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  1. VeryBadMan

    Pondering the move from an XL - how easy is transition?

    Yeah the front panel is a bit less friendly than the AXFX so I had to learn to use the editor. But as it sits on the floor I cant really see the buttons anyhow , old people eyesight ugh. I do like the front panel Amp knobs though very spiffy.
  2. VeryBadMan

    Pondering the move from an XL - how easy is transition?

    The transition was much easier than I thought it would be. I too had worried, but if you are familiar with the AXE-FX it really is the same but different. I read the manual watched a few vids and boom it does exactly what I wanted it to do. I just chose 8 amps ( presets ) I liked set up a...
  3. VeryBadMan

    Do you use AX8 with our without a pedalboard?

    It is a pedalboard. I have a gazillion amps each with it's own custom pedalboard, at least that is they way I use it. fits perfectly in my plans for live , more with less, application.
  4. VeryBadMan

    AX8 + backing tracks

    Gottcha it would be nice to not have the extra stuff. let us know how your test goes.
  5. VeryBadMan

    AX8 + backing tracks

    @fireheart7 your backing track ( or mic signal ) does not need to go through the AX8. I just go Laptop to mixer + AX8 to mixer out to powered monitor.
  6. VeryBadMan

    AX8 + backing tracks

    All good ideas. I do have a Focusrite interface as well. This is for LIVE use and the little Yamaha mixer is just a bit smaller than the Focusrite and a bit easier to set up. Ive got my AXE-FX for studio , recording and such. The AX8 is going on the road for my little gigs, hotel room jams and such.
  7. VeryBadMan

    AX8 + backing tracks

    Cool @ChristThePhone are you using the JamMan through the fx loop? I have my tracks -sounds and music in Ableton Live on my laptop. yes simple , compact and easy to operate is what I'm going for.
  8. VeryBadMan

    AX8 + backing tracks

    My one gripe with the AX8 was lack of usb audio. How was I going to play my backing tracks and program music and AX8 through my speaker? So I got a little mixer Yamaha MG06X. Headphone jack from laptop to mixer , AX8 outs to mixer then out to FRFR speaker boom backing tracks and AX8 together...
  9. VeryBadMan

    Finally had time with my new Ax8 ..... thoughts & questions:

    YES frfr is the solution, I use a EV ZLX 15P powered monitor and it sounds awesome with the AX8 and AXE-FX. IMHO that way you get the best of what the system has to offer - pre + power amp + cab + mic = :-) as far as volume / gain control I just set it up per the instructions in manual + adj the...
  10. VeryBadMan

    Das Metall does metal!

    yes still have my AXFX II. I tried playing out with it in a rack bag / stand , sounded fantastic but still too big. So trying to make my " rig " as compact as possible - AX8 is perfect , now if I could solve the playback of my backing tracks with the AX8 without too much extra stuff I'll be golden.
  11. VeryBadMan

    Your AX8 home studio

    On the floor ! Those are footswitches not handswitches. I don't want to play whack-a-mole with my AX8. Seriously though I use my AX-FX II for recording and playback. Now I'm conflicted though , the AX8 sounds so good, that and the ease of switching presets / effects. If the AX8 had usb audio...
  12. VeryBadMan

    Das Metall does metal!

    I see DropTheSun is still at it ! Sounds great as usual. I just got an AX8 to downsize my rig a bit. I'm sure ill be pestering you guys with questions at some point. So far though the integration has been seamless and it does exactly what I want it to do.
  13. VeryBadMan

    Wanting an AX8 but...

    Hey thanks. The form and foot controller factor of the AX8 are perfect for my needs. I was thinking of adding a MFC to my AXEFXII rig, but that would be adding even more STUFF. Playing backing tracks for my solos are an important part of my shows so if a simple interface could do that I'd be...
  14. VeryBadMan

    Wanting an AX8 but...

    Long time fractal user here. I was thinking the AXE8 would be a perfect way to downsize my rig for shows , travelling ect. I run my AXEfx via usb into laptop ( or pc ) for backing tracks, program music , jamming. Do I understand correctly that with the AX8 I cant do this ? Um why ? Does one need...
  15. VeryBadMan

    FRFR and a good solo sound...

    Cool nice set up. But yeah decoupled from the floor might make it sound thin. I don't know if you would want to try it without the stand. For me it's just me and my backing tracks and a vocalist so I have to have a very full sound. I don't have all those other tone frequencies to compete with...
  16. VeryBadMan

    FRFR and a good solo sound...

