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  1. laxu

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    There's already several Axe-Fx models to maintain. If anything I would drop some of the variant amp models or Axe-Fx Std/Ultra ported models and fill that space with say more effects preset options (e.g. overdrive, delay etc models of specific pedals). Those who don't like this can always stick...
  2. laxu

    Axe-Fx II MK-I: Fan Size

    I used some rubber ropes meant for hanging a hard drive in a computer case so it doesn't transfer resonance to the case. I mounted the 60mm fan angled between the posts then wrapped the rubber ropes around and between the posts and fan and finally put the nuts on the bolts to keep it all in...
  3. laxu

    Can the Axe-Fx II sustain?

    That's controlled feedback. Nothing to it other than installing a sustainer pickup or using speakers at a decent volume.
  4. laxu

    Touch and Volume Sensitivity

    I haven't been able to tell any real difference between the tube amps I've played and the Axe-Fx 2 when it comes to responding to picking dynamics and guitar volume. Works as expected.
  5. laxu

    how to adjust output of the headphone jack

    Why would you use the headphone out for that when the back panel has several line-outs and digital outputs that would work better? The headphone output is controlled by the Out 1 knob.
  6. laxu

    What are you using for sustain?

    Same here, unless you are trying to get that Gary Moore live infinite sustain from feedback thing, any good guitar would have more than enough sustain.
  7. laxu

    What's all the Hoopla about Scenes?

    I find scenes to be incredibly convenient for changing what effects are on, toggling the X/Y states of blocks etc. Rather than having to duplicate the same signal chain with small changes in each preset so you get your clean/od/lead or whatever typical combinations of settings you need, you can...
  8. laxu

    Helix Control Pedal + Axe FX III

    The Helix Floor or LT can work for this as it outputs MIDI and has actually really good controls for determining what it sends but the Helix Control is more like the FC, a proprietary "dumb" box.
  9. laxu

    Helix Control Pedal + Axe FX III

    Since there is no MIDI, to make the Helix Control work with the Axe-Fx 3 you would need to build a box that does the following: Has a controller like a small Arduino or other cheap little thing with a programmable firmware. Ports for each unit (XLR for FASLink, Ethernet for Helix Control)...
  10. laxu

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    I don't think they have any real incentive to do that. Considering even the Sysex specs for Axe-Fx 2 are incomplete on the Wiki, I doubt Fractal has much interest in releasing a full spec for the 3. Having done something like this for the Axe-Fx 2, it was a fair bit of work to read and update...
  11. laxu

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    The Helix allows you to map MIDI CCs to output on switch presses so I think it would be possible to get at least block and channel on/off toggles there. See the Command Center section of the manual. Has Fractal outlined what the foot controllers can actually do?
  12. laxu

    Raspberry, signs of life (MIDI)

    Better solution would be to use a MIDI controller with LED rings around the infinite rotary pots. I used to own a Yamaha DG80 combo that had motorized knobs that changed when presets changed and that was great but also the number one thing that eventually failed on those amps. Infinite rotaries...
  13. laxu

    Celestion IRs vs Other?

    There's a ton of cab IRs with V30s. To me Celestion IRs only make sense if you focus on the less well represented speakers.
  14. laxu

    Curiosity on durability

    I have a MK I and the only thing I've had to change is the fan.
  15. laxu

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    I'm not aware that the FC actually does much more than a MIDI controller at least initially. I've been using a cheap FCB1010 with my Axe-Fx 2 for years and it can do all the things needed but just doesn't have any feedback on the device about the status of the Axe-Fx. Small price to pay for such...
  16. laxu

    Good studio speakers for Axe + bass?

    Since you're in Finland, splurge on a set of Genelec M040s, about 1200€ for a pair. I've been really happy with mine and play bass through them too. The XLR + RCA inputs are also handy because I can hook up Axe-Fx into one and my audio interface into the other and they seem to coexist rather...
  17. laxu

    Quantum -> Ares changelog?

