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  1. Javilynch

    Hi! Can you help us?….

    Hi everybody,Many of you asked me how to get our record from my new band a few month ago. We already have started a crowdfunding campaigne.You can contribute clicking this link, we also have digital downloading, cds and vinil records.We don't know If we'll rich our goal, but we have to try and...
  2. Javilynch


    Hello friends! long time without showing up here! I recorded a jam with two friends, great guitar players!! I used V12 plexi jump.. love this sim! Hope you like! Cheers!
  3. Javilynch

    Cornford RH50 preamp...vs Axe fx preamp ....

    AMAZING! No tone match, only a little tweaking ....
  4. Javilynch

    which is the real thing?

  5. Javilynch

    I have a New track

    Hi all my friends! We are uploading more tracks, all in this song are Marshall sims, 800 & plexi, except the heavy sound, they are rectos. Bass is vst and bassman in parallel...nice vintage/modern tone. Honestly, I still struggle to think that all these tones ,are recorded through one simply...
  6. Javilynch

    Here again...

    This time with my band AtomicA. Plexi + telecaster. Axe is amplified trough tube amp and mics. Bass is Axe too. (direct) Hope you like. cheers!
  7. Javilynch

    More sounds :) ....Komet & Surh

    Hi my friends here again,:pride: In this track I`m using the Komet for rhythm tones, and Suhr Badger for leads. Hope you like.
  8. Javilynch

    Freaking V10.06

    Hi my friends...new sounds here... V10.06 One guitar, one processor ..... Freak Electro funk... Keep on dancing!
  9. Javilynch

    Bjork Joga cover , nuclear tone.

    Hi my friends, i´m checking the Nuclear Tone sim with this awesome song. Same preset for rhythm and lead , only more gain and mids for lead.
  10. Javilynch

    V10 Vibro Verb

    Hi my friends, I`m checking the Vibro Verb 8)
  11. Javilynch

    V10 Mini demo...friedman and more ...

    Hi my fiends... I´m in love with V.10 !:-P:-P:-P:-P Cheers!
  12. Javilynch

    V10...the sonic nirvana...

    V10 is a unprecedented update! Organic...so dinamic! Thanks to Cliff and all Fractal team for make me so happy!!! Just PERFECT sound ....the new Bassman is stellar !!!! All amps sounds AWESOME!!! Incredible ! Congrats! Huge job!
  13. Javilynch

    Amp in the room factor.

    Hi ! I´m working on a new project , this time is a instrumental band. Jazz Rock Fusion style. This recording is with ambient mics , ( zoom h2 ) in the rehearsal ... I Like to hear how sounds the axe in a band context... Sorry for the mistakes ...:roll The amps used are Bassman and Plexi...
  14. Javilynch

    3 tracks entirely recorded with Axe Fx II

    all tracks bass and guitar axe fx II .... sometimes ir, sometimes mics... Merry Christmas !!!
  15. Javilynch

    Checking my new Kurgan Marssiano signature guitar...:)

    Hi my friends, I`m soooo happy with my new guitar !!!.. Kurgan is a spanish company who makes hand made guitars..and i have my own signature model ! :D Love it !!! Some Blues.... Buttery amp for guitars VST for bass
  16. Javilynch

    Checking the fabulous Dirty Shirley

    Hi my friends, I`m checking the new sims..... Nice sound from the Dirty Shirley with strat !
  17. Javilynch

    Silver and Splawn

    Today is raining all day ... so there is nothing better to do ....:D Silver for Rhythm guitars, Splawn for leads.
  18. Javilynch

    Old School silver jubilee

    Hi my friends! more from Firm 9 and the new Ownhammer v.2 (f-6) Old school riff with the Silver Jubilee + ...( and slightly out of tune...my guitar needs new strings ):roll
  19. Javilynch

    The new firm + new OwnHammer .... just perfect!

    I´m impressed with this combination .... now my monitors sound sooo good ! .... so close to real cabs ....maybe better ....that I will not use my tube power amp and cabs. I need the complete OwnHammer V.2 ! Recorded with iphone.... :?
  20. Javilynch

    Unreal Firm 9 Ac 30 tone ....

    Thanks again Cliff for this marvelous update ! Even better than the real thing !!! (it´s a sample from a track of a new project, i´ll post it when finished)
  21. Javilynch

    First Official single of my new band AtomicA

    Hi, I want to share with you the new single , bass and guitars , axe fx 2 . ATOMICA - SEARCHING by AtomicA Soundcloud on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  22. Javilynch

    new tips for rcf nx 12 sma users .....

