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  1. jeremypodom

    Axe FX II clipping with USB plugged in

    So, just powered up my Axe for the first time in a long while. Updated from FM15 to 17, and tried to use the USB output to play some backing tracks to jam to. However, as soon as I plug the USB into my computer, a rhythmic clipping/popping is introduced into the output. The popping only occurs...
  2. jeremypodom

    Caligula's Horse New album OUT NOW!

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I've been enjoying your first album from the time it was released. When the second one was released I was totally broke but finally just now had $8 to spend on whatever XD so I'm jamming to it now. I had avoided listening to it before now because I knew I'd...
  3. jeremypodom

    Cliff & Crew, have you contacted Redwirez about UltraRes™?

    I am resurrecting this thread because it needs to happen.
  4. jeremypodom

    Zexcoil Pickups

    I put the signature set in my strat a couple years ago. It's the best tonal decision I've ever made.
  5. jeremypodom

    Animals As Leaders - Tempting Time cover

    I never could understand why Tosin would throw in a line that is absolutely shred-tastic and then a part that takes 1-2 minutes of the song that is kind of awesome but really just super repetitive.... all in all, though, I LOVE ALA. Amazing job. Did you have to adapt this song to a 7 string or...
  6. jeremypodom

    Cliff & Crew, have you contacted Redwirez about UltraRes™?

    I bought the OH package and I think I'm turning a little obsessed with collecting IR's. If they offered a package of ultra res for a similar deal to their big box package I'd make the jump for it. That being said, I don't appreciate this joke at all. I'm normally not easily offended at all but...
  7. jeremypodom

    Guthrie Govan is the best guitar player alive today

    I believe Guthrie to be the most technically talented and versatile guitarist alive right now. He makes #1 on my list as well. However, if we narrow the fields down to the masters of each respective genre, I'd say Tommy Emmanuel has Guthrie outmatched. I know that's an apples to oranges...
  8. jeremypodom

    Which recording software ?

    If you decide to go beyond free then Logic Pro is a phenomenal program with the best price out of the major DAW competitors
  9. jeremypodom

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 13.02 Released

    Super excited to try this out in a few days (sigh). Honestly I'm a bit shocked that there's never been power tube options before now. Better late than never, though!
  10. jeremypodom

    Anyone notice the new welcome page?

    How about a release on January 13 of '14?
  11. jeremypodom

    R.I.P Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    It's a perfectly reasonable time to die if you're doing something as idiotic as heroin, IMO. I hear he left behind three kids under the age of ten... if anything, people should feel sad for them. Or maybe they're better off without a heroin addict for a father.
  12. jeremypodom

    When is Axe Edit going to get it's functions back?

    The saving to new location was moved to a new place from what I remember. Probably the source of my misinformation. Thanks!
  13. jeremypodom

    When is Axe Edit going to get it's functions back?

    I miss exporting presets to new slots, axe manage, global blocks, etc.... I would honestly find these more useful than an axe fx software update. Just curious for any specifics from those less ignorant than myself.
  14. jeremypodom

    I constantly feel like I'm guessing with my Axe FX II

    I don't have time to sit and read five pages with very long responses on all, but I'm just now beginning to make educated and useful tweaks on presets and I've had mine for the better part of 8 months. The learning curve for me was to pick an amp and a cab outright without starting on any preset...
  15. jeremypodom

    Super-Vee Strat Tremolo

    Girlfriend got me a bladerunner for Christmas. The smooth, frictionless bends are amazing. I never thought the traditional trem was "rough" but now I know better. Kind of like switching from nickel to SS frets. Also, tuning stability is top notch now. Last thing is that the trem arm is...
  16. jeremypodom

    Firmware 13 BETA Feedback?

    Curious about this ultra res. What is it? Is it a step further than MIMIC technology or something totally besides it?
  17. jeremypodom

    New Fender 57' Deluxe Head

    I just heard Fender is showcasing a new 57' deluxe head at NAMM. If I didn't have an Axe FX I'd be crapping my pants right about now. That was my ideal (concept) amp before I got the axe and I could never find any good options to satisfy that desire.
  18. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    Where? I can't find them
  19. jeremypodom

    How many amps do you actually use?

    I've had my Axe for a little over six months, I think. The thing is, I found/made just a few presets that work great for what I'm doing and have barely touched beyond those few. Does anyone else find themselves in the same boat? I bought a simulator with nearly 200 amps available and virtually...
  20. jeremypodom

    How Do You Fix "Farting Out" Low Notes?

    I know it's fixed and been said but when I got "farting bass notes" I raise the low cut on the power amp section. Sometimes I'll bring down the low frequency resonance on the speaker page.
  21. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    I don't know but it's driving me mad.
  22. jeremypodom

    LOGIC PRO X was updated to 10.0.5 today.

    Also, Apple has Logic available for $500 less than protools.... That right there is impressive in itself.
  23. jeremypodom

    LOGIC PRO X was updated to 10.0.5 today.

