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  1. D20

    Moving to an Axe-Fx II/MFC-101 setup from an AX8

    Many thanks for the reply! I’m not into the FM3 myself. I need more than 3 buttons. I also feel somewhat limited with the AX8. I never felt that when I had the Axe 2 but I also never had the MFC 101 to control it. I like being able to just carry one thing to rehearsals and to church when I play...
  2. D20

    Moving to an Axe-Fx II/MFC-101 setup from an AX8

    Thanks for the replies guys! I just weighing all the pros and cons at the moment. :)
  3. D20

    Moving to an Axe-Fx II/MFC-101 setup from an AX8

    Hey everyone, So I used to have an Axe Fx II and traded for an AX8 awhile ago. I'm thinking of going to an Axe Fx II/MFC 101 setup from the AX8 as I'd like a bit more power in my scenes and the ability to run more effects. Is switching scenes on the Axe Fx II compared to the AX8 similar -...
  4. D20

    FS Dingwall NG2 Bass

    Basically mint condition. I’m sure I’ll regret this...actually I know I will. This is an absolutely killer bass! Comes with the Dingwall brand gig bag. Ducati white is the color. 4 string model. This bass is pretty much brand new. Sorry for the iphone pics. I'll take better pictures today...
  5. D20

    Metal DEATHMATCH - Fractal vs. Neural

    Killer music! I really enjoyed it and thanks for sharing!!! Listening through my phone I would've said I liked Tone 2, but after listening with headphones on I'd say I like Tone 1 best. They both sound really good and honestly it is hard to make a decision.
  6. D20

    Axe-Fx III vs FM3 comparison

    They both sound pretty much the same to my ears. Thanks for sharing!
  7. D20

    ARES for AX8

    I'll just say that it would be nice to get the "official word" on if it will happen or not. Either way I'm happy with my AX8. Until I can purchase an Axe Fx III :)
  8. D20

    ARES for AX8

    It would be cool to know. I'm still hoping.
  9. D20

    5150. Metal.

    Sounds sick!!!
  10. D20

    Pink Floyd - "Comfortably Numb" Solo (VID)

    Great job man!
  11. D20

    Annoying Buzz/Hiss when using the compressor

    Sorry the track didn't upload.
  12. D20

    Annoying Buzz/Hiss when using the compressor

    Anyone else experience this? I have to use a gate block and hit hard but then i feel like the feel is lost. I've posted the preset I am using if you would like to check it out. It is a modified "Gilmor Back to Life" preset. Also, a clip using the preset. I'm using my John 5 tele on the track in...
  13. D20

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    I still can't tell if that means that are not going to do one last update. My gut says it doesn't look good, but I can still hope.
  14. D20

    Gig video: “War Pigs”

    Killer job!!!
  15. D20

    Queensryche Jet City Woman Covid Cover

    Great job guys! Nailed it!
  16. D20

    Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way" (80's Metal Cover)

    Love it!!! Dude the vocals on this are incredible!!! The slow motion jump with the splits had me dying laughing! That's a throw back for sure!!!
  17. D20

    In the style of John Petrucci

    Super nice playing and tone!!! Well done!!!
  18. D20

    80s Synthwave/Retrowave track

    Great job man! I love it!
  19. D20

    Axe-Fx III on Stage - "Georgy Porgy" - Toto Cover

    Awesome! Great job! Killer tones all the way around!
  20. D20

    Ozzy's "Road To Nowhere" Live

    Great job as always man!!! I miss live shows...
  21. D20

    Rough mix of a track from my new band

    i found a clip of a 40th anniversary Euro with a Darkglass TC pre running 18 volts strung with EB Cobalts. This might give you an idea of the TC's tone capabilities :)
  22. D20

    Rough mix of a track from my new band

    Man you can't go wrong with any Spector. I played a Euro for YEARS before getting a USA NS2. Did yours come with the TonePump preamp? If so, that's a good pre. Very grindy and growly sounding! That is what i had in my Euro. Check on Talkbass. There is a guy that makes a preamp that is a direct...
  23. D20

    Rough mix of a track from my new band

    Many thanks!!! The bass tone here was actually just my NS2 direct in. I did use some post processing and i think the bulk of the tone came from the TSE BOD. It is basically a Sansamp plugin. Other than that i just used some EQ, compression, and limiting on the bass.
  24. D20

    Ozzy Osbourne “Desire” Solo Cover

    Nice! Well played!!!
  25. D20

    12.08b - Faux 12 String & Bass

    I couldn't tell that the bass was actually your guitar down an octave. It sounds great!
  26. D20

    Olly Steele - Balance Guitar cover

    Well done! Great job and great tone!!! Olly Steele is such an incredible guitarist! I'm sure that song can't be easy!
  27. D20

