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  1. brianv4

    Marshall Law

    I posted a wish in FM3 forum for ulrares ir's and the drive block update (in particular the OCD) so I could get closer to this preset. So here it is, use a Les Paul with good PAF repro's. I'm using an R9 with Throbak Kalamazoo pups. Hope you like!
  2. brianv4

    Wish It's THIS Close...

    I've only been using my FM3 lately, programming what I thought were some really great tones (and I believe there are) - until I went back to my AxeFxIII today. The difference with Ultrares IR's is definitely noticeable as are the drive blocks. I'm using an H9 so I can live without a ton of...
  3. brianv4

    Cab-Lab & Big Sur??

    Never mind...
  4. brianv4

    Mesa Recto BADLANDER

    Some killer tones and features like 8 IR's per channel (you can load your own) and a variac low voltage setting https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/31061-mesaboogie-unveils-the-badlander
  5. brianv4

    Wish 2nd Pitch Block

    I have quite a few presets now where I'm using pitch block 1 for some guitar harmonies. I'm also working with a few different acts that prefer 1/2 step drop tuning (Eb). It would be so cool if we had a 2nd pitch block that if nothing else, did the virtual capo thing. Thanks for listening!
  6. brianv4

    Layout Per Preset

    When I select a preset I have the layout go to the effects layout because most of the time that's what I need. But when I have a song specific preset I prefer scenes. Not a big deal to switch over. And I know I could have f ex; presets 1-5 fire up on effects and presets 6-10 fire up on...
  7. brianv4

    Ext Control Switch Q...

    Is it possible to use an external control switch to toggle between 2 scenes?
  8. brianv4

    My "Live Acoustic" Preset

    Here's my Live Acoustic preset which works incredibly well for recording too (although for some variance I also use an RNDI direct to my interface). My guitar is an OM-28e with an LR Baggs Anthem system. I have 2 inputs setup; In 1 is for acoustic only gigs and In 3 is setup for when I'm using...
  9. brianv4

    Crossover Into 2 Amps

    Having a bit of a brain fart trying to use the crossover to split the signal into 2 different amps. Doesn't seem as if the panning is sending the low to one side/amp and the high to the other amp. The diagram in the blocks guide looks simple enough. Here's a screenshot, I reset the crossover...
  10. brianv4

    Stripped x Three

    If this was done with the Fractal, I hope the presets become available in an artist pack!
  11. brianv4

    Looper Routing Help

    I have an acoustic chain on the grid which has the looper at the end (just before the reverb). That row goes to Output 1. So normal function is live playing and looper playback both come thru Out 1. What I'm trying to do is have just the looper "playback" come out Output 3 while maintaining...
  12. brianv4

    Possible Looper Bug?

    Guess it's not my day, going from Record to Play there's a gap. Works fine with these settings on the AxeIII and my timing is good.
  13. brianv4

    Using FM3 w/H9 AND 2 Guitars?

    As far as I can tell, it's one or the other. I'd like to use my piezo equipped Tele but also my Eventide. If this can't be done I'll move over to the wish list. Perhaps if the IN 2 & OUT 2 blocks had a Pan control? Also, if you're using Out 2 as an effect send, how are you guys getting...
  14. brianv4

    System Settings Question

    Are Layouts included in a system backup?
  15. brianv4

    Oh no, Another FRFR Thread, lol

    I've been thru most brands of FRFR powered cabs and wedges and always go back to my CLR. Before the pandemic I was in the process of putting a small speaker on a stick PA together. Got a great deal on a pair of QSC K10.2's. Well today I was going thru the QSC's presets while playing my...
  16. brianv4

    What Mic Are You Using?

    I've started doing Zoom lectures and guitar lessons using Zoom. Running the AxeFx (s/pdif) into my Apollo interface. Obviously the guitar sounds (in the words of @2112 ) "glorious" but the mic on my iMac picks up too much of the room sound. I tried a lapel mic, it's better but not great...
  17. brianv4

    Dead USB... Again...