    Logic was a little buggy but I've heard the opinions of quite a few audio engineers that it has left protools in the dust. I've never even used protools but I had the pleasure of watching someone spend two hours trying to figure out why it wouldn't make any sound, whereas logic took...
  24. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    I'm beginning to lose hope
  25. jeremypodom

    Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....

    Yeah, pretty sure it has to do with a malfunction in the add on selection. You were supposed to pick the one that actually had a heart and loved you. Something like a man's best friend.
  26. jeremypodom

    New Andy Timmons preset

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I figured out the reason it sounded so bad through my laptop speakers. It was turned up too loud and clipping really terribly. And wheatleyb, I may just do that. That's what he uses in the "bridge" section of resolution I'm pretty sure.
  27. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    Guys where are the presets =[ we're on page three and it's been days
  28. jeremypodom

    Overdrive Pedals When Making Presets

    The thing I've found that works well is to increase the low cut on the power amp section Also, I don't use OD pedals at all. I just tweak my amp block until I go insane.
  29. jeremypodom

    New Andy Timmons preset

    No problem brah
  30. jeremypodom

    New Andy Timmons preset

    I basically made this one by accident. It was the clean setting on an overdrive preset I made in a bit of a rush, but later discovered that if I just upped the input gain on it then it sounded nearly identical to the tone of Andy Timmons on his CD Resolution. Here's a sample of me derping...
  31. jeremypodom

    Changing Presets on the AxeII

    I think the vast majority, including myself, don't even look at the screen of their axe when they have axe edit pulled up. The flip side of it is that if the two screens displayed different things, it would become confusing to users whether or not they were syncing properly.
  32. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    You're going to make grown men cry
  33. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    Don't jump the gun. As far as I'm concerned, until those presets are posted they're a bunch of big bullies ;)
  34. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    Does it count as a takeoff if the same five people keep commenting over and over?
  35. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    D= but this is already post #9!! I mean that's already a record setter right there.
  36. jeremypodom

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    Does this mean you're going to share their presets with us?! ;)
  37. jeremypodom

    My guthrie govan/fusion lead preset

    For anyone having trouble with the cabs, I used the Ownhammer Bogner studio pro dirty 3 (I think) and the 4x12 basket weave (I think) in a stereo cab block. May be wrong, I'll have to check later.
  38. jeremypodom

    My guthrie govan/fusion lead preset

    I don't currently have my axe fx handy to check honestly. Did the cab not go over correctly? I'm unfamiliar with sharing.
  39. jeremypodom

    My guthrie govan/fusion lead preset

    I started working on this guy from the moment I got my Axe FX and it's been quite a while now. I've had to really redefine my understanding of what good tone is supposed to sound like to get it this far. It's designed to sound great through my CLR active wedge with my strat equipped with low...
  40. jeremypodom

    Pedalboard for AxeFX II and MFC - good Idea?

    Sounds like a very bad idea to me. Getting a professional quality, dedicated rack case for the Axe Fx is absolutely essential. You've just spent over two grand on an electronic device, don't skimp out on protecting it for money and convenience. Plugging in 5 or 6 connections doesn't take any...
  41. jeremypodom

    New haswell macbook for recording? (Hope this doesn't turn into Mac vs PC again :p)

    I have the 15" MBP haswell with 16GB RAM and 500GB hard drive. I can honestly say it was worth every penny. It replaced a mid-2010 13" model and it's so much better. The retina screen doesn't look horribly impressive at first but after spending just a few days on it, the older screens look like...
  42. jeremypodom

    I'm looking to simulate this Andy Timmons tone

    Andy used Laney amps at the time his recording of Cry For You was done. You can get the tones you need with some careful tweaking of the Lonestar amp though. I've been slowly working at the song for a few months and also slowly tweaking my preset over time. Honestly all you need for the clean...
  43. jeremypodom

    updated bagpipes patch

    I've really been wanting this to happen. I'll have to try it later.
  44. jeremypodom

    Wood & Guitar Tone

    Has someone ever conducted a test with an instrument that has the pickup mounted to a structure separate from the strings? That would be the best way to objective test the wood effect. Change out bodies on the instrument while the pickup never comes in contact with it.
  45. jeremypodom

    Wood & Guitar Tone

    Basically, if a factor can contribute to the way the string is vibrating then it can make a difference. The other difference comes in relative to what part of the string the pickup is placed on. If you were to place a pickup in the dead center of the string (the twelfth fret) then the second...
  46. jeremypodom

    Wood & Guitar Tone

    I'd say the materials, build, joints, and every detail can contribute to the way a string vibrates. That vibration determines the tone coming from the pickups. The wood itself does not add a "darker" or "lighter" tone, but it can change which harmonics resonate and sustain vs others.
  47. jeremypodom

