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  1. vintageguitarz

    FS Tom Anderson Guitarworks Drop Top

    What’s the serial # own several andersons very nice guitar
  2. vintageguitarz

    audio drop

    Thx i will give that a try
  3. vintageguitarz

    audio drop

    Yes is there someone at Fractal I need to talk to? Matt Picone ?
  4. vintageguitarz

    audio drop

    regardless of preset
  5. vintageguitarz

    audio drop

    just while playing - and its very momentary like a 1-2 seconds
  6. vintageguitarz

    audio drop

    I thought this was maybe a cable failing but after checking with both mopgami cables I am experiencing the same things intermittently - suddenly there will be a drop out of audio for 1-2 seconds and you can visually see the audio drop out on the front panel metes of the Axe FX III. Im sunning...
  7. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    Thanks much that worked.
  8. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    well gave that a try and this is what I encountered see photo - HELP no further ways to correct from what i see
  9. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    Thx much I’ll give That a try
  10. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    Just attempted the firmware update and now my screen is stuck in a boot up mode. Can anyone offer some support. I've never had this happen one before.
  11. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    Please disregard - the issue was with my DAW - Oops SORRY
  12. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    I just updated to 11.0 Public beta and suddenly all presets now have a weird noise gate change that is forcing me to hit the strings quite hard to get sound out. It's like its triggered quite early. I tried to adjust the gate from intelligent to classic and I clearly don't know what the F*#K...
  13. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx III first impressions

    I was on the fence to get the New III for a while, then I decided to bite the bullet and now wait any longer. I have only clocked about an hour on the device but I was struck by how real the sounds are now. There is something 3 dimensional about the sound and the growl of the high gain amps is...
  14. vintageguitarz

    FS Friedman ASM-12 $600 Shipped

    If it’s still available I’ll take it
  15. vintageguitarz

    Tips for adding Fuzz stomp box to effects loop block - settings?

    After several years without using any external stomp boxes with the Axe FX I recently added a Hellbender fuzz. The new drive tone is glorious but I wonder if I a doing something wrong. I simply add an effects loop block and insert the Hellbender there Send / Return. the effects block has levels...
  16. vintageguitarz

    How many still tweek your presets??

    The cab pack 20 has been a lot of fun so many variations of marshall heaven - i strongly suggest adding that to your library. Additionally if you play with the motor and ari functions of the cab block there are some surprising lovely sounds to be had. You have to just dig in and investigate...
  17. vintageguitarz

    New Dweezil Zappa Album in the works...

    Thanks much Matt
  18. vintageguitarz

    Help with infinite guitar or ebow emulating for recent FW

    I wanted to emulate the bow and also have a way to do Vai like singing sustain which feedback in harmonic overtones. I installed a sustainiac in one of my anderson's and it looks totally stock but its a very fun effect. I turn it on and off by pulling on what was the tone pot which also controls...
  19. vintageguitarz

    New Dweezil Zappa Album in the works...

    last update from Dweezil was the beginning of january 2016.
  20. vintageguitarz

    New Dweezil Zappa Album in the works...

    The dweezil presets are still on their way accordingly to Dweezil c/o pledge music. I have waited for over a year on these - a trophy for patience might be in order to all who bought this, but the album is great and of course with the passing of his mother I certainly understand. I will attempt...
  21. vintageguitarz

    Awaiting my latest acquisition - Deep Trip Hellbender - boutique Tonebender pedal from Brazil...

    Awaiting my latest acquisition - Deep Trip Hellbender - boutique Tonebender pedal from Brazil anyway now!!!
  22. vintageguitarz

    Best day of my life!

    Way Cool Grandfather Dude!
  23. vintageguitarz

    How many guitars do you own?

    10 guitars so far 9 - Tom Anderson's and a 12 year old Martin OM-42 for acoustic.
  24. vintageguitarz

    The Edge

    Matt I am sure most of us reading this thread are jealous, imagining what some of these sessions might be like hanging out and taking it all in with a veritable guitar sonic genius like the Edge. Way Cool.
  25. vintageguitarz

    Les Paul vs. Tom Anderson Bulldog

    Hey BBN thanks for the thoughtful insightful feedback on Andersons and the Les Paul. I missed out on so many old LP's that were dirt cheap in the early 80's that I so wished I bought. In a similar vein, what you experienced with LP's sounds similar to what I went with guitars with a floyd rose...
  26. vintageguitarz

    Les Paul vs. Tom Anderson Bulldog

    I spent much of this past year researching the potential buy of yet another Les Paul, I have had 3 over the years, but every time I loved the look of a LP, there were craftsmanship, playability and price issues to prevent me from pulling the trigger. I have always had an itch to buy a nice 59...
  27. vintageguitarz

    Quantum v1.02 amps and effects Youtube demos - Les Paul & Strat

    Sounds deliciously awesome. I can't wait to download the update!
  28. vintageguitarz

    Calling All Floyd Rose Specialists....