    Programming all morning then this happens: Ambient temp was at 96, I let it cool down now the USB connection doesn't work at all, ugh. Already sent an email to support as I'm sure it has to go back. I hope this isn't a temperature issue as it will never survive outdoor gigs if it can't stay...
  18. brianv4

    Setting Up The Tuner On An External Switch

    I'm having a hell of a time. Can't seem to figure out how to setup the tuner to work on an external switch. I'm using a Boss FS-6 connected to Switch 1+2 jack on an FC6 via TRS cable. Tap Tempo was easy.
  19. brianv4

    FAS Reverb/Big Sur Compatibility

    EDIT: Thread has been changed to asking about Big Sur compatibility. Go to post #7 I've been looking at reverb plugins (lot's of sales right now), I love the verb in the AxeFxIII so I figured I'd get FAS Reverb plugin. Big warning on the page about Catalina compatibility. Are we still...
  20. brianv4

    Lick It... an original composition

    ...a song written by my bass player (a ski fanatic, hence the video content). I started this a year ago with my AxeFx II. Only got the head recorded using the preset "Get Down Syndrome" and I can't seem to get that preset to sound the same on the III :-( Now that I've got plenty of time on...
  21. brianv4

    WISHES: The List Is Growing...

    I'm sure many of these things are or will be on the FM3 "To Do" list. Here's mine so far (I'll add as I come across things): Input block; Noise Reducer Add "View" category to the hold of Per-Preset Switches Global 2 Out EQ Phaser/Flanger updates Triple Crest 2, 3 models Performance Page IR...
  22. brianv4

    WISH: Unnamed Scenes...

    I know a scene itself can never be blank but it would be nice if an unnamed scene would show as blank.
  23. brianv4

    EV PXM-12MP Monitor

    New at NAMM, anyone get to check one out? https://www.electrovoice.com/product.php?id=2856
  24. brianv4

    Incorporating a real Talk Box

    I'm using an AxeFx III into a CLR. Taking the Link Output on the CLR to FOH. So here's what I'm thinking... Take a virtual line directly from the amp block to output 3 or 4 on the Axe into an Electro Harmonix 22 Caliber (or similar) into a Heil Talk Box. Run the tube to a dedicated mic...
  25. brianv4

    GAS: New 2020 PRS 594's

    Saw this literally minutes after it was posted: My R9 is going up for sale in the very near future... Keep an eye out, she's a beauty!
  26. brianv4

    Todd Rundgren's Axe-Fx III Rig!

    Todd Rundgren's guitar rig, "It Was 50 Years Ago Today" Golden Nugget, Atlantic City Sept 21 - Axe 3 w/FC6
  27. brianv4

    What Am I Missing...

    gotta be something simple i'm not seeing. i have a control switch set to activate an effect. When I change scenes it stays active. How do I change this behavior?
  28. brianv4

    Another Fractal Sighting...

    So I'm walking past the TV this morning on my way to the kitchen for more coffee and I see Melissa Etheridge rockin' a black Yamaha electric so I pause and notice this; an MFC-101. Hmm, must be using an AxeFx II. The tone was killer (as you'd expect). Not a bad song either and she played a...
  29. brianv4

    Can Anyone Help With This Sound? Got It!

    The sequenced section of Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good". I hate to ask, I can usually create what I need but I'm under the gun with this one and there's plenty of guys here more skilled than I. I spent a little time with it and came up with this preset but it's only reminiscent of the part. I...
  30. brianv4

    Sennheiser XSW-D, Thoughts?

    I'm trying to cut my rack from 6 to 4 spaces. Contemplating ditching my D1 systems for the XSW-D. Anyone have experience with these?
  31. brianv4

    FC Maintenance Tip

    I had a switch that stopped working so I reported the problem to service to see if it was something I could do or if the unit had to go back to Fractal. I soon received an RMA for repair. Afterwards (but before shipping the unit) I discovered the nut that secure's the switch came loose. I...
  32. brianv4

    WISH: Channel Modifier

    I know this has been briefly mentioned but here's the wish; Channel Modifiers so we could use Control switches to change channels. This way we could setup an amp and cab (or whatever) to change together. I just came across this idea for a single preset, 2 layout rig for us on-the-fly effect...
  33. brianv4

    Is There A Way To Do This?

    With one switch, I'm trying to: Tap and turn on Chorus and Plex Delay. I got it working by setting up a control switch and using the bypass modifier of the two blocks. BTW, I got the light to be off when bypassed and on when engaged by reversing the Min/Max settings. Now on the "Hold" of the...
  34. brianv4

    WISH: An Idea for 4 channel Selection...

