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  1. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000 FX version

    All newer models have the same boards as the older ones. No difference internally. The main changes are when we moved from steel casing to aluminium and added the clip lights. The older steel ones were greyish (UK style old) then went a bit blacker as we used a US anodising company) then we...
  2. Lightningboy

    Matrix Protect light intermittently on

    We're still here in the UK and still offer support and servicing. If you contact Matrix, usually the first person answering will be me......here in the UK. We still offer servicing and repairs in the UK and US which is where we are still based.
  3. Lightningboy

    New Matrix GT1000FX 1 space different from older models ?

    Most of the volume is from 12 o'clock onwards so yes the taper does play a part. The volume knobs are pretty easy to remove but harder to put back on. The volumes are "floating" on their legs on the main board. This is so if the amp does receive a drop or knock the volumes would simply push in...
  4. Lightningboy

    New Matrix GT1000FX 1 space different from older models ?

    New models are an aluminium chassis so that's were the weight drop comes from. Old models were steel. As to the output difference that's puzzling. I've asked Andy if there is anything different but as far as I'm aware the actual boards we use haven't changed at all so everything should be the...
  5. Lightningboy

    Cabinets that matches well with 5150/6160

    So the original Peavey 5150 cabs had Peavey Sheffield 1200s in them (not the 1290s that were awful). These were purported (by Eddie) to sound like his old/worn Greenbacks in his old cabs. I've known people get good results with Mesa cabs and Marshall Greenback type cabs as well so they'd be the...
  6. Lightningboy

    What Ohm Speakers for Matrix NL212 Cabinet

    Correct, two 16 ohm speakers. Parallel wiring. 8 ohm mono.
  7. Lightningboy

    Do's and don'ts of IR's live

    Through the PA/FOH (Front of house) try and adopt a "sounds good in the mix" of the band. That is what a sound engineer would do anyway with your mic'd up signal. You can always adjust your personal on stage sound via the Global EQ that runs to your monitor or if you want to get a bit more...
  8. Lightningboy

    Matrix Power Amp - Set Matrix Volume High and Regulate with Input or Vise Versa

    It is more to do with volume than anything happening inside the amp or any "magic". Generally when you get up to that level you have a fair few watts coming out of the speaker so the "feel" improves. Same thing you'd get with a tube amp. If their volumes went down enough in a linear kind of...
  9. Lightningboy

    Clip of IR through tube amps?

    Results may vary obviously from person to person and there is no right or wrong way to do things. If it sounds good to you then that's fine. You may find at lower volumes, cab sims will sound ok and act almost like a "loudness button on a hi-fi" or even a rough EQ for the FM curve. At louder...
  10. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000fx question

    No tonal benefits. Speakons are primarily a safer connection. With high voltage amps (bass amps, PA amps and the GT) you have a lot of electricity running through that speaker lead and the chance of you getting zapped is increased with a tip sleeve 1/4" connector (touching both at the same time...
  11. Lightningboy

    Please help with my new FRFR setup

    Try lowering the Speaker impedance resonance (speaker tab in amp block) from the default (usually around 110hz) to around 80-90hz). Dynamic presence can help. Remember the FR212 starts to drop it's frequency at 55hz so has way more bottom end than most guitar cabs. What you adjusted for a normal...
  12. Lightningboy

    Any advice on Matrix GT1000FX overload

    So the Laney cab is 80w which is pretty near to a gigging level in terms of volume. The trouble with just using a 1x12 speaker in terms of live use is that you will sometimes have to increase things like bass frequencies to get a good "full" soundor if the cab is on the floor, turn up to hear...
  13. Lightningboy

    Suggestions for FRFR and power amp for the Axe-Fx III that are available in EU?

  14. Lightningboy

    Replacing fans in a Matrix GT800FX

    You can get spares from us at Matrix, just send an email to support@matrixamplification.com and let us know where you are located and we can send the correct link to the spares.
  15. Lightningboy

    Playing live. Low volume problem.

    You can also daisy chain the Orange cabs together for an 8 ohm load and run the amp in bridged if you do need more volume on stage. SLA2 will give 560w at 8 ohm in bridged.
  16. Lightningboy

    Playing live. Low volume problem.