    I have had several guitars with locking trems over the last 15 years - floyd rose licensed guitars. All of them were simply a bitch to stay in tune. So much so, I sold every one of them 4-6 guitars. Finally in the past year I thought I would try a Tom Anderson with a real Floyd and I bought 2...
  29. vintageguitarz

    Listening to vintage Pink Floyd, Gilmour is a monster!

    I have seen David Gilmour solo and also w/ Pink Floyd as early as 1979 the Wall and as recently the 2006 solo tour. He never ceases to captivate my attention and wonder with the subtle nuances and stellar tone as other have mentioned. He is truly in a class by himself and his music so timeless...
  30. vintageguitarz

    Red Bear Picks?

    Thanks for the added comments - fridays the day!
  31. vintageguitarz

    Red Bear Picks?

    The one suggestion I would make when placing an order is that make sure you really know which pick you thick you will like before hand. http://redbeartrading.com/images/dimensions4web.jpg I liked the Lil Jazzer but I bought one of the larger Jazz picks as I was not paying enough attention to...
  32. vintageguitarz

    Red Bear Picks?

    I know the Red Bear picks are certainly expensive but they are awesome - I will have to check out some other ones suggested in this thread. I love noodling around with new toyZ!
  33. vintageguitarz

    I just sold my Real 1963 Vibroverb for $11,000. I am so glad it went to collector who loves...

    I just sold my Real 1963 Vibroverb for $11,000. I am so glad it went to collector who loves these amps as much as I do.
  34. vintageguitarz

    Hey I am now an "Apprentice" Perhaps Grass Hopper would be more accurate! - I am honored with...

    Hey I am now an "Apprentice" Perhaps Grass Hopper would be more accurate! - I am honored with this unknown designation
  35. vintageguitarz

    Forum Migration Complete

    Matt you have my permission to Get Hammered on Halloween. Cheers
  36. vintageguitarz

    Startling discovery... for me at least...

    yes a screenshot would be valuable. Please add this. I'd like to see how you're doing this and I am sure many others would. Thx
  37. vintageguitarz

    RIP Gail Zappa

    I just saw this as well and very saddened to hear! warm regards to Dweezil and his family. https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/music/gail-zappa-widow-of-frank-zappa-and-protector-of-his-iconoclastic-rock-legacy-dies-at-70/2015/10/14/444d7a0e-71f6-11e5-8d93-0af317ed58c9_story.html
  38. vintageguitarz

    Buy Dweezil's Fractal Presets

    Still waiting but had comments back from Dweezil he was updating the presets with the 19 or Quantum firmware upgrades. I look forward to sharing reviews.
  39. vintageguitarz

    AX8 Teaser Video

    nice video and playing gents
  40. vintageguitarz

    Heading to the Amp show.

    somebody shoot some video for youtube please
  41. vintageguitarz

    Invasion of fuzz

    Way cool FuZZZZZZZ Preset please
  42. vintageguitarz

    sneak peek at Dweezil's latest...

    I am excited to hear the full album and have been a huge fan of Frank and of course Dweezil. I ordered the Fractal Presets Dweezil had on his pledge music project in addition to the new record. I was however not happy I ordered it last november or something near there. I sent a message in May...
  43. vintageguitarz

    Just a farewell thanks to Fractal and all the forum users

    Have you tried Rolfing? If not then I strongly urge you to check it out. . I have had over a decade of severe back pain and 2 surgeries and without Rolfing I would not be able to walk. I hope you check it out and get some treatments before you throw in the towel on the music love affair...
  44. vintageguitarz

    Firmware forecast?

    With all due respect the AFXII in its present and readily updated versions always gives me plenty of noodling / endless possibilities regardless of the FW updates. I am extremely grateful for the Fractal folks Matt / Cliff and many others I do not know by name for giving us such the spontaneous...
  45. vintageguitarz

    since no reponse about axe meeting in tampa!