    ...use the hold feature to temporarily show all 4 channels of a block using the mini LCD displays. Once you choose a channel, the displays would revert back to their original state. You could then use the Tap function to turn the channel on or off.
  35. brianv4

    WISH: Channel Toggle LCD Display Behavoir

    I setup a hold switch to toggle delay channels 1/2 with custom names f.ex. Ch1 Solo Dly, Ch 2 Slapback. It would be nice if the current channel name would be shown on the mini LCD along with the inverse color so we know at a glance which channel we're activating. And possibly have the custom...
  36. brianv4

    Implemented Tuner on Multiple (ALL) Inputs

    I'm playing a broadway type show tomorrow with Jason Alexander and the Bay Atlantic Symphony. The charts require an archtop, Strat style and acoustic guitars. I made a preset in which: Scene 1 - input 1 is active for the archtop (in's 3 and 4 are bypassed) Scene 2 - input 3 is active for the...
  37. brianv4

    MFC DUMP Thru Axe 3?

    Possible to backup the MFC using the Axe 3 and FractalBot?
  38. brianv4

    Recording Skype Audio and Video

    I have a lesson scheduled with Greg Koch via Skype. Never used it before. I'm on a mac, is there a way to record both audio and video of the session? Should my guitar be going thru my interface or just volume from my CLR. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thx!
  39. brianv4

    Cab Block Volume Question

    is it normal when using an IR in cab 1 and cab 2 (of the same cab block) that turning down the volume of one, the other or both has no effect? (Not the overall level). If I turn each IR down, shouldn't it be silent?I'm getting the same behavior thru edit and front panel. rebooted, still the...
  40. brianv4

    Things look strange...

    First Friday night I've had off in months. Don't know when I'll have another so I decided to get out my AxeFx II. Want to compare a few presets with the III and transfer some settings I haven't gotten around to yet. Man, that green screen that we loved for so long (and some of us complained...
  41. brianv4

    Wish Envelope - Input Source

    I use input 1 for my wireless guitar and my cabled guitar uses input 2 & 4 (electric/acoustic). Super easy switching guitars, all I have to do is pick one up and play. Problem comes in when I'm using the envelope as I have to choose input 1 or 2. Would it be possible to add a choice for...
  42. brianv4

    Implemented Output Parametric EQ

    My wish is for a global output parametric EQ. As it is now I have to add the block to all my presets and if I need to make any adjustments I have to go thru each one. Any one else that would like a global parametric in addition to the graphic eq?
  43. brianv4

    FRFR / Amp In Room? Alternative to CLR

    I've been using an Atomic CLR with my AxeFx from the beginning and I am very happy with it's sound and performance. But I'm always chasing. So I tried the Friedman FRFR, too heavy and colored my sound. Just because of design features I'm not interested in Matrix FRFR. I'd love to check out...
  44. brianv4

    Powering the MFC MKIII to use w/AxeIII

    Ok, so I got one of these: https://btpa.com/MIDI57B-XX.html Connected the 7-pin end to the MCF MKIII midi out, 5 pin end to midi in of the Axe III. Plugged in the MFC's power supply and connected it to the power connector of the midi cable. Nothing, no power to the MFC. Am I missing a...
  45. brianv4

    Here's Help using MFC-101 MK III w/ Axe-Fx III

    For those still trying to figure this out I thought I'd share the info and sysex files. I'm including 3 files; AxeFx system file, MFC sysex file and preset # 2, 65 Bassguy. Load 'em up and it should all work - Presets, Bank Up/Down, Scenes 1-5, IA's 5-10, Tap and Tune, Wah and Output Volume...
  46. brianv4

    FC Questions

    So we know they arrived late for the photo shoot but that sounds to me like they did arrive and the silence is hopefully due to the fact they're working on the FW and don't have the answers for us yet. So my questions (or wish list items) are: Referencing the FC12, let's say I have a layout...
  47. brianv4

    Wish Looper FADE switch...

    so, in looper mode it looks like we could have one more switch. how about a fade switch? often times i create a loop while i'm playing then i stop recording and continue playing, using the loop later in the song then stopping it. But at the end of the song I'd like to stomp switch it to...
  48. brianv4

