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    Hi, I got your response about the MFC101. I responded in via my email but perhaps you didn't...

    Hi, I got your response about the MFC101. I responded in via my email but perhaps you didn't receive it. Feel free to contact me at worshipgod4ever@hotmail.com Thanks! Tom
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    Does AX-8 Support Global Blocks?

    ...I used to use these on the AXE II, then there were issues and I stopped. Now using AX-8 and wondering if that's part of the package? Thanks
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    Strymon BigSky style verb!?

    Hi Freman Have you posted any of your AX8 presets yet? Mine is coming in next week! Thanks
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    10.09 - trip-tik: are you kidding me ?

    Yes...Classic please!
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    Fender - finally!

    I'm finding that the stock fender patches, and many others that I've auditioned, sound bassey. This isn't a new v10 thing (at least for me). They always seem to be set this way. Changing the basic tone controls doesn't fix it. Did you find you needed to make a lot of adjustments?
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    MFC 2_15 Zip File Won't UnZip

    I just got this to "unzip" by opening with Windows Explorer instead of winzip...go figure. Like I said, I just unzipped a the 9_02 sysex file successfully but for some reason the MFC zip was different...at least for me! Thanks for testing...really appreciate it.
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    MFC 2_15 Zip File Won't UnZip

    Tried downloading several times. I did just successfully DL and unzip 9_02. Here's the message: Extracting file: C:\Drivers and Programs\Fractal Audio\MCF101\MFC101_215\mfc101_215.zip Extracting to "C:\Drivers and Programs\Fractal Audio\MCF101\MFC101_215\" Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no...
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    Scenes are a Godsend!

    If I were still on the Ultra, Scenes alone would drive my decision to go to the Axe II...it's a huge usability improvement.
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    How to use the "Magic 8-Ball" in the tuner.

    Do I have to be on a certain level of MFC or AXE to see the ball?
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    Doing it now. For some reason, prior to v7 and the latest AE, I could not to a Backup and Sync. Just verified that is now working...thank God!. Is there any other way to back up the Axe, particularly if the internal bank backup doesn't work. BTW, has anyone else had issues with that? Or. perhaps...
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    UPDATE...I went back to v7 and all of the presets are there...WTF!!!! Note to anyone wanting to go back to v507, do so at your own risk! BTW, I was going back because my main sim, FAS Wrecker sounds absolutely amazing and I use variations of it for 90 percent of my songs. I have not been able...
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    I just restored back to v5_07. The install went fine but patches 000-122, 125, 126 are completely BLANK! I did a utility backup (BACKUP BANK A) prior to the install but when I do RESTORE USER BANK A it says "restoring" as if all is fine but the patches are still blank. That bank contains my gig...
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    Axe FX II favorite amp models discussion

    I've been camped out exclusively on the FAS Wrecker for the last 3-4 months. I have a clean/edg X/Y and an edg/crunch x/y. Each of those have a tape drive in front for additional dirt when necessary. I play contemporary christian worship and this covers it extremely well. I accidently stumbled...
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    Unable to backup and sync on AXE II

    I've had this problem on 5.07 for months and have issues with AE to the point where I haven't used it for that long as well. I've been hoping the new S/W updates would fix all my issues but it looks like this one may still be around (at least for some folks). I've been holding off on upgrading...
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    Version 6.00 Preview

    I'm in the same boat! Just can't get the USB audio to work on my computer. I''ve worked with a home studio and recording so I'm familiar with the technology. Just not sure if it's my computer, S/W or what. Anyway, I hope it've via input 2!
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    Global Blocks..either always ON or always OFF in a preset.

    This needs to change. You shouldn't have to duplicate a global to set it's state. That should be by preset. State is one param that should not be global. IMO
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    5.07 Upgrade Instructions....Can't Get Past Step 1!

    I've contacted them but that was before the 5.04 mess and they thought my problems were part of that, and to be honest, I don't know if they were or weren't. I'll try another USB cable and I will contact them again. Thanks for your help guys....I just hope I can get this cleared up.
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    5.07 Upgrade Instructions....Can't Get Past Step 1!

