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  1. GuitarDojo

    New Mac or New Mac? Questions

    I've watched a 1001 hours on the M1. Is it me or have some of you thought..... this is it....this is the chip from the T-800. This is the birth of Skynet!!!
  2. GuitarDojo

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

  3. GuitarDojo

    My wife passed away today

    My condolences to you and your family.
  4. GuitarDojo

    New Mac or New Mac? Questions

    To: the Die hard Mac users Ive just got back in the Mac world after a long hiatus with a purchase of a 2015 Mac book pro. ( purchased for $300 ....there's a thread somewhere in the lounge) i got it so I could justify not using Pro Tools (paying every year) and use Luna (free) on the UAD apollo...
  5. GuitarDojo

    Wife Accidentally Brewed Regular Coffee Today

    Any updates on the Axe FX IV with the talent knob, climate control features, Bluetooth 6.x and lotto numbers? :p
  6. GuitarDojo


    I got 3 months free when i bought my wife's car and then they gave me a deal for 1 yr for $60 and ever since then I threaten to cancel if they don't meet or beat that price.
  7. GuitarDojo

    To those of you who do videos while playing

    I up'd my game with a Covid within a Covid panic purchase. Atem Mini Pro ISO....
  8. GuitarDojo

    To those of you who do videos while playing

    +1 Davinci Resolve I produced some "covid" fitness instructional videos for an instructor. I just recorded her doing each song (music came from her phone speaker and then I plopped the original song on a new audio track. One issue came that came up was she had slowed down one of her songs using...
  9. GuitarDojo

    RIP Tony Lewis - The Outfield

    Condolences to the family. All Too young. John Spinks (guitarist and songwriter for The Outfield) passed in 2014 at 60.
  10. GuitarDojo

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Fingers crossed that John Suhr saw my post and sent mine as well. (it can happen....I beleef)
  11. GuitarDojo


    "must love dogs" 👍
  12. GuitarDojo


  13. GuitarDojo

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Deep thoughts Can you have them make another just like yours and send it to my address? I'd like to check it out and really see what the fuss is about. I'm sure Suhr won't mind. He'll see this and say "sure....why not". ;)
  14. GuitarDojo

    Sad news

    Condolences to you and his family.
  15. GuitarDojo

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    That channel is the worst "review" page in existence. Complete moron.
  16. GuitarDojo

    Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know”

    uhhh..... Nailed it!
  17. GuitarDojo

    Linseed Oil

    I just use: Sweat & Oil from Fingers = my own customized DNA type Tone (Note: Oil from fingers could be substituted with oil from Buffalo wings)
  18. GuitarDojo

    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    Back to ebay I guess
  19. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    I'm off till Monday....finally getting to jam 🎸 this.
  20. GuitarDojo


    Raise your hand if: You just sat in front of your computer and stared at a black screen. Cursed the computer for not booting up fast enough........ Then realized...you never hit the power button.
  21. GuitarDojo

    Taking a break

    I hope all is well with you and yours @chris !!!
  22. GuitarDojo

    Ip Man

    NEXT - Try MAN OF TAI CHI Directed by Keanu
  23. GuitarDojo

    Ip Man

    IP man 👍
  24. GuitarDojo

    Men At Work "Overkill" preset

    Just when I got that song out of my head. Great job man 👍
  25. GuitarDojo

    Zoom on a Windows machine and routing audio?

    Just got the Rode Rode-caster Pro. Should be able to do ANYTHING. Brought down a satellite this morning... so there's that.....
  26. GuitarDojo

    Mac peeps - What do?

    I have a USB 3.0 External enclosure with a Samsung 860 Evo 1 Tb drive. (wanted to do my audio/video edits to this) Thanks for the tip on the SD card slot.
  27. GuitarDojo

    FM3 with Headphones Jack - Now Shipping

    All depends on hair length, size of your head and how well you generate static electricity. Note: This doesnt account for levels of deafness, tone deafness and measure of ear wax. Let the threads commence Discuss :p
  28. GuitarDojo

    Mac peeps - What do?

