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  1. J

    Axe-Edit Disconnecting on Mac

    Anyone else having an issue with Axe Edit disconnecting and then having a hard time to get it to reconnect? I have to change ports usually to get it to work again.
  2. J

    Best Place to Adjust Volume

    I've noticed when downloading presets from Axe Change, that the volume usually needs to be increased or decreased. I've typically done that through Axe Edit under the amp block just changing the level. Is this the best place to do it or does it make more sense to increase it from the output...
  3. J

    Presence vs Dynamic Presence

    What is the difference between these two? When would you want to use one versus the other?
  4. J

    Help With Odd Noise

    I need some help with a diagnosis. I have this weird interference type sound when playing, i've posted a clip before. I'm playing through Presonnus Sceptre S8 monitors. I don't get this sound or at least i don't hear when playing through Marshall Sl5 combo. I get it on every patch and drives...
  5. J

    posting something from iphone

    Hey, is there a way to post a sound clip from an iPhone? I recorded an odd sound i'm getting on the Axe but can't figure out how to post the clip?
  6. J

    What Do I need to Hook Up FC6

    Just purchased an FC6, what do i need to purchase to set it up, Is it just another XLR cable?
  7. J

    Possible Matrix Purchase

    I've been a long term Axe user and i've also kept a tube amp rig as well. I seem to go back and forth between which I prefer. My axe set is super simple, Axe FX III into 2 Presonnus Sceptre S8 monitors. I've always felt there was something missing with the FRFR option, I guess it's that you...
  8. J

    Copying Scenes?

    Is there a way to just copy a scene to another preset, without copying the whole preset?
  9. J

    The Axe and Guitar Volume Controls

    One of the biggest differences i've found with the Axe III and a tube amp is the way the amp reacts to adjusting the volume knob on the guitar. On a tube amp it's really easy to back the volume off and really clean up the sound, one the Axe III it doesn't seem to work the same. Any tips for...
  10. J

    Wireless Headphones?

    Is there anyway to use wireless headphones with the Axe FX III?
  11. J

    How to go about creating low volume patches

    What are people's strategies when creating low volume distortion patches. I'm talking 70-75 db. Do you just crank the gain and then decrease the overall level? Do you keep a Marshall type amp at a gain around 5 then put a boost in front and crank it? Or do you keep the gain lower and then...
  12. J

    Distortion Question

    I'm having an issue on a lot of amps where I can't get a nice tight distortion sound. I only play in my basement so I'm not playing super loud. It sounds like there is too much distortion or my signal is too hot. I'm not seeing red led's so I don't think my signal is too hot but that's how I...
  13. J

    AC/DC "Long Way To the Top"

    I've been trying to nail the tone in the intro to the song. For some reason I can't seem to get it. Any tips or presets anyone have?
  14. J

    Picking IRs

    With all these IR options, I really struggle with which to pick. How do you guys do it? I like brighter sounding IR's, usually 4x12 that sound best with Marshall type amps. Also, when do you guys start messing with the cab? Do you pick an amp and cab at the beginning and then get the amp...
  15. J

    Why does Wah block not work?

    I don't have an expression pedal but i've noticed that you can't turn on the Wah block on Axe Edit, is everyone's like that? If so, why.
  16. J

    What Am I doing Wrong With Channels?

    Maybe my understanding of using "channels" is wrong, but I thought channels gave you the ability to have different blocks on and off. It works fine when i change the amp on channel B to a different amp, but for example, if i turn off the drive block in Channel A, it turns the drive block off on...
  17. J

    Bright 4x12 IRs

    I lot of the stock presets sounds dark on my setup. What are some of the brighter sounding IR's for 4x12's?
  18. J

    Best FRFR For Lower Volumes?