    Yes I'm on 1.50 and it's been working fine until these issues started. What will cause the MIDI image size errors?
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    Global BLock Unlinking Does Not Work

    I've had lots of Global issues with AE to the point I only use the panel editor for Globals. I haven't seen this problem yet.
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    5.07 Upgrade Instructions....Can't Get Past Step 1!

    Java, I tried to follow your instructions. I installed AE 273 and I get the same problem I had before with Sync...I can't get past 1%. I had this problem before I upgraded to 5.04 and I was hoping the AE upgrade for that (267) would help and it didn't and neither does 273. I haven't used AE...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.07 Available

    Do you see mismatches in any other effects. I've been getting this a lot (I'm not on 5.07 yet) where values in the axe don't transfer correctly to AE. I am hoping the 5.07 fixes this.
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    Eerie Silence!!!!!!!

    I was just about to write this exact same post until I saw your response. Seriously, I love all the new stuff, but please get us back to where Sync From HW works, patches get updated correctly betweeen AE and the Axe, Globals work with some reliability, etc... If we don't have a solid base...
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    Here's my vitals: FW-5.04 AW-1.0.272 Win 7 MFC 101 BTW, I heard back from Matt on my support email. As he indicated earlier, this they are working on a fix. With the number of issues I'm having with everything from Sync, globals, Y params not loading in AE, patches not loading or...
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    Selling the II and going back to ultra...

    Do you use any addition pedals drive, etc...
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    preset corrupted with latest AxeEdit?

    I'm glad this problem is getting more press. I've reported numerious issues with Globals and AE in general in the bugs section 6 weeks ago. I thought it was me. I'm confident it will get resovled its just managing the frustration until then. To look at the positive side and agree with another...
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    preset corrupted with latest AxeEdit?

    FWIW, I have stopped using Global blocks in AE. They are just not reliable. I hope they get fixed because they make patch managment so much easier. I'm having other issues with AE not related to Globals (another thread on "Sync From HW Issues"). So, you are not losing your mind!
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    Yes, I am using USB. Good to know this is being looked at...thanks!
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    Thankfully, the Axe is working OK! I'm hopefull that this will get worked out and believe it will, it's just very frustrating. I'll probably not use AE until this gets resolved...it's just not stable for me. I'm OK with the native editor but it seems archaic compared to AE.
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    What midi setting...what did you change it to?
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    I hope so. I sent this into FA support last Thursday and haven't heard anything back. The AE issues are extremely troubling, to say the least. The fact that I can' do a Sync From HW has me concerned and I'm not sure if it's related to the AE issues or not. I'm sitting here now getting "MIDI size...
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    OK, tried Sync/Backup w/o the MFC plugged in and still only goes to 1%. I also tried to just back up Bank B to test my theory of having bad patches since all my patches are in Bank A. That did not work either. Should I contact support?
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    I'll try tonight. I'm thinking I've got badness going on in some patches but the behavior is so sporadic it's hard to pinpoint. For instance, when changing patches using the up/down arrow on the editor, it sometimes changes in the axe and sometimes it doesn't. If I type another patch number in...
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    FW-5.04b, AE-1.0.272, Win 7, MFC-101 Thanks
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    I've got lots of weird stuff going on. Sync from HW won't complete. It got as high as 20% or so and often doesn't get past 1%. This is true if I try to do one bank or multiple banks. Also, when I'm in Axe Edit and load a new patch, I sometimes get an error in the status window that looks...
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    Global Effect Bypass State Applied To All Patches?

    It is in the strict sense, but I think it would be nice if bypass state was on a preset basis since engaged/disengaged is something that doesn't benefit (IMO) from a global setting.
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    Global Effect Bypass State Applied To All Patches?

    Bummer...not what I was hoping to hear. It does clarify my options though so thanks for the reply. I'll probably do as you do and since I wouldn't expect to have more than 5 globals for a given effect that will work. Just have to remember to update both copies. I do love the global...
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    Global Effect Bypass State Applied To All Patches?

