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  1. plyall

    A couple of Axe III headphone jack questions...

    Hey folks! I have had my Axe III just over a year, and I tried to use the headphone jack for the first time. Initially, I 'couldn't' get any output. I tried my phones with another piece of gear, so they checked out - hmm. After some fiddling, I found that I had to turn