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    SSD vs. HDD external drives for recording

    Something like a Superior kit will load quicker, but then it's just a one-time thing when you open the project. After that, it's loaded into RAM and whether it's SSD or not won't matter. Well, unless you're using some kind of sampling program which actually streams from the disk rather than...
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    Getting Up And Running With A Standard.

    On the FAS site: Support -> Product Downloads -> Legacy The Axe-Edit beta that works with the old 1st gen units, preset banks, manuals, etc. are kept there. And yes, 11.00 was the final firmware update.
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    New Ibanez S5470Q: “sustain” problem. One note decaying abruptly.

    Just that the one saddle looks out of place. The rest of them are all positioned, relative to each other, in a way that makes sense, but that E-string saddle looks out of place. Normally (with a plain ol' set of 10s) it'd sit a bit further back from the A, like your A is with the D, and then...
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    New Ibanez S5470Q: “sustain” problem. One note decaying abruptly.

    Well that's certainly interesting. Hopefully it's just a matter of shifting the saddles slightly. On another matter... is that low E intonated properly?
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    New Ibanez S5470Q: “sustain” problem. One note decaying abruptly.

    If it's new enough that you haven't yet, I'd start with changing the strings. Might not fix the problem, but it's not like it's an expensive thing to try. Other than that... I wouldn't think it's something with the nut or saddle(s), as you'd probably be noticing it or something similar on other...
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    Advice appreciated!!

    What are you using in the cab block? The cab IR(s) will make a big difference and finding the right one(s) can take away a lot of the extra EQ work. If you're having to go crazy with the EQs in the Axe and in the DAW, I'd say work more with your amp and cab blocks. Pick something you like the...
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    Coaxing some mid range out of the axe's bass tones?

    Yeah, I was going to say try blending in a parallel signal with another amp, cab, or both. A lot of the time for heavier sounds I run a guitar amp and cab of some sort (don't remember what I'm using at the moment, maybe a Recto into some V30 IRs) alongside, with whatever filtering before and...
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    Another polyphonic sustainer option

    All their "marketing" seems to be in the form of forum spamming. I've seen it at various forums, where someone will start a thread going, "Oh look at this cool product I found." And then when everyone else goes, "I dunno, looks a bit shit. And what's with that website?!" or has any criticisms...
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    Questions about power conditioning, rack tuner and rack spaces.

    Yeah, you'll want this thing on wheels. When I played live, my Axe was in a 6U case (see sig pics). Axe, GT800FX, Furman, patch panel and one blank panel. I never had any problem with heat at all from the Axe-FX or Matrix, really just that a 6U was a straight off the shelf buy whereas a 5U...
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    just picked up an Ultra

    Using 4CM, you should be able to also bypass the Mark V's preamp and use the Axe's amp block for the preamp. The Mark V's preamp will be the FXL block, so you should be able to have all the Mark V's preampy goodness, as well as whatever you want from the Axe when you feel like something...
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    Axe Ultra won't connect to Axe-edit

    The old Axe-Edit that works with the first gen Axes, still available in the legacy part of the downloads section. As for what the problem might be, I'd have to fire up Axe-Edit when I get home. I use it so infrequently that off the top of my head I just have no idea.
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    Axe fx ultra cab settings help!

    Change your amp settings? If you've dialed in a sound with cab block on and then you turn it off, it's going to sound rubbish. Even if you dialed in a sound with a cab for running direct, just turning that off when you run into a cab isn't necessarily going to do it. If the IR you were using...
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    What is the best MIDI USB interface for standard fx? any body has an experience?

    I never had any problems with the MIDI on my old Presonus interface, and haven't had any with my current Steinberg unit. That said, for whatever reason I usually connect my Axe via a cheapo M-Audio unit. Don't remember what it's called, but it's a little single in/out USB unit.
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    Tips for Shipping Internationally?

    Customs will be the receiver's problem. Insurance, read up on the carrier's terms, what their built in coverage is, what additional insurance costs. Loss? Well that's what insurance will also be for. But if it's genuinely lost (rather than say, temporarily misplaced or whatever), not much more...
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    Tips for Shipping Internationally?

    Pack the hell out of it, and pack it properly. When my shiny new Ultra turned up here years ago, it was a box with some form inserts suspending the unit inside the box. That's a good idea, but not enough on it's own IMO. The box had been punctured, and because there were only those little foam...
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    EZdrummer2 or Superior Drummer?