    What's the best FRFR option for basement playing only? I sit about 10 feet away from the monitors, i'd like to play in the 80db range.
  19. J

    Volume Issues

    I've been struggling with volume issues on the Axe III. I have a few patches that sound really(50 W & 100w Plexi) good but the problem is they are around 90db, which is just too loud in my basement where I play. I'm using frfr monitors(Presonnus Sceptre 8's that are about 8 feet away from...
  20. J

    Djentlemanly Static Sound When Palm Muting

    The Djentlemanly is one of my favorite sounding presets, until I start palm muting. When I palm mute I get a very audible static sound. I haven't adjusted the gates, I have them at stock settings. The normal is set at 63.9 for the threshold, 3.81 for the ratio, 1 for the attach and 1 for the...
  21. J

    Adding Clean Channel

    What's the easiest way to add a clean channel to a preset? I did this with X/Y on the II, is that available on the III? Are there easier ways?
  22. J

    XLR vs. Humbuster

    Is XLR still the best way to connect the Axe III to FRFR monitors? Should I be looking at using Humbuster cables instead?
  23. J

    XLR vs Humbuster Cables

    I'll be using my Axe III with Presonnus Sceptre 8 FRFR monitors. I'm confused on my best cable option. I've used XLR with the Axe II but are the Humbuster cables better than XLR? I do get some ground loop noise. If you go the Humbuster option, do the cables purchased on Fractal's site just...
  24. J

    Two Issues

    I've been comparing my Axe setup versus a few of my Marshall amp/cab options I have. I'm having two issues on the Axe that I don't get on the Marshall and cab sound. My Axe setup is a FRFR setup with Presonus Sceptre S8 monitors. On the axe, it's hard to describe but the tone always seems...
  25. J

    Pre Amp and Post Amp Eq

    Time for a stupid question, i've been reading a lot on here with people saying to make adjustment adjustment "pre amp or Pre Eq". What does that exactly mean and how do you do it? I assume the normal controls in the amp block are not pre amp? Do you have put a PEQ or something before the amp...
  26. J

    Low Volume Help

    I'm using Presonnus Sceptre 8 monitors with my Axe Fx, I can dial great sounding tones when i play louder(85-90db), but i'm struggling to get great sounds at 80db or below which is where i usually play. It's hard to describe but everything sounds muffled. To try to counteract this, i'll try...
  27. J

    Noise Gate Settings

    On my higher gain patches i'm getting a lot of interference sound when i'm doing palm mutes trying to get the chuggu chugga sound. I've left the noise gate stock, what should my settings be to get rid of this sound?
  28. J

    Master Volume Question

    Stupid question on master volume. Why does increasing the master volume increase the actual volume of the patch? It seems like it only happens on some amps and not others. I thought you'd actually have to increase the output level to increase the actual volume? School me please?
  29. J

    Cabs and IR's for Low Volume

    Are there certain cabs or IR's that are better for low volume playing? Maybe some that are brighter than others, most of my patches seem dark.
  30. J

    Picking Cabs

    There are just so many cabs, how do you guys go about picking a cab when making a preset. Most or presets sound dark and obviously the cabs make a huge difference. There are just so many of them. What do you guys do?
  31. J

    Moved My Setup, Now Sounds Muffled

    So I had to rearrange my Axe setup and moved my Presonnus Sceptre 8 monitors into a corner. Since i've done that, all my presets sound muffled. Do I need to go through each one to try to fix this or is there something I should do in my global settings?
  32. J

    Setting Patch Volumes

    I only play in my basement so I don't play very loud. When setting my volumes, is it better to have your monitors set lower so you can have the output knob cranked or vice versa? Or does it not really matter? Do most people make adjustments to the monitors like less bass on the monitors or...
  33. J

    Is This Possible

    I've been using my MFCand switching presets via the banks. I have a lot of patches that I've put different scenes in the patches. Can I assign a button on the MFC to switch through the scenes?
  34. J

    Deciding to Stick With Axe or Go Back to Tubes?

