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  1. solo-act

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    January 6: the day conspiracy theories stopped being funny in the USA, and talk about them stopped being light hearted. I recommend closing this thread asap.
  2. solo-act

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Holy s**t!! That schematic is also the origin of Q!! And it's FIXED!!! OMG!!!
  3. solo-act

    Guitar Center Ghost Town

    Looks like they're pivoting to a new business model -- Guitar-Holder Center.
  4. solo-act

    Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

  5. solo-act

    New FM ???

    All said about Quad Cortex and it’s shortcomings, the footprint and layout are excellent, but that touch screen should be removable like the Avid S1 tablet format or it’ll cave in the hot sun. Surprising to see it’s nearly same switch layout and similar design as Gordius Little Giant, which is...
  6. solo-act

    One in a billion / millennium photo

    Catching the space station passing between Jupiter and Saturn in a 10-second shot. Photographer Jason De Freitas
  7. solo-act

    New option for FCB-1010 - Tiny Box

    It's designed by Xavier, the extremely capable mind that built the Gordius range of foot switches so I expect it does for more than anything else, if there is anything else like it.
  8. solo-act

    New FM ???

    Limited on midi commands the FM3 can send. Limited on # of switches and functions switches can perform. Limited user configurability of both midi commands and switch functions. Lack of USB/Midi device capability, limited midi & USB ports and port routing, etc. If Fractal released a new 2-space...
  9. solo-act

    New FM ???

    I appreciate the encouragement, and for years I upgraded precisely for ever-more-addicting tone/feel, from standard to ultra to 2. What I'm saying is the dimensions of the 3 and limited switch function of the FM are deal-killers, and all the tone in the world won't change that if they can't be...
  10. solo-act

    New FM ???

    I'd list desired requirements for a new FM, but Fractal is going to do what they do and my input doesn't matter. They lost me as a 3 customer because of size/dimensions, and as an FM customer because of switch/programability/midi limitations. Maybe some year I'll see a product in the zone of...
  11. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    Why are the guys I put on ignore on all the covid threads suddenly piling into this one?
  12. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    I did the same months ago.
  13. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    Nah...that'll be the first civilian passenger flight. When that thing falls out of the sky and flips vertical to land at the last f-ing second in a raging inferno of thrust, there will definitely be a "brown sound" coming from all the passengers on the flight.
  14. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    That's a great video
  15. solo-act

    Starship SN8

    HOLY S**TBALLS! That has got to be the most Gonzo-Crazy thing I've ever seen in aerospace development. Between this and vaccines, like Apollo 8 in 1968, science is tilting the balance of a total s**t year in the 11th hour.
  16. solo-act

    Just updated my Mac computer to the new macOS Big Sur 11.0.1, I am letting all of you be aware..

    Friends don't let friends play with their interface cables -- especially if they don't know which cable their friend is playing with.
  17. solo-act

    Some solos with the Axe-Fx III, live

    That was awesome and must confess weird...seeing people gathered and enjoying gigs. One of my gigs this week was cancelled because they had a covid outbreak, and it's looking like we'll back in lockdown again.
  18. solo-act

    Anyone have an electric car?

    If you like that, try an electric motorcycle or find someone with a “plaid” equipped Tesla - scary fast.
  19. solo-act

    WTF with Windows 10 Unannounced Updates/Reboots?

    Pardon a dumb question but I’m mot a windows user. If I have windows set up to never have wireless turned on when it boots up, and I never bring the OS online (because it works without problems) can I sit out updates for a while without issues? I boot into windows in bootcamp on Mac but only use...
  20. solo-act

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    I dial on Adam S2-A and gig on CLR Neo2 without any translation issues as long as I crank up the Adams for final check & tweaks before gigging a new preset or re-dialing an old one.
  21. solo-act

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    My entire car pack, dolly pack and load-in are based around a 2-unit Axe-Fx. One can dream at some point there will once again be a 2-space unit.
  22. solo-act

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Now if we can just buy this thing with programmable FRIKKEN LASERS instead of LEDs, it could be a modeler AND a stage effect.
  23. solo-act

    The headstock survived

    That shirt reminds me of one I used to have when I lived on the road long ago, before some groupie said she’d trade sex with me for it, or maybe some other girl stole it after having sex with me...or maybe I didn’t get any sex because of the shirt, or I melted it with my iron. Most likely the...
  24. solo-act

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Frikkin cool. That was like the glossy California sunset version with a billion shimmering strings.
  25. solo-act

    Bought a Strat yesterday (AKA: Single Coil Tones Are Ridiculous!)