    I'm demoing a Macbook Pro (2015 15' i7 2.2Ghz, 256 SSD w/16Gb Ram) One or 2 minor dings and 127 cycles on the battery. $300 0.o I am hoping to do some video edits with Davinci and try out Luna with my Apollo x4. (since its not available on Windows yet) I had a macbook a long time ago for my...
  29. GuitarDojo

    FM3 with Headphones Jack - Now Shipping

    Oh...you must be immune to the 2 am wide awake bubble gut from (insert food you're not supposed to eat here):tonguewink:
  30. GuitarDojo

    FM3 with Headphones Jack - Now Shipping

    Bring on the endless what headphone sounds best??? threads....:p
  31. GuitarDojo

    Riff Idea

    Good jam man. I can hear your singer singin over that.
  32. GuitarDojo

    Recommended lights for Skype/Zoom/etc?

    I got a Switti set off Amazon Works great with lots of lighting options. (filming a class for a fitness instructor) Used a small led Ring light for Zoom conference call.
  33. GuitarDojo

    Does any body else start their morning on the Fractal Forum?

    Does any body else start their morning on the Fractal Forum? Like Coffee and bran muffin...... ;) Everything is going to come out just fine. :cool:
  34. GuitarDojo

    Devin Townsend Live, starting in 45 minutes!

  35. GuitarDojo

    UAD Luna

    Need the windows version. Maybe September Do a walk thru vid.
  36. GuitarDojo

    External SSD

    If you got USB 3.1 on you workstation then... 👍 But if you gotz Thunderbolt Plugable 1TB Thunderbolt 3 External SSD NVMe I'm using an enclosure with a NVME ssd. I am planning on upgrading my mboard soon to allow me to run at least 2 of the 3 NVME slots (i will lose one to PCI X4 slot...
  37. GuitarDojo

    Remote Music Teaching tools for those in Lockdown due to COVID-19

    Zoom works best hardwired. (If you're the host)
  38. GuitarDojo

    A little Andy Summers tone hunting: "SynchronAxeFxIII"

    Here's my attempt i did a while back using tone match on AXE II https://m.soundcloud.com/guitardojo/axe-ii-tonematch-the-po-po
  39. GuitarDojo

    NGD - my first Suhr!

    R We there yet?
  40. GuitarDojo

    Back in the day: A retrospection of the Ding Dong

    I have no clue what you are talking about. ;)
  41. GuitarDojo

    Back in the day: A retrospection of the Ding Dong

    I might have to use the foil they use at the local salon for hair coloring. :)
  42. GuitarDojo

    Back in the day: A retrospection of the Ding Dong

    Gentlemen. Test #1 Im going to wrap my ding dong in the thin foil we use for tacos down here for 1 week and report back. :kissingheart:
  43. GuitarDojo

    Back in the day: A retrospection of the Ding Dong

    "Back in the day" Why did the Hostess Ding Dong taste better when it came individually wrapped in foil ? Or is it just me? Discuss
  44. GuitarDojo

    New Satriani album coming

    Sounds very retro ala Not of this earth/Surfing Ala Eddie Van Halen mated with a Flock of Seagulls
  45. GuitarDojo

    Kemper Issue ( humorous)

    "I remember when i had my first beer"
  46. GuitarDojo

    Hi fi amp?

    ^ That's @Gamedojo (i guess tylers account is not active)
  47. GuitarDojo

    Someone used neural networks to upscale a famous 1896 video to 4k quality

    Same here. Cant wait to see clearly back in time
  48. GuitarDojo

    VAI hears 1/1000th of a second latency in Modeling (No Way cheap shot)

    Latency for Steve Vai lies between his brain and the air on his pick before it touches the strings.
  49. GuitarDojo


    My brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. GuitarDojo

    RIP Neil Peart

    Condolences RIP
  51. GuitarDojo

    Suhr Modern

    My kids are grown now but i still remember the days of little peanut butter hands pushing buttons.
  52. GuitarDojo

    2020 AxeFxTutorials update

    Thats a long time to have your back outta whack! I feel for you man. I've been friends with my Chiro for 15 years now. Little adjustments here and there keeping my back healthy working out for the most part. This past summer i suffered from a bulging disk (L5) and had to wear a brace for weeks...
  53. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    @Justmc I had the A/DA with a PG mod and the AP flanger This was a preset i did on the II.
  54. GuitarDojo

    Out with the old In with the new

    So after nearly 10 years of using a Mbox Pro 3 as my main I have officially made the move up to UAD (Apollo X4) to put in its place. Here's to pulling the ole PCIe firewire card out and going full on robot Thunderbolt 3! Cheers! Good times Good Times...
  55. GuitarDojo

    Vendor AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - firmware 14.x TonePack "Bank A" Update now Available; Bank B coming next

    In a nutshell .... Buddy packs the posh lunches for you. Its up to you to trim the bread if you dont like the edges, eat the chocolate pudding today and then eat the tapioca tomorrow. I personally like the hard to find beer battered veggie rings with Corndogs (w/Spicy ketchup and mustard) with...
  56. GuitarDojo

    Does anybody *not* like the Atomic CLR?