    It's not a bad sounding kit or anything, but not really my kinda thing. If I wanted a big sounding rock kit type thing, yeah I might load up Avatar. The snares are actually one of the things that really pushed me towards trying some SDXs. It seemed to me it didn't matter what I picked, it was...
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    EZdrummer2 or Superior Drummer?

    The Superior libraries are indeed superior to the EZD stuff. Although as far as I recall, some of the EZDs are from the same recorded libraries as Superior counterparts, just they're stripped down, 16-bit, and somewhat pre-processed. It's not like they're rubbish, just that it's a) not supposed...
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    Question about reverb routing

    You're comparing series and parallel routing. At the end of the day they can sound identical in the Axe, but they're two different ways to do things. When you whack it in series, you need to set the mix to get the dry/wet mix you want, and then maybe also bump the output level up a bit to...
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    Need Help Guys-Guitar suggestions

    Or work on those slide skills. ;)
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    Need Help Guys-Guitar suggestions

    Any particular reason for wanting a shorter scale rather than maybe just whacking lighter strings on the guitars you have? I mean, in terms of actual reach, it's not like a less than 1 inch difference would change all that much. So I'm guessing it's more the string tension you're looking at.
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    whats a good interface to use with axe fx ultra /to computer

    Yeah I have a lil 1x1 M-Audio MIDI interface and have never had any problems using it with my Ultra. Not even really sure why I have it, as I also never had problems using my old audio interface's MIDI I/O, and I'm guessing I wouldn't with my new one but I haven't tried yet. But if you're...
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    Thinking about a new guitar: acoustic or electric with piezo?

    There's a guy who modded Ibanez trems for piezos but I'm not sure if he does it anymore. A quick Google search would no doubt find his page if it's still around. From memory it was labour intensive and costly to do. The Strat would be much easier. Basically anyone that does an aftermarket...
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    Expression pedal suggestions

    Care to clarify this? Do you mean the pedal action has become really light and it won't stay where you leave it, just dropping to toe down as soon as you lift your foot off? Unless it's maybe a really old one and the original units didn't have it (and that's just an "if", coz I dunno if any such...
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    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    That is ridiculous. But a good ridiculous. So much detail, and yet it doesn't look gaudy like those guitars that are covered in elaborate inlays 'n' whatnot. I'm having trouble just getting past that one... volume knob. I was trying to think of an adjective to put in there but I'm stumped. I...
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    Audio PC Build recommendations (1k and under budget)

    Well obviously. I wasn't the one who set up the ridiculous Ford vs Ferrari / PC vs Mac comparison, but I stuck with that rather than coming up with a whole new comparison. The point was that the considerable price difference is in the badge.
  26. D

    Audio PC Build recommendations (1k and under budget)

    Likening Apple to Ferrari is laughable. Ferrari build limited quantities of high end performance cars and engines in Maranello, same place as their Formula 1 cars. Apple contract out their mass production/assembly work to Chinese slave labour factories, where they whack together the largely off...
  27. D

    Watch as this 14 yr. old girl effortlessly plays Eruption...!!

    Personally I find Eruption to be a pointless pile of wank to begin with, so a cover of it doesn't really interest me in the slightest. :|
  28. D

    Metallica Playing Corp. Gig - Is that a rack of Axe-Fx's...

    I'm guessing he doesn't like the feel of those e-cymbals. Whacking acoustic cymbals on top seems a bit of an odd solution, especially seeing as there are dampened metal e-cymbals around, but it seems to work. Maybe he's only just starting to use the e-kit and the cymbal thing was just a...
  29. D

    Wtf moment at local music store, Frankenguitar story

    You might want to go see a doctor or something. :|
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    8/9 string Gtrs, Fan frets necessary for intonation?

    They're doing what now? *sigh* So much for saving money... :(
  31. D


    Well, I noticed this and it just had to be done...
  32. D


    Just about every gig I forget to grab any picks. I do my checks to make sure I'm not forgetting anything ridiculous like my guitars or pedalboard case, and usually only realise when I'm at the venue that I didn't grab any picks. That said, I always have a couple in my wallet, and it didn't...
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    Audio PC Build recommendations (1k and under budget)

    If you're running Superior you're probably going to want a fair bit of RAM. My current default Metal Foundry kit eats up about 2GB on its own, and that's with a fair bit stuff disabled in the ambient mics. If I turn all the ambient options on, it's over 3GB. It's a large-ish but fairly simple...
  34. D


    The singer looks like she just escaped from some kind of institution. Sounds like it too. I don't think she hit a single note the entire song. :|
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    8/9 string Gtrs, Fan frets necessary for intonation?