    I'm a basement only player. I've been thru a lot of amps. I started with a Fender Mustang that I didn't care for at all. Went to H&K, then Tiny Terror, then went to a JCM1 which I liked but I didn't like how it didn't have a clean channel. I always ran into the problem that 1 watt was still...
  35. J

    ZZ Top Tone

    Anyone have a great ZZ Top tone. If not, what amps are the best to use for them>
  36. J

    X/Y Questions

    I finally set up a few patches with a X/Y. In these patches I have a overdrive on both the x and the y but I have it disabled on both. I've noticed that if I turn the overdrive on in x, it automatically turns it on when i switch over to Y. Why is this? Is this normal or am i not doing...
  37. J

    Low Volume Decibels

    You see a lot of talk about low volume playing on the forum. I'm a basement player myself and have struggled to dial in my low volume patches. My first question is, what do you call low volume, what kind of db's are we talking? 75db's, or higher? I've read that exposure to 85db or more can...
  38. J

    Do unit and monitor output levels matter?

    im going to spend the weekend really trying to make my low volume patches sound better. My volumes seem to be all over the place. When trying to get the best sound at low volumes does it matter where the output level of the monitors and the output level of the axe are? For example are you...
  39. J

    XY Copy

    I'm trying to copy a preset(USA Clean) to a Y, while I use something heavier for X. Is this possible? If so how do I do it?
  40. J

    Volume Question

    I like to play in the 80-85db range in my basement, i've had a problem making my presets sound great at that volume. I have to really crank an overdrive to make it not sound thin. For example, most people say that for Guns and Roses and AC/DC tone, you don't need much gain. However, when I...
  41. J

    Noise Gate

    Should you be able to get any patch to be quiet with the use of the noise gate? I've got some that have different problems. Some have a lot of interference going on, i can get rid of that by turning the gate up but sounds really bad especially while palm muting. Other ones sound fairly quiet...
  42. J

    Update Question

    I want to update to the newest firmware. Remind me, does that change or replace all of your patches?
  43. J

    Can't Nail that Slash Tone

    I just can't quite get a Slash tone that i'm happy. I've tried numerous versions mostly with the AFD1 and AFD 2, i've tried using it with and overdrive and without, i've tired compressors, PEQ's(although I'm not i'm doing this correctly). It always just sounds too thin and nasally. I usually...
  44. J

    Dialing in a Les Paul

    I have a bunch of guitars and since getting the axe i've noticed the my Les Paul's sound worse compared to others. Strat's, Tele, Jackson Soloist, Gretsch White Falcon, and a PRS P22. I think it's the low end i'm having trouble with. The other guitars sound much tighter and not so sloppy...
  45. J

    Noise Gate Explanation

    I've been studying the Wiki but i'm still confused on the noise gate settings, and how threshold, attack, release, and ratio all work together? Can anyone help explain.
  46. J

    Quick Question On Copying Preset

    Quick question, i've been tinkering around in a preset and have a certain tone dialed in. I haven't saved the preset yet because I still want the old to be how it was. Is there way to copy what i've done and then still have the original preset?
  47. J

    Input Trim Explanation

    When using Axe Edit, what exactly does input trim in the amp block do? Is that what you change to "tickle the red", or is it used for something else? When would you want to increase or decrease it?
  48. J

    Where Does Noise Gate Go?

    Where in the chain should you put the noise gate? Assuming you put an OD pedal right in front of the amp, do you put the noise gate before or after the OD Pedal? I assume you always want it before the amp?
  49. J

    Delay Options

    I'm confused by all of the different delay pedals. Can someone make a few suggestions for the following. A delay and settings for a U2 type sound. A delay for 80's hair rock(Whitesnake, white lion, poison, skid row, etc.) A delay for solo's thanks
  50. J

    Amp Suggestions

    There are just so many amp options on this machine it's a little daunting. Can a few of you recommend some amps that will tackle these bands best. Not the same amp for all, just per band: Scorpions GNR(assume AFD) Metallica Rolling Stones Thanks in advance.
  51. J

    Low Volume Patches

    A few questions here, how loud is too loud that will hurt your hearing? Usually when i feel my patches sound good they are around 90-95 db from where I sit. Is that loud enough to damage hearing? Next question is how to get the best sound at lower volume patches? I need to research Fletcher...
  52. J

    FAS Amps, Is it Just Me?