    Bug? X/Y in Rotary block

    I tried setting up the Rotary block with different speeds on X/Y (slow to fast). I reset the block parameters on both X & Y then adjust X to be slower, switch to Y and it loses volume and the speed follows X .
  49. brianv4

    Wish Function Switch Request

    I wish we had the choice of "sticky preset" assignment for the function switches. For basic needs, I set Bank limit to A only (8 presets). Sticky preset selection would allow me to access those 8 presets by utilizing just one function switch. I do the same for scenes and have the remaining 4...
  50. brianv4

    UA OX

    very nice...
  51. brianv4

    Axe-Edit - iPad Pro

    Would really love to see a version of Axe-Edit for use with the iPad Pro. My laptop is ancient and I'd like to replace it with an iPad Pro but I need my Axe-Edit :-(
  52. brianv4

    Bass Guitar>AxeFx>FRFR

    I have some gigs coming up where I'll be playing bass guitar. I plan on using my AxeFx into an FRFR plus a line to FOH. For my guitar rig I use a CLR, wondering what you bass players are using.
  53. brianv4

    WISH - CPU Block Usage %

    sometimes a preset gets pushed over the cpu limit. I think it would be useful if axe-edit would show use % of the blocks. put it on the screen between the block x/y and block library. just a thought
  54. brianv4

    Bug? Q5.02 - Something Strange Going On...

    Saturday I was doing some fine tweaking of a few presets but when I would switch to another preset there was no sound and I couldn't change presets, the machine was locked up. I found it happening with some presets, not all. After some investigation I discovered it was only happening when on...
  55. brianv4

    3 Sigma Audio IR's

    Stumbled across some IR's by these guys from believe it or not, a FB ad. Nice selection of some different cab's arranged nicely with 10 choices of each. I copped a Supro 1x12, Roland JC120, Dr Z Z Best 2x12 (G12H+V30), Suhr Hedgehog 2x12 (G12-65's) and a Fender Deville 4x10 (Eminence). They...
  56. brianv4

    MFC Timeout Issue Fixed

    Tuesday 9/13 I plugged my MFC MK III into my new XL+ via FASLINK. Wouldn't work, kept getting a timeout message. Checked all the settings, did a complete reset, reloaded firmware and my backup file - nothing. Couldn't get it to work so I emailed support that evening. Heard back from Fractal...
  57. brianv4

    XL+ Onboard Backup ROM?

    Does the XL+ allow you to backup preset banks? The (outdated) manual has no mention of this for the XL+
  58. brianv4

    Bug? AX8-Edit missing parameters

    Also goes into "communication pause" when switching scenes in software. AX8 FW 3.51 AX8-Edit version 1.31
  59. brianv4

    Bug? I'm calling it a bug...

    i first noticed this with the AX8 but now it works this way on the axefx too. if you have a parameter, let's say delay mix mapped to an expression pedal and the pedal is not connected, the delay goes to the maximum value set. So, you must have the expression pedal plugged in or bypass the...
  60. brianv4

    Using Pedal 4 to Control Saturation

    I have a few presets setup so that pedal 4 engages the saturation switch. Problem is, if the pedal isn't connected saturation is always on. I'm using a Boss footswitch set to latching so the light is on when saturation is engaged but I just tried it set to momentary and it works the same way...
  61. brianv4

    Wish: Scene Footswitch Option

    When in sticky scene, it would be nice to have the option of: scenes 1-4 and IA's 5-7 (or even IA's 1-4)
  62. brianv4

    Assign Modifier to a Footswitch?

    I'd like to make footswitch 5 engage the amp's saturation parameter for my plexi preset. Can it be done?
  63. brianv4

    Why Doesn't It Sound The Same...