    Big Wreck - "Ghosts" - solo cover

    Great tone and playing man!!! Love me some Big Wreck!
  28. D20

    Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" hurdy gurdy cover

    Incredible!!! Amazing job!!!
  29. D20

    Friedman JJ-100

    Sounds thick man! I dig it!!! What guitar/pickups?
  30. D20

    Meshuggah - "Dancers to a Discordant System" tone and video

    Dude you owned that one! Great job man!!!
  31. D20

    Some soloing w/ Friedman BE and Charvel San Dimas

    Great stuff! Killer chops man!
  32. D20

    Ragdoll - "Follow the Leader"

    Def reminds me of Kings X! Killer track man!!! Love it!!!
  33. D20

    Had to get creative...

    Good stuff man! I play at my church too ()using my AX8 though...I'm saving for a Axe III) and have been missing it due to COVID. Great playing! Enjoyed it!
  34. D20

    "Time" - Pink Floyd

    Well played! Great tone as well!!!
  35. D20

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Definitely hoping for Ares of the AX8 I'm still holding out for it.
  36. D20

    Jerry Cantrell/Alice In Chains Tone (Friedman JJ-100) w/patch

    Sick man! Sounds great!!!
  37. D20

    5150 Block Letter vs. 6505 (w/5150 Mod) vs. axe FX III

    Sounds good! What reverb did you use in your chain? I'm just curious.
  38. D20

    Hurdy gurdy Axe-Fx III video

    Wow! Excellent playing and performance! Haven't seen my share of Hurdy Gurdys, but what a versatile instrument.
  39. D20

    A little Andy Summers tone hunting: "SynchronAxeFxIII"

    Sounds really great!!!
  40. D20

    Paul Gilbert - Technical Difficulties (Live in Studio) w/Ax8

    Killer!!! Playing was outstanding!!!
  41. D20

    GGD Invasion + AXE FX = Heavy stuff

    I dig it man! Good stuff!
  42. D20

    New Tour Preset

    Super cool preset man! Thanks for sharing!
  43. D20

    Acoustic Test ....

    Sounds really good to my ears!!!
  44. D20

    Periphery "Price is Wrong" solo cover + preset!

    Well played man! Awesome tone as well!
  45. D20

    Why can't this be love - Van Halen - Synth

    I gotta try this out! Many thanks!
  46. D20

    Ozzy’s “Mama I’m Coming Home” Solo Live

    Sounded great! Love that tune!!!
  47. D20

    Journey - “Separate Ways”

    Awesome! Love that song!
  48. D20

    A clean patch with foot-switch ambient swells!

    Very nice sounding! Thank you for sharing!!!
  49. D20

    Moke's 'Noel' with my 'Acoustic Simulator'

    Sounds awesome Moke!!!
  50. D20

    Christmas Medley

    So awesome!!! Epic on all fronts!!! Thanks for sharing!
  51. D20

    Some Whitesnake Riffs

    Great playing! Love me some Whitesnake!
  52. D20

    New Single, Instrumental Metal, All guitars recorded with AXE FX 3 firmware 5

    Well done! Some killer playing for sure!
  53. D20

    Currently, in my possession I have an AX8 and a Kemper (audio included)

    I guess no one else wants to guess haha. Results are in. Shot - Kemper Redo - AX8 Chug - Kemper Super - AX8 Tank - AX8 Thanks to everyone who guessed! :)
  54. D20


    Me as well! Still love them!
  55. D20

    Currently, in my possession I have an AX8 and a Kemper (audio included)

    Awesome!!! Thanks for playing guys!!!! I'm gonna let it sit a little while longer to see if anyone else wants to have a guess before revealing the answers. :) I'll tell you in the AX8 I used the Thordendal Modern i think is what its called. LOVE that model!!!!
  56. D20

    Currently, in my possession I have an AX8 and a Kemper (audio included)

    (Sorry if this is too long) First, off I not here to bash Kemper, but i just thought i would state my observations since i have both at the moment. My buddy let me borrow his Kemper so i could test it out. I'll admit i have always been curious, but never pulled the trigger. Since they released...
  57. D20

    Rough mix of a track from my new band

    I used the Thordendal Modern and a free IR ;) for all the rhythm tracks in my AX8. Drums are a mix of a bunch of different Toontrack libraries. I also used some GGD on the kick as well. Bass was my fav ever Spector NS2 direct. I did a little post processing to it. If the bass is too loud...I'm...
  58. D20

    Progressive Metal / Ambient Spacey tones

    Nice!!! Reminds me of Tesseract!!!
  59. D20

    Whitesnake - “Here I Go Again” solo cover

    Well done! That last run in the solo always trips me up when i try to play it. You make it look effort less! Great tone too!
  60. D20

    Vendor AustinBuddy's 200+ BassTonePack for AX8!