    There's no sense for Fractal to throw away all the hard work they did for the older platforms and start over so Axe-Fx 2 was initially very similar in sound to the Standard/Ultra and at the moment the 3 is similar to 2. At the moment the Axe-Fx 3 is to me a port of Axe-Fx 2 software to a new DSP...
  18. laxu

    Presets up/down button is inconsistent

    Argh. Having it as an option to toggle it the other way around would be nice.
  19. laxu

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Interesting! So I'm guessing your IDE does not complain about uninitialized variables then? I would make so many mistakes if my IDEs didn't help me with small things like that, it's so easy to forget small things like that when you are in the flow programming away.
  20. laxu

    Axe-Fx II XL vs HELIX

    I've only been able to try Axe-Fx 2 and Helix Native side by side and while the Axe-Fx sounds just a little bit better, the difference is not night and day and I would be happy with either. This was done using Axe-Fx 2 as the audio interface so the only real difference is the modeling and a bit...
  21. laxu

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    As a programmer I am amused that an uninitialized variable would manifest as background noise.
  22. laxu

    Emulating the Klon, uhh ... Soul Food

    I picked up a Keeley D&M Drive which is essentially Klon and OCD overdrives in one box. It would be nice to have these modeled in the Axe-Fx but until then I'll be using the pedal into Axe-Fx input as it seems to work great with every amp model I've tried. I should try and see if I can...
  23. laxu

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.00 Firmware Release

    Nice setup, but I'm not sure if high gain sounds are the best test for sound differences.
  24. laxu

    Your best tips for getting a better sound through headphones?

    I tried the second reverb block yesterday. Using my G&L Legacy with a JTM45 model + 4x12 Greenback IR and setting the second reverb to simulate a small room I did get a pretty good sound. While of course not as fun as what I get from the studio monitors, it was still fun to play. I also added an...
  25. laxu

    Overwhelmed by Cabs

    The issue is primarily in how the cabs are presented. These massive lists with the same cab with every mic and speaker known to man is not a good way to show them. It would be better to choose a cab (2x12 Zilla), then choose a variation (speakers, mic, position) for it. On the background this...
  26. laxu

    Your best tips for getting a better sound through headphones?

    I actually have Beyer-Dynamic DT 990 Pros. Also have AKG K272 HDs and they sound pretty good for guitar, drastically different from the Beyer's though. Far field IRs sound pretty good but they are hard to find, the only ones I have are the ones built-in.
  27. laxu

    Any FC release time info ?

    The Helix Control for the rack model is essentially the same thing as the FC and it does the same stuff as the Helix Floor afaik. Seems like a very useful way to quickly get to editing things.
  28. laxu

    Any FC release time info ?

    Can't be bothered to read this whole thread, but are there any block editing features planned for the FC? To me one of the coolest features of the Line6 Helix is that you can navigate and adjust a lot of things just using your feet. Being able to map a footswitch to a block and then edit its...
  29. laxu

    Your best tips for getting a better sound through headphones?

    Thanks! I'll give it a try. This is only for practice purposes so I'd rather not involve a DAW and plugins but just use what is available in the Axe-Fx 2 itself. I've tried using the room simulation in the cab block and that seems to help a bit too but I need to try your suggestion of a second...
  30. laxu

    Your best tips for getting a better sound through headphones?

    So I'm pretty happy with how my Axe-Fx 2 sounds through Genelec studio monitors but when at times I have to use headphones I usually am left wanting. I understand that it will have compromises compared to using studio monitors etc. but I'm sure I can get it to sound better than it does now...
  31. laxu

    Is this possible with the 3?

    The easiest way to do this would be to just add another output block for the IEMs, put an EQ block or two in front of it and use those. Rest of the chain would stay the same.
  32. laxu

    A friend got the Axe III....

    I was in a very similar situation back then. I had a Diezel Einstein 1x12 combo and an Egnater Tourmaster 100 + 2x12 cab because neither could cover the same things. The Egnater did mid gain well, the Diezel did cleans and high gain better. Both had their own issues and compromises but they were...
  33. laxu

    A friend got the Axe III....

    Indeed it does and I would probably be happy with a unit that had only the FAS amp models. They sound really good.
  34. laxu

    eta on anything ported from the 3?

    I never said it wasn't a real bug, just throwing some things that might cause it. I understand your frustration. OSX High Sierra is also a huge bag of bugs based on my work MBP so I would not be surprised if it caused some issues too. If they have not fixed it yet means it might be something...
  35. laxu

    eta on anything ported from the 3?

    I have literally never had this issue so it might be specific to some USB controllers on your computer, USB power save settings or something like that. I have had a lot of issues with some older motherboards that had both Intel and 3rd party USB controllers. The 3rd party ones always had weird...
  36. laxu

    A friend got the Axe III....