    Is it just me or are the FAS amps the best Axe amps. They all seem to be the easiest way for met to get good tones. How do others feel?
  53. J

    How to save a preset

    I got my MFC a few weeks ago and i'll admit, i'm pretty overwhelmed and confused with it. I think it's the different modes that's confusing me. I'm currently using however it comes, so i'm able to turn on/off effects and use the tuner, etc. I can't figure out how or where you actually save...
  54. J

    Easy Patch Question

    Stupid question. I'm basically trying to create an easy patch that has a heavier overdriven sound but then also has a cleaner sound for a different portion of the song. Is it best to do this with a completely different preset, or do should I do a scene? Or use the XY? I've never done the...
  55. J

    Where Do You Start

    When starting a new preset with whatever amp you selected, where you start. There are just so many options. For some reason a lot of things start out muddy so i'll usually start with lowering bass, maybe increasing presence. Xformer match also seems to make a huge difference. Do you guys mess...
  56. J

    Interference Sound When Palm Muting

    Been messing around with my axe for the last few weeks. Tonight I was trying to dial in a GNR sound, I was trying various amps, Brit Super, AFD 1, AFD 2. I was getting a really bad interference sound when palm muting, I tried messing with the input gate and that didn't help. I tried various...
  57. J

    New Unit Name Timeout

    Just got around to hooking up the MFC Mark III that i'm using with an XL Plus model. I'm getting the name timeout error. I'm connecting using a singly Faslink connector running from the MFC to Axe. Any suggestions? It's probably just something dumb, but the MFC seems really confusing. I...
  58. J

    Fender Cleans at Lower Volumes

    Hey, i'm new at trying to get a fender clean sound, I usually play most Marshall rock. I have Presonnus Sceptre 8 monitors which definitely have excess power for my basement playing. I have the monitors turned pretty low and the output knob low for my Rock stuff. I have several guitars, so...
  59. J

    New User Questions

    Just go my unit a few days ago. I had one a few years ago but didn't mess around with too much so I have a few noob questions: 1. Some presets obviously sound better than others. When i've found good ones i've changed to different amps to see how they sound and the volume is usually way...
  60. J

    Confused On Cables

    I have a new Axe FX and MFC coming this week, i'm confused at what cables or adapters I need. Do I just need 3 XLR cables, or do I have to buy a FASlink adapter? If it's just XLR cables, does it matter the gauge? I'd like to buy them off amazon if possible so i can get them this week. Another...
  61. J

    MFC Labels

    Where do I get the labels that most people have on here? I want the ones that have the phaser and flanger logos that look like the EVH pedals. Thanks.
  62. J

    Just Ordered What Do I Need?

    Just ordered my Axe and MFC. I know I need XLR cables that go from the Axe to the monitors, but what do I need to hook up the MFC with?
  63. J

    What's So Great About Stereo?

    Still haven't pulled the trigger in monitors. Where I'm stuck is if I should buy one or two for my basement? I don't crank it too loud so would having it be in stereo be that much cooler? Where a normal guitar cab isn't in stereo, what it makes stereo so great?
  64. J


    I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on some monitors. I play in a basement with the speakers around 8 feet away from. I still haven't decided if I should 5 inch, 7 inch, or 8 inch, but think i've narrowed it down the Equator D5/D8, Adam A5x/A7x, or Yamaha HS5/HS8. Any in put on which I...
  65. J

    Best Low Volume FRFR

    Basement only player here, i'm going to purchase an axe and am looking for the best frfr solution for me. I used to have an axe and used HS80's in a different house. They seemed almost overkill as i could barely turn them up. With that being said, I am considering getting them again as they...
  66. J

    Does it really sound like a cranked tube amp?