    Sweet!!!! Wait is that true? ARES for AX8 coming?
  61. D20

    Kiesel Solo Contest 2019

    Well done! Great playing!!!
  62. D20

    Vendor AustinBuddy's 200+ BassTonePack for AX8!

    Sounds super cool so far!
  63. D20

    Zakk Wylde - “No More Tears” Guitar Solo with ARES

    Well played! I'm a sucker for anything Zakk Wylde
  64. D20

    Some free WGS IR's

    Many thanks!!!
  65. D20

    Vendor AustinBuddy's 200+ BassTonePack for AX8!

    Actually, lately i have come to realize that "The Spector" sound is an NS2 with the Haz preamp running full. Everything boosted and running both pickups the same, not favoring the bridge or neck.
  66. D20

    Worst IR in the World

    Many thanks! Looking forward to trying this out!
  67. D20

    Worship Tutorials Preset Demo - a budget preset with options

    Cool review man! Loved the tone when you played lead with "Big Riff" selected.
  68. D20

    Fat Lazy Cabs

    LOVE these!!!! The free IRs from FatLazyCabs are amazing as well!!!
  69. D20

    First notes on the AX8 [+ patch download]

    Great tones!!! Playing was great as well!!! Thank you for sharing!
  70. D20

    Ragdoll - Rust

    Sounds killer Leon!!!
  71. D20

    Vendor AustinBuddy's 200+ BassTonePack for AX8!

    I usually leave my active EQ set flat. I may adjust it live, but for recording i usually just leave it flat.
  72. D20

    Valhallir.at IRs - New V2 Cabs Test: Metal! :)

    Sounds sick!!!!!!! Nice work!!!
  73. D20

    Bass Players watch out - Beta Testers for V2-series from Valhallir.at wanted!

    Email sent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The SWR 6x10 was the bass cab i used forever!!!! Love that cab! Please let me know if i can test these and I'll be more than happy to help!!!
  74. D20

    "Wanted DOA" solo

    Well done! I'm gonna have to try to learn that one! It looks pretty simple and fun. Plus i suck at lead playing.
  75. D20

    Mesa Traditional Mix IR

    Nice! Can't wait to try this out! Thanks!!!
  76. D20

    Marshall TV Greenback IR's

    Gonna try these out! Many thanks!
  77. D20

    LM Life Pad

    I definitely using this preset soon! Thank you!
  78. D20

    5153 amp based on EVH 5150 III 50W

    Killer playing! Great tone as well!
  79. D20

    Deftones "Diamond Eyes" patch rebuild

    Sounds spot on!!! Great work!
  80. D20

    Ozzy's "See You On the Other Side" Solo

    Well done! One of my fav Ozzy tracks!!!
  81. D20

    Georgy Porgy

    Sounded great!
  82. D20

    AX8 Presets & Live Clips

    Sounded great Leon! Makes me really miss playing out!!! I've gotta get back out there soon with the AX8!
  83. D20

    "The spirit carries on" solo cover with AX8

    Well played! Great tone as well!
  84. D20

    Ambient Improv

    So cool!!!
  85. D20

    Quad Tracking & Beyond

    Here is an example of that 6 track of guitar track. Again i usually only put one L and one R, but just experimenting here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jwtpd7zlmcvhn60/Broots%20Lee%20B7k%20Demo.mp3?dl=0
  86. D20

    Queensryche - I Don't Believe In Love (intro)

    Excellent work! Sounds awesome!
  87. D20

    Quad Tracking & Beyond

    Very cool Leon!!! I recently tracked a song using 6 tracks of rhythm guitar tracks. Honestly, I never do this, but i was surprised how huge it sounded in my truck when i did "the car test"!!! I feel like the bass plays a big part of making the guitars sound big as well. I'm more of a bass...
  88. D20

    Thick baritone Herbie walls!

    Awesomeness! Makes me want a baritone again!!!
  89. D20

    Shimmer and Stuff

    Great work! Looking forward to trying this out!
  90. D20

    A couple Pink Floyd presets

    Thank you for sharing!
  91. D20

    Axefest 2019 + AX8 ..... what do people think is coming?

    AX12? I'd love that!!!!! I don't think my wallet can handle it at the moment though...
  92. D20

    89% resources preset

    Sounds great! Teles are all i play. Love 'em!
  93. D20

    Would? - Alice in Chains - guitar cover - ARES firmware - Friedman 2018 AMP

    Well done! Tone was spot on! I'm a sucker for some AIC!
  94. D20

    Slap Bass AX8

    No problem! I hope the preset helps!
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