    Making cables can be fun

    I've really been having a blast making these colorful cables. The cable itself is red and the techflex sleeve is white, which unfortunately made it look pink to everyone but me. I like pink though =P lol. Anyways, they turned out really well. The techflex is slippery against itself and so it has...
  48. jeremypodom

    Doubts among the substantial differences between the MFC-101 MFC-Mark I and Mark II 1

    Your english doesn't make very much sense but I think I understand your problem. The Mark I pedalboard has a regular ethernet jack Mark II has an ethercon jack, which can work with ethernet or ethercon plugs Mark II has the ethercon but also has silent footswitches All of them will work with...
  49. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Dangit and my MK II isn't even that old..... soft switches would be nice
  50. jeremypodom

    Help - different sounds from different rooms

    Thanks for the tips. I was leaning towards the paraEq block already. I can set a switch on my MFC for it to have an X/Y state (or just on off if it doesn't have that option. Can't remember).
  51. jeremypodom

    Help - different sounds from different rooms

    When I have band practice we have a very small room to practice in. I had my patches set to sound good there but when I came home I noticed it didn't sound nearly as thick or bassy. I readjusted so they sound fantastic now but I'm worried I'll show up to practice next and it will sound terrible...
  52. jeremypodom

    Lord helps us lol

    Had my axe fx for about six months and I ALREADY have to sell it?! Dangggittttt!!!
  53. jeremypodom

    Did your AFX redefine tone for you?

    It has taken me months with my axe fx to really figure out what the hell I'm doing. And I don't just mean learning the controls. I mean that my understanding of what good tone should actually sound like and how to get there was completely off in so many ways. I've gone back to look at previous...
  54. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Check your spam folders.
  55. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    The logo is shiny, it's just the lighting. And you're right, mine is screwed more.... weird.....
  56. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Well practice went really great. The CLR and the K12 are both fantastic options. I would say the CLR does have more clarity and a bit more high end probably. The thing I noticed though is that with the K12 in order to hear myself in a band setting in a tiny room, I had to stand directly in front...
  57. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    It's arrived!! It's a good thing Tom packages these well because I had the opportunity to watch the UPS guy drop it no less than three times on several different sides from his truck to my door from a height of about 2 feet each time. Anyways, I have only gotten to do a very brief plug'n...
  58. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Tom should get at you quick. I'm not sure why names keep getting passed up. Maybe it has to do with what people order? Active wedges are by far the most popular order.
  59. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Got my invite about an hour ago and the shipment notification within that hour as per Tom's usual amazing service. I signed up sometime in early to mid June I believe. I accidentally deleted my confirmation email a while ago. Also, for anyone wondering shipping is a flat rate $39. Total price...
  60. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    When did you sign on?
  61. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    I appreciate the input. That's kind of what I had figured. I didn't realize the 10 was preferred over the 12. I didn't want the K12 at all but I'm a college student at a music school and the semester started, so I had to get something in the meantime for rehearsals and such... My return deadline...
  62. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Ohhhh I think we just blasted through all of May in a few days. I bet in a month or two at this pace there won't be a wait list at all. So close! I ran out of time in which I could afford not to have a speaker. I ended up getting a QSC K12 and so far I'm liking it a lot. I'm having to adjust...
  63. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    I think they get massive shipments all at once and then spend days/weeks/months distributing them at their best pace and ability. That's the only reason I can see behind his way of speaking in his emails, and it makes sense cost wise. The more of something you order at once the less it costs per...
  64. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    I was put on the list in early June (I think but may be wrong) and I was told it should be before the 23rd for me. They're really blasting through the list.
  65. jeremypodom

    Copy AMP X/Y

    I've been doing it since FW11 and I haven't had any issues at all...? Works perfectly every time.
  66. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    I was informed I should be getting mine sometime between now and three weeks from now.
  67. jeremypodom

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    I signed up in mid June and I was informed my invite will be coming in before the end of the month. Tom said they're getting their largest batch of stock yet.
  68. jeremypodom

    Still no word on CLR's ,about to give it up!

    Hey Tom, when I got on the list last month you assured me that the production of active wedges had increased dramatically and it would only take a few weeks for me to get my invitation. It's now been about a month or more I think and I'm seeing posts from last month by people who still got their...
  69. jeremypodom

    Still no word on CLR's ,about to give it up!

    Any updates from anyone? I just sent an email in to get on the list. Now I just need to come up with a thousand dollars -_-
  70. jeremypodom

    Guthrie Govan Waves tone preset

    I based this off of a preset I found that was already semi close but definitely needed some tweaking. With my strat equipped with zexcoil signature set pickups it sounds extremely close to the original tone. It could probably use a small tweak here or there still but I'll save the nitpicking for...
  71. jeremypodom


    Hey guys my AFXii should be arriving any minute now in the mail (can't wait!) and I just purchased this cab pack. I've opened fractal bot to see how the download is supposed to work and I'm a bit confused. You have to load individual cabs in one at a time or is there a way to put the whole thing...
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