    I used my axefxII and EV ZLX 15p for a gig for the first time Friday night and I couldn't have been happier with the tone. I used the new factory preset #2 just small changes to BMT. Where do you put your monitor? I put my monitor / cab vertical right on the wood of the raised stage, that...
  17. VeryBadMan

    An investigation......on FR/FR

    Good luck with your quest. I use a EV ZLX 15p monitor and I think it sounds great. Yeah it certainly can be loud but it does quiet very well too. IMHO one of the better lower priced FRFR options out there.
  18. VeryBadMan

    Backing tracks ?

    Thanks for the reply. I figured it out,I got a small mixing console a Yamaha MG06X . So I run the guitar signal through that and the signal from my tablet as well. Then both into the amp voila. what's nice is I can easily control the volume of the backing track. I want to have the most compact...
  19. VeryBadMan

    Backing tracks ?

    How can I play my backing tracks with my non- Fractal rig? So I've done my best to replicate my awesome fractal rig - which stays at home with a somewhat smaller rig for playing out. I'm using a Mesa Mini Rectifier 1X12 cab and pedalboard. Is there some kind of interface / pedal I can use to...
  20. VeryBadMan

    Legacy Firmware Solution

    This is AXFXcellent now I don't have to worry about which modeling version my amp is on and I can concentrate on Playing. Perfect solution I think
  21. VeryBadMan

    A Study in Plexis

    Plexi 100W 1970 with FET Boost with Factory cab # 54 ( 4X12 pre-rola 55 M160 (ML) ) ohhh ahhh really fills my moat !
  22. VeryBadMan

    How does Cliff (or employees of Fractal) monitor this beast?

    Lots of people have gotten good results from the EV ZLX monitors. I use an EV ZLX15P and a pair of Mackie MR8s. Yeah I know the Mackies overemphasize the lows, I cant hear for crap anyway so there's that. Anyway the the EV was just a bit over $400 and I think it sounds really good with my AXEFX.
  23. VeryBadMan

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Firmware Released

    Great firmware. Backwards compatibility pfffftt . I don't need or want it. Capt Hook models are very nice perfect for the clean to edge tones. If this the MkII's final firmware absolutely fine. All the years I've owned the unit barely scratched the surface of the possibilities.
  24. VeryBadMan

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Firmware Release

    Tone is still awesome as usual but when I tried my Mesa Mark IIC ++ preset it was as if I had pressed the " easy " button. Smoother , faster more articulate feel. It that a result of the " squish ", compression, changes in harmonic structure ? I don't know but it's like the Mesa sweet spot...
  25. VeryBadMan

    Jamming with my new guitar

    Nice, new guitar is very cool.
  26. VeryBadMan

    Corncob M50 Zilla rocker

    Nice ! I do like the Cornford model very much and the bass is awesome. I have some old Seed patches I use but they don't sound that good probably because my Bass guitar is kinda crappy. Nice work there.
  27. VeryBadMan

    Getting at my 2205 sound

    Ha lots of dusty Marshalls about. I have a very dusty 2203 1980 original tubes lol still works.
  28. VeryBadMan

    Very Short Metal Riff. Having Fun :)

    Nice start , cool riff.
  29. VeryBadMan

    Your room is shit. Fix your room.

    I know my room is messy but I wouldn't call it shit DAD. Actually I lucked out when I put my studio in the basement of the house I inherited my Father ( rest in peace ) had finished and carpeted and had a huge floor to ceiling bookcase built and it covers an entire wall opposite my monitors and...
  30. VeryBadMan

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.03 Firmware Release

    Cool update thanks Cliff. Not a huge Metallica fan but love me some Mesa amps. Couldn't get anything but a flubby mess without a drive with the Mesa IIC++ , until I tried Mikko's settings from the video. Nails it for me , key seems to be really high input drive and over drive + somewhat extreme...
  31. VeryBadMan

    LICK OF THE WEEK #1 | George Lynch/Warren DeMartini-style lick

    I'm vibrating ~~~~~~ Cool lick Rocco working on it now. I've been known to slay a few innocents with my shit vibrato and bends too. Working on it for years always room for improvement. Subscribing to the " Lick Of The Week " YAY thanks.
  32. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: PVH 6106+ (Peavey 6160+ / EVH 5150-II)

