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  1. jeremypodom

    Axe FX II clipping with USB plugged in

    So, just powered up my Axe for the first time in a long while. Updated from FM15 to 17, and tried to use the USB output to play some backing tracks to jam to. However, as soon as I plug the USB into my computer, a rhythmic clipping/popping is introduced into the output. The popping only occurs...
  2. jeremypodom

    When is Axe Edit going to get it's functions back?

    I miss exporting presets to new slots, axe manage, global blocks, etc.... I would honestly find these more useful than an axe fx software update. Just curious for any specifics from those less ignorant than myself.
  3. jeremypodom

    New Fender 57' Deluxe Head

    I just heard Fender is showcasing a new 57' deluxe head at NAMM. If I didn't have an Axe FX I'd be crapping my pants right about now. That was my ideal (concept) amp before I got the axe and I could never find any good options to satisfy that desire.
  4. jeremypodom

    How many amps do you actually use?

    I've had my Axe for a little over six months, I think. The thing is, I found/made just a few presets that work great for what I'm doing and have barely touched beyond those few. Does anyone else find themselves in the same boat? I bought a simulator with nearly 200 amps available and virtually...
  5. jeremypodom

    New Andy Timmons preset

    I basically made this one by accident. It was the clean setting on an overdrive preset I made in a bit of a rush, but later discovered that if I just upped the input gain on it then it sounded nearly identical to the tone of Andy Timmons on his CD Resolution. Here's a sample of me derping...
  6. jeremypodom

    My guthrie govan/fusion lead preset

    I started working on this guy from the moment I got my Axe FX and it's been quite a while now. I've had to really redefine my understanding of what good tone is supposed to sound like to get it this far. It's designed to sound great through my CLR active wedge with my strat equipped with low...
  7. jeremypodom

    Making cables can be fun

    I've really been having a blast making these colorful cables. The cable itself is red and the techflex sleeve is white, which unfortunately made it look pink to everyone but me. I like pink though =P lol. Anyways, they turned out really well. The techflex is slippery against itself and so it has...
  8. jeremypodom

    Help - different sounds from different rooms

    When I have band practice we have a very small room to practice in. I had my patches set to sound good there but when I came home I noticed it didn't sound nearly as thick or bassy. I readjusted so they sound fantastic now but I'm worried I'll show up to practice next and it will sound terrible...
  9. jeremypodom

    Did your AFX redefine tone for you?

    It has taken me months with my axe fx to really figure out what the hell I'm doing. And I don't just mean learning the controls. I mean that my understanding of what good tone should actually sound like and how to get there was completely off in so many ways. I've gone back to look at previous...
  10. jeremypodom

    Guthrie Govan Waves tone preset

    I based this off of a preset I found that was already semi close but definitely needed some tweaking. With my strat equipped with zexcoil signature set pickups it sounds extremely close to the original tone. It could probably use a small tweak here or there still but I'll save the nitpicking for...
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