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  1. benvigil

    Closest model to the REVV Generator 120 purple

    If you had to choose, what's the closest Axe-Fx III model to the REVV Generator 120, purple channel?
  2. benvigil

    PSA: Guitar Center has the JBL LSR305 for $99

  3. benvigil

    Where is the AX8 currently being made?

    FAS, where is the AX8 currently being made?
  4. benvigil

    Dialing in the Morgan AC20

    Need some help... Ever since I picked up the AX8 (I know this isn't technically a "Tone Match" question, but hey), I've been trying to recreate the sound of a Kemper profile from user rmpacheco of a Morgan AC20. I loved that profile. It sounds heavenly -- chewy, chimey, sparkly, with a smooth...
  5. benvigil

    SRV Little Wing Tone Test

    Just a quick tone test using AX8 to cop a convincing Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV tone. The AX8(FW 8.02) amp model is the Vibroverb with Tyler Grunds JBL E130 IR. The guitar is a G&L Legacy Tribute w/ZexCoil SV5 pickups. I'm a metal player and pretty much picked up this guitar SOLELY to learn me some...
  6. benvigil

    Unchained the AX8 (the obligatory EVH)

    Finally decided to record/post the obligatory... Unchained (excerpt) I tried posting the full version but Sound Cloud content protection removed it. Here's an MP3 on DropBox, full song, remixed: Unchained (full song) Just a quick demo excerpt using the "Brit Brown" amp in the Fractal Audio...
  7. benvigil

    AX8: Odd Tuner behavior (high Eb)

    Maybe it gets a bad wrap, but I've found that once it calms down it works really, really well. That said, I ran into a problem tuning at least 3 of my guitars: the high E (Eb actually) tunes perfectly when tuning the open string, but when I tried tuning using the 12th fret harmonic it is 10+...
  8. benvigil

    Awash ......... ...... ....... ... .. . . . . .

    So... just a simple question. Why do 75% of the uploaded/shared presets on this forum have reverb settings that make it sound like the Reims Cathedral and ping-ponging delays for days? At 3am bedroom volumes it's not so noticeable, but at decent (gig) volume it's just WAY over the top. You can...
  9. benvigil

    Bit Crushed/Fuzz/Stoner Tones?

    Inspired by @yek 's latest Bit Crusher thread, I looked up some profiles I loved on my Kemper that were built by Kemper user brommel -- some really great sounding tones from his band: This is pretty far out of my wheelhouse, so I thought I'd ask... anyone know of any existing similar presets...
  10. benvigil

    Beefing up bridge position in my G&L Strat

    I have a G&L Legacy that sounds pretty amazing to my ears -- it's Mahogany with a flame maple cap and it sounds warm and super chimey. Long story short... I love everything about it except the bridge pickup in position #1 -- alone it sounds thin and shrill -- and I'm looking for suggestions to...
  11. benvigil

    Implemented Assign a Block to Multiple Switches [IMPLEMENTED in Q 4.00]

    Related to (or maybe "in lieu of") my previous suggestion to add a 3rd latching mode to switches, it would be nice to be able to assign a block to more than one switch. Use Case #1: you need a boost switch set to momentary for quick phrases or fils, but you need another boost switch set to...
  12. benvigil

    Wish Latching, Momentary + PHRASE Switching

    ...it's SOOOO close already w/FW 3.5+. I'd love to have a third in-between option which is a combination of latching and momentary, like the TC Electronics Spark Boost: it functions as a normal latching switch unless you hold it down for nnn milliseconds (say 800ms), at which point it becomes...
  13. benvigil

    GC coupons for you

    I've got two 15% off Guitar Center coupons that expire today. First two ppl that text me at 4044564283 can have them.
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