    I love having Strat Custom Shop 69s neck & middle with Tom Holmes humbucker in a Tyler Landau Strat. So easy to nail standard old school covers (with Fractal of course). I should add the stock Tyler 5-way splits the humbucker on the bridge/middle combo. The Landau wiring excludes lower tone pot...
  26. solo-act

    Jim the Pigeon

    Could've been worse - could've been 3 pigeons who talk like Fractal Forum Members
  27. solo-act

    Jeff Beck "Never Alone" cover

    It’s all in the details and you’re paying attention, thus the resulting work. Nice job.
  28. solo-act

    Rounded or Pointy Pick Tip? Flexy or Stiff Pick?

    Fender Tortuga - the right thickness can work well for both electric and acoustic.
  29. solo-act

    Lukather has had enough of his neighbour's s**t

    Speaking of leaf blowers, a video expert whose work included high end political events with heavy security once told me the leaf blower is the ultimate way to get past external security.
  30. solo-act

    First person to choose this as their band name gets the reward...

    Missed it by one letter...SphinxterD
  31. solo-act

    First person to choose this as their band name gets the reward...

    Another term I liked a while back when I was watching a show on formation of the solar system was The Late-Early Bombardment.
  32. solo-act

    First person to choose this as their band name gets the reward...

    "Iter will confine hot plasma within a structure called a tokamak in order to control fusion reactions." https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-53573294 Tokamak. LOL. Your reward is you can either go with the Dr. Evil explanation of your band name -- we're named after a structure that...
  33. solo-act

    What's your hobby?

    Preferably not in the Lotus!
  34. solo-act

    Rock Star Hair

    They could. AFAIK, It’s the dose of biotin that boosts growth but probably everything else as well. If I recall it’s work for your kidneys so I think I took them in intervals. I learned about them living on the road in bands and asking beautiful long-haired girls how they did it. A surprising...
  35. solo-act

    Rock Star Hair

    Prenatal pills - grows faster. And I'm not just sayin' that LOL
  36. solo-act

    It's 2020, why can't we have a completely wireless set up?

    That’s easy — $1000 a channel for reliable, great sounding wireless wherever you take the unit. If your minister of finance is OK with Fractal gear plus $3000, you’re good to go!
  37. solo-act

    2021 FORD BRONCO

    I want this one...
  38. solo-act

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

  39. solo-act

    What Mic Are You Using?

    You can use lapel or out of frame mic, but that can pick up room as well if you're not careful. If you don't care about a headset mic the Crown CM311 is great at rejecting room noise, feedback, etc. and sounds great for live stream, zoom, whatever you want. In this video I'm in a small room...
  40. solo-act

    Queensryche Jet City Woman Covid Cover

    Speaking of the song Spreading the Disease... https://www.geofftate.com/product/operation-mindcrime-tribal-spreading-the-disease-bandana/
  41. solo-act

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    These threads go down because one side wants to convince the other side they're wrong, and eventually one or both lose their s**t. Engaging with them is a complete and pointless waste of time, and an exercise in futility that only serves to drive divisions deeper. IMO, anyone who consistently...
  42. solo-act

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Took until page 4, but they're BACK...a couple ignores from prior Covid threads have jumped in to take this one down.
  43. solo-act

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Another member hits ignore list and I was only page on 2 of this thread.
  44. solo-act

    Queensryche Jet City Woman Covid Cover

    There was a window in time where Geoff Tate was beyond superhuman: Suite Sister Mary. Eyes of a Stranger. Revolution Calling. Written in '87-'88, Spreading the Disease has a few lyrics that remain relevant, especially now... Fighting fire with empty words While the banks get fat And the poor...
  45. solo-act

    Queensryche Jet City Woman Covid Cover

    Many moons ago I used to live on the road in a band and sing that song every night. I'll have to dig up a live video. I couldn't sing all the harmonies at once though LOL. Good job guys, tone for days.
  46. solo-act