    I have A Global Drive and I'd like it to be enabled/ bypassed depending on the patch. However, I'm fiinding that when I change the bypass state in a given patch, all the other patches pick up that state. Does this sound correct? I hope this is not the intended behavior (i.e. a bug) or I'm...
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    Speaker Resonance Controls

    Thanks Cliff! This explanation along with the graphs is extremely helpful!
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    Tape Echo Questions

    Great explanation...and just what we needed! Thanks...I can't wait to check this out!
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    new tape delay - Modulation

    Excellent....thanks for the info...can't wait to try it tonight!
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    Mine took the longest any upgrade ever took...over 5 minutes. Usually it takes 1-2 minutes tops
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    [Solved] Can't get Axe Edit to connect to unit via USB

    Thanks I'll give that at try! I do see that you made that suggestion on an a prior post in another thread. My bad...I didn't follow up on my post to see your reply. I'll let you know how it goes.....thanks
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    [Solved] Can't get Axe Edit to connect to unit via USB

    You did and thanks. However, I'm not sure I recall you mentioning about not setting the Axe USB as default, though you may have. I thought I had to do that in order for media player or iTunes to stream through the Axe. How do I otherwise make that happen? I agree with you about the most...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 3.03 Up

    Cool...what were your drive and master settings...what speaker? Thanks
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    [Solved] Can't get Axe Edit to connect to unit via USB

    Thanks for the info S0c9. I've pretty much followed steps 1-4, but I sometimes (after 3-5 minutes) just hard boot. I haven't looked for the audiodg.exe but will do so if I have issues with AE. However, my problem now (on my Win 7 desktop) is not MIDI but audio. I do the driver install, which...
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    [Solved] Can't get Axe Edit to connect to unit via USB

    There are numerious threads about USB related issues. I've responed on several to weigh in with my story. I had intermittent problems with Axe Edit hangs and AE not seeing the driver in/out ports. I was running XP 3 on a desktop and decided to upgrade to Win 7. I installed a new hard drive since...
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    USB connection cuts in and out

    This may not relate to you at all, but I have two windows PC's and with one I'm have all kinds of USB problems...audio basically doesn't work and I periodically lose my MIDI connection to Axe Edit. My system hangs at various times when trying to set up my audio preferences and even some times...
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    This new firmware sounds great...

    This new firmware sounds great.... When I saw this I thought he was referring to 3.02 and just saying what I was saying to myself last night... guess I was wrong!
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    Axe II Driver problem???

    My history of driver problems....is anyone happy with this driver or is it just me I've had intermittent problems with the driver, ranging from loss of USB connection to the system hanging. I would frequently have to reboot to get the system to see the Axe, even after working successfully...
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    Axe keeps freezing?

    Great news, but what issue specifically? There are several things mentioned on this thread about Axe freezing and some mention when connected via USB and there is also mention of AE being part of the equation. My Axe hasn't froze (thank God!) but I have had fits with what seems to be the driver...
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    Axe keeps freezing?

    For what it's worth, I had major problems after I installed the updated USB driver (1.5 I think). Axe Edit was extremely mis behaved. Sometimes it wouldn't start up or just hang once started. I went back to v 1.29 of the driver, reinstalled AE numerous times, but to no avail. I am running v 3 of...
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    Could anyone explain hi-cut vs prescence (with specific regards to Recto Red)

    This is an excellent explanation of negative feedback and how it relates to presence and depth...thank you!
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    Lonestar Suggestions

    Thanks Yek and Voes....I'll check it out tonight!
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    Lonestar Suggestions

    Haven't tried the new Lonestar yet but want to try it out tonight. Does anyone have any insight to share regarding cabs or settings? I thought I saw something on this in one of the recent posts but now I can't find it. Thanks
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    In the Studio with the II...