    ... as my axefx2? all parameters are exactly the same but it sounds (and i hate to use this adjective) fizzy. is it because the ax8 is 2.02 and the axefx is 2.04? Does the ax8 have the latest UR IR processing as the axefx? definitely isn't as warm sounding.
  64. brianv4

    XL+ Extra Cab IR's

    just wondering if those of us using the AxeFX MK I & II could get the extra cabs that XL+ (and AX8) users have. I'm using some of them in my AX8 presets but don't have access to them for my II
  65. brianv4

    JP IIC+

    I'm not a metal artist so I wasn't interested at first but this demo is giving me GAS for a tube amp again. Very versatile great tone all around.
  66. brianv4

    Using the Looper in 2 Presets

    i set up a clean super verb preset and a lead IIc+ preset both with the looper. When I record a loop with the clean then switch to the lead preset and there's a gap in the audio when switching. Is this something that can be tweaked in future FW updates or just a fact of life in Axe8 world? I...
  67. brianv4

    Saving Banks 1-16

    is it possible to save Banks 1-16, load them into 17-32 or does it have to be done one bank at a time?
  68. brianv4

    Bug? Reverse Delay, uh oh! - Q1.06

    it's not a smooth delay, it's pulsating to the tempo. check out scene 5. Now it's gets a bit messy and off topic. I went back to Q1.05 (wanted to see if the reverse delay was ok), now a few bank A presets were blank. loaded my back up file, completely wiped out all of Bank A! File size is...
  69. brianv4


    THE DARK SIDE. Hmm, just thinking... Fractal is using an alien ad campaign. Cooper just released an epic rendition of the Star Wars theme using the AX8. I'm going to take a wild guess that the AX8 release may coincide with the new movie, DECEMBER 18.
  70. brianv4

    Trance Audio Amulet System

    anyone using this pickup in their acoustic guitars?
  71. brianv4

    Padding the AxeFX Output

    i run in to situations where a sound tech is asking me to turn down because the signal is too hot. I explain it's line level, pad the input. Most recently, using a QSC Touchmix, the trim was all the way down and I was still close to clipping the board. But if I turn down output 1 I don't get...
  72. brianv4

    delay spill over Bbd?

    anyone online now that can help? using new Bbd delay, spillover is on in global menu but when changing scenes it's cutting off the repeats. (bypass mode = mute fx in)
  73. brianv4

    Plexi 100W Jump Q1b Bug with Boost

    I have boost set to ext 6 controller so i can kick it in on the MFC. If you roll back the guitar volume and play very lightly the boost switch flips quickly on and off. Sounded like the gate but I killed the gate and discovered it was definitely the boost. You can see it happening in AE and...
  74. brianv4

    Cab Pack 2 - 4x12 Rumble

    Are the 4x12 Rumble Cab mix's (with EV12S and EV12L) that use to be factory cabs contained in Cab Pack 2? And any chance this pack will go up for free too? ;-)
  75. brianv4

    Wish Freely Assign Switches

    the mfc mk3 has all the functionality i need except i'd like to freely assign switches. i.e row 1 = IA's, row 2 = scenes, row 3 = presets but also the reveal, edit, up and down functions. i'd like to put TAP on the 6th switch row 1, TUNE on the 6th switch row 2, REVEAL on the 6th switch row...
  76. brianv4

    Wish Name Scenes

    scenes are a great feature that I rely on heavily. would be great if we could name them per program! Seem useful to anyone else?
  77. brianv4

    AxeFx II vs The Real Deal - an honest shootout

    For your entertainment... some valid points as well as some misunderstood, uninformed ones... f ex a used 5150 + mesa cab is way less the an axefx. correct BUT obviously the axe does WAY more than a 5150. https://youtu.be/-EtxHlJ2FPo
  78. brianv4

    Preamp Tube Type; wrong name

    not really a bug, I just noticed on the Axe-Fx (18.04) it reads "Long Plate" but in Axe-Edit (3.1.9) it stills reads "Test"
  79. brianv4

    18.03 Uh Oh! never mind... [NOT A BUG]

    stereo ur cab right side not working! Here's the preset:
  80. brianv4

    Wish Have "Toggle Scene 1/2" Selectable; 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 etc...

    i like being able to toggle scene 1/2 on switch #6 for solo's. And I like scene's 1-5 on the bottom row. If it was user selectable to toggle scene 1/6 instead, I could still use the toggle as a solo switch and still have scenes 1-5 on the bottom row. This effectively gives me 6 available...
  81. brianv4

    Need Help Controlling MultiDelay ON/OFF

    i'm using 2 IA switches for delay setup for Delay 1 and Delay 2. Since I plan on only using delay 2 OR multidelay in a single patch it would be helpful if I could use the same switch and maintain LED indication of status. In the I/O menu/CTRL i assigned multidelay to #48 (same as delay 2...
  82. brianv4