    Hi all! I want to share with you this discovery. I've been using irs with my rcf nx 12 sma monitors and sounds great , but still sounds like a miked amp ...., so I've tried to use low-pass filters, and it sounds really awesome! just amp in the room! With a few adjustments you can have a huge...
  23. Javilynch

    A little improvisation with my new fender " Show girls"

    Hi!! I'm testing my new and beautiful guitar , is a Fender strat , that i called " Show Girls", ( western films inspired ).A work of art made by a friend, using the technique of pyrography, the white pickguard is provisional. The amp is the plexi normal, rcf monitors , recorded with a iphone...
  24. Javilynch

    Check it out my band , new song posted.

    I want to share with you another song from my new band Atomica, all guitars are recorded with the axe fx II , this time by usb, I hope you like it and thanks for check it ! 8) <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VG_FbZTTEw&amp;feature=context&amp;context=G2d509 2aFAAAAAAAAAAA"...
  25. Javilynch

    AtomicA preview.

    Hi my friends, here's a preview of the upcoming album of my new band AtomicA All, bass and guitars are AXE FX II ATOMICA - TAKING U WITH ME by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free cheers!
  26. Javilynch

    short video JVM sim rcf monitor.....

    Loveeeee this sim, super dinamic! Strat - Axe fx II - Rcf monitor ..... AXE FX 2 - JVM SIM + RCF MONITOR - YouTube cheers!
  27. Javilynch

    AtomicA Advancement

    Hi My friends! We are finishing the production of the first album of my new band AtomicA. Bass and guitars tracks are all AXE FX 2. Thanks for watching ! ATOMICA RECORDING - YouTube
  28. Javilynch

    Recto orange + Rocktron egnater valve...

    Recording debut album of my band AtomicA A short video recording for the debut of my new band AtomicA.... sound of the camera does not do justice to the tone, recto orange + Egnater valve,fender cabs with SM57, 414 and Neuman for room...this sims sounds soooooo BIG!!!! atomic guitars.mov -...
  29. Javilynch

    Mackie 1531hd users please, a question!

    Hello friends! someone switchs from power tube amp and traditional cabs to mackie 1531 hd? ..... the sound is really there? ... all the monitors I've tried not come close to what I have with my set up ... but I read good comments about the Mackies... Thanks!
  30. Javilynch

    More plexi stuff, testing red wirez IR mixer....

    Love this mixer!!!! i mix, 121, 57 , 414 and u87.... If you have not tried yet, must do ! incredible amount of detail MI PRIMER IR XIXPAS MIX by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  31. Javilynch

    Little improvisation, this time with power amp and mic!

    Hi my friens....no words... Incredible plexi sound. Axe fx 2 2.0 Rocktron egnater velocity valve 5881 tubes 2x12 fender electro voice loaded just one sm57 to apogee duet to protools. Thanks Cliff for this incredible update!!!!!!! Plexi by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create...
  32. Javilynch

    little video ultra + 2x mb 50.

    Live at Rock In Rio, Madrid. Rock in Rio - - YouTube
  33. Javilynch

    800 Jose Areondo....and Wicked again!

    800 Jose Arreondo....and Wicked again! I love this riff .... Shred Sensation by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I get my hairspray!
  34. Javilynch

    Cameron can Van Halen - ish...

    Hi ! I'm testing the Cameron amp...Great amp to make some Van Halen sounds...this preset is under construction....no perfect...but i like! http://soundcloud.com/javilynch/van-javi-1
  35. Javilynch

    1987X VINTAGE VIBE?...mmm

    Hi again! one more..69' Telecaster 1987 and nasty rock and roll !!! 1987x vintage vibe! by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  36. Javilynch

    Testing Plexi normal with strat.

    Hi ! New short clip. strat into plexi normal in axe fx, sweet dinamics...clear and chime sound! Plexi normal sweet and Punchie! by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Cheers!
  37. Javilynch

    ir's for Axe fx II?

    Where i can get? Thanks!
  38. Javilynch

    Deluxe Verb crunch clean.

    Hi !!! here is one track with Deluxe Verb Deluxe Verb crunchy clean by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  39. Javilynch

    Wicked Axe II !

    One of my favourites tones ever.... Wicked game by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  40. Javilynch

    Checking my new AND LOVELY axe fx II

    Hi my friends! I'm in love with my new toy!!! Here is my first contact with this new BEAST !!!! First one is the plexi,and the second is the cornford mk50........NINCE SOUNDS! Rocking plexi! by javilynch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free axe fx...
  41. Javilynch

    OH MY GOD!!!!...Here is!!!!