    Still jamming on my CLR that was probably the first run over 6 years ago. I used to chase after the next best FRFR candidate that peeps would review here UNTIL i met the CLR
  57. GuitarDojo

    Vendor AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - firmware 14.x TonePack "Bank A" Update now Available; Bank B coming next

    I did this horid vid a while back to set that gain structure for the Axe II and CLR. For the Axe III i have my output 1 set to 2 Oclock. Input 1 on the CLR adjusted until i see red light on CLR input 1 led (right next to output 1 knob) set and go. Master turned up to whatever level the neighbors...
  58. GuitarDojo

    "Beds Are Burning" - Live Video

    You guys did a great job!
  59. GuitarDojo

    Roomiest Green Room ever

    Did you play a bunch of "bird" themed music?
  60. GuitarDojo

    Baba O'Fractal - Axe-Fx III Preset and Demo

    Bravo!!!! @Admin M@ !!!!
  61. GuitarDojo

    New BOSS SY-1000. The Hex-pickup is not dead. Long live the 13-pin plug!

    Does this mean we will see an update to the GR-55?
  62. GuitarDojo

    Is Amazon Rigging the Ratings System?

    Many reports on fake reviews https://www.foxnews.com/tech/amazon-has-a-major-problem-with-thousands-of-fake-reviews-report-claims Recent report https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/nicolenguyen/her-amazon-purchases-are-real-the-reviews-are-fake
  63. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

    Just got to H town....turning around
  64. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00

    Loaded 11 with new presets. Bigger Wow! (Again) o_O
  65. GuitarDojo

    So, convince me to sell my Kemper...

    Sell it before the Kemper 2 comes out to maximize profit.
  66. GuitarDojo

    My new Split-Screen cover for “Rising Force” by Yngwie Malmsteen

    Uh..... o_O Excellent job on ALL parts.
  67. GuitarDojo

    Keeping two Axe-Fx III units sync’d/mirrored

    Fractal Cloud Sync or Frapaccino for short (I just made that up);) you're welcome
  68. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.01

    Whew...just catching up.
  69. GuitarDojo

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    *Needs a cool updated Youtoob vid for the announcement.
  70. GuitarDojo

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    Now I know who got the other "ticket"
  71. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    Wowzer....I cant keep up mang
  72. GuitarDojo

    FS FS: Eventide H9 Max and Core

    Can't say new on Reverb without being a dealer but these 2 are NOS https://reverb.com/item/26826284-eventide-h9-max-and-h9-core-eventide-2015-white
  73. GuitarDojo

    Tony at it again...smh, Axe-Fx III inside and out video review

    That dude is a talent less tool
  74. GuitarDojo

    There is no spoon...

    The first movie was the GOAT. It got all Washowskaka after that......
  75. GuitarDojo

    There is no spoon...

    Bring back Tank!!!
  76. GuitarDojo

    NPD: ADA MP-1

    I'll keep my eye out. All it will take is a big name guitar player to drag one out of the closet and go on tour and get featured in a rig rundown.... then BAM I'm going on a cruise baby ;)
  77. GuitarDojo

    NPD: ADA MP-1

    I got 5 working Mp1s. I need to unload a couple. 1 of them is the 3TM Ultra. ....
  78. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 7.00

    2 Thumbs up and while I am at it.....2 big toes up too!
  79. GuitarDojo

    Don't Spill Lemonade on Your Laptop

    I use an rgb type usb keyboard when i can with my laptop.
  80. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.01

    Finally getting this loaded.....
  81. GuitarDojo

    "A Really Good Price"

    It looks like the poo emoji...
  82. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    ^ beat me by a second....lol SAWEET
  83. GuitarDojo

    Axe-Fx III Manual Updated to 5.x

    Loading printer......
  84. GuitarDojo

    WTB MFC-101 Mark II or Mark III

    Moved to correct area and retitled
  85. GuitarDojo

    Happy birthday Matt

    Happy happy b day!
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