    Scott, how do you like the J Tyler Variax? How/when do you use it? Thanks
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    Axe-fx II v3.0 beta Clips

    I have to admit I'm not a huge plexi fan....like 'em but don't love 'em. However, this sounds awesome! I don't know if it's you, the patch, v3, or what...sounds great! Can you post the patch so when that glorious day arrives we'll have a headstart? TIA
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    ...More On Pops

    This is great...thank you!
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    ...More On Pops

    Not being snooty either, but....wouldn't it be better to ask the community if they are experiencing the same thing (which is what I was trying to do) and 2) if the community responds to the affirimative, acknowledge there may a problem that needs to be addressed. If it's just a few people, it's...
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    Feedback and Sustain

    Wow...this is very timely! I just posted a thread on the Axe II Patches section asking if this patch was ever converted to the Axe II. I never had this when I had the Ultra and sold it to get the II so I don't have a real frame of reference. I haven't seen it in the Axe II patches but may have...
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    Bakermans Harmonic Feedback Patch for Axe II

    Has anyone ported this patch to the II? It was called Time_Feedback. Here's the link http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-preset-exchange/36469-harmonic-feedback-sim.html Thanks
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    Has Cliff posted any clips of the new Pentode-based modeling yet?

    Scott....these sound great!. Can you give some details on settings/cabs? Were there any drives in the patches? Thanks!
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    Has Cliff posted any clips of the new Pentode-based modeling yet?

    Definitely Fendery vibe....I like it! Might be a Deluxe. I think I agree it sounds like there's a pedal in there...perhaps a tape drive adding some juice up front. One of the things I love about the II is the Fenders! I never used them with the Ultra but one of my favorite medium/rhythm...
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    ...More On Pops

    If I have the Axe II on and I boot up my computer, at some point in the boot process, usually when the screen comes up, there is a very sharp, sometimes loud (depending on the volume on the Axe) pop that comes through my speakers. Last night I had a loud patch with the volume pedal at full...
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    Not Getting Computer Audio via USB

    Thanks for the reply. I believe I did that. It's in Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Audio Tab. I set the default device for sound playback to the AXEII. So, unless there is some place else I need to do this, I'm not sure what else to do. As an FYI, I use Cakewalk Sonor and there are...
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    Not Getting Computer Audio via USB

    I'm trying to play audio tracks via iTunes on my computer through the Axe USB and Axe outputs. I have the Axe settings for analog input etc....set and the driver is installed on the PC (widows XP SP3). MIDI is working fine for Axe Edit. I changed the control panel in windows for audio to use the...
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    U2 Presets and Effect Models

    Big +1 on that!
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    Is the entire Redwirez package a worth while purchase?

    Scott, I think I read where you are using the RW's by mixing each of the TC30 positions (4) at 25% and using that as your base mix for each cab. You then use the mics in the Axe if/when necessary. Did I read/recall that correctly? Just wondering how that is working for you. Seems like a good...
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    Question for Cliff about the IR Technology and the future of Cab Simulation

    I was having a lot of trouble with the Matchless on the II until I started changing the resonance parameters. Not exactly sure what I did but all of a sudden there was magic!
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    Very Slow Preset Load/Save

    Using Axe Edit and USB and last night it began taking 5-6 seconds to load and/or save a preset. Before that it was fine...at least I didn't notice any unusual delay. I'm thinking I'll try rebooting my PC. I should also mention that I occasionally lose my driver connection on the PC. I open...
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    Some new presets

    I'll have to check this out. I found myself going to the Matchless over the Vox on the Ultra as well. However, my first shot at the Matchelss on the II left me wanting. I'll have to try again!
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    Copy X/Y Results Not Showing Up In Axe Edit

    I did try changing and coming back into the preset and still no Y amp settings. How do you do the x/y copy in axe edit?
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    Copy X/Y Results Not Showing Up In Axe Edit

    I'm working in Axe Edit and want to copy X to Y. So, I do the copy x/y fine on the H/W store the preset. In Axe Edit I tried several things...Recall/Save Last Version, Refresh From Hardware, changed in and out of the preset, but it doesn't show up in Axe Edit. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 2.00 Up

    I agree. I'm really referring to low frequencies that overpower the tone. Adjustments generally have to made so that when hitting a full chord, the low strings don't overpower the high ones. Same with playing a phrase or scale across all 6 strings, the lower strings are too predominant. This...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 2.00 Up

    Yes, I did reset the system params and hard boot. As far as the low freq's, I get the same with phones. These can be managed via amp low cut, cab, mic, and eq options, but it seems strange that 95% of the amps require this to avoid the low strings overpowering the high strings. Almost all...
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    Losing USB 2.0 Device Reference

