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    Does AX-8 Support Global Blocks?

    ...I used to use these on the AXE II, then there were issues and I stopped. Now using AX-8 and wondering if that's part of the package? Thanks
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    MFC 2_15 Zip File Won't UnZip

    Tried downloading several times. I did just successfully DL and unzip 9_02. Here's the message: Extracting file: C:\Drivers and Programs\Fractal Audio\MCF101\MFC101_215\mfc101_215.zip Extracting to "C:\Drivers and Programs\Fractal Audio\MCF101\MFC101_215\" Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no...
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    I just restored back to v5_07. The install went fine but patches 000-122, 125, 126 are completely BLANK! I did a utility backup (BACKUP BANK A) prior to the install but when I do RESTORE USER BANK A it says "restoring" as if all is fine but the patches are still blank. That bank contains my gig...
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    5.07 Upgrade Instructions....Can't Get Past Step 1!

    Java, I tried to follow your instructions. I installed AE 273 and I get the same problem I had before with Sync...I can't get past 1%. I had this problem before I upgraded to 5.04 and I was hoping the AE upgrade for that (267) would help and it didn't and neither does 273. I haven't used AE...
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    Sync From HW Doesn't Work And Other Misc Issues!!!

    I've got lots of weird stuff going on. Sync from HW won't complete. It got as high as 20% or so and often doesn't get past 1%. This is true if I try to do one bank or multiple banks. Also, when I'm in Axe Edit and load a new patch, I sometimes get an error in the status window that looks...
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    Global Effect Bypass State Applied To All Patches?

    I have A Global Drive and I'd like it to be enabled/ bypassed depending on the patch. However, I'm fiinding that when I change the bypass state in a given patch, all the other patches pick up that state. Does this sound correct? I hope this is not the intended behavior (i.e. a bug) or I'm...
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    Lonestar Suggestions

    Haven't tried the new Lonestar yet but want to try it out tonight. Does anyone have any insight to share regarding cabs or settings? I thought I saw something on this in one of the recent posts but now I can't find it. Thanks
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    Bakermans Harmonic Feedback Patch for Axe II

    Has anyone ported this patch to the II? It was called Time_Feedback. Here's the link http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-preset-exchange/36469-harmonic-feedback-sim.html Thanks
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    ...More On Pops

    If I have the Axe II on and I boot up my computer, at some point in the boot process, usually when the screen comes up, there is a very sharp, sometimes loud (depending on the volume on the Axe) pop that comes through my speakers. Last night I had a loud patch with the volume pedal at full...
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    Not Getting Computer Audio via USB

    I'm trying to play audio tracks via iTunes on my computer through the Axe USB and Axe outputs. I have the Axe settings for analog input etc....set and the driver is installed on the PC (widows XP SP3). MIDI is working fine for Axe Edit. I changed the control panel in windows for audio to use the...
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    Very Slow Preset Load/Save

    Using Axe Edit and USB and last night it began taking 5-6 seconds to load and/or save a preset. Before that it was fine...at least I didn't notice any unusual delay. I'm thinking I'll try rebooting my PC. I should also mention that I occasionally lose my driver connection on the PC. I open...
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    Copy X/Y Results Not Showing Up In Axe Edit

    I'm working in Axe Edit and want to copy X to Y. So, I do the copy x/y fine on the H/W store the preset. In Axe Edit I tried several things...Recall/Save Last Version, Refresh From Hardware, changed in and out of the preset, but it doesn't show up in Axe Edit. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
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    Losing USB 2.0 Device Reference

    I’m intermittently losing my USB MIDI connection in Axe Edit. This happened two times last night, which is the first time I tried Axe Edit with the Axe II. I lose connectivity, check the MIDI tab and the Axe II port isn’t even referenced. I checked the driver on my PC and it says “No USB 2.0...
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    Help!!! Major Badness Happening!!!