    The " PVH 6160+ RHY B " model with a drive in front - try it you'll like it !!!
  33. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Prince Tone (Fender Princeton)

    Super write up as usual Yek ! I suggest try the stock preset as is. Just wow is all I can say. Interesting that the Princeton was the basis for what mutated into the early Mesas. The stock Prince Tone preset sounds and behaves a lot like my Mini Rectifiers Pushed channel
  34. VeryBadMan

    Vaping in front of your axe fx

    Probably not harmful but don't listen to me. My axe makes a fine ashtray holder and I've smoked hundreds of Camels in close proximity to the unit, I find it gives the tubes a vintage yellow and smoky vibe ha. I'd hate to see what the insides look like eee yuck . Still sounds great and works...
  35. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Hot Kitty (Bad Cat Hot Cat 30)

    Boxy yes to a high degree. Cardboard is an apt descriptor of its tonal quality. I tried like hell to dial out that cat kneading on a box sound but wouldn't work lol. I realize that is its inherent charm I suppose, if that's your thing. I too would like to hear this clean channel as well.
  36. VeryBadMan

    Quantum 3.00 melodic prog rock song! Recto's and OH DZL-FL from the HHC

    Yeah man nice playing. Really like the recto tones with the Diezel cab !
  37. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Euro Uber (Bogner Uberschall)

    The chugs can be a tad loose . I haven't tried the Multi band comp trick. I just put a TS808 drive in front and pow, tightens up nicely. I've always liked this amp model plus I like saying " Uberschall "
  38. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Energyball (Engl Powerball)

    I used to feel that way too. When I first got my Axe the Powerball model was underwhelming and the Savage esp the savage 2 really hit it for me. Just now I retried the Energyball model and got some quite Brootal tones out of it -cab choice make a huge difference I used a Framus ir that was...
  39. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Energyball (Engl Powerball)

    Metal heaven oh ahhh. Another great write up and model to try .
  40. VeryBadMan

    Jazz standard Axe Fx II

    Super nice Henry. I'm doing a solo version of this piece that I arranged. Great to hear an ensemble version of the song.
  41. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Div/13 CJ11 (Divided By 13 CJ 11)

    I agree so much fun trying all these different models I normally wouldn't try. Now onto the FTR 37 ...
  42. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Div/13 CJ11 (Divided By 13 CJ 11)

    Hmm . I'll have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of this one. I really like it ! I tried a clean with edge setting and found a super nice sparkly tone. Not so good with the input drive past 5.00 to my ears and I did it all wrong . Wrong guitar PRS w/ emgs wrong cab 4 X 10 Bassguy...
  43. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Dirty Shirley (Friedman Dirty Shirley)

    Another great New Amp Day ! First thing I do in the studio is check out Yek's amp model posts and give them a try. This one is especially nice !
  44. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Angle Severe (Engl Savage 120)

    Damn you Yek ! I was supposed to be working on material for my upcoming gig. Mellow Jazz - Misty, Autumn Leaves... Now I'm doing Death Metal Riffage with the Angle Severe 2 ! great write up as usual and the Model nails the tones from the demo's, awesome.
  45. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: 1987X (Marshall 1987 Vintage Re-issue)

    Great tones , and a history lesson too ! I swear I've learned more about amps and how to dial them in since owning the AXEFX and reading the forum and Wiki.
  46. VeryBadMan

    Fractal Audio AMP models: 5F8 Tweed (Keith Urban's '59 high power Fender Twin-Amp, 5F8)

    Thanks Yek, great write up. Amp is amazing my new favorite clean to edge of breakup tone. BIG and full and the breakup even in the bass doesn't flub like some Fenders. For me, add some Comp and Reverb and KPOW there it is, fantastic !
  47. VeryBadMan

    Marshall type tones in the Axe FX -- How Good ??

    You want Marshalls OMG the AXEFX has so many stellar Marshalls . I own a 1980 JMP 2203 and the AXE can do all of its tones perfectly. Also there are so many varieties of " Modded Marshall tones " I actually wish my JMP sounded as good as some of the axe models.
  48. VeryBadMan

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    Oh yeah the Rectos sound great, well everything sounds great
  49. VeryBadMan

    Dialling in Mark V

    I would also suggest in addition to Mikkos Mark IV guide there is also a preset of his floating about somewhere " Mikkos Mesa Boogie Mark IV " works very nicely. I do not own a Mark V but I do have a Mini rectifier and a Triple Rectifier so I am well acquainted with their idiosyncrasies. Really...
  50. VeryBadMan

    Machine Head Style Riffs

    I like it ! Heavy.
  51. VeryBadMan

    Join the AxeFxTutorials & ML Sound Lab Twitch stream!!