    Bit more to it than just that. The cabs are rated at that for RMS, their peak rating will be double that so can (in an ideal world) accept more than that. A 100w tube head will also put out a lot more than 120w but we don't usually think they will be an issue so there are a lot of factors in...
  17. Lightningboy

    Axe-Fx / Matrix Rig Problem

    Glad you are getting closer Doughboy. You've not replied back to my original email so did wonder what was happening with your situation. Wasn't clear whether you'd bought the cab and amp second hand so obviously we wanted to make sure it's running fine in the first instance or no amount of...
  18. Lightningboy

    Possible bug? Firmware 7.0 - popping sound when switching scenes

    Are you still connected to Axe Edit via USB when it is happening? Noticed a couple of pops when still connected after updating mine but went when disconnected from Axe edit.
  19. Lightningboy

    Axe-Fx / Matrix Rig Problem

    We're on the case with doughboy and working through steps to troubleshoot where the issue is.
  20. Lightningboy

    Its been several days since a firmware update. : )

    If I'd just gotten that gorgeous PRS that Cliff recently got, I'm sure I'd be just enjoying playing for a while!
  21. Lightningboy

    Hi everyone long time reader finally registered . An issue that is getting to me, open to ideas of the cause.

    As someone mentioned the way you have the amp set up may be an issue and you only mentioned what cables you are using and nothing on the amp settings and physical connections. If the amp is switched to Bridged mode or parallel mode an you are just using one speaker lead to the cab you may get...
  22. Lightningboy

    Hi everyone long time reader finally registered . An issue that is getting to me, open to ideas of the cause.

    How are you connected from the Axe to the cab? So from the Axe to the Matrix and what setting the amp is on. What connections from the amp to the cab? What outputs from the amp etc. Process of elimination. Eliminate the Axe fx so move to the amp then move to the cab and any connections in between.
  23. Lightningboy

    Axe-Fx III, Matrix GT1000FX and 2 NL12 speakers

    Most Neo speakers have the same characteristic of being a bit brighter on the very top end and also having a little more extension. So when a "normal" guitar speaker would start to roll off at around 5khz, a Neodymium equipped one will possibly roll off around 6-7khz depending on the speaker. So...
  24. Lightningboy

    Axe-Fx III, Matrix GT1000FX and 2 NL12 speakers

    Yes we still make them and sell them. The US has been out of stock for a while but there should be a shipment coming in soon (on it's way now). You may be able to tell which speakers are in the cab by removing the front grille (velcroed on so a pull on the tab with some pliers should do the...
  25. Lightningboy

    Axe-Fx III, Matrix GT1000FX and 2 NL12 speakers

    The early NL12s used a Celestion G12 Century Vintage Neo as the speaker. Pretty Greenback-ish in flavour and the low mids pretty neutral. We changed over to a custom built speaker which is a Neo V30 clone, both speakers 60w.
  26. Lightningboy

    Matrix GM50 review

    The GM50 is voiced the same as the GT1000.
  27. Lightningboy

    WISH: AX8 sticky mode for FC controllers

    Think I've just solved this with Layout Link. Perform 1 and use the "effects" button and assign that to Layout Link to per preset mode. That does the trick. Hope that's useful if anyone wants that functionality and hasn't worked it out yet! (like me lol)
  28. Lightningboy

    WISH: AX8 sticky mode for FC controllers

    I find this really useful on my Ax8 when I have to jump to another preset not in order. My layout on the Ax8 is almost like a "per preset" mode on the FC12 with a combination of scenes and IA stomps. When I need to get to another preset I hit F1 hold and it brings up a preset layout. Hit the...
  29. Lightningboy

    Using 2 cabs in stereo question

    Any of the speakers changed in the cabs? If so could be a lower sensitivity speaker in one cab compared to the other.
  30. Lightningboy

    Matrix gt1000fx owners I got a Q for ya

    If I remember correctly some of the older units did do this and it was sorted on newer models. Nothing to worry about
  31. Lightningboy

    Difference between Matrix FR12 and Q12?

    Correct. FR12 is the newer model and lighter. Q12a is for more a "long throw" if you need to project into the crowd with your sound. FR12 is a little more neutral sounding than the Q12.
  32. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX 1u Powering Off

    Yes it definitely isn't related to the Topswitch issues mentioned in this thread. No quick fix if it is in protect mode I'm afraid and generally we like to repair the amp ourselves. Most guitar amp techs don't have a good knowledge of SMPS amps so usually the ones we've seen "attempted" to be...
  33. Lightningboy

    FR212 Any Advice?