    While I'm happy that progress is being made, when I had the Axe-Fx Standard I felt it sounded and responded good enough to ditch the tube amps I had at the time. Ultimately I don't care if an amp sim sounds exactly like what it emulates but rather if it sounds and responds in a way that I enjoy...
  37. laxu

    A friend got the Axe III....

    I can't tell much more than that in clips the 3 sounds a bit better but obviously any differences in feel don't translate to clips so well. Those who say that the feel is better, do you mean that it responds differently to picking dynamics or do some amps feel tighter/looser (like the real amp...
  38. laxu

    Presets up/down button is inconsistent

    Up/down buttons in everywhere else in the UI select previous (up) or next (down) item in the list. Presets does this in the opposite direction and it tends to throw me off where I go to the next preset instead of the previous one. Please correct this to work like the rest of the up/down buttons.
  39. laxu

    Recording tube head with axe fx cab sims?

    I'd add to this that with a load box you would need an additional power amp if you want to use it with a guitar cab in a manner similar to an attenuator. The Fryette Power Station is probably the best unit for this at the moment as it's a load box + 50W 6L6 poweramp in one box so you could run a...
  40. laxu

    Amp in the room simulation

    I would say the number one reason is that those people don't want to use the equivalent of a computer. The Axe-Fx is seriously daunting with its multitude of menus, a manual as long as a legal document and a feature list that takes a while to wrap your head around. By comparison a lot of tube...
  41. laxu

    Neal Schon Axe-Fx III vs Axe-Fx II

    What the hell has he do to require so many units? I understand having a backup but is that backup of a backup of a backup?
  42. laxu

    How loud should the fan be?

    Is the fan still in the ceiling on the 3? My understanding is that not all computer fans fare well in that position (mounted so they push air downwards) and in my computers fans mounted in the case ceiling have been the ones that have failed the most. On the Axe-Fx 2 the biggest issue with the...
  43. laxu


    Seems to me that this is similar to the Fryette Power Station but built as a complete amp. Basically the 100W power amp is just going to amplify a signal taken back to line level so the power amp would not have to be even tube and is probably very neutral sounding. You should ask the...
  44. laxu

    Will we see the Plexi 2204/JMP50w

    Do we really need yet another Marshall in the unit?
  45. laxu

    New Line 6 FRFR cab - Powercab

    The speaker modeling to me is the main draw. In fact I'm interested in buying it for that alone but the standard model is not upgradeable so you are stuck with the 6 speaker models they give you. There are already plenty of good FRFR units on the market and most modelers come with a good IR...
  46. laxu

    Reverb in Amp Block ? - Any benefit soundwise?

    As explained above, the bias trem in the amp block is a type of tremolo that can't be replicated without it interacting with the amp sim. No such limitations for most reverbs. I suppose the amp block could use some sort of effects loop simulation that allowed putting other fx blocks between the...
  47. laxu

    Port of Axe III firmware to Axe II ?

    I believe we could easily have just a handful of FAS branded "idealized" models and be happy with how it sounds. I've got a Yamaha THR100HD and it has a measly 4 different amp models (not counting the solid state option) and those cover pretty much all tones I could need but obviously need a bit...
  48. laxu

    New Line 6 FRFR cab - Powercab

    To me the "expandable" cab options means that they might add more models of speakers to the 6 included over time. I think the Plus might be worth buying for that alone even though I don't really need the other features apart from the "switch speaker model on preset change" feature. If it works...
  49. laxu

    Amp in a Room vs Studio Recorded Tones

    In theory, an IR made with a neutral mic should sound like pressing your head to the micing position - which you would not do. The problem is that the amp in the room sound is always reliant on the room itself, where the speaker is positioned in it and where you as a listener are standing...
  50. laxu

    So far I'm not entirely sold on the Axe Fx 3....

    There are quite a few popular drive pedals that are not represented in the Axe-Fx so I think there is still room to add new fx. For the other effects, I think the amount of parameters can make them daunting to figure out compared to a pedal with a far more limited feature set. That's where...
  51. laxu

    So far I'm not entirely sold on the Axe Fx 3....