    For anything above a 7 I'd really want either an extended scale, or a multi-scale. Intonation aside, I'd probably want multi-scale anyway for the feel side of things. I've played 25.5" scale guitars with 10s in E for pretty much all my 15+ years of playing, so if I wanted the extended scale for...
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    Metal tones that you use live

    Yeah, it could be something like a cable, or maybe you're playing too loud relative to where you're standing, or maybe something else. Maybe your OD -> Amp chain might sound simple enough that nothing could go wrong, but you're somehow setting it in such an extreme fashion. But with the band...
  37. D

    Metal tones that you use live

    Well, the FAS Modern is a nice model, and probably pretty well suited to what you're aiming for. It's kind of a "best bits of" modern heavy amps. There are certainly others that you could try, but the FAS Modern is by no means a misguided choice. I'm more a Mark series guy normally, but if I...
  38. D

    Metal tones that you use live

    When you run poweramp sims on, how are you running the master? If you have it cranked (or up fairly high), you'll likely end up with a fuller midrange and more dulled highs. Otherwise... maybe it's just that you've dialed everything in for poweramp sim off, and when you switch it on even with...
  39. D

    Metal tones that you use live

    What amp models are you using, what else is going on in the Axe-FX's chain, and what kind of sound are you going for? Assuming the 1960A is stock, those 75s are... well, like most speakers really, good for some things, not so good for others. If you're getting a load of feedback though...
  40. D

    Headphone advice...

    I use these as well. Fantastic headphones. I didn't need or want closed headphones (I already have various pairs), but if I wanted a new pair I'd certainly look again at Beyerdynamic.
  41. D

    I wish I had an Axe FX buddy near me.

    One thing you could do is pick some reference mixes to compare to. Stuff that sounds like what you're aiming for that you can keep going back to as you tweak. It's easy to get lost in tweaking things and getting lost in completely the wrong things, but if you have something to compare to it can...
  42. D

    Favorite neck profile & why?

    The neck on my Ibanez RG2127X, whatever that is. But my UV777 and RG7620 suit me ok too. Have never really played a non-Ibanez 7-string I've felt comfortable on. For 6-strings, I'm a lot less picky. I'm not into huge baseball bat necks, but my acoustics, my Strat, my ol' RG560, RGA121... doesn't...
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    HELP Lo Pro Edge Tremelo Sticking

    Actually you don't really want the knife edges "razor sharp" as you put it. This can cut into the posts, plus they'll go blunt again quickly... and of course as things go, most likely in a way that ends up with the trem not returning to pitch properly. You basically want to file it to a point...
  44. D


    Have seen this before, not really seeing the bit where it's all that great an idea. However many years ago maybe it would have been great... but these days, when you can whack your phone or whatever other handy device in front of your guitar or amp and record ideas, what's the point? Are you...
  45. D

    Another polyphonic sustainer option

    The thing takes three 9V batteries? And from what I gathered from the instructions, you're supposed to just velcro the battery holder on to the back of the guitar? Well that sure sounds like it'd be comfortable. :| It briefly mentions in the manual an internally mounted model, but I couldn't...
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    Outboard looper pedal - Question if this will work

    Can't really comment on that. I have a Ditto but I've never attempted to run it with my Axe. If the input on the Ditto is happy taking the output of the Axe, and the simple features of the Ditto suit what you want to do... I'd test it for you, but to be honest I CBF. :lol Since leaving the...
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    hi guys i just bpught a 2nd hand ultra yesterday. any tips?

    Yeah, I never really heard too many tones I really liked in any of the presets, but some of them can give you some great ideas on what can be done with the unit in terms of FX, routing, internal controllers, etc.. The other thing I guess is, start simple and build it up from there. If you were...
  48. D

    hi guys i just bpught a 2nd hand ultra yesterday. any tips?

