrock

    How to do a 12 string sound

    I read the wiki in how to I just don't understand exactly how to do it and how to set the pitch shifter my band is covering dead or alive for a friends b day and I want that 12 string sound any help would be great send from Droid
  97. kevrock

    Killswitch engage sound question

    Just wondering how would you guys recommend going about getting the song This is Absolution from killswitch engage. It sounds so gainy but dry and articulate, I know he's uses 5150 and framus in the studio just wonder on the ultra what would get me close thanks send from Droid
  98. kevrock

    Leveling presets by the numbers???

    I got a question about preserving leveling that I don't think has been asked, so here I go. I have vol up and down assigned to my MIDI pedal, so you know it turns up and down the mixer level. So the question is are the numbers on the mixer and the numbers on the amp level consistent. Example...
  99. kevrock

    Outboard graphic eq

    Does anyone use a outboard graphic eq in there rack for quick adjustments? I have 1 rack space open and I have a stereo graphic eq and I know there are a ton in my ultra I was just thinking of adding it online for easy fast adjustments for diff venues anyone do this? send from Droid
  100. kevrock

    Making an auto wah

    Is there a way to make an auto wah like the boss auto wah pedal. I don't have a expression pedal and I just need a auto wah effect send from Droid
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