    Depending on how your patches are set up now you may find the default speaker resonance (usually around 110hz for most sims) a little boomy. Drop to somewhere around 90hz which should tame that. That's all in the speaker tab in the amp block. GT1000 around 1 or 2 o'clock and the Axe 8 around...
  34. Lightningboy

    [FIXED] Momentary volume jump during preset changes

    No it was not. I did try that before trying the volume adjustment but didn't seem to make a difference. The actual value was at 0 on the modifier for max, not just the display. Had to manually turn to ten. Only happened on one patch though. The rest behaved as should and showed 10 on the value...
  35. Lightningboy

    [FIXED] Momentary volume jump during preset changes

    This is happening to me also. Pretty noisy if you leave a note ringing out and for the life of me can't find a "midi" reason why it's happening. However I've just tried something which so far is working. 1. Go into your patch and go to the Volume block. 2. Disable the modifier source (set to...
  36. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX with cab Marshall 1922

    Correct but it is marked as stereo as I said. I was thinking more for if you're going to be using a strange cab (not your normal one) with just two jacks on the back not marked. A lot of the time they are just parallel inputs/outs.
  37. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX with cab Marshall 1922

    Just as a heads up. Always keep the Marshall cab switched to stereo. Double check it is in that mode before connecting both outputs. In mono mode it will link the outputs of the amp and damage it so always check or tape the switch to prevent it moving. If using a different cab, check that as...
  38. Lightningboy

    Using Axe FX while Poweramp is switched off

    As the OP was specifically about Matrix gear that's why I responded.
  39. Lightningboy

    Using Axe FX while Poweramp is switched off

    Yep as said above, no problem doing that. No problem running the poweramp not plugged into a load (cab) either if you ever need to.
  40. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000 FX 1U and Cab

    Yes only use one cable. The Orange is not a stereo cab and hooking two cables WILL damage the amp. Set matrix switch to Stereo (which is dual mono). No need to attach a load to other channel.
  41. Lightningboy

    Axe Edit III with simultaneous front panel editing. Ok?

    Yep no problems doing both here also. Had to do this as some of the Axe Edit features are not implemented yet. Also ran Ax8 edit and Axe Fx iii edit at the same time to copy parameters across with no problems.
  42. Lightningboy

    GT1000fx / SD Powerstage700

    More power and more importantly more headroom. No chance of clipping under normal circumstances. I'm not saying "the SD won't be loud enough" but when people quote specs and then the facts tell a different story, it does make you wonder what else is going on. The Matrix will start getting loud...
  43. Lightningboy

    GT1000fx / SD Powerstage700

    Just a little heads up. The input power consumption on the SD700 is only 270w. So at (Class D ) 90% efficiency that's 243w @ 4 ohms. Probably around 130w at 8 ohm and 60-70w at 16 ohms. Very optimistic rating of 700w, unless they've managed to create energy via some magic circuitry. The SD170 is...
  44. Lightningboy

    Old Matrix power amps

    When we first started chatting to Andy and Matrix (before I ended up working for them and was just a customer) I got hold of an old M300. Great sounding amp although probably a little under powered at 16 ohms. MosFet and Torroidal transformers that Andy used to wind himself. Worth a punt if you...
  45. Lightningboy

    Axe FX II and Matrix GT800FX Cable Question

    You can download a manual for the GT series amps from Matrix's website. Just go to the product page for one of the rack amps and it should be down the bottom of the page. I'd advise just running one channel (amp in stereo mode) using just one cable to the cab at the moment. Should be enough...
  46. Lightningboy

    Looking for cleaner tones! (New member)

    If you are running FRFR, you have the advantage of also being able to emulate "direct to board" clean tones. Put simply build a patch (USA Clean or Shiva) and don't use a cab block. Compressor and chorus a must but great for some "Rockman-esque" clean tones.
  47. Lightningboy

    Matrix 3 channel poweramp

    No need to connect any "load" to the channels if you only take, say, one cab to a gig. The amp will run fine without loads attached.
  48. Lightningboy


    @Izzwardo That's an older phone number. Thought most references to that had been removed from the website. Either drop us a line at support@matrixamplification.com or give Andy a ring on 805 766 5315
  49. Lightningboy

    ax8 and Matrix GT800 not loud enough and don't sound very good at band practice

    Yep using the Bridged output on stereo basically gives you only half a portion of the signal so it's all out of phase and thin sounding. Glad you got it sorted and even though it was that, there are still some good suggestions above for getting the best out of the rig you have.
  50. Lightningboy

    ax8 and Matrix GT800 not loud enough and don't sound very good at band practice

    Is the cab a stereo one or just mono? If stereo (the optional back plate with 3 jacks on it), make sure you just use one channel on the Matrix to test. Set the Matrix to Stereo (if in bridged you'll get a phasey kinda sound) and just run one cable from one channel of the amp to the cab. Does...
  51. Lightningboy

    what to use with the axe.amp? clr? matrix?