    First axe fx II in Spain is in my home!!!! XD can't wait to try it !!!! Cheers!!!
  42. Javilynch

    Axe fx II comes to me!!!!

    I can't wait anymore!!!!!!
  43. Javilynch

    My band's new album, recorded entirely with ax fx ultra.

    Sesi&oacute;n Golfa - O'funk'illo - Escucha gratuita en Deezer From Spain. (funk,rock,metal,flamenco.....etc etc...)
  44. Javilynch

    little check,axe fx ultra,recto orange,mesa strategy 400,electro voice,shure sm57.

    I'm cheking tones with my strategy 400... LOVE IT!!!!! http://www.goear.com/listen/5956d1b/axe-fx-recto-orange-strategy-400-yo-pispo
  45. Javilynch

    check check.....axe fx jcm 800 + strategy 400..(edit clip)

    http://www.goear.com/listen/108ba54/800 ... -axe,sm57- wow!!!....crunch crunch!!! + reverb. :mrgreen: thaks!!!!
  46. Javilynch

    testing art sla vs mesa strategy...

    what's your favorite tone? art sla 2 bassman: (good) http://www.goear.com/listen/31e569c/art-sla-2-bassman- strategy bassman p.a sim on. (best ) http://www.goear.com/listen/e64c87d/strategy-bassman- strategy bassman no p.a sim no comments....incredible,natural, full tone...
  47. Javilynch

    looking for the perfect tube amp for the axe???....

    Mesa strategy 400!! is designed to hear music,p.a, aplications...etc etc,full crystal clear power!you can use the p.a sims,it's the most clear,punchy ,3d ,linear tube power amp that i tried,no colored sound here,pure sound! i love it with the axe! i try vht,art sla,engl,marshall and other...
  48. Javilynch

    back to the 80's! lynch tones!

    Wow i'm impressed! this firmware is the best!! shiva l marsha r solo shiva bass jtm 45 guitar:les paul elegant bass esp viper. drums real drums.(alice in chains) it's a small improvisation,but the tone is HUGE! love this box!!!!thanks Cliff!!! http://www.goear.com/listen/cf8aa91/bac ...
  49. Javilynch

    youtube video axe fx mb50 and fender 2x12 cabinets

    here is my first concert with the new set up. axe fx ultra + 2 x mb 50 + 2 2x12 fender vibroking cabinets at rock in rio Madrid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwxmP6CdpcY
  50. Javilynch

    hotter than hell!jcm 800 atomic mb50 and fender cabs,youtube

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwaA9bczp7Y is recorded with a nokia phone,so the quality is poor but...... WOW! :o :o :o :o :o
  51. Javilynch

    ATOMIC MB50!

    Really very good with standard cabs!! (i use 2x12 and 4x12) my search is over! :mrgreen: LOVE IT!!!!!
  52. Javilynch

    ENGL 930/120 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    :o :o I'm testing my new acquisition, a 930/120 engl ... I tried adjusting the axe + sla to try to sound like this monster,but not..... :cry: p.a sim on, or off, this monster sounds amazing in any situation! much better than my vht 2/90/2!!! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to have...
  53. Javilynch

    randall vs art sla 2?

    i'm very happy with my Art sla 2. I may be an endorser of randall,and they can give me rt 2 / 50 power amp. Has anyone compared these two power amps? I like to keep using the p.a sims,but it would not be totally necessary,with my old vht I sometimes used the p.a sim with good results. thanks!
  54. Javilynch

    crazy gigs with my band o'funk'illo(Spain)axe inside.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFzTZz49IHY wow!!!! :mrgreen:
  55. Javilynch

    metal tone!

    This is a old old recording,i think 7.0 firmware.... :? no bass on second riff. gibson les paul goldtop standard,left recto right diezel. http://www.goear.com/listen/6b12926/met ... lllll-posi
  56. Javilynch

    my band live,axe fx.

    Hi! this is the first show of the tour. Sevilla 01/15/2010 (Spain) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyylRE7-D3Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyafNBXF98U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj5y5e0P7Fc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7CBugpbfPo There are a lot more videos in YouTube.The audio...
  57. Javilynch

    Copy 1 to 2 cabs sim on (only in output 2)

    output 1 amp + cabinet(s)...etc etc...(cabs bypass) output 2 diret to the foh.(cabs on). :D
  58. Javilynch

    axe fx + randall rt2/50

    hi ! someone is using this configuration? ...power sims on?off?.... I'm currently using an art sla 2, but to try the axe through the loop of my tube amp, I remembered how good it sounds on tube amps. I'm seriously considering returning to amplify my axe through tube amp. randall users,please...
  59. Javilynch

    we need a better wha block??