    Ohhh cool , VBM will be there.
  52. VeryBadMan

    Want the MXR 5150 Overdrive pedal? You got it already.

    Super idea. I gave it a shot with the Plexi 100 W Treble as the " clean " amp and the 5153 100w Blue as the " drive " amp. Mmmm very nioce , not quite there like Pete's demo but I can see the potential. Its cool as you can use the tone controls on the " drive " amp like the controls on the...
  53. VeryBadMan

    So rare not to see people clamoring for new firmware.....

    Ohhh let the Clamour begin ! new FW woot !
  54. VeryBadMan

    Lamb of God Cover ;-0

    Anybody remember the Hurdy Gurdy guy ? I wonder if he's still using an AXEFX with it? Made some really cool tones. Anyhow I found this vid and it reminded me of that. This girl can really play, she needs an AXEFX for it though ! https://youtu.be/-W-s6yHlbtA
  55. VeryBadMan

    Your preferred DAW

    Ableton Live 9 here easiest for me to get into and working quickly. works great with plug ins SD2 f.ex. Ableton lite used to come with Line 6 interfaces /products UX1 pod farm ect. I tried Cubase and Pro tools and really had a hard time just getting them to work at all.
  56. VeryBadMan

    Complete Beginner at EVERYTHING guitar

    There is an old saying that goes something like " you gotta pay your dues to play the blues." meaning you have to suffer for your art. You haven't suffered enough, sell all that gear. Get a crappy Stella acoustic with the strings an inch off the fretboard and play a G chord until your fingers...
  57. VeryBadMan

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Had a " Fractal Bot not working " error message PC Win 10 ? huh - downloaded latest Bot from site worked fine . Quantum sounds and feels great . Thank you Cliff and everyone at FAS. Tried the factory Herbie 2 preset, Dayum sounds amazing dont know what the "Diezel secret " is and I dont want to...
  58. VeryBadMan

    Win an ML Sound Lab Cab Pack!

    I like what you did there very much , reminds me of The Faceless a bit .
  59. VeryBadMan

    Win an ML Sound Lab Cab Pack!

    Hey I wanna play too . Got some tough acts to follow ! Very nice playing ! I wrote this riff / song idea but I can barley play it the same way twice. ha cant play my own riff.
  60. VeryBadMan

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV vs Axe-Fx Quantum USA Lead

    Ok here is a quick sample I made of the preset . Tight and heavy , nice for BIG chords - ha
  61. VeryBadMan

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV vs Axe-Fx Quantum USA Lead

    Is this the same as your preset w / cab ? " Mikko's Mesa Boogie Mark IV " I reloaded it and got the cab right finally but the master vol was at 2.3 was a tad loose. Turned MV up to 4 and it was so tight it knocked my pick out of my hand.
  62. VeryBadMan

    Mikko's Mesa Boogie Mark IV Preset-Cab Bundle Test

    FW 19 , but I bet my axe edit is old - i'll update - Thanks really enjoying the preset working on recording a clip of it for ya.
  63. VeryBadMan

    Mikko's Mesa Boogie Mark IV Preset-Cab Bundle Test

    When you press "save" on Axe-Edit it will prompt you and ask which user cab slot you want that IR saved. It didn't ask that , just asked what preset # to save it at so there its at - cab says scratchpad - IDK what a scratchpad is ha ! no matter - makes sounds, that what's important ! thanks
  64. VeryBadMan

    Mikko's Mesa Boogie Mark IV Preset-Cab Bundle Test

    Hey Mikko - I tried it out and YES it sounds very very good with my system and guitar ( Carvin CT6 stock PUPS) amazingly enough it translates very well . Bass at zero !!! how lol. I will try to post a short sample later - Windows 10 is giving me some probs. not compatible with soundcloud ...
  65. VeryBadMan

    Trying to get that L.O.G. Sturm Und Drang tonage

    I think it sounds really good maybe a bit more gain and low end than their tone but definitely in the ballpark - what amp sim did you use Recto / Mark IV / Other ? BTW I really like the new LOG cd very much.
  66. VeryBadMan

