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  1. GuitarDojo

    New Mac or New Mac? Questions

    To: the Die hard Mac users Ive just got back in the Mac world after a long hiatus with a purchase of a 2015 Mac book pro. ( purchased for $300 ....there's a thread somewhere in the lounge) i got it so I could justify not using Pro Tools (paying every year) and use Luna (free) on the UAD apollo...
  2. GuitarDojo

    Mac peeps - What do?

    I'm demoing a Macbook Pro (2015 15' i7 2.2Ghz, 256 SSD w/16Gb Ram) One or 2 minor dings and 127 cycles on the battery. $300 0.o I am hoping to do some video edits with Davinci and try out Luna with my Apollo x4. (since its not available on Windows yet) I had a macbook a long time ago for my...
  3. GuitarDojo

    Back in the day: A retrospection of the Ding Dong

    "Back in the day" Why did the Hostess Ding Dong taste better when it came individually wrapped in foil ? Or is it just me? Discuss
  4. GuitarDojo

    Out with the old In with the new

    So after nearly 10 years of using a Mbox Pro 3 as my main I have officially made the move up to UAD (Apollo X4) to put in its place. Here's to pulling the ole PCIe firewire card out and going full on robot Thunderbolt 3! Cheers! Good times Good Times...
  5. GuitarDojo

    FS FS: Eventide H9 Max and Core

    Can't say new on Reverb without being a dealer but these 2 are NOS https://reverb.com/item/26826284-eventide-h9-max-and-h9-core-eventide-2015-white
  6. GuitarDojo

    RIP Vinnie Paul

    Bad news today. My condolences to the family.
  7. GuitarDojo

    FS MFC-101 MK III

    Got a GREAT GREAT "Excellent" condition MFC Mk III up on Reverb. US Lower 48 only buy from a name you can trust. ME....;) GuitarDojo https://reverb.com/item/12997863-fractal-audio-mfc-101-mark-iii-midi-foot-controller
  8. GuitarDojo

    The Axe-Fx III arrives

    I came home and the wife did not tell me it was here (as she was instructed) But oh well.....i can't hide my joy!
  9. GuitarDojo

    Axe III announcement is epic! But have you seen.....??.

    The new Eventide H9000 "Like 16 H9's in one box" o_O can run 16 algorithms in any config at the same time
  10. GuitarDojo

    Ugh...back to work 2017

    Been off for the last 2 weeks and today I am back at work. Didn't get to play with my Geetarz but got to spend time with family and relax. Hope you all have a blessed 2017!!! Now get back to work......o_O
  11. GuitarDojo

    Any Fractillians Playin Nashville?

    Just got in this morning. Got downtown for the CMA festival. On the look out for Axe-FX users. I'm here till Wed. Tell me where I can catch your show!
  12. GuitarDojo

    In Las Vegas this week - Looking for shows that are using Axe-Fx

    Any Axe-fx'ers got a show I can come check out?
  13. GuitarDojo

    Can anyone recommend me a travel guitar?

    Been traveling for work and I needs something more that my shredneck can offer. Musical value. Can anyone recommend me a travel guitar? Trials and tribulations please..... Go
  14. GuitarDojo

    His VAIness with a New live CD/DVD...oh and look at his rack

    See the GW article for Steve Vai's premiere of "Stillness in motion" a new live CD/DVD Check the video Gravity storm and can you count the AXe-FX's in the rack? Steve Vai Premieres "Gravity Storm" from 'Stillness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A.' DVD — Exclusive Video | Guitar World P.S Not...
  15. GuitarDojo

    Vegas Baby....update Slash Is here!!

    I'll be in Vegas this week for CES. I will be tweeting updates on CES on the company (i work for) twitter account. Any Axe-FX users playing out? I'll try to come see. 2014 was a ridiculous year for me and my family and I really really need to have some fun this week. Suggestions?
  16. GuitarDojo

    Terminator Genisys ----I'll Be Back

    I'm in just for Emilia Clarke alone - They are not calling it a reboot but a RESET!!!
  17. GuitarDojo

    Ok. I'll start Wish list

    Wish i had one :-P (and an XL too)
  18. GuitarDojo

    Metallica's Sports Center Commercial

  19. GuitarDojo

    RIP John Spinks

    RIP John - One of the most memorable tunes ever written. Just heard it again at the opening of the movie "Tammy" "John Spinks, who provided the ringing guitar riffs to the Outfield’s No. 6 1986 hit ‘Your Love,’ has died after a lengthy battle with liver cancer. He was 60." Outfield Guitarist...
  20. GuitarDojo