    Whilst Andy is kinda right, for anyone starting out I'd always say to stick with something that you know and are familiar with, namely a standard guitar cab. Once you're then used to dialing in the Fractal then move onto FRFR if you want.
  52. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX - a personal review

    Stereo mode on the amp simply splits the amp into two mono blocks so he is correct. It's just running one half of the amp so it is mono in effect. Bridged is of course also mono but only limited to 8 ohms and above and if unsure of the power of the amp vs the power rating of the cab, it's always...
  53. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX - a personal review

    So I'd suggest that maybe the noise gate could be compounding any issue. Remember you have an additional gate that be placed after the amp block. The input gate will also be affected by your input signal ratio which is set in the I/O menu. Take a look at the Wiki on the Noise gate for some tips...
  54. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX - a personal review

    Is there a particular reason you're reviving dead threads simply to whine? How about giving the community some idea of what you are aiming for and your rig setup in particular so we can help? Here, I'll start the ball rolling. What connection have you got from the Axe Fx to the amp and more...
  55. Lightningboy

    Matrix & Axe Out2 set ups

    Just to add. As Yek said, there is a lot more volume from that 2 o'clock position through to full. Not sure why you are using parallel mode on the amp. That is designed to take a single input signal and split it between two cabs. If you have two inputs plugged in to the amp, the amp will only...
  56. Lightningboy

    TS into Matrix

    Technically a (approx) 12" TS to TS cable will provide the same level of RF/EMI shielding as an XLR cable. Not to say longer cable runs won't wok but that's the standpoint we went from. I've been lucky with cable runs and been able to use longer cables but I know everyone isn't as fortunate to...
  57. Lightningboy

    Thanks to Matrix!

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. Much appreciated!
  58. Lightningboy

    Axe FX + Matrix GT800FX + Orange PPC412 4x12 - Best Way of Connecting?

    It could be Nick. It certainly has the capability. Just be sensible and keep an eye on the signal lights on the amp which will give an indication on power being delivered. Generally you'll get to a point where everyone will know it's loud enough before they start throwing things at you to turn...
  59. Lightningboy

    Cab sim on / off on non FRFR setup, new conclusions.

    I work for Matrix, it's definitely a typo and will be corrected in the new manuals as it's now changed.
  60. Lightningboy

    Loading Power Amp

    Yep no problem running one side and leaving the other unloaded. Stereo mode as you state, just routes the signal to the one side.
  61. Lightningboy

    Cab sim on / off on non FRFR setup, new conclusions.

    That must be a misprint as the NL12's are extended but not full range. You'll probably find them going up to around 7khz but sometimes just enough to warrant a cab sim shaving the top end off. All Neodymium speakers are a little brighter by nature so that also adds to the top end extension.
  62. Lightningboy

    Strange and scary amp/cab incident..

    Contact Matrix support when you can and book the GM unit in for repair. It's a simple fix for the switching on/off problem or we can talk your local tech through the process. Obviously if the connection of the .44 has damaged something else, it may be a bit more involved but generally we've not...
  63. Lightningboy

    Usually bring my axe fx to club gigs solo & hope for the best..

    Generally that's down to having the horn in the wedge pointing directly at your face which can get fatiguing quickly. With FOH the tops are usually elevated above peoples heads so you don't get that. Also remember that a lot of wedges are mainly used for vocal reproduction so tuned to that mode...
  64. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT-1000FX Advice

    For home use you should be perfectly fine with whatever speaker you choose as you'll likely never get near the rated top end of the speaker. Live though it would be a case of looking carefully at the signal lights on the amp and seeing how much power the amp is dishing out. With a 1x12 it may...
  65. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX for bass?

    Bridged into a 4 ohm load won't work. matrix will only run happily on 8 ohm and above but a single channel should be fine.
  66. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX for bass?