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    “OMG marxist leftist freedom-crushing deep-state conspiracy overreach of tyrannical government out of control!!!” Sarcasm aside, IMO only the word conspiracy is correct. Where you live, the scientific experts and branches of government are conspiring to preserve life (proper role of gov BTW) in...
  47. solo-act

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Pandemic is case in that point: “United we stand, divided we fall ill.”
  48. solo-act

    Wish Allow MIDI CCs to be Stand-in Switch sources

    Not sure if this is helpful, but maybe check out the Gordius tiny box (I use their Little Giant foot switch). I haven't checked it out but I'm guessing it could be a front-end intercept between switches and unit function so you get the unit to do what you want with the switches you have. Just...
  49. solo-act

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    They only derail if people take the bait and engage. They go away if no one engages and everyone puts them on ignore list. My ignore list barely existed before the Covid threads, not anymore! Turns out most of my "ignores" from Covid thread 1 didn't show up in thread 2. It was a new set of...
  50. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    That sounds like the right question. This thread feels like iRobot: "I'm sorry my responses are limited; you must ask the right questions"
  51. solo-act

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Bacon: the duct tape of cooking!
  52. solo-act

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    I had that same thought until I ordered a pizza with Kale that tasted like burnt lawn turf and realized that replicating the experience of stuffing your head into a freshly loaded lawnmower bag is apparently society’s new flavor aspiration.
  53. solo-act

    Anyone using a 15ft / 4.6m USB 2.0 cable that works?

    I've been using 25ft USB 2 repeater cable, in a long snake from midi footswitch to rack. Only time it gave trouble was when it had a kink. Straightened it and it's been fine since. I keep a backup in the rack though. Footswitch snake has USB & midi for axe-fx and computer, and power & XLR for...
  54. solo-act

    FM-12 III in progress

    Wheels? Telescoping handle? Or roadie? Or chiropractor? Or painkillers? IMO modularity is the way to go but nice woodworking & layout.
  55. solo-act

    Time for a new audio interface?

    Understood. I found a ULN2 for $600 years ago. 2 analog preamps/inputs with physical inserts, AES & spdif in/out, other digital in/out. With so much gear in digital realm, fewer analog channels are needed. What I love about MH is the box doesn’t go EOL; you simply install new digital internals...
  56. solo-act

    Time for a new audio interface?

    If you want endless support and no end-of-life, Metric Halo is the way to go. Save up and watch for used boxes. If you can find used with 3D upgrade or get used for bargain and install the upgrade it sounds great. I think they’ve been supporting their 2882 box for twenty years. boxes also show...
  57. solo-act

    Are we done? - updates to our Axe-Fx II (Mark II) ?

    Same here. Dolly cart/load, racks, etc. are all built around 2space unit - only way to do that for a while might be the floor unit screwed to a pullout rack shelf, but that's probably 3-space anyway. Oh well, one can dream...which is all I can do in this decimated live music economy.
  58. solo-act

    Wish 3-way

  59. solo-act

    Why do people criticize guitar covers or band covers?

    Man I hear you. I get slammed all the time for not looking like Lady Gaga.
  60. solo-act

    Did I get a returned Axe-Fx III?

    OK - I'll be kind instead of being whatever I was being It looks to me to like his unit was tested by FA quality control and perhaps not wiped down after testing and before shipping It looks to me like a wrapping bag that was new but had not been stored flat and unwrinkled was used to wrap the...
  61. solo-act

    SOLVED: Problems after changing battery

    I believe it’s a 10-year battery. It preserves/powers temporary memory items like presets.
  62. solo-act

    SOLVED: Problems after changing battery

    Mark Day replied to support email, and I did all the recommended ribbon cable checks, etc., in the advised sequence...no change I did more troubleshooting and I might have tracked down the problem: I think it was the System file. I backed it up before battery change. After battery change, I...
  63. solo-act

    SOLVED: Problems after changing battery

    I’ve always had a backup spare power supply and backup eeprom. I have those on hand if needed, but the unit has been a rock, absolutely reliable So I’ve never needed them.
  64. solo-act

