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    Wish Victory RK50, Diaz Texas Ranger, Cougar Philip Sayce Amp

    #1 Do any of you own the following that you can Tone Match for me? Amps: 1.) Victory RK50 2.) Custom by Cougar Super Snake 3.) Custom by Cougar Philip Sayce Model Pedals 1.) Diaz Texas Ranger 2.) Diaz TS-808 3.) Diaz TS-9 Thanks! 😃: DB
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    AxeFx III Christmas Wishlist

    Do any of you own the following that you can Tone Match for me? Amps: 1.) Victory RK50 2.) Custom by Cougar Super Snake 3.) Custom by Cougar Philip Sayce Model Pedals 1.) Diaz Texas Ranger 2.) Diaz TS-808 3.) Diaz TS-9 Thanks! 😃: DB
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    FS Brand New Pair Unused Celestion G12L Lynchback Speakers

    Never used, in factory boxes which I opened to take pics and put them right back. Found while cleaning the gear room last week. So here's the deal...... I come to find out that these were a limited run which Celestion discontinued about a year ago and why exactly is anyone's guess because...
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    I'm a new Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter whose debut album will be dropping everywhere mid January 2020 with a tour to follow. I am new to fly gigs and am pretty well prepared already. I will be dragging two guitars out in Gator Titan Cases which are air tight and can withstand the force of a...
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    Ahhhhhhhhhh Wednesday!!!

    Unloaded about $5k in gear this past weekend and ordered my Axe III, FC-12, two EV-1 pedals and it all gets here Wednesday. Glad to be back here no doubt.
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    Looking For Help With A Single Stereo Or Dual Mono Active FRFR System

    Hi Everyone: I hope everyone here is doing well and your tones are everything you imagined they would or could ever be (or damm close for that matter). 😄 Happily, after a three-year absence from Fractal Land, I am coming back and very excited to do so. This weekend I will be purchasing the...
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    Axe-Fx III vs FM3

    Can someone link me to the complete lists of what is the same and what one has that the other doesn't? As I'm quite sure the topic has been beaten to death somewhere here on the forum, I can't locate it. Thanks in advance.
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    So for all of you, in your opinion where is the best place online to learn about Scenes and how to do them?
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    I have read the manual. I also have Axe Edit and Fractal Bot on my Windows based laptop as well as the driver. (yeah I know my biggest mistake is not owning a Mac.... :lol ) Anyway, something is amiss. Every single time I try to open the file my Windows Media Player pops up and says that this...
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    Help With Understanding Ultra-Res

    Can someone explain exactly what this is? Also I read in some places that if you use the cabinet IR's like I do that if you go Ultra-Res there is some sort of conversion process to get things happening in my AxeFxII XL. I'm a technological blunder / dummy so any help with this subject matter...
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    Did someone post a video somewhere on how to sample cab packs thru Fractal Bot with directions then on how to save them in my banks? Thanks!!
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    Rotary Not Showing Up On The MFC 101

    I inserted a Rotary block in a patch but it doesn't show up on my MFC 101. Is there a tutorial video to show how to make this happen somewhere? Thanks!!
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    HELP!! Output 1 Clipping With High Gain Patches

    Hi There!! I bought the Creative Live class bundle with Cooper Carter to learn how to make my way around the AxeFx II XL. On the chapter where he makes a high gain patch I followed along but noticed the Output 1 Clip light literally staying on 100% of the time. All of my guitars have the same...
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    Pics Of My New Tour Rig

    Hopefully I uploaded these pics of the rack and Matrix FR 212 FRFR's and they pulled thru. We all know what an MFC 101 and a pair of Mission Expression Pedals in Chrome look like so I don't think posting them is a big deal. My only regret was not pulling the trigger years ago. My tone is HUGE...
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    Alright, let me know what you think. Here's the link...... Axe-Change - Download Preset - Majestic Heavens - by Doug Bryan DB
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    Someone Please Help This Computer Dummy Over Here (Cab Packs Purchased)

    Ok so I purchased all but pack 4 for my Axe FX II XL. I also have both the Fractal Bot and Axe Edit downloaded and those are working. Now how do I get all these cabs into my library? I'm clueless. Thanks!!
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    HELP!!! Expression Pedals & Cables. Thanks In Advance.

    With my new XL, MFC 101, Matrix GT 1000 FX and pair of Matrix FR 212's on the way I am new to this and know NOTHING. I need big time help. You are talking to a tube snob who is clueless in the digital world. :lol I want to be able to control my volume on/off with one dedicated expression...
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    I FINALLY Pulled The Trigger........

    Looking forward to hearing the knock on my door from the UPS cat on Thursday. I ordered an Axe FX II XL and MFC 101. I also ordered that adapter pack not knowing what the hell I was ordering and just found out I didn't need it so I will send it back. LOL I have yet to order expression pedals...
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    This is sort of a re-post in the now correct area of this forum as I am a newbie here and just finding my way around. I do hope that I can be provided some help and guidance on this subject matter and thank you all in advance for taking your time to help me. Looking forward to getting to know...
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    Hello Everyone!!! Unexperienced Newbie Here!!! Will be receiving my XL and MFC 101 soon and looking forward to it. I have decided to run a wet /dry / wet onstage plus two lines to FOH, with three Passive FRFR's onstage with the 3 Channel Matrix GT1500FXBD. I play in an original heavy rock...
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