    No. Really, read the manual. Sure you can mess about and work a fair bit out yourself, but really, read the manual. Or at least have it close by for reference. There are a load of options in this thing, not just in terms of the amp/FX, but the internal routing, the physical I/O, the global...
  49. D

    Outboard looper pedal - Question if this will work

    For that purpose you'd put the looper between your Axe-FX and the poweramp. Whatever you want captured by the looper has to go before it. In your case, you want the sound out of the Axe-FX to be looped, so the looper basically goes at the end of the chain. If you put the looper before the...
  50. D

    Chris Broderick Quits Megadeth

    Whereas Jeff Loomis joining Arch Enemy is just a general joke. :| Really? Arch Enemy? Is he that desperate for a gig? :|
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    Noise problem solved: Stay Away From These Guitar Cables

    The kinds of tests you're talking about there are for speaker cables. Not all cable applications are the same. That said, I don't go for the crazy high end guitar cables. I make my own from Canare cable and Neutrik plugs, and I have a few shorter off-the-shelf cables that I've had around...
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    Time for an upgrade (or rebuild) of my recording setup

    Well like Rook, I'd go with Cubase. I bought a new laptop a few weeks back with Win7 on it and am happily running Cubase on that. But then, I've used Cubase for years since the ol' Cubase VST and SX days. Somewhat cheaper (as far as the software goes) would of course be Logic. Never used it...
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    How do you get your drums?

    If you're just using it for demo purposes, just go for EZD2. The depth of sample layering might not be as good as Superior, the flexibility with the routing, FX, bleeds, etc. might not be as good as Superior., etc... but for demos? It should more than good enough.
  54. D

    Does anyone play a Taylor T5 through an Ultra?

    No experience with the Taylor, but I do have an electric with piezos. Haven't really used the piezo side of things for some time, but I used to have dual chains running in my patches to process the two separately. Magnetic pickups went in the normal front input, piezos went in via input 1R in...
  55. D


    Generally, although I certainly wouldn't say 100%. I mean, if someone asks if I like hip hop, I'll say no. Coz from everything I've heard, no I don't. If I happen to hear some one day that I actually don't mind though... I'll listen to it. Whatever, I'll listen to whatever I happen to like. If...
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    How do you get your drums?

    As far as I know, all the previous EZD expansions can be used with EDZ2. From memory I saw it in an email or something from Toontrack that there were going to updates for all the old packs to make them EZD2 compatible. Similarly, if you went with Superior, all those EZD expansions are available...
  57. D

    How I Program Drums

    Yeah, it depends what you're talking about. If you're talking about 8 things being hit simultaneously... obviously there's a limit to what a drummer can play. On the other hand, if we're not talking actual simultaneous hits... there are some proper freak drummers around. Plenty of times I've...
  58. D

    Need advice fixing a bass body

    Cut off his thumb.
  59. D

    Name Your DAW!

    Cubase 7 I've used Cubase since the old Cubase VST and then SX stuff, so it's what I'm used to. :)
  60. D

    Next Axe Fx update to include John 5 sig pedal?

    Right, well you go put a real one on your board and see how that goes down with the authorities. :lol
  61. D

    My Ormsby Hype Build

    That fretboard wood is ridiculous. Almost seems a shame to put frets on it.
  62. D

    Two features that I haven't a seen mentioned?

  63. D

    I am an idiot

    :lol I think when I tried it, I just made my mind up a bit too quickly. I heard the extra brightness and thought, "Yeah, who wouldn't want that?!" But yeah, in other ways it has just driven me nuts, and it was pretty much the one part of the chain that I didn't think of. Yeah, going back to...
  64. D

    I am an idiot

    For ages, something about my sound has driven me nuts. Whether it was through the Axe direct, or through a cab, or through my newer mini Pedaltrain Jr rig, or whatever. Something in the attack, somewhere up in the higher end. Drove myself crazy trying to dial it out in the amp block, with PEQs...
  65. D

    Pedal powering question

    The Pedal Power 2 has two outputs (5 & 6?) that can put out 250mA each. You can also get cables that allow you to connect two outputs into one to double the voltage or the current (one or the other, not both at once), i.e. 9VDC 200mA, or 18VDC 100mA. Or pair 5 & 6 together and you can have 18VDC...
  66. D

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Pretty much. If you hadn't bought your MBP already there'd be more of a case to argue. As it is, you've already bought the MBP... so Logic is a fairly straight forward choice.
  67. D

    Guitar Strap Height - what are your experiences?

    My guitars are strapped on high enough that if I'm sitting upright, the guitar doesn't rest on my legs. So sitting or standing, it's all the same to me. When I started out, as a teenager somewhat concerned with how "cool" I looked, the guitar was of course slung rather low. Over a few years it...
  68. D

    Did your effect pedals GAS stop since you bought your Axe fx?