    I would like to meet and I am flexible on a saturday and yes 4/25 works I can also bring my rig axe fx XL and FRFR set up if you like. I am in Sarasota. Thx Brian
  46. vintageguitarz

    FW18: WRECKER 2 Demo

    Very Nice - Super Creamy
  47. vintageguitarz


    Elixirs on all guitar for the last 8+ years and very satisfied - change them 2-4 times per year - strings - lots of choices today and many opinions so I cannot say there is one that anyone could say is the ultimate due to varying opinions.
  48. vintageguitarz

    a Florida axe aholics meeting

    Sarasota Here but often in Tampa and Orlando. The orlando guitar show is mid january too - FYI. I welcome and support a group meeting very much. Let me know possibilities for such an event. Happy Holidays to all. Cheers Brian
  49. vintageguitarz

    A $266 Tom Anderson Guitar?

    the anderson site also says that given that SN it should be a cobra. I own several Andersons and the headstock is all wrong too. bad counterfeit
  50. vintageguitarz

    Buy Dweezil's Fractal Presets

    I bought it and when I receive it I will gladly give you a complete review. To each his own!
  51. vintageguitarz

    63 Vibroverb

    Thanks much
  52. vintageguitarz

    63 Vibroverb

    I saw a post from a fellow forum member about the Old School Vibroverb's and felt compelled to write this post. I really think that the model in the axe fx is very good at capturing the essence of the real deal. Also I have had the privledge of owning one for several years. I owned the amp for...
  53. vintageguitarz

    Brownface Amp Model from Axe-Fx Ultra- Equivalent?

    The borwnface model in the axe fx is very close. I have a real 63 vibroverb and it wrks very similarly. I have not tone matched the real 63 with the Axe FX yet. Sarasota Swing I live in Sarasota as well. perhaps we could compare notes. Let me know. Thanks Brian
  54. vintageguitarz

    fw15.07 - VAN HALEN | F.U.C.K. tone [w/patch]

    Wow man that sounds smoking hot! Nice Job.
  55. vintageguitarz

    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    I will gladly make time and play hookie to attend. Once this is confirmed and details pending please share. cooper thanks on behalf of all fellow Axe FX Aficionados.
  56. vintageguitarz

    Gibson suck

    I have been so disappointed in the guitar quality of fender and gibson for years. Gibson much more so. Fender makes 30,000 guitars a month someone told me. Tom Anderson 700 a year. in the last 10 years i discovered Suhr and Tom Anderson guitars and they are the best guitars i have ever owned...
  57. vintageguitarz

    Axe FX II XL - MFC update?

    When will there be an update sp all scenes patches and pedals be available to access with the mighty axe FX II XL? Does anyone know, I can scroll through the presets on the MFC with the new device but cannot change drive or any other pedals like I could when I had the axe fx II mark 1. If anyone...
  58. vintageguitarz

    Does Axe Edit now support Mac OSX 10.9.1 Mavericks

    Thanks Rain. I now tried to re-install the driver and everything is up and running. I just upgrade my mac book pro with SSD Drive and perhaps this may have been the culprit. Now I have lightening fast uploads and opening of programs. Thanks Fractal Community. You guys ROCK
  59. vintageguitarz

    Does Axe Edit now support Mac OSX 10.9.1 Mavericks

    well i have everything connect to support a usb connection but it is not showing the axe fx for me to open axe edit or to use fractal bot. ?
  60. vintageguitarz

    Does Axe Edit now support Mac OSX 10.9.1 Mavericks

    I updated my mac and other platforms recently and now find axe edit does not seem to work. When i start up the program it says it is disconnected. Anyone having this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would rather not go back to Mountain Lion and keep the new operating system. But...
  61. vintageguitarz

    Senior Hardware/Firmware/DSP Engineer Wanted

    Matt or Cliff I would be happy to provide my Assessment SaaS to help you (FREE) sift through candidates. 95% accurate to find the most suitable candidate with the highest measurable capacity? Let me know. Manifesting Talent - The World's Most Advanced Assessment Tool ROLE FIT SURVEY
  62. vintageguitarz

    Senior Hardware/Firmware/DSP Engineer Wanted

    Matt, Wanna use my assessment software for free to sift through the best candidates? I am happy to offer this to Fractal for a little consideration on the Flip Side ? Please let me know. Brian Singer Manifesting Talent LLC briandavidsinger@me.com 763 226 9369
  63. vintageguitarz

    Your Best Buys in 2013?