    I’m intermittently losing my USB MIDI connection in Axe Edit. This happened two times last night, which is the first time I tried Axe Edit with the Axe II. I lose connectivity, check the MIDI tab and the Axe II port isn’t even referenced. I checked the driver on my PC and it says “No USB 2.0...
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    Axe II - Quick Question

    Did you also update the presets to the version 2.0? I'm asking because I also get an inordinate amount of overpowering energy from the low E and A strings and was hoping the Axe II or now the 2.0 upgrade would tame it. I'm going to try upgrading the presets to tonight but not real optimistic...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 2.00 Up

    Has everyone who is raving about the 2.0 release done the preset updates as well? The reason I ask is that I installed 2.0 last night, but alas, no magic. I really couldn't detect any difference. However, I did not update the presets and I'm wondering if that is key to hearing the improvement...
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    Ambient Swells, how to do on Axe Fx II?

    Hey Sim, I'm assuming you're using this. Have you tried using the modifer curve parameters to accomplish the same goal? Does this work better? Thanks
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    Fractal: Rolls Royce Quality with Disney Like Customer Service

    Oh my gosh...I just about fell off my chair laughing on that one! I'm at work and everyone around my cube is asking if I'm OK! Too funny!
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    Help!!! Major Badness Happening!!!

    Thank you all for your feed back. A few of you mentioned the Bypass button as the culprit, and that was it. However, I have no idea what triggered it. I'll have to look into the MFC firmware level so that may be it. I now recall having this same thing happen a few months ago on a gig. Same...
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    Help!!! Major Badness Happening!!!

    I was playing throuh some presents and I pressed one of my expression pedals (not even sure if it has an extrn associated) and everything went south. I now am getting no effects for any patch, when I edit a parameter like Amp Level, it has no affect, every patch sounds almost identical, very...
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    Input trim / Global amp gain

    Interesting....any amp models in particular?
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    Incoming! Incoming! Incoming!

    Not doing stereo to FOH but would like to have my patches (planning for the II) duel purpose so I can go stereo at home if I want. I'd like to work out a way to go stereo into my IEM's. I've heard some guys say how they do this. We use Aviom's but my signal into that is mono so I'd need to sub...
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    Incoming! Incoming! Incoming!

    Thanks....I'll give that a try. I've been trying to figure out how to deal with the potential issues with "Sum L+R". I guess as long as your not doing stereo cabs or other configurations where losing a channel would impact the tone that s/b OK.
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    Incoming! Incoming! Incoming!

    But that doesn't give you both sides of the signal, just makes two copies of the left channel. Aren't you losing the right side?
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    Incoming! Incoming! Incoming!

    The manual states that summing to mono "sum L+R) that short delays, like in the cab verb, can create artifacts. I believe you said you are running stereo and mono from the same patch using this approach. Have you noticed any issues? From the manual: Summed Mono: By choosing “SUM L+R” mode...
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    Axe FX II - First Impressions - Part 1

    Not familiar with the treble bleed concept. Is that a mod that can be applied to any vol pot?
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    Hold iA for X / Y change

    I don't get it...what is "select mode"?
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    Mono and Stereo Duel Purpose Patches

    So, in preparation for the II, I'm thinking about how I want to set up patches since I'll be starting over. I currently play mono most of the time and my patches are set up accordingly. With the II, I'd like to have the ability to send either way. However, in reading about mono vs stereo on...
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    Bitcrusher Drive Block Parameters?

    What exactly does the bit crusher do?
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    Will Axe-FX II have brand new, realistic presets available?

    Larry, that's great...can't wait to get the patches!
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    USAClean with Boost - Axe-Fx FW11 meets Blues!

    +1...also, what were the amp settings and cab? Can you post the patch? Thanks
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    Another AxeII delay sound

    What amp/cab is this...is it in the Ultra or new for the II? Love that sound and the delay textures just make it better!
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    Another AxeFxII Video at Tone Merchants-Mike Young

    Just curious, what amp sims and cabs where you using for the clean and lead segments of the demo. BTW, sounded GREAT!
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    Yek's presets/recordings [10.03]

    What do you like about the Ownhammers over the Redwires. Seems you moved exclusively to that camp and curious....thanks!
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