    To me for the 3, ease of use should be the biggest focus. We already know the Axe-Fx 2 sounds phenomenal and there probably isn't a unit that can match the 3 soundwise right now. I made a thread when the Axe-Fx 3 was revealed about why I was going to explore other avenues and not upgrade and...
  52. laxu

    No more real cabs for me

    I think this would make a great video comparison, like that Larry Mitchell one. On other forums people always talk about how modeling does not sound like a cab in the room etc so pitting a real Plexi vs modeled + solid state poweramp into the same speaker cab maybe miced with both close and room...
  53. laxu

    Axe FX 3 quality as an Interface?

    Does the Axe-Fx 3 have any better controls for routing and muting/soloing outs? I know you can do a lot of that in a DAW but I appreciate that my old audio interface has its own control panel software where I can control the pan, level (-10/+4), input and output vol etc settings conveniently at...
  54. laxu

    Will we see improvements/new tech regarding speaker cabinets?

    I think the real improvements we need are not in how speaker sims sound but how they are managed. What seems to be great in the UAD OX is that it presents you an easy to understand view of how your cabinet sim sound is formed. It looks a bit like a mixing desk view into the recording space where...
  55. laxu

    Any improvements or planned changes to managing amps and cabs?

    I was thinking the exact same thing the other day! Just having a description from the manual pop up would help a lot. Again this could be just an Axe-Edit feature. I do understand that this is a big undertaking - the feature itself is easy to implement but it's a lot of "monkey work" to match...
  56. laxu

    Modeler Stress Test

    My guess would be 1 is real amp, 2 is Axe 3 and 3 is competitor. This based on just how the background hiss sounds as I can't really tell much of a difference between 1 and 2. Personally I don't really care how accurate an amp model is to the real amp if it responds how I like and sounds good...
  57. laxu

    Any improvements or planned changes to managing amps and cabs?

    As I was playing my Axe-Fx 2 today I started to think how the way amps and cabs are managed on Axe-Edit is unwiedly with the sheer number of options available. Unless I use the color coding feature I constantly have issues finding the amp model I want when I can't always remember what the model...
  58. laxu

    Headphones without getting behind the unit!

    If you are recording via USB then you should set the USB/Digi out source from the I/O -> Audio screen to Output 2. That should fix your issue. I agree it's annoying that the unit is set up like this. I've just started using my audio interface with headphones and Axe going to it over SPDIF...
  59. laxu

    Another graph

    What do the lines represent as there is no legend for them?
  60. laxu

    Standard IR vs UltraRes? Any audio examples somewhere?

    In my own testing it has been a subtle difference in favor of Ultrares that I wouldn't notice if I didn't have a reference.
  61. laxu

    Implemented ABCDE Knob Programming

    Is improving external controller support anywhere on the list? 3rd party tools can map any Axe-Fx 2 parameter to external knob controllers but both the hardware UI and Axe-Edit limit it to very few controls and only 12 external controllers. In my experience even with the 2 there is no need for...
  62. laxu

    Axe-Fx into UA Apollo Twin=Mind Blown

    I'd say no. With short cable lengths you could just use the analog outputs and would most likely not notice any audible difference.
  63. laxu

    future versions? (I.E. axe fx iii xl+)

    Exactly. To me the section that needs most work is the navigation as those arrow buttons are spaced really far apart to be used efficiently. Real knobs are always better than virtual ones too. I don't see the Axe-Fx 3 getting a revision unless a hardware vendor changes.
  64. laxu

    After 9.04 Firmware everything sounds super bad

    Same for me but most of my patches are pretty simple. At worst I've had to tweak the settings a little bit and then had a sound that I enjoy. I don't feel like the Axe-Fx 2 requires a ton of tweaking to get a satisfying sound out of it in the first place. All I've ever done with firmware updates...
  65. laxu

    Anyone find that they use the same cab, regardless of amp?

    I usually use different IRs but gravitate towards ones that are made by OwnHammer. They always have a sound that fits my tastes the best. ML IRs are my second choice. Least favorite is probably the RedWirez stock cabs, those tend to sound fizzy to me.
  66. laxu

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    If the Axe-Fx 2 is like a 1990s rack multifx unit, the Axe-Fx 3 looks like an old ADAT box. I don't mind the 3U size at all, I'm sure it's justified with all the I/O but the front panel gets no design awards. Logos take absolutely massive amounts of space, there is room for the screen to be...
  67. laxu

    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I'm going the complete opposite direction. After about 9 years of Axe-Fx devices I've finally realized I just don't need that much. I'm not a heavy effects user and as much as I enjoy the sounds I'm getting out of my Axe-Fx 2 MK I, it's still too much for me. I'll probably look into it again...
  68. laxu