    3.0.7 is BUGGIN out!

    running axe FW 18 b7 with mfc 3.0.7. keep getting a timeout error (i reset bank 5 to 4 and back like last update). also having trouble controlling the looper. yikes!! anyone else? if not, suggestions?
  83. brianv4

    Why Doesn't It Sound The Same?

    am i missing something? the cab mixes in CL3 sound different once loaded into the AXE. They sound dull in CL3
  84. brianv4

    Peavey Revalver 4

    Has some really nice new features. I may have to reload my version and upgrade to V4 so I can check it out. Here's the link in case you're interested in the read: Review: Peavey ReValver 4 Guitar Amp Simulator | Emusician
  85. brianv4

    updated axe with mfc connected

    Forgot to unplug the MFC from the FAS link connection when I updated firmware in the Axe (17.03). Then I went to update the MFC to 3.06 via fractal-bot on a mac/presonus studiolive midi out/mfc midi (mfc powered by the adaptor). The MFC goes into fw update mode but when I send the file it...
  86. brianv4

    Add Modifers to Bass Cut Switch

    we have them for the bright switch, it would be nice to have it on the bass cut as well. my particular use is to engage the cut when using a neck humbucker to thin it out for more of a strat-like tone.
  87. brianv4

    Ext Switch 1+2 Bug??

    i recently started using a boss fs-6 dual footswitch with my mfc (fw3.05) and noticed when powering up the mfc (with the footswitch connected) the mfc goes into firmware update mode. is this normal or a bug?
  88. brianv4

    Ultrares EV12L

    any ultrares EV12L's around?
  89. brianv4

    Redwires Ultrares?

    Apparently. Just received an email from Redwires support; they plan on releasing Ultrares compatible IR's before years end, yeah! Bring on cab lab live!
  90. brianv4

    The New Reverb Algorithms

    wondering if the new reverb algorithms will also be implemented in the FX8
  91. brianv4

    Favorites Feature

    The amp and cabs are laid out well. I can search for different types easy enough but it would be nice to have the option of Favorites. Just like when auditioning different cabs we have the option of factory and user, just add favorites and with amps the choice could be all and favorites.
  92. brianv4

    MFC difficulty booting via FAS link

    i think the MFC boot up needs to be delayed when powering up and using FAS link adaptors. It boots before the AXE and doesn't display program name until you step of the switch. sometimes have issues with general functions (fx on/off, expression pedal not working etc) perhaps because of this...
  93. brianv4

    UR Not Just 119-132...

    I recall a while back seeing a post on FB that Cliff was converting some RW IR's to ultrares. So aside from the one's replacing V9 cab's and the 2 Santiago cabs (96 & 97) there's factory 37; RW G12M 25. Found it in the Yngwie patch. Wonder if we'll be seeing more of these pop up in future...
  94. brianv4

    Cool Amp/Cab Combinations

    Stumbled across using the V15 patch Supertweed with the 5153 Mix #1 Cab (#124) Great classic rock tone. Would've never thought to put those 2 together. Anyone else have some outside the norm combinations?
  95. brianv4

    FW 15b: New Favorite Mid-Gain Amp

    For clean to breakup to mid gain my favorite has been the AC15. BUT in FW15b, the 59 Bassman is once again kicking my butt. Love it! (using it with the factory 4x10 mix cab)
  96. brianv4

    FW 15b - MFC times out on scene change

    it's intermittent but happened several times during a show yesterday. unplugged/plugged the MFC to reset and it recovered.
  97. brianv4

    Mission Customer Service

    I use 3 of these. My red one needs a new pot so I contacted thru their support channel as I don't need the whole kit (pot, jacks switch etc). At first, no reply at all. Try again and I was told they'll only sell me the whole kit. So I once again requested a repair and once again no reply. 3...
  98. brianv4

    14.02 Bug?

    Fired up the rig, everything was working as normal. Then at sound check I had input signal but no output. Expression pedal couldn't bring up the volume. Did a reboot and it work normal again. Has happened twice now. Anyone else?
  99. brianv4

    Simple AxeEdit Request

    Current State: click on the cab block, then click to select a cab, select USER at the top, then pick a cab. Now, when you go to do this again, it reverts back to ALL. My wish, it would stay where you left it. Thanks!
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