    SeeD - Testing things 1

    + Seed Bass FTW . Very nicely done Sir.
  67. VeryBadMan

    Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

    Super cool of Fractal Audio , well deserved by Chris who gives us a wealth of info and support .
  68. VeryBadMan

    New music Friday

    New Lamb Of God CD out .... Thinking it sounds like some of their best work in awile. I really like it. Not using Mark IVs anymore ? Are both Mark and Willie using Mesa Transatlantics now ? I tried a MB transatlantic in store and couldnt get a usable high gain tone. But what do I...
  69. VeryBadMan

    Happy Birthday YEK

    Happy Birthday YEK . Time flies when your havin' fun right.
  70. VeryBadMan

    ML Sound Lab Episode 6: Ultimate Cab Pack Comparison

    I liked A and D the best . Cab pack 13 is the best of course because that's the one I bought and I am a most discerning customer and tone guru ya right.
  71. VeryBadMan

    AxeFx vs. Amplitube 3 (Tone Match)

    Ha- yeah . I tried Amplitude before I got my Axe- Fx. It was hell just getting it to work and once I got it working sounded really bad plus the latency was just awful. Maybe user error IDk. I actually got some decent usable tones out of POD Farm though.
  72. VeryBadMan

    Music recommandations for a long run

    +1 KINGS X and I might add my new love. The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets .
  73. VeryBadMan

    Cab Pack 13: USA Bulb VS Cab Pack 7: USA Trad

    I'm totally with ya LoPaN - Ive put it off and put it off - finally just jumped in started with Cab Pack 13 yep finally bought one. I'd say Just do it ! Been auditioning cabs for the last hrs. First impressions ML cab pack 13 are very well balanced tonally bass mid treb all right there neither...
  74. VeryBadMan

    SV Bass + Mysterious 4x12 CLIP!

    Mystery 4X12 cab I'll take it , I don't even have to know what it is . Great Job Mikko
  75. VeryBadMan

    DZL Herbie FW 19.00 / No drive pedal / Owhhammer Mills 4x12 / Full Demo Song

    I love it especially the third section with the riffs between the chordings . Tons of potential .
  76. VeryBadMan

    New Herbie Patch fw19b2 (no drive at all!)

    Nice song and patch ! I like very much - I'm just putzing around with the stock factory Herbie CH3 and I can tell it has tons of potential in there great sim WOWZ.
  77. VeryBadMan

    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    Great job Mikko I really love those clips showcasing the cab packs especially " I'm so sick " I'm really liking that genre lately . My new favorites are the Marmozets , Becca is awesome ha , love me some female vocalists. anyhow I love the way the bass pops in your clips . Looks like I'm gonna...
  78. VeryBadMan

    You do not want to click here... Unless you like progressive Danish metal

    So thats Progressive Danish Metal - I like it very much, tunge toner ja.
  79. VeryBadMan

    Bach Invention No 8

    Nice sounds great - I used to play that piece as a Duet with my Girlfriend who played the Bass clef lines on Piano while I played the Treble clef on the elec guitar - I never could sight read Bass clef at all. I studied alot of Bach in my youth, Lute Suites ect I tried to do a Guitar arrangement...
  80. VeryBadMan

    Mesa vs Mesa vs Mesa vs Mesa

    I likes number ## 2 the best . I have a Road King cab with what I assume are the c90s and v30s when I run it with both at 4ohms HSB it sounds amazing I suppose one could approximate this with a cab lab mix from one of your cab packs . But I have not gone down that rabbit hole and purchased a cab...
  81. VeryBadMan

    NGD: Kiesel Vader 6

    STOP STOP ! Enough with the Carvin threads. I need a new Carvin like I need a hole in my head , I already have 4 Carvins ( not holes in my head I have 5 of those oh wait can you count eyes as holes ? in that case 7) Anyhow those new Keisel's esp the Vaders look awsome Happy NGD ! My last Carvin...
  82. VeryBadMan

    Misha Mansoor Presets and mini-review

    Thanks for sharing the patches. Shared patches are kinda hit and miss with me. These are a HIT sounds great with my Carvin DC7 w/ Carvin active pickups very nice tonal balance for lead or rythem or even: Duh-Jent Duh-Jent diddle diddle Duh-Jent Duh-Jent diddle diddle Sprong . Onomatopoeia song -...
  83. VeryBadMan

    Using Axe Fx

    It is not entirly true that " It requires an amp to be hooked to a non self powered cabinet." The axe fx is a Pre Amp so you will just need a power amp that can be , powered computer monitors , headphones , power amp ( solid state or tube ) and speaker cabs. Powered monitors ie EV ZLX ...
  84. VeryBadMan

    Could you try these 2 factory presets with your own AFX's?