    Hi! i'm testing some wha pedals vs axe wha block,and definitely, I miss the real thing,is the effect less convincing of my dear and beloved axe fx,I found some settings that make the job well, but not as good as my old pedals.I have tried filters in conjunction, eqs ... nothing comes...
  60. Javilynch

    in ear monitors for live situation.

    anyone know which in ear monitor is using Dweezil????... :roll: I'm seriously considering using them. thanks!!!
  61. Javilynch

    HI!you must to try.......

    this.... http://www.thomann.de/es/hk_audio_premium_pro_12_a.htm I come to try it in a store..... o :shock: :o :shock: :o :shock: :o :shock: great FFRR solution!
  62. Javilynch

    Jeff Beck's Rosebud tone.

    Hi everybodies! I love "you had it coming" album,tones on this recording are incommensurable. the riff is not exact,but the sound is the most important. ;) http://www.goear.com/listen.php?v=e1ad392 Here's the preset: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BLPNHSSB R.W: cab 9 -...
  63. Javilynch

    one new song.

    here is a track for my new project,it's a premix,only backingtracks. bass is direct,guitars axe+art sla +the valve 4x12 cabinet with mics. Cheers! http://www.goear.com/listen/1aef98a/rm- ... -SURVIVORS
  64. Javilynch

    a short clip lenny inside

    but to find the exact tone I was looking for the SRV mojo. I'll continue working the sound.. :) http://www.goear.com/listen/0dd2e65/lenny- Cheers.
  65. Javilynch

    no input,no output...NOTHING!

    Hi my friends,my ultra is dead?..... no input and no output!!....i can see in the utility menu all the inputs and outputs full on leds,an 0% cpu .....really strange....the lights no work.(INPUT,OUTPUT) :roll: oh my God!!i have somes gigs soon! PLEASE HEEEEELP!
  66. Javilynch

    How to make a "morphing echo"....?

    Hi mates! I'm trying to copy the sound of my Mr Echo made by Sib. This is an analog pedal, I can create "morphing echo"(pitch madness) sounds with the switch "Slam",or simply moving the delay time and increasing the feedback a la Karma Police (radiohead),I also get the same effect with my...
  67. Javilynch

    A bit of funk,a bit of rock, a bit of FUN!

    Hi everybodies! Here is a new version,this time,for lead guitar i use Dr z sim cranked,the sound for me is amazing! The guitar is a 68 telecaster. Bass is Ampeg sim the funk guitars L is a jtm 45 r tweed. come on dancing..... :mrgreen: http://www.goear.com/listen/1af7b94/Fun ...
  68. Javilynch


    Hi mates! Here is one of my first attempts with axe. Guitar:fender 68' telecaster. Bass: Ibanez sr. Amps:all jtm45,bass too(when I made this recording, there was no Ampeg sim). Cheers! http://www.goear.com/listen/3336883/jaz ... -Javilynch
  69. Javilynch

    Baltimoore's riff,axe is rock!!!!......hard rock!!!!!

    I used a riff of baltimoore to do this,same cabinets for all amps,v30 57 mic an german with r121. here is the Brown model: http://www.goear.com/listen/cc102c4/Bal ... x-Javilynh the mark iv http://www.goear.com/listen/58728d6/Bal ... x-Javilynh the cae...
  70. Javilynch


    Hi mates! whammy effect in axe fx is amazing!! Here's a solo,recording with the cae preamp,(all tracks are the cae.) Bass was recorded with jtm 45 and ampeg,the acoustic guitars is a variax 700 direct to axe,(tube preamp). thanks! http://two.xthost.info/juammy/juammy%20solo.mp3 Axe revolution!
  71. Javilynch

    recording demo.

    :D hi everybodies! I'm composing new material for my first solo album,I'll use the ax fx for all guitars tracks. this is a demo with vst drums,a bass track and only one track of guitar.no recorded voice at the moment. the axe is a inspiring box!! here's a preview...
  72. Javilynch

    Dinamics 0.7

    this little demo is the WRECKER!! I'm in love!! down,up guitar volume and rock! 07 update is GREAT! http://one.xthost.info/wrecker/wrecker%20dinamics.mp3
  73. Javilynch

    Loop levels switchable to instrument level

    It would be possible to optimize the outputs of fx loop to instruments levels to use with real amps/preamps??? ----------------- :roll:
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