    The wah sounds nice, but it's a bit odd to use. Certainly at first I guess, although I suppose I'm getting kinda used to it now. The SS-30 at first I wasn't too thrilled with, but after a bit of time and tweaking I actually quite like it. The clean with the gain cranked does get into slightly...
  69. D

    Did your effect pedals GAS stop since you bought your Axe fx?

    It did for a while. I pretty much sold off all my amp gear and most of my FX gear, just keeping a few of my pedals and my PP2+. But lately I've wanted a more simple and more compact rig, so I put together a lil pedalboard b-rig. And I'll keep buying bits 'n' pieces to swap things out here 'n'...
  70. D

    Eric Johnson Gig

    So he opens up the case, randomly scatters it about over a few square metres and THEN it's ready for him to play? :lol
  71. D

    Which of these do you spend the most time doing?

    I don't actually tweak my Axe-FX much. Some days I'll go nuts on it and spend a bunch of time messing about, but it's rare. Mostly I just play with what I've dialed in already. And these days I actually play more through my mini b-rig than the Axe at home anyway.
  72. D

    Eric Johnson Gig

    That's the most organised EJ pedal board I've ever seen. What happened to the random plank of wood with everything spaced a foot away from anything else, all facing in weird directions? :lol
  73. D

    Mark Five vs Mark IIC+

    Strange. I preferred the Mark V for the chord bits, as it sounded like it had a bit more midrange and definition. The single note stuff though, it sounded like the Mark V's midrange suddenly vanished. That said, for me it's a bit of a misguided comparison. One of the great things about the...
  74. D

    Brian May Rig Rundown

    It is also 24" scale and I think had 8s on it for most of its life. It's still pretty crazy that it's never had a re-fret, but those things would have helped.
  75. D

    Do you have natural talent for guitar?

    If you mean "musical" as in playing a musical instrument, then no. Doesn't play anything, couldn't sing his way out of a paper bag.
  76. D

    Do you have natural talent for guitar?

    Not at all. I grew up in a very non-musical home and only really became interested in my teens. People around me seemed wild about my supposed natural talent when I picked up the guitar, but were ignorant to or just plain ignoring the fact that I practised for pretty much a minimum of 6 hours...
  77. D

    S.O.S. Axe Fx Ultra hum/buzz under tones. S.O.S.

    I'll start out by saying I contain more vodka than blood right now, so good luck with this post. Even off my nut though, I'm fairly thorough with my proof-reading. I'll basically summarise this post right now now with: Probably take your guitar to a tech. Really, if you're getting any kind...
  78. D

    I'm off to a Guthrie Govan Master Class tonight in brisbane, yehhaa!!!

    Thanks for reminding me. I bought a ticket ages ago for when he's in Melbourne this weekend and I forgot all about it. :lol
  79. D

    Exp Pedal use....what you use it for....and more importantly....why??

    I have one SP-1 permanently on input volume duties, and another that's generally for wah. When it's not being a wah that 2nd one might control pitch, or blending in of an effect, or whatever. I'm not a big FX guy though, so mostly it's just a wah. I still like to have a separate dedicated volume...
  80. D

    Dual Guitar Gigbag

    Yeah, I mean if you're slingin' around Squier Strats to your gigs or something then maybe forking out for a Mono case is a bit much. But if you've got decent instruments, not to mention you've maybe had those instruments for years and you wanna look after 'em... a bit of extra money on a good...
  81. D

    Demo'ed the Axe to guitar player for Geoff Tate's Queensrych today

    "Queensryche" are launching their tour... at a pizza joint? What? :|
  82. D

    Setup question-bad tone through cab

    I dunno what those Eminence speakers are like, but if you're using FRFR patches and then just turning off the cab sims to use the 2x12... different speakers need different settings. If I run the patches I've dialed in with my main cab with CL80s through my V30 cab, it sounds fairly terrible too...
  83. D

    Re-amping online WTF ?!?!