    Axe Fx intersction with IRs

    My understanding is that those params are heavily tied into how the amp responds with the speaker load. So if you were to plug in a real tube amp into the FAS loadbox, to the amp the loadbox is the reactive load instead of the speaker. I would expect that FAS has designed the loadbox to handle...
  69. laxu

    III on the Floor

    I could use a unit that is more limited than the Axe-Fx 3 but at the same time I don't want to use it on the floor. I would rather have something I can put on top of a cab for knob control and then have a separate footswitch on the floor. So I say give me a smaller rack unit or a desktop box.
  70. laxu

    Help me! Floor vs. Rack

    I hate crouching down to the floor to adjust things so rack for me. To be honest my ideal "AX9" would be something with a control unit you can put where you want and then you could just hook up one of the new FC foot controllers. Essentially a desktop unit.
  71. laxu

    Axe FX II XL+ support

    That's perfectly fine. It's a mature product where there are not that many things that could be improved within the limitations of the hardware. I'd like to see the parameters where you can attach modifiers be opened up and made to allow more external controllers but otherwise I'm happy with it...
  72. laxu


    I agree, Fractal should definitely release some videos on two things: 1) How it sounds. I think the Larry Mitchell video where the Axe-Fx 2 was compared to real tube amps was fantastic, something similar to showcase the Axe-Fx 3 capabilities would be a good idea. 2) How you operate it. Lots of...
  73. laxu

    Instant access to 5 knobs on front for "normal" changes on fly???

    That would be really nice. For most that would mean not having to even see the grid and select a block when adjusting on the go.
  74. laxu

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch ... Amp Model Requests

    Just get rid of all the amp models and replace them with a sensible set of FAS versions. Folks, you don't need a model of a gazillion different amp models to cover pretty much any tone you'd ever need. I know it's fun to just select whatever amps you've owned previously or been interested in but...
  75. laxu

    Instant access to 5 knobs on front for "normal" changes on fly???

    10 is still a pretty limited number. I can use 8 just for basic amp settings (two gains, master, level, bass, middle, treble, presence). You can cut that down by a few but it still means you only have a couple of params left for controlling some effect. I'd raise this to something like 20...
  76. laxu

    Axe FX III as a Platform

    Line6 tried the build your own pedal with the ToneCore DSP kit. It didn't sell well. Audio DSP is such a specialized field that the number of people who would build new effects and amp models would be pretty small.
  77. laxu

    FC12 will be compatible with Axe Fx II mk I?

    MIDI in todays world is kind of a shitty protocol. You run out of CCs in a jiffy with something as complex as an Axe-Fx and have to communicate the rest over MIDI SysEx messages, which most MIDI controllers don't understand or send out of the box. That's why the MFC-101 is Axe-Fx 2 specific as...
  78. laxu


    I would say yes, unless someone updates the firmware on that. The Axe 3 will have a new ID that the RAC12 won't recognize and then it's a question if Axe 3 sends data in the same SysEx format as the Axe-Fx 2.
  79. laxu

    Wish: Assign modifiers to any parameter

    Amen to that. The limitations are completely artificial. I understand some settings might cause increased CPU or weird glitches but let the user accept the responsibility for that instead of limiting what controls can have modifiers. I mean at the moment you can attach a modifier to the input...
  80. laxu

    Axe Edit for the Axe III

    Those are two separate issues. The windows need to scale proportionally so that they are not tiny on a 4K display for example. They also need to use high res bitmaps so the UI doesn't become blurry when it's scaled up. Otherwise showing more stuff in list windows by resizing should be entirely...
  81. laxu

    Since it's looking like we won't be able to use the MFC-101...

    I'm sure it would have to be at least far more limited in functionality than the new foot controllers. But surely at least functionality available currently with the Axe-Fx 2 would be somewhat possible or at least part of it like showing preset names etc? I really hope that Fractal puts some...
  82. laxu

    Since it's looking like we won't be able to use the MFC-101...

    Wouldn't it be mostly a software issue to make the MFC-101 compatible with the Axe-Fx 3? Then all you need is an adapter for the FASLink 2 port, right?
  83. laxu

    XL+ Becoming Obsolete?