    Metalachi from Santa Fe NM

    Metalachi heavy metal mariachi band live 4/11/14 at Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet in HD Audio/Video - YouTube go to 13:00 and check the solo!!!!!!:shock
  21. GuitarDojo

    KXM Featuring KORN, KING'S X, Ex-DOKKEN Members: Debut Album Cracks U.S. Top 40

    Just Saying Read more at Kxm Featuring Korn, King's X, Ex Dokken Members: Debut Album Cracks U.S. Top 40 - Blabbermouth.net
  22. GuitarDojo

    How to be Djent or.... Duhjent

    stumbled on this today...this guy is like a young Jim Carrey that plays guitar.... Someone send him an Axe-FX Forgive me
  23. GuitarDojo

    KXM featuring George Lynch, dUg Pinnick and Ray Luzier

    This is awesome!! KXM 'RESCUE ME" OFFICIAL VIDEO featuring George Lynch, dUg Pinnick (King's X) and Ray Luzier (Korn)
  24. GuitarDojo

    Mark Wood

    Electric violin god & founding member of Trans Siberian Orchestra, Mark Wood..... Is sitting next to me at the bar at Chilis..... What do?
  25. GuitarDojo

    Tosin ABasi Webcast this Tuesday

    Toontrack presents Tosin Abasi LIVE at Sweetwater! | Sweetwater.com 7PM EST
  26. GuitarDojo

    I would have screamed like a Chihuahua too!

    :shock ......i lol'd!!
  27. GuitarDojo

    Zack Ryan Dubsteps "Bring me to life"

    This kid of mine blows me away with the stuff he comes up with.
  28. GuitarDojo

    My Little Dubster Part III State CHAMPION!

    HE did it! You can give him props/kudos/virutal hugs on his souncloud or Youtube Channel. Son Of Dojo He had to do a 60 second original musical composition. Got best in region and now is Texas State Champion!
  29. GuitarDojo

    Brit 800 Mod ...... reminds me of Dokken and Lynch mob

    Here is a preset that reminds me of the early Dokken/ Lynchmob tone ....and many many more Brit 800 Mod with 4x12 Basketweave TV Mix and Basketweave Green Mix (TS808 Drive)(a little Delay and verb)I am keeping it simple folks. Axe-Change - Download Preset - BRIT 800 MOd - by GuitarDojo
  30. GuitarDojo

    5153 RED with ....

    5153 RED with 4x12 v30 & 4x12 V30 Petrucci mix. WOW!!!! Crank up that CLR!!! or whatever you got!!! Up on Axe-change! :D http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/search-results.php?search=GuitarDojo&fields=username&products=0&setups=0
  31. GuitarDojo

    Dave Grohl's Keynote Speech at SxSW

    This is cool.... Video: SXSW 2013: Dave Grohl's Keynote Speech | Rolling Stone
  32. GuitarDojo

    Lynch Mob Unplugged CD

    A little taste of the unplugged CD coming out for the Lynch Mob fans.
  33. GuitarDojo

    My Little Dubster II

    My 17 yr old throwing out a 60 second original dubmix for contest.
  34. GuitarDojo

    Atomic CLR "EXPLOSIVE"!!! UPDATES w/Vid Setup and Backing tracks

    UPDATE 2/13/13 for Gain Structure Vid First off ...Just a quick note to all recieving the CLR Active cabs RTFM: Page 8 *****Gain Structure Set up for Active SPeakers**** EDIT: Added basic "Gain Structure" Video Let me know what you think. Did it real fast like for all you guys waiting on...
  35. GuitarDojo

    Delta Airlines SMASHES $10,000 Gibson ES-335!

    One of the worst nightmares for any traveling musician! Oh my Lanta! Musician whose vintage guitar was smashed by Delta gets check from airline, new one from Gibson | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
  36. GuitarDojo

    George Lynch and Jeff Pilson T&N (Tooth and Nail)

    Lynch fans....here ya go T&N "Slave to the Empire" OFFICIAL VIDEO although Brian Tichy is on the drums in this video, he is a guest. Mick Brown is banging the skins now. T&N "Slave to the Empire" OFFICIAL VIDEO - YouTube If you havent heard the last album with Lynch and Pilson, check out...
  37. GuitarDojo

    Saw this and GAS'd for it (no pun)

    How do I get me one of these?
  38. GuitarDojo


    For those that cannot see the FB pics...(more incoming) Oh yea baby... mmmmhhhmmmmmmmm Pout for me ...... Look at me baby Oh my.....Group hug!!! Backside?? Come to me !!!!!
  39. GuitarDojo

    MY Little Dubster

    MY 16 year old is at it again. We heard this in the car a few times.... jammin. Or
  40. GuitarDojo

    iGUitar Interview with Mr. Vai excellent page three Vai and Axe Ad

    Steve Vai - Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 12: The Free Online Guitar Magazine!
  41. GuitarDojo

    I knocked the DUST off of her today!!!