    Joe Satriani - JS1200 - nice shredding axe IBanez 30 fret - great value and will be upgraded with Tom Anderson PU's soon - fret re-dress
  64. vintageguitarz

    How many amps do you actually use?

    I use several amp models and just want to say I love the fact i have so many to choose from and don't want to see any go away. However there are so many that i feel like a kid in a music store finding all of the time to try them. It simply a matter of time I do not always have to dial in the...
  65. vintageguitarz

    Request: Feedback / Synth Fade In (Boston - Long Time)

    I have a Tom Anderson with a sustainiac quite similar to the fernandez sustainer and it is a fantastic tool to do things like this. I can even do some U2 stuff with the sustainer so in short it is very versatile. I should just do some videos to demonstrate but very Few people know I even have...
  66. vintageguitarz

    Vibro King Christmas

    F-in Awesome Track - Thanks for adding the Patch. I look forward to uploading today.
  67. vintageguitarz

    ADDING VOLUME PEDAL BLOCK - Mission Pedal Expression problem

    Yek and Kris I have selected the modifier as the expression pedal I already have configured and end up with a volumes pedal that does not respond as crating a WAH block does. I guess I might take screen shots to show how I am creating this, but as I mentioned the problem seems to be with axe...
  68. vintageguitarz

    ADDING VOLUME PEDAL BLOCK - Mission Pedal Expression problem

    When I try to add a volume pedal block in Axe Edit when I select my Mission Pedal - Expression and it simply does not work in this application. I have done this creating an adding a Wah Block with no issues. I do not see anyone with this problem but I thought I would mention it. I can add it...
  69. vintageguitarz

    Internal Controllers Overview - Video

    Thanks much Simeon . As always your stuff is amazing and very atmospheric - very Eno Like and UI love this kind of stuff
  70. vintageguitarz

    Which PA Speakers Are Best?

    I just tried and bought a JBL PRX700 and absolutely loved it. Clear and lots of bass response and singing highs. And OH MY GOD Loud if you want it. As many have said here there are quite a few really nice choices. I also tried the QSC K12 and it was also very nice but I really like the JBL and...
  71. vintageguitarz

    David Gilmour "Sound on Sound" patch

    Beautiful sounding Patch. I love it. I will download immediately. Thank you for sharing this. :)
  72. vintageguitarz

    Slow to respond in or delay in scene changes Axe Edit 3

    I am using the MFC to scroll through Scenes while in axe edit. I guess from your note that I should use axe edit to do this. right? Thanks for your reply. Brian
  73. vintageguitarz

    Slow to respond in or delay in scene changes Axe Edit 3

    When I change scenes and Axe Edit is running in the background, I noticed that there is a distinct delay in going from one scene to another or to XY an amp setting. Is this normal? I haven't noticed anyone posting this either. Mac Book Pro - USB and proper Axe FX Midi Setting as per the release...
  74. vintageguitarz

    George Lynch/DOKKEN Plexi tone (Back For The Attack era-1987) - (w/ PATCH)

    Holy crap what Ana amazing track. Loved it. You nailed it. Thank you for sharing.
  75. vintageguitarz

    And Your Bird Can Sing?

    sounds really nice - Id love the preset if you are up for sharing.
  76. vintageguitarz

    Tuner not working in version 10.02

    To the Best Fractal Team - I had had this happen sporadically. The Tuner does not respond sometimes unless i switch to a new patch and then it starts working again. I have repeated this numerous times so it is not a quirk only seen once.
  77. vintageguitarz


    Hate to sound stupid but how can i install these? Fractal Bot other otherwise
  78. vintageguitarz

    Intermittent silence switching presets with MFC since V10

    I noticed the intermittent silence as well. Happened a few times but not all of the time.
  79. vintageguitarz

    Who are 100% satisfied with their Axes now after 10?

    I LOVE V. 10 not only are previous amps even more tasty sounding but a few of the recently introduced amps now make we want to play till the cows come home. The Atomic Space Tone - nuclear tone - is a fantastic amp. I spent at least 2 hours with it this weekend and it sounds delicious. If you...
  80. vintageguitarz

    Hey are you from Sarasota? Just curious. I am moving there in May. It would be nice to have a...