    If you're running loud, perhaps the 2U with the extra cooling may be better but generally we have a lot of bass players or guitarists who also play bass using our amps. If you're planning on running big fridge sized Ampeg cabs then the 1600 may be better but for most users the GT1000 will do...
  67. Lightningboy

    Dumb Idea - Thoughts?

    There is no compression driver included. Note the red wording. https://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=EMIBETA12CX&browsemode=manufacturer This is the recommended compression driver http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=EMIPSD2002S or http://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=EMIASD1001 or if you...
  68. Lightningboy

    Dumb Idea - Thoughts?

    I believe you can add the tweeter units on the Emminence speakers (bought separately IIRC). What you would need though is probably porting and also a suitable crossover assembly. No problem having a go with a cheap cab but I must admit I'd be reluctant to carve up a couple of decent Mesa cabs.
  69. Lightningboy

    Best portable power amp in 2017

    The switchable thing will come down to cost. We're actually looking at implementing this on another unit, more VB800 sized and stereo. In non technical terms, the more MosFets there are the beefier the bass will be. I believe it's to do with the impedance curve when it meets a reactive load...
  70. Lightningboy

    Best portable power amp in 2017

    Yes unfortunately the size is a drawback of using a Class AB system in that the heat generated needs a heatsink and fan. We looked at doing a smaller Class D thing but for us Class AB is a lot more "musical" sounding, especially for guitar stuff. We're looking at redesigning that case anyway so...
  71. Lightningboy

    Best portable power amp in 2017

    Coming soon! It's an old design from when we first started but have revived it given the availability of floor mounted stuff now. Just deciding whether to give it a more "tube like" feel (like we've done by softening the bottom end on our VB800) or keep it fairly flat. 140w at 8 ohms, I've been...
  72. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1000FX 2U Exploded

    Difficult to say diagnosing over the internet. Were you using just one cable or two cables to connect to the cab? Component failure does happen but is fairly rare. more common causes are shorting of the tip and sleeve on the cable or via linking the outputs together. Contact us on support and...
  73. Lightningboy

    HELP!----Power amp wattage and speakers ---- HELP!

    Generally your onstage sound for most bars/clubs will be around 60-80w. (Maybe touching 100w on a big stage with a loud drummer) You generally get to a point where you sit in alongside the other instruments volume wise unless you want stuff throwing at you by them lol. If you're running a 2x12...
  74. Lightningboy

    Xitone active wedge vs Matrix NL12 /FR12

    NL12 is a traditional guitar cab. Not FRFR. It's speaker can best be described as a lightweight V30. So your comparison will be between the Xitone and FR12 for FRFR purposes. Given that both units have similar Class AB power from us, the tone from the amps will be the same, especially if both...
  75. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1600FX

    So long as a bit of common sense is used it should be ok. Even 120w is seriously loud and would usually result in bandmates throwing stuff at you so generally we all turn up to a comfortable level on stage, usually around 60-80w possibly a bit more with a loud drummer and a bigger stage. If it's...
  76. Lightningboy

    Matrix amp issue

    contact support@matrixamplification.com or visit the website and use the support tab at the side of the page.
  77. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT1600FX

    Just a reminder that the Orange cab is NOT stereo so don't hook up both Matrix outputs to the cab inputs or you'll feed the signal back into the amp outputs (it's a parallel input for daisy chaining cabs on the Orange)
  78. Lightningboy

    Running Stereo to FOH

    Make sure the relevant output in the I/O menu is set to stereo as well.
  79. Lightningboy

    Matrix Amp as backup monitor/PA amp

    Simple answer is yes. They should double up no problem. The caveats of impedance per channel etc apply (no less than 4 ohms) and so long as you don't want to power great subs everything should be fine. Used mine at a few backyard parties and bbq's as well as covering PA and monitor duties in...
  80. Lightningboy

    Matrix NL cabs

    Just like any traditional 1x12 (or 2x12 in some cases) you may need to elevate them on some bigger stages to hear better but should be loud enough for most general uses.
  81. Lightningboy

    HH V800 vs Matrix GT1000 FX

    The GT800FX is the only amp in our range that "feels" different. All others are voiced to the GT1000FX spec including GM50, 1500, 1600, 2000. Best way to describe the difference is the 800 is a little more compressed sounding in the low mids, tighter feeling where the 1000 is more open...
  82. Lightningboy

    HH V800 vs Matrix GT1000 FX

    You'll probably find that the GT800FX is more similar to the H/H V800 than the GT1000FX. When we gave Steve Stevens (who also used V800s in a W/D/W setup) both amps to try he preferred the GT1000FX as it felt more like the power section of his amp and gave a clearer tone similar to his dry cab...
  83. Lightningboy

    Matrix FR212/GT1000 users - advice?