    I'm strictly a basement player but today I finally got to crank out a tube amp. Couldn't believe how much better it sounded than how i've been playing it at quieter volumes. Obviously I can't play with it cranked very often for sake of my family and my hearing, lol. Does the axe fx really...
  67. J

    FRFR 5 inch vs 8

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on Yamaha HS80 or HS50's as they seem the most bang for your buck. I only play in my basement and sit around 8 feet away from the monitors. Is it better to get the bigger monitor and not be able to turn the volume way up, or get the 5 inch and be able to turn...
  68. J

    What Can Axe Edit do?

    I'm considering get an Axe, with my setup in my basement I won't sit very close to the unit when I play. Can you do mostly anything with Axe edit? Can you mess with all volumes, etc? I'll be getting the MFC as well.
  69. J

    FRFR: 1 Bigger Monitor or 2 Smaller Monitors

    I only play in my basement, i'm trying to decide between getting one 8 inch monitor or two smaller(maybe 5 inch) monitors. The way my setup is, the two monitors would be right next to each other so i'm not sure how much stereo effect there would be?
  70. J

    FRFR Question

    A few years ago I sold my Mark II Axe which I now realize was a mistake. I was using a pair of Yamaha HS8's, which I also sold. I'm looking to get back in and am trying to decide on which monitors to go with. Are they HS8's still a really good bang for the buck or should I consider something...
  71. J

    XL vs Mark II

    A few years ago I had a Mark II unit that I sold. I'm looking at getting back in, what are the key differences between that and the XL? Would I be smarter to save some dough and find a used Mark II?
  72. J

    Axe FX for Low Volume Playing

    First, let me start by saying I owned an Axe FX for over a year, I ran it with 2 Yamaha HS8 monitors. I only play in my basement, so I barely could turn the up the HS8 monitors. I liked the unit, but I really didn't know what I was doing and there were so many options I found it a little...
  73. J

    How to Make a Clear Sound at Low Volume

    I have my setup in a 8 x 8 room so I obviously can't crank my Yamaha HS80's too much. I problem I have when playing Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Etc is it ends up sounding kind of muddy. The chords don't sound defined. I have Marshall SL5 that I play in another room but still not cranked. You...
  74. J

    Stupid Questions

    I've never messed around with a MFC so I have a few questions. I'm mostly interested in switching between clean and dirty tones. When you do this on the MFC are you switching between scenes or can you switch between presets? Also, I assume when you hit for example reverb it switches the...
  75. J

    Dialing in an amp

    I've owned my axe for a while but i'm still having some problems dialing in amps to sound good at bedroom volumes. I'm getting muddy sound power chords when they are lower sounding, but then as I move up to solos around the 12th fret it sounds ice picky. Recommendations? This happens on a lot...
  76. J

    Can I use this?

    I have a Marshall footswitch from a Marshall SL5 amp, can I use that with the Axe? If so, how do you do it and how do you control what it does?
  77. J

    Getting that Clean Marshall Sound

    You may have read my post where I was deciding between my Marshall SL5 and Axe. I still have both and know I want to keep the Axe. My only problem is I can't seem to get the clean tones out of my axe without it sounding like crap where the cleans sound really nice on the SL5. I'm talking...
  78. J

    Amp Boost or Overdrive

    Most amps, especially the Marshall have a boost switch. What's the difference between hitting the boost switch or putting an overdrive in front? Do most people use the boost switch or an overdrive when making presets? I've noticed when I hit the boost it brings in a lot more noise.
  79. J

    Don't Understand the JCM800

    Nearly every one of the bands I play used a JCM800. However, I can never seem to make one sound great with the Axe. The default preset sounds really weak, no balls to it. I've tried throwing a OD pedal in front and that certainly helps doesn't really nail that Motley Crue, Ratt, and other...
  80. J

    Adjusting Patches

    I've been trying to set up a few of my own patches. When I do this I really just start with an amp and a cab and then start messing with amp settings. I've noticed that when I change to a different amp it then keeps the same settings on the amp from the one I had before. How do I reset that...
  81. J

    Axe Edit and Backup Question

    I'm getting ready to update from V14 to V15, did I read on here that 15.06 isn't compatible with Axe Edit? Is that true? Also, how do I backup the V14 presets i've made as i plan to use the new presets? Thanks
  82. J

    Any Reason not to Update to V15?

