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  1. nambutio

    Class-A Amps

    Hello! :) From firmware 12.04 Class-A Amps became very hot. They lost a lot of headroom, making it difficult to get a clean sound. Did you feel that?
  2. nambutio

    Axe Fx III with Axe FX II XL and Mfc 101

    Hello Guys! I can to use the Axe FX 2 XL and MFC 101 to control the Axe FX III? Or just the MFC 101?
  3. nambutio

    Mesa 2:90 + Axe-Fx 2 (hard compress)

    Hello! I have a problem with my Mesa Boogie 2:90 Amp! I thought it was the new firmware, but it's not! It is very compressed, it seems that there is a compressor in front with pops. Has anyone had a similar problem? :coldsweat:
  4. nambutio

    Fixed Axe-Fx II CF Hardness

    Hello! If you enter "0" in Preamp CF Hardness the Axe Fx hangs all!
  5. nambutio

    Bug? 10.01 Scene Bug

    Axe Fx XL cut or leg when I change Scene! When I power on the select amp don't seem the same sound, after I press MFC foot it go on!
  6. nambutio

    USB Midi Big Problem!

    Hello! :) My Axe Fx Xl has stopped working with Ax Edit and Fractal Boot. In my Mac Book Pro it work, no problem! Drivers have been installed multiple times and nothing. Audio USB works normally. Here are the photos! Help please!
  7. nambutio

    MFC + TC2290 Program Change + Scenes

    Hello! How to change the program change when I change the scene? It's possible? I want to do this to change presets in my TC2290 in the same preset in Axe. In each scenes choose a different program change!
  8. nambutio

    MFC 101 MKII and TC 2290 Scenes

    I want to change TC 2290 presets when I change MFC scenes. It's possible?
  9. nambutio

    Help, please! MFC 101 MKII switch problem

    Help! The MCF-101 LEDs (16, 17 and Reveal) stopped working. The rest usually works. Tomorrow I have show and need to solve. Already tested with Ethercon and Faslink and proceeds in the same way. FW is 3.08 By connecting it tests the LEDs and 16, 17 and Reveal don't light
  10. nambutio

    MCF-101 + FCB 1010

    It's possible to connect two together? I use many presets and would be nice! Thanks Walter Sá
  11. nambutio

    Presence Freq with Real Cab+Mesa 2:90

    Hello guys! I have used the Presence Freq to make an adjustment in my presets. This control helps a lot. It allows you to leave the smooth highs. Especially for clean sounds. I don't know the theoretical part, but for this kind of setup it's very good. Try it and let your opinion. Thanks...
  12. nambutio

    Help with Axe FX 2 + Mesa 2:90 and real cabs

    I always used the Axe FX 2 and Mesa 2/90/2 with Power Amp Modeling ON. I tested him off and enjoyed it for some amps. The problem is with the Vox and others who need the power section. :( How to solve it? And when the PA is on, what is the right fit of the LF and HF Speaker Page? Normal is LF...
  13. nambutio

    Whammy DT and Axe Pitch Block

    I'll have to buy this pedal to use Dt. The Axe Pitch to go to something like "Summer Nights", but to use with cleans sounds (Lithium for exemple) the delay is very noticeable. :cry It would be nice to see this improvement to make something like Whammy DT. It would be possible in a future...
  14. nambutio

    Axe XL+Eventide Eclipse V4+TC 2290 help!

    How to route the Axe FX XL, Eventide Eclipse V4 and the TC Electronic 2290 v28.05? Ideas and opinions! Thanks in advance! PS - I have the MFC, the Mesa Simul Class 2:90 and 2 real cabs. Sorry for my English! :)
  15. nambutio

    Preamp into Tonematch block!

    Hello, guys! I use poweramp and real cabs with the Axe FX. How can I take advantage of preamps cabs? Would not it be nice to have them in the ToneMatch block, since the cabs are offs? Thanks all!
  16. nambutio

    Axe Fx XL_MFC 101 MKII+ Roland FC 100

    Hello guys! It would be possible to connect the Roland Fc 100 + MFC with Axe FX II XL? I would use the FC 100 to change the presets and scenes, leaving free the Mfc to stomps. Would you give other idea? :-P
  17. nambutio

    Axe Fx II - 200 Amps!!!

    The Axe reaches 200 amps? What do you think? Someone ventured to name models? :nightmare: :mrgreen :mrgreen :mrgreen
  18. nambutio

    Axe Fx 2 MK II + MFC 101 MK II And Axe Edit

    My problem is the following: If I press a switch in MFC, such as a driver, the Axe Edit does not trigger the same in your gride, when editing, but the effect works normally. In Axe the block on and off as it should. I realized that adding a modifier in bypass mode (via Axe Edit), the...
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