    The Axe-Fx 2 will still be relevant for years unless someone comes up with much more advanced modeling, which I don't see even Fractal doing soon. Now is probably the best time for those who don't own an Axe-Fx to buy one. Those who recently bought a XL+ are the ones taking the biggest hit. I...
  84. laxu

    Axe Edit for the Axe III

    I would expect it will simply scale bigger as that makes more sense. I wonder if it will now scale bigger but without becoming blurry like it does now. I hope some of the updates trickle down to the Axe-Edit for Axe-Fx 2 too.
  85. laxu

    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    Yes, because I can tell how the UI works on the front panel just by looking at pics. I can see the drawbacks just from screenshots as I did when I got the Axe-Fx 2. I'm writing a software to fix this sort of adjustment issue for my Axe-Fx 2 as we speak but was ultimately hoping that the Axe-Fx 3...
  86. laxu

    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    I find that the "mouse -> adjust virtual knob -> guitar -> mouse -> adjust virtual knob" is a bit annoying when you are adjusting a lot of things. That's why I prefer having good front panel control so I can just reach slightly to my side or sit in front of the Axe and adjust there. I hope that...
  87. laxu

    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    We will see. I said I would not be getting the Axe 2 back when I had the Axe-Fx Standard but then found a good deal on a used one maybe a year after 2's release... ;)
  88. laxu

    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    I feel like Line6 has done a much, much better job at this overall. Their UI makes a lot more sense to me even if it has some of its own quirks. Hopefully the Axe-Fx 3 has some things that are not immediately apparent that make it easier to use than the 2. Nothing gets around that the front...
  89. laxu

    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    I was eagerly waiting for the Axe-Fx 3 to see if it would improve on the one thing I've mentioned several times as my only issue with the Axe-Fx 2: the front panel. Reading thru the promo page for the Axe 2 I can tell that it's not what I had hoped. While putting the 5 knobs underneath the...
  90. laxu

    97% CPU and Getting Static

    You could also use CabLab to mix the IRs you use so you can get rid of one cab block altogether and still have essentially four IRs, just some of them pre-mixed.
  91. laxu

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    I tried again with a higher scaling level and if the app is open when scaling is changed it breaks but if you restart the app it works fine. So I guess it does scale as expected.
  92. laxu

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Tried this on my machine (1440p display) and it seems the UI does not scale at all. On a 4K display this would mean that all text is way small. Depending on what software is used to make the app you might need to just enable scaling to get this fixed.
  93. laxu

    Help with Axe-Fx 2 SysEx messages

    Thank you! Added the get scene number to Wiki.
  94. laxu

    Help with Axe-Fx 2 SysEx messages

    So I'm building a software to communicate with the Axe-Fx 2 over SysEx but the Wiki is missing some function IDs. Could someone tell me how to do the following things? Get scene number. I know how to set it but not how to just read it. Does the Axe-Fx 2 even send this because if I change it...
  95. laxu

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    If you have a Windows machine running Windows 10 then you can just change the display scaling to say 125% or higher and see how the app scales. Typically the app either gets blurry or text starts to overflow UI elements.
  96. laxu

    Axe-Fx into UA Apollo Twin=Mind Blown

    You either connect it to the Axe-Fx analog outputs to mic/line inputs on the Apollo or you need to buy a SPDIF coax to SPDIF optical converter box and connect Axe-Fx SPDIF out to converter box to Apollo optical in.
  97. laxu

    My one issue about the axe ughh

    Other than there being no UI and (presumably) no SysEx message mapping, I don't think so. It's just a decision Fractal has made. Would be a good upgrade to make these editable from the software because the menus for those are pretty packed and can be confusing.
  98. laxu

    Axe-Fx STILL at Heavy Discount. How Does this Not Indicate New Axe 3?

    It's never in a company's best interest to say that a new version is coming because that means people who were about to buy the current one will instead hold off.
  99. laxu

    Axe-Fx STILL at Heavy Discount. How Does this Not Indicate New Axe 3?

    Absolutely, with units priced below those that are pretty great like the Amplifirebox or Yamaha THR100HD. Lots of competition which is great for us, the consumers. If Fractal wants to put out another high end box priced like the Axe-Fx 2 XL+ was they really need to deliver something much better...
  100. laxu

    The Year Of The Axe FX 3. A Huge Year For Fractal Indeed!

    I would buy such a product. I am always happy with the tones I'm getting from my Axe but not with the lack of quick adjustments. I've been using the MidyAX2 software to use an Arturia Beatstep to give me some on-the-fly control and it's a great improvement.
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