    Oh Yea!!!!
  42. GuitarDojo

    Steve Stevens uses AXE II for Jamplay lessons

  43. GuitarDojo

    Young Dubster soon to use AXE II technology

    My 16yr old son has been writing and recording "dubstep" style music for about 6-8 months now. This is about his 6th song he has been workin on. He has inspired me to write some tunes that incorporate this style. Looking forward to working on some songs with my kiddo. Give him a nod if you...
  44. GuitarDojo

    Is Guitar Center going to be around much longer? Fender too?

    I really hate that place and 90% of the people I have dealt with there can bite it, But if GC goes down where will those all Dbags go??? If your drinking coffee, put it down before you read this. Its a spiller.... How Guitar Center Will Kill Us All - BANG Your Head Guitars EDIT: Fender too...
  45. GuitarDojo

    Do not tweak your Axe-FX after a Van Halen show

    I got to see VH up close last Friday night and it was LOUD!!! Eddie's tone was amazing! Eddies playing was the best I have seen in a LONG LONG TIME!!!! (Prolly since Carnal Tour) The sound crew couldnt get the levels right until about the third song. I could hear Wolfgang's bass and voice. I was...
  46. GuitarDojo

    How long does it take to Load 6.0 firmware????

    Come see for yourself...:D
  47. GuitarDojo

    My very first test of Tone Matching Andy Summers Synchro II

    I got the Mogg files for Synchronicity II off the net. Although the originals guitar parts are processed with 3 different guitar tones + effects I managed to use 1 of them to make a new track. This was my first crack at tone matching. All guitar tracks removed and just mine added (mixed in)
  48. GuitarDojo

    Axe-FX II Ver 6.0 and the effects on the Human Psyche PART I Cover Bands

    Part I Cover and Tribute Bands As 6.0 nears I wanted to give my thoughts (ramblings) and talk to my colleague Cover/Worship/Tribute band players. The Skinny TONE MATCHING The Tone matching feature is going to be a powerful tool. No doubt. To have that exact tone is freakin cool, but will...
  49. GuitarDojo

    4x12 Metal cab removed from II IR available here

    4x12 Metal Cab from the Ultra was a ENGL 4x12 - The Ir was originally called : Engl_XXL_MT103_01_v6 created and shared by Clawfinger (Jocke) for the Ultra/Standard Engl_XXL_MT103_01_v6.syx - File Shared from Box - Free Online File Storage <original for Ultra Standard Converted for the Axe...
  50. GuitarDojo

    Presonus Studio One 2 Half Price

    FYI- Just got into this program and now upgrading Artist to pro for half price. (1/2 off any version or upgrade ) - The checkout coupon is "weloveyou"
  51. GuitarDojo


    So i was messing with some tones and somehow this one had me looking for the Motley Crue Looks that Kill mogg files. Found em and wiped out the guitar tracks and began to jam. Testing out Audacity on the go, Axe-FX II USB into my Windows 7 laptop. MY timing was spot on but Audacity seems to...
  52. GuitarDojo

    Guess who's going to Van Halen?

    That would be me...... San Antone TX June 22 2012 - PLaza Level *Happy Dance*
  53. GuitarDojo

    5.0 luv!

  54. GuitarDojo

    Cobbler! Where's my NAMM video reports and shout outs!!!

    Cobb! Right now I am getting more info from the overnight Anahiem Convention Center custodial staff!......... and my sweetwater rep .:razz POST!@
  55. GuitarDojo

    Carvin announcing Legacy 3 Unveiling at NAMM 2012!

    Got the Carvin cat today and on the corner of the front cover LEGACY 3 unveiling at Namm Talk amongst yourselves... Carvinites POST....sell it to me
  56. GuitarDojo

    Axe-FX II 4.01 fo Teh Pwn & Home Depot PHAIL!