    I was playing throuh some presents and I pressed one of my expression pedals (not even sure if it has an extrn associated) and everything went south. I now am getting no effects for any patch, when I edit a parameter like Amp Level, it has no affect, every patch sounds almost identical, very...
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    Mono and Stereo Duel Purpose Patches

    So, in preparation for the II, I'm thinking about how I want to set up patches since I'll be starting over. I currently play mono most of the time and my patches are set up accordingly. With the II, I'd like to have the ability to send either way. However, in reading about mono vs stereo on...
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    Why Isn't Reverb and X/Y Block

    Am I the only one wondering this? I not sure why Wah is included in this and Reverb isn't. Probably would not use a 2nd instance of Wah settings but already do multiple Verbs a lot. Cliff, if it's not too late, please add!!
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    MFC and Axe Edit with M-Audio Uno

    Is anyone out there using the MFC and Axe Edit together with the M-Audio Uno interface? I'm wondering if the built in MIDI cables support the bi-directional exchange the Axe-to-MFC connection requires?
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    Change Reverb Level with an IA

    Don't know if this can be done, but I'd like to be able to set an IA such that the verb in on with an initial value when the patch loads. Then, by pressing the IA again, the level goes up by some CC controlled value. Basically, want to adjust reverb level up/down a fixed amount with an IA and...
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    MIDI In Light Keeps Blinking and Glitching the Sound

    I'm using the MFC and Axe Edit with the MIDI Solutions MIDI Merger. The MIDI In light on the Axe blinks about once every second and I get a glitch in the sound that corresponds to that pulse. Also, and this is very wierd, if I try to go to any menu on the Axe, it brings me right back to the...
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    Ability to use MFC while in Axe Edit

    Not sure if this is an MFC enhancement, and Axe Edit enhancement, or Axe fx enhancement, but we really need to be able to do this without buying and soldering a midi merger.
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    Losing Tempo On Patch Change

    I've found that when changing patches quickly with my GCP, the tempo set on the patch gets changed to something much slower. This does not appear to be an issue when using the dial. If I go slow and let the current patch "sit" for a few seconds before changing, no problem. But, if I click around...
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    Mission Engineering SP-1 Use Cases

    Just ordered an SP-1 and wondering how users on the forum are taking advantage of the switch. I use a GC Pro and already have an EB vol pedal and will be using this for effects parameter modifications and wah. Not quite sure what applications the switch will have, but I ordered one figuring I'll...
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    Modifying Patches for Live Venue

    I've got patches that sound great at home using FRFR (Mackie). However, I will be checking these out on Saturday through our system at church and wonder if there are any pearls of wisdom from folks who may have already done this. I'm thinking of using the GEQ on the output to tweak for things...
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    Ground Control Pro Question

    Is there a way to use the same IA to alternate between amps in a patch? I believe you can do this with the Gordius, but not sure if the GCP supports this or if there is something in the Axe to enable it.
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    HELP!!!! My Axe Just Stopped Working!!

    Major badness just occured! My Axe stopped working in the middle of an edit session. I was editing a patch, using Axe Edit and it just stopped. The display on the unit went dark (although I can see it very dim) and the meter lights are not working. It looks like it's not receiveing any input. I...
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    Best Parameter To Put Volume Pedal On

    I did a search on this but it got kicked out because it was too general. I've seen that some folks put a pedal on the main output and some use gain or output on a mixer block. There may even be other variations/options. What are the advantages/disadvantages of these options? It seems that just...
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    Can I use ONLY the Power Amp Sim?

    I have a Mesa Triaxis that I'd like to use as a preamp. Can I "bypass" the pre amp and only use the power amp sim and effects and take the direct out to the board?. Also, I'd like to place a drive in the loop, preferably before the Triaxis. Thanks
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    Anyone Running Mono Output

    I have 3 days to determine if I'm keeping my Ultra. Until last night, it was a done deal. I really want/need this to work for me as I love good guitar tone, but have a bad back. I currently have a rack system (Triaxis and Mesa power amp, etc..) that sounds great, but is very heavy. Anyway, I...
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