    Hey are you from Sarasota? Just curious. I am moving there in May. It would be nice to have a fellow Axe FX II forum peer in my new home town.
  81. vintageguitarz

    A Vintage Guy And The Axe-FX 2

    Friend, I love vintage amps as much as you do and frankly without them and the magic of Fractal none of this new era of tone would be possible. I have a vintage 63 Vibroverb and it still sounds so amazing, but back issues as well and the fragile nature of these museum and extremely valuable...
  82. vintageguitarz


    Hi everyone, I wanted to send an announcement of the launch of my new business, Manifesting Talent. Please check it, very relevant for those of you in the business world who hire, manage people and are responsible of profitability visit. manifesting Splash Page YouTube Manifesting Talent -...
  83. vintageguitarz

    beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro headphones - Wow!

    They are excellent Yek. I have two sets and I use them for mixing and listening to various music for fun as well and they are top notch.
  84. vintageguitarz

    Video Presentation: Method Over Magic - Taming the Monster that is the Axe-FX II

    Scott great presentation. I wonder if the other presentations that were presented at Axe Fest are available here? If so I would certainly watch them. The Trim is a great tool I just discovered it recently and it is wonderful to change the character of the amp. Way under utilized. Happy Holidays...
  85. vintageguitarz

    Thank you Cliff

    I would like to say "Thank You Cliff" for providing a device & guitar toy, that gives us all endless inspiration and creative freedom to be anything we wish to be. I relax when I play my Axe FX and go to a world of enjoyment that I wish also was accompanied by no time constraints due to other...
  86. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9.0 and MFC-101 Firmware 2.15

    Love the new firmware and amps and the new scene capability wow A new axe edit would make me shout for joy
  87. vintageguitarz

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    I figured out where my mistake was - thank you MUCH and Happy Holidays to ALL
  88. vintageguitarz

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    I frankly am having issues with this once again updating to MFC 2.15 the problem appears to be that I cannot change the destination in Midi OX Sysex Librarian. I do not have a choice to change the destination path. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I want to be able to do this...
  89. vintageguitarz

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.15

    I am having issues with updating using midi Snoise sysex librarian. I cannot change the destination path to send to the MFC101. Please advise. Thanks much.
  90. vintageguitarz

    Mark V Amp Match - All Channels & Modes

    did you upload these to the Axe Exchange? I am unable to use this link. Thanks Much. Mark V is s great amp. I would love to have the patches to hear it through the AXE FX II.
  91. vintageguitarz

    I love the FAS Modern and the Fat switch!

    I concur - super hot amp. I am in the midst of recording some heavy rock guitar tracks soon to be uploaded to illustrate how much I love this Amp and the FAT Switch
  92. vintageguitarz

    PSA ----> AXE-FEST 2012 WEST COAST - Oct 6th-7th!

    Hey guys unfortunately I cannot make the west coast event but will there be an Axe Fest East in NY or NJ? If so does anyone know the dates? Thanks Brian
  93. vintageguitarz

    Not seeing new amp models in 7.0

    Thanks much. I did not realize there was also an update to Axe Edit. Oops!!!!!
  94. vintageguitarz

    Not seeing new amp models in 7.0

    I might be missing something but did the Firmware update twice and rebooted my macbook twice. I do not see these amp models in the new version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Added “Herbie” amp models based on a Diezel Herbert. Added “Dizzy” amp models based on a Diezel VH4. Added...
  95. vintageguitarz

    Vibroverb Mega Delay

    Here is a cool preset for everyone to check out. Wide expansive delay and reverb with a touch of crystals and chorus
  96. vintageguitarz

    MFC - 3 Way Communication Axe Edit - Axe FX II - MFC

    how do I make sure that any change I make on Axe Edit shows up automatically on the axe fx II and the MFC simultaneously? If I change presets / parameters on the Axe FX or Axe Edit then the changes happen instantaneously on either Axe Edit or Axe FX, but not the MFC. However, any change I...
  97. vintageguitarz


    hate to sound stupid if this has been asked before. However, how do you assign a switch on the MFC to go from X to Y as it appears in axe edit but on the footcontroller? Surely this has been asked before? if someone has some specific instructions I'd great appreciate this.
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