    I'm still back on V14. I haven't downloaded V15 because I thought some people said that it really messes with your patches, is this true? I have a bunch of those sweet Metallica presets that someone put out. Will it really mess with them? Any other reason not to download it?
  83. J

    Can I accomplish this with Scenes?

    Dumb, question, i'm looking for a way(hopefully without a pedal) to switch between a clean sound and a distortion sound. From what I understand you can't use two different amps in scenes, is this correct? What's the easiest way to do this?
  84. J

    Is a MFC overkill for home use?

    Do many of you use a MFC for only home use or is this overkill? I'm deciding whether to pull the trigger on one and can't decide? I only use it at home.
  85. J

    Mark I vs Mark III

    What is the difference between these two? Is the III that much nicer?
  86. J

    Do you lose all presets with V15?

    I'm still on v14, do you lose all of your existing presets if you make the move to v15?
  87. J

    Looking For a Cheap Foot Controller

    I need something simple that just switches from clean to distortion. Any ideas?
  88. J

    Deciding to Sell

    Hey, i've really enjoyed my Axe but i've recently moved and have wondered if my setup is just too much overkill for my basement/bedroom playing. I use FRFR(2 yamaha hs8). The things are just too powerful for my setup, I can barely turn them up or i turn them up 50% but then i can barely have...
  89. J

    Are there other options to the MFC?

    Are there cheaper alternatives. I'm really just looking for something where I could switch from clean to dirty with a switch?
  90. J

    Where Are The Hi Res Cabs

    Am i missing where the hi res cabs are in the update? When I click cab i don't see anything that says hi res?
  91. J

    Interference Sound

    I know there has been a lot of talk about interference and 60 cycle hum etc. I've noticed I get a lot of interference noise when I use my frfr, however it goes if i touch anything metal on my guitar. What does that mean? Interestingly I don't get much noise if i'm only using headphones?
  92. J

    Will FW 13 mess with my patches

    How much will installing version 13 mess with my patches? Have others noticed they've had to tinker with their patches after installing?
  93. J

    Fletcher Munson Curve Question

    Question for you Fletcher Munson experts. I've made a few posts about trying to dial in patches at lower volumes and most everyone has said it's probable the FM curve causing the muddiness. Most people suggest an eq that's like a smiley face. If you're doing a smiley face that would be...
  94. J

    Can You Copy A Scene to Another Preset?

    Is it possible to copy a scene from one preset and move it to another preset? If so, how do you do it?
  95. J

    Critique My GNR Patches

    I would love some constructive criticism on my GNR patches. I've attached two of them that I did in different ways. I'd love for some comments, just nothing too rude as I admittedly am not very great at making patches
  96. J

    Bedroom Player Tips

    It seems like most people on here perform with their rigs, so most comments are for people that play really loud. I'm looking for tips from bedroom players who can't really crank their system but still want great, clear tone. I'm personally using HS80's for my frfr but struggle to dial in...
  97. J

    Question For People Without MFC

    How are people without the MFC switching from clean to dirty tone? Are you using scenes or have you bought some other pedal to do that? I don't think I'd use the MFC enough to justify the cost but would like to switch between clean and dirty.
  98. J

    Muddy Chords

    I'm struggling with getting chords to sound clean but still be on a crunch setting. For example playing GNR's Paradise City when you hit the first crunch G chord. It just sounds muddy, if I dial back the gain or the Master the crunch isn't there. Any suggestions?
  99. J

    Guns N Roses Stem Tracks

    Does anyone know where you can find Guns N Roses stem tracks or multi track to use for tone matching?
  100. J

    Overdrive Pedals When Making Presets

    Do you guys usually use overdrive pedals when making preset for rock music, like AC/DC and GNR or do you just crank MV of the amp you use and no overdrive pedal? I'm playing in my basement so it can't be too cranked, i'm just curious if you guys usually use overdrive pedals in most patches...
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