    SOLVED: Problems after changing battery

    Yep - I replaced old battery with exact same battery, and when it acted up with the new battery, I put the old battery back in. Same problem. Very perplexing. I’ll buy & try another energizer cr 2450, but it doesn’t look promising. No clue what is going on. I powered it down, pulled all...
  65. solo-act

    SOLVED: Problems after changing battery

    Not sure if anyone can help but all hell seemed to break loose after changing the battery. I replaced the energizer cr 2450 with the same battery as a proactive move (rig has worked flawlessly, no issues). On power up, a few things happen It powers up but when I rotate the value knob the unit...
  66. solo-act

    Boutique 1 Matchless model

    I listened to a few comparison videos and I'm still hooked on the "airy" high end of conventional singles vs. noiseless.
  67. solo-act

    TFW you forget how much pick choice affects tone

    My long strange trip took me to the Fender Tortuga medium. Because I switch from electric to acoustic a lot during the gig, I needed something that worked and sounded good on both, and that's been the one for me for the last year or so.
  68. solo-act

    Wish MIDI over USB

    Having full midi interface capability on all Fractal products would be great (I can't speak for the III and FM3, I don't own them) In my use case, I use both regular midi and USB midi on the Little Giant foot switch midi interface. The regular midi sends commands to axe-fx while also receiving...
  69. solo-act

    Cliff's Reviews: Ad Astra

    Should be renamed to Add Ass-tra
  70. solo-act

    Clean install or Migrate: old mac > new Mac?

    LOL - absolutely. That tower maxed out at 10.11.6 El Capitan. OS was great despite earning the nickname El Crapitan.
  71. solo-act

    Which hardware pedal did you keep since getting your Axe-Fx III and why?

    https://truetone.com/visual-volume/ Not exactly on topic, but a great solution to a timeless problem. Love mine, but unfortunately, no longer made.
  72. solo-act

    Clean install or Migrate: old mac > new Mac?

    For the heck of it I tried full migration of a 2009 Mac Pro tower to a 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. It was good for a laugh. The laptop fired up after install with a blank, black screen. A forced restart didn't change anything. Clean install solved it. Clean install is always better, especially...
  73. solo-act

    *NEW* Custom Master MIDI Foot Controller for Axe-Fx III

    If those are pro musicians, I gotta know what kind of gigs they're doing LOL On serious note, I've been using that little boss pedal for a couple years. Great unit. I put a few spacers at the heel section to get wah travel/vibe.
  74. solo-act

    Anyone else gigging again?

    Ha Ha! You noticed -- it cracks me up every time. Between life as a solo act and prior life touring in bands, I've been tipped in food and booze and drugs and things I won't mention in public (whether I accepted or not - LOL). But I've never been tipped from the 7th floor of a high-rise with a...
  75. solo-act

    Anyone else gigging again?

    I never really stopped, but it slowed WAY down and the gigs got weirder. I've done a few gigs like this. Talk about safe-distance - LOL. I have another safe-distance gig for some ranchers this weekend. It might be safe-distance, but it ain't safe -- they're drinking and roping real longhorns!
  76. solo-act

    "Voodoo Child" Blues Shred with Patch Included!

    Nice - Where do you stash your pick when you switch to fingerpicking and how do you keep it there?
  77. solo-act

    "Input clipping"-like Issue When Picking Hard

    There it is, the inconvenient truth. Amp Purist: Why is the Axe-Fx with FRFR different from amp-in-the-room/at-the-gig? Fractal Audio: It's different because...(pauses, contemplates the billion frikken conversations about this)...because it's different! Some players achieve the...
  78. solo-act

    When you can’t do what you do...

    Yep - at https://www.1000speerbywindsor.com
  79. solo-act

    When you can’t do what you do...

    At the 6th floor pool deck of 16-story complex. Pointing speakers at the sky is weird, but effective. Rig is pre-set/wired, spool out the power, fire it up, blast away, power down, roll to the next side of the building and repeat. Just another four-set gig - LOL.
  80. solo-act

    When you can’t do what you do...

    LOL - actually you could if they did but their neighbors couldn’t see it (unless they have a patio) so it’s a bit like a peep show. I can say though that I’ve never seen as many single girls behind glass dancing with their dogs as I did today.
  81. solo-act

    When you can’t do what you do...