    I gave them a try and did not notice any unusual characteristics . In fact I like them very much . Thank you for bringing them to my attention ESP New Country ye haw that's a good n '
  85. VeryBadMan


    I could have bought a couple Suhrs , EBMM's, fancy FRFR speakers and a MFC with all the money I've thrown at my other passion - Drag Racing. <--- goin fast is alot of fun but sure sucks up the $$. IMO there are plenty of fine " budget" guitars . Epiphones , Carvin , PRS SE , Schecters ETC.
  86. VeryBadMan

    Your tips for less sponginess with RECTO ?

    Drive T808 OD drive 0.00 Level 10.00 . You can also add a Mark IV 5 band eq "V" shape EQ - I know Rectos didn't have 5 band eqs but this is AXE land and we can do what we want !
  87. VeryBadMan

    Sabre Guitars Ghost EV - 6L#RiffsAndBeards2

    Great tone and composition nice riffs - I did an entry too but I'm still fussing with it as my riff seems kinda underwhelming compared to some of the others - we have to agree when we win the grand prize to send in the amp to Cliff to get modeled
  88. VeryBadMan

    Suggestions on what you've done to enjoy 18.03

    By the above I'm assuming you got 18.04 sounding good for you !!! super if that's the case. I have no idea what might've gone wrong I have always just updated FW never bothered with reset system params any of that.
  89. VeryBadMan

    #RiffsAndBeards2 HEADBANG! recto2 org mod +Owhammer v3

    Nicely Done - I did one too - It was fun.
  90. VeryBadMan

    #RiffsAndBeards2 Riff Contest w/ Axe-Fx II

    Here is mine I haven't " officially" entered it as I'm not satisfied. You all are doing some very nice stuff ! No fancy riffages here but I wanted to try to add Bass to the mix . Guitars and Bass all AXEFX . Guitars Mark IV preset and Bass Seeds Bass Orange 200 preset let me know if the mix...
  91. VeryBadMan

    Orange 200 Bass FW 18.03 - SeeD

    great thanks for the preset . any chance you are going to make a new " Seed Bass Rig" patch for FW 18? the old Seed rig was my go to , well only, Bass patch I ever used and I lost it when I uploaded 18 and the new fact. presets.
  92. VeryBadMan

    Re=amped my Track with Lonestar Clean

    Beautiful tone , nicely played. thanks for sharing the patch works great for me with some small adjustments , more bass , less out level , more master to compensate. sounds great on my system / Guitars . Cant wait to play this for my Jazz guitar / tube amp friend ha he'll love it.
  93. VeryBadMan

    Sound Problem Please help

    go to i/o menu - USB Return level - lower return level from -64 towards 0db sound will return adjust to taste .
  94. VeryBadMan

    problem with usb audio

    with new FW the USB return level defaults to -64 adjust this towards 0db you will hear audio again. look in I/o menu for USB return level
  95. VeryBadMan

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    INSPIRING - I don't normally gush about firmware's they've all been good since I've started this trek , more incremental than earth shattering but this one OH BOY Ex. someone mentioned a CCV amp this morning - I say what the hecks a CCV look on the Wiki oh a Cameron , huh ok give it a shot OH...
  96. VeryBadMan


    Will this adjustability alow me to record a " hotter " signal into my DAW using USB + axe as sound card? Ex. I record a track into DAW from axe but it has very little amplitude , but if I raise the level , using amp block level contol to get the amplitude I desire often upon playback through...
  97. VeryBadMan


    thanks - this was the first question I was going to ask before I downloaded 18 answered before I got a chance to ask it -
  98. VeryBadMan

    Frustrated. Help me dial in a killer metal tone with my Carvin 8 string

    I have the 7 string version of your guitar ha very nice choice of woods ! I think the Swamp Ash body and Koa Top sound very nice together . Since I use the standard strings 10's and standard tuning haven't got any helpful advise to offer. IMO the Dizzy V4 slvr 4 model sounds very good w my...
  99. VeryBadMan

    I did something bad :evil - Fake Blown Dumble Amp content

    You are truly a Very Bad Man - I pass along the hat of very badness lol - sounds mean
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