    HOME DEPOT! YOU HAVE PHAILED ME FOR THE LAST TIME!!!! Story I played out for the first time with 4.01 last Sunday. We had been off for over 2 weeks. My tones were amazing and my lack of warmup kept me from overplaying (I was careful) but came up with cool little leads and then tore it up and...
  57. GuitarDojo

    Merry Axe-Mas and Happy New gEAR 2012

    I hope everyone on the list get their II soon. Lets have a great year. 2012 ......hike!
  58. GuitarDojo

    VAN HALEN 2012

    Van Halen 2012 I see no tour dates today but the word is Jan 10 will be the first round of tickets to go on sale. Talk....
  59. GuitarDojo

    Look what crept out of an old box.....

    Back in the 80's I used to purchase mail order lessons or whatever book/tape/vhs lessons I could find on my fav guitarists. In 1986 I went nuts with this Star Licks collection. I cut my teeth back then on these riffs. Oh the memories.... Wolf Marshall's tones were as horrible as I remembered. I...
  60. GuitarDojo

    Cmon! This is just lazy!

    and people wonder why we are in an economic crisis. :-P I took this when I made a late evening run to Walgreens the other night.
  61. GuitarDojo

    Yo Mo! You aiiight!!

    I heard the where some earthquakes South of SA. Was it the fracking or was it you rumbling out v.3?? :-P
  62. GuitarDojo

    New Laptop Day

    HP Elite Book (Workstation) i7 2.7 GHz 8 Gig of Ram Came with a WD scorpio black 500GB hard rive which is now an external drive replaced with a OCZ vertez 3 120Gb drive. Fo Shizzle! Best part - Da Boss paiz for it.
  63. GuitarDojo

    Make sure you practice before you play out with your band!!

    Practice Practice Practice
  64. GuitarDojo

    Ultra Vs. Strobo Tuner

    Just found this at Hello Music (since the StroboRack is on sale) But why buy it if you got and Axe-FX? This guy compares both. Axe-Fx is Teh Tune Pwn.
  65. GuitarDojo

    Carvin Catalog back cover Vai and Ultra

    So i got the Carvin catalog. On the back of the catalog it shows Vai using his Legacys with our little friend on top. A little free advertising there.....
  66. GuitarDojo


    We've been looking at various PA systems to build up/add to what we got. I was initially sold on the QSC line and Yorkvilles. (12's and 15's) I had 2 K12's and sold them for FBT verve12ma to use with my Axe-fx. Then went to the atomic cabs and moved my FBT's to monitor duty. (We are covering...
  67. GuitarDojo

    R.I.P Jani Lane

    Former Warrant lead singer Jani Lane dies at 47 Former Warrant lead singer Jani Lane dies at 47 - Yahoo! News
  68. GuitarDojo

    Atomic Reactor Explosion 50/50 (Gut Shot)

    Headroom out the Guzungas!!!! Running Ultra> 50/50 > 2 Atomic FR cabs. Schnoogans!! LOUD LOUDER LOUDEST!!! Gut Shot of the Tubes! Since I moved into the rack where the VHT 2/50/2 sat with my ADA MP1 3TM (collecting dust) I am curious to jam this through the ADA and the Genz Benz 212's...
  69. GuitarDojo

    MY Eyes....errr my ears..!!!!! Be careful on what you click.........

    I just clicked on the new Rebecca Black Video on youtube....... ALT+F4
  70. GuitarDojo

    Any VoiceLive 2 users in da hizzy.???

    I got the VL2 last year but did not bring it out until I started taking some of the lead vocals for my worship band. I got to say that this thing is sweet right outta the box. Any users out there got some VL2 love or hate to share?
  71. GuitarDojo

    There's a Djent in my Guitar!

    Congrats to Misha (aka Bulb) There is a great article in Guitar World about Periphery (page70)and a great plug for the axe-fx (page 74) Misha also gets his own columnon page 90. *The Djent set -Opposites Attract . Awesome Job dude!
  72. GuitarDojo

    Free Plugin Devil Loc

    FYI- SoundToys is giving away their new "Devil-loc" plugin for free. Here's the link you can follow and download the plugin totally free https://www.soundtoys.com/sxswpromo/&rc=284-6282-094
  73. GuitarDojo

    Its got that New Car Smell!

    Me likey the new forum....
  74. GuitarDojo

    Wah Documentary coming Feb 2011

    A documentary on the history of the wah pedal coming out Feb 2011. ALL my favorite players talk about the waka waka waka waka! Trailer here: http://www.crybabydoc.com/
  75. GuitarDojo

    Listening lounge ... New to me

    Every evening I leave my day job and head to my Studio where I teach and record the guitar hero wannabees. One of the great things I get to do is listen to all the stuff the kids and adults are listening to. Then have to turn around and tab and teach it. What I am listening to now: This week I...
  76. GuitarDojo

    New Avid Mboxes?