    You blast high-rise apartments from the ground, safe-distance, Italy style! When I get a chance I’ll edit some video. They had a drone out last time and live-streamed at ground level as well.
  82. solo-act

    Cliff's Reviews

    Perfect! LOL
  83. solo-act

    Why does my recorded bass tone sound like a$$?

    Quick and dirty way is to find a bass tone you like in a song where that tone is briefly isolated within the song and play that through a spectrum analyzer. It'll show the "sculpture" of that bass tone. You can sculpt your own bass tone similar to that one using eyes and ears. The secret is to...
  84. solo-act

    Drummers respond!

    you didn’t miss anything on live stream. Facebook threw audio video out of sync on first performance/test. I’ll do another live stream, but first I have an ACTUAL gig tomorrow - dragging my PA on a dolly/cart like a homeless guy around 3 sides of a high rise, blasting my show up to the locked...
  85. solo-act

    Drummers respond!

    If your axe-fx didn't make you deaf, those acoustic drums certainly will -- what better during family lockdown! LOL But serious, keep up the exploration my friend; it's the stuff of life.
  86. solo-act

    Gigs cancelled due to Coronavirus? Share your live streaming/revenue stream ideas here

    I did a separate thread about this but apparently no one is doing it or if they are, they're not posting how they're doing it. I struggled for about 10 days, getting lighting configured and cobbling together a couple very old macs and trying out old versions of OBS software and NDI plugins (to...
  87. solo-act

    Quantum or Ares?

    Ares is great. I don’t know if there’s any room left for another Ares update but if there were, it’d be HUGE therapy for me. I gig for a living so all my gigs are gone — I have all this time to update my axe-fx but no firmware to do it with :(
  88. solo-act

    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    I always default to listening to the experts. Even if they’re not 100% sure of best strategy/path, I’m 100% sure it’s better than listening to people who are 100% sure with 0% clue what the f*** is going on...
  89. solo-act

    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    small biz muscled aside yet again https://apple.news/AJezdLCafQuuZxGt47BWFrg
  90. solo-act

    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    Actually, as morbid as it sounds, I guarantee some scientists are having a career/lifetime moment right now. They're able to measure things today that have always been pure fantasy, things directly related to the impact of humans simply moving around out in the open. The fantasy metric-moment of...
  91. solo-act

    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    To summarize and state the obvious, you can't fight, observe, predict, strategize, plan or execute on what you cannot first see. Using the article's mountains analogy, even China, with extreme lockdown, is climbing another mountain at the border to Russia. Even in extreme lockdown, transmission...
  92. solo-act

    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    OMG you guys -- I hit ignore on plexi59 weeks ago.
  93. solo-act

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    That was a good one Matt -- It could work if: you program 10-key mode and a way to engage it you program 10 key mode, such that any switch can function as a momentary zero input (10th switch) on press-hold (only while in 10-key mode) upon entering of the last digit, OMG9 exits 10-key mode. The...
  94. solo-act

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Does OMG9 have a 10-key function that can allow instant random access to any preset and/or any bank/layout? Thanks!
  95. solo-act

    Heart - “Barracuda” cover video

    I was in a band that played that song every night so I'm really familiar with it. I've seen a lot of videos of day-job girl-singers who are convinced they sound great singing it and they're just awful. Thank god this was an exception.
  96. solo-act

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Here's one article on that: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52192604 Apparently there's a 10 day point where if you haven't gotten better you can go downhill FAST. I don't have the articles handy but New York ICU mentioned a few times about people coming in at that 10-ish day point walking &...
  97. solo-act

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Here you go, from this article: https://nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/02/us/coronavirus-social-distancing.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage… AKA....(my edit - courtesy Jimmy Kimmel joke)
  98. solo-act

    Coronavirus silver lining: Guitar parade at Mike Campbell's house

    A friend of a friend of Mike Campbell says he's a stickler about NOT cleaning guitars or changing strings. Apparently strings are like wine in his house.
  99. solo-act

    Axe-Fx III with a hurdy gurdy - Sunday live-streams

    Unless my eyes are deceived by some spell, I saw 3 single coils buried in the architecture of that instrument.
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