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  1. Lightningboy

    WISH: AX8 sticky mode for FC controllers

    I find this really useful on my Ax8 when I have to jump to another preset not in order. My layout on the Ax8 is almost like a "per preset" mode on the FC12 with a combination of scenes and IA stomps. When I need to get to another preset I hit F1 hold and it brings up a preset layout. Hit the...
  2. Lightningboy

    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    Just a heads up that the 2x12 big brother to the popular NL12 speaker is in the Matrix webshop www.matrixamplification.com For those lucky enough to be coming along to the LA Amp Show/Axe Fest 2, we'll have the NL212's and some other goodies there as well for you to try out! 8)
  3. Lightningboy

    Matrix FRFR GFR12 active and CFR12 passive updates.

    Hey guys Not been posting much due to gigging and recording schedule but been lurking around here and there and just wanted to update everyone that's interested on the developments on the Matrix active and passive FRFR wedges. I've seen a few posts and some speculation in different threads so...
  4. Lightningboy

    Axe FXII and Matrix at the Newcatle Guitar Show 11.3.12 post mortem

    Matrix and myself recently attended the Newcastle Guitar Show, one of a range of shows throughout the UK for retailers and manufacturers to attend and show their wares to the wider public. Also a day out for guitarists and muso's to drool over gear and grab a bargain! Thought I'd write a...
  5. Lightningboy

    Axe FX W/D/W setup with FRFR or normal & FRFR speakers

    Just wanted to get other peoples thoughts and ideas on building up a W/D/W rig. Thinking of maybe using a standard guitar cab for the dry portion of the rig and using FRFR with cab sims as the wet portion of the rig or just using FRFR and cab sims for all three. Say a 2x12 EV12L for the dry...
  6. Lightningboy

    Best way of splitting a signal from Output 1 to FOH & IEM

    As the title says I 'd like to split the signal from output 1 so that it feeds both front of house and my IEM signal. I need to keep output 2 free going to amp and FRFR (for feel/feedback and for rest of band who aren't using IEM's to hear me) and would prefer taking control of my IEM myself...
  7. Lightningboy

    Matrix XT800 Review and Comparison

    Matrix XT800 review/personal opinion Ok. I've had the Matrix for just over a week. I gigged it last weekend but had major issues all through the gig (other guitarist a no-show, having to bluff all his solo's, wireless crapping out on me) so felt it wouldn't be fair to post a review as, A: I...
  8. Lightningboy

    First look at RJM Mastermind GT at Namm

    I know someone mentioned this unit in a previous post but here it is in all it's prototype glory. No idea on pricing etc at the moment. Sure looks good though. Wonder how long the main touchscreen would last on "the road" though! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjXe4IByTvU&feature=player_embedded
  9. Lightningboy

    B.L.O.D!!! (Bypass Light of Death!!!!) Scary experience

    So hi to all on the forum, I've now had my Ultra a couple of months and I'm coping well. Gigged live and rehearsed with the axe and it's growing into all I'd hoped it to be. The forum's a great source of information and opinions and I'm usually lurking somewhere on here most times of the day...
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