    Actually, it does say down the bottom of the page, "Profiles provided by SinMix". I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same people behind both.
  84. D

    First Impressions - Tech 21 FlyRig5

    Yeah sure, if the FlyRig covers what you want for the purpose you want it for... why not? Seems to sound quite decent, in a tiny little package, and Tech 21 stuff as far as I know tends to be very reliable. Not much to complain about there. My backup/b-rig solution is a small pedalboard rig, and...
  85. D

    Anybody else think this is ridiculously stupid (petition against digital modelling)

    It's bad enough this was recorded in the first place, there's no need to do it again. :|
  86. D

    First Impressions - Tech 21 FlyRig5

    Something like a GT-8 is a fairly different unit. The GT-8 has a whole bunch of amp models (a lot of them rubbish), a whole bunch of FX, a range of ODs, somewhat flexible routing, an EXP pedal (and option for another or a 2-button switch), assigns, etc. The FlyRig is a fairly basic, stripped...
  87. D

    New Guitar! Mayones Regius 7 Custom!

    Boh... that is one sweet looking finish.
  88. D

    Cheap and light backup rigs?

    If I wanted a cheap and easy all-in-one type backup, I'd probably just grab a POD floor unit of some sort, or something along those lines. At the moment I'm putting together a not-so-cheap backup pedalboard rig. Basically an AMT SS-30 for the preamp, a few other bits (volume pedal, delay(s)...
  89. D

    How do I temporarily block my Floyd Rose tremolo?

    It does a pretty good job, but if you want real fixed bridge type double stop bends and whatnot, the Tremol-No doesn't really do it. It still lets the bridge move a little bit. Certainly not as much as when the bridge is fully floating, but it's there. So I guess it depends how picky you are...
  90. D

    Stuck In a Rut

    IMO you kinda answered it in your question. "Start playing something new". I got a bit bored of my own playing recently, and after a while of doing nothing about it, it just occurred to me, "Why don't I just learn some songs?" Normally I never really do, so that in itself is "something new" for...
  91. D

    Mission Customer Service

    Not that this proves their service is flawless or anything... but I emailed them when the switch in one of my SP-1s failed (rather strangely... the thread on the switch stripped) and they responded fairly promptly.
  92. D


    Meh, I've had my Ultra for... I dunno how many years now. It still sounds great, and I've still really only explored a tiny fraction of what the unit could do. Sure, if I had the money I'd have bought an Axe II by now. But kinda just... because. If I want to, I can still sit down with the Ultra...
  93. D

    Recommend a line mixer for me

    I have a Rane line mixer in my recording rack at home. It used to be in my guitar rig back when I had a big rack with FX units and a GCX with pedals in a drawer and whatever else going on, but once I got the Axe I didn't have a need for it there. So I found another use for it in the recording...
  94. D

    Post Your Rig!

    While I'm an Ibanez guy, I've not made it past 7-strings (yet... we'll see :lol), so I don't really follow the 8s. Is that a J-Custom 8-string?! :|
  95. D

    Interview with yours truly about pain and pain management

    Thanks. She's kinda looked into some things, but I think the broad spectrum of possible causes (and the rather trial and error means of going through them), and the sometimes lengthy time frames for (possible) results... she ends up just going nowhere with it. Maybe if it gets bad she goes to a...
  96. D

    Interview with yours truly about pain and pain management

    Very interesting story, thanks for sharing. I've passed it on to a friend who suffers from severe migraines. Even if there's nothing she finds directly relevant, hopefully she'll be inspired to actually do something about it instead of just putting up with it until it goes away and then waiting...
  97. D

    Best guitar lineup I have seen in years.

    Checked out the two clips. Not particularly excited. Sounds like fairly standard cliched metal. Also not particularly inspired by the idea of a project with six shredders and no bassist.
  98. D

    Questions from a fractal newb about recording

    No, run them into the interface's line ins. I wouldn't bother with the tube pre, but if you want to try it and you like it... well that's up to you. Me? I'd dial in the sound I want with the Axe and put it straight into the interface.
  99. D

    Concerned: Want to use Matrix GT1000FX with 1-12 v30 cab for time being.

    What's your idea of being "very careful"? If you're just talking about playing at home for now, you're probably not going to have any problems. You'll be pumping out a fair bit of volume before you push the V30 too far. I run a 2x12 with a pair of CL80s... my GT800FX's LED indicator barely...
  100. D

    Adjusting SP-1 Mission pedal

    I take it you mean the pedal action is loose and it just falls forward when you take your foot off it. There should be a hex screw in the back underneath the pedal that you can adjust to tighten it back up. There's a Youtube video somewhere on the ME site showing you how to do it.
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