    Have you seen the new mbox ? http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PTMBoxPro/ Although I am thinking of going HD pro tools or 003, why would anyone get the new one? Did they finally FIX the latency??? :P
  77. GuitarDojo

    My Turn......... ITS AWESOME!

    Words can not describe..... so I used a short vid and music to help. In this vid I show the MFC-101 Tuner, Tap temp and a 100w daylight Flood lamp blasting the display!! Enjoy! I Do, I Do BELIEVE! ! <<<<CLICK!!!
  78. GuitarDojo

    Rusty Co.Oley Gotz dee Ultra!

    o.0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7mcNVQwUlg
  79. GuitarDojo

    2010 Summer blockbusters

    Since I am on a strict budget my movie going has been confined to higher rated movies. I usually stalk the user reviews at yahoo and rotten tomatoes before I go. The big one for me this year was INCEPTION. It is a well thought out script and is more of a "Mission Impossible" meets "Matrix"...
  80. GuitarDojo

    CC's PCM70 patch

    When CC made this patch I made a clip but never posted it. I dont remember anything from that day except my kids making fun of me drooling on myself. :? Hope ya like .... :P The little hand rake across the strings at the end was just me testing the verb while getting lost in reverb space...
  81. GuitarDojo

    Updated Ultra Manual

    Thanks Fractal! http://www.fractalaudio.com/Documents/ultra.pdf
  82. GuitarDojo

    Atomic FR's hooked up to my mixer.....

    Atomic FR's hooked up to my mixer - Zune pumping out Dramagods through the tape input (Mackie 1402) I just locked the doors to my studio and I am sitting in the dark giggling like a freakin mad scientist!!!!! :shock:
  83. GuitarDojo

    Recabinet 2.02 Update

    FYI- Recabinet 2.02 Version Notes: Fixed phase reverse issue across all RTA mic impulses in the library. Reduced file size of entire library by 30% with no change in audio quality. Fixed file naming error in “Motown” IRs that wrongfully implied power tube selections. Please note: Overloud TH1...
  84. GuitarDojo

    The 12MA impression after a few weeks use & the Atomic FRFR

    Not that Impressed. I guess I was expecting the Holy Grail of monitors. Expectations were too high! What happens around here is; a review of a product that creates a rush for the product, then another raving review of a new "not necessarily better" product comes along and people dump what was...
  85. GuitarDojo

    QSC HPR owners refit with new Locking IEC plug

    Just an FYI if you want to refit your QSC HP122i with the locking IEC kit (blue locking cable) Part numbers and instructions here QSC Power Connector Upgrade
  86. GuitarDojo

    FBT Verve Series 2-Way (12ma)

    FYI Ordered one of these a few days ago from springtree. The cover was an extra $50. I was quoted $699! :D Anyone find a new one cheaper?
  87. GuitarDojo

    The Liquid Foot is blowin my mind!!

    Check this out, new with ver 1.08 firmware :shock:
  88. GuitarDojo

    ULTRA FIRMWARE 11.0 MAY 9 2011

    ******************************************************************************* 11.00 Updated power amp emulation. Uses some of the techniques from the Axe-Fx II. This produces tighter, more defined bass and also less flubiness when using high MV settings...
  89. GuitarDojo

    FAQ About Floor Controllers and Midi Cables!

    Work in progress! MIDI CABLES!! Wiring for FX1 to AXE-FX FX1__ to __Axe-FX 5 PIN XLR to 7 PIN DIN PIN 1 to PIN 6 PIN 3 to PIN 7 PIN 4 to PIN 4 PIN 5 to PIN 5 PIN 2 to PIN 2 7 PIN MIDI Cables - Pin 6&7 for phantom power.
  90. GuitarDojo

    AlbertA IR Converter

  91. GuitarDojo

    Problem Loading IR's

    I am trying out AlbertA's Uber CHugga Patch. From AlbertA at Axechange.net I have already tried this patch: I tried the Walk patch first and loaded the Randall Dimebag CAB in user slot 10. Works Perfect!!! Now. I loaded the Uber Chugga patch but the IR's dont show up after I load them. Has...
  92. GuitarDojo

    Please read before posting

    To try to keep some organization please use the following methods in the topic title. example WANTED Wanted: Item Please do not post wanted items in for sale section and For sale in Wanted! THX
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