    Amp block in the Fractal. Controls the virtual power amps interaction with the Speaker and allows you to adjust for whatever actual speaker you are running through.
  84. Lightningboy

    Speakers for a Matrix FR212

  85. Lightningboy

    Matrix vs Tube power amp

  86. Lightningboy

    Matrix vs Tube power amp

    You can use the 2x12 in 8 ohm mono on one channel and and the 1x12 on the other channel no problem.
  87. Lightningboy

    Power amp for 16ohm cab

    OK so watts are watts whatever the delivery system. The thing with tube amps are they are rated to the point of clipping so a 50w amp may well deliver double that, hence the perceived difference in volumes between the wattages. Bear in mind that very rarely most modern MV amps are ran at full...
  88. Lightningboy

    What speakers for my 1960B? (XL+ and Matrix)

    Bear in mind you have a ton of EQ options in the Axe Fx to also tweak things. If the top end is a bit harsh then Hi Cut in the amp parameters or lowering the bright cap may help. Adding some extra mids via a PEQ also. Just a suggestion and YMMV
  89. Lightningboy

    METALLICA - another video full of AxeFxII units

    They're using GT1000's for guitars and GT1600 for the bass. Using in ears (as always) but was felt that the interaction they got from having the guitars running into an actual cab and moving air was something that was missed by just using IEMs on their own. Hence running both ways.
  90. Lightningboy

    245 V (AC) a Problem?.. And about Power Conditioners...

    Cliff was going from the 240v spec on the Axe Fx not the "Eu standard" we're supposed to all use.
  91. Lightningboy

    245 V (AC) a Problem?.. And about Power Conditioners...

    Most equipment does have a tolerance of + or - 10% so 240v + 10% = the 264v as Cliff states. Same thing with amps etc
  92. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT for bass and PA, plus some PA advice needed

    You'd need 2 separate amps for that if driving two cabs (as it takes a feed from both channels to drive in bridged) but 1 amp doing that and another driving something else is ok. So long as it's rehearsal room volume and not for full PA backline purposes (big front of house rig type stuff) it...
  93. Lightningboy

    Channel switching poweramp

    OK. So are you wanting to switch between stereo modes on the cab and mono (parallel modes)? If so you may be looking at a multi channel (4 channel amp) capable of running 2 in stereo and the other 2 in parallel unless you can find some way of switching the signal feeding the amp between mono and...
  94. Lightningboy

    Matrix GT for bass and PA, plus some PA advice needed

    The amps will work great as PA amps. Just remember the input sensitivity (0db) compared to your other gear and should be fine. We've lots of guys using the GT1000 for bass, unless it's a mammoth 6x12 or 8x10 stack you should be fine. One channel doing a 400w cab and another a 1x15 or something...
  95. Lightningboy

    Matrix vs. QSC?

    It is NOT Class D, it is a Class A/B amp.
  96. Lightningboy

    Matrix FR212

    I have mine around 88hz. If that's a bit too "tight" feeling I widen the Q slightly.
  97. Lightningboy

    DIY FRFR - using in-wall or ceiling speakers?

    Before I went to work for Matrix I dabbled in DIY FRFR. As others have stated, it can start getting more expensive than you think. Some of the entry level Coaxials are pretty poor (especially for our intended use) and the next level up also come at an increased price. Same for the entry level...
  98. Lightningboy

    So I got my Matrix FR12...

    Perfect on the 10 and IIRC correctly was ok on the 12 as the top extension release contacts the cab and keeps the fins out of the way.
  99. Lightningboy

    GT1000FX and a bass cab

    One channel I'd say would be a bit light on power (4 ohms 800w cab). GT1600 or GT2000 definitely no problem. If you did take the chance and run it with the 1000, I'd say use the 2U with the bigger heatsink and better cooling just for extra peace of mind when running heavy duty cabs like this.
  100. Lightningboy

    So I got my Matrix FR12...

    Ultimate AMP150 http://www.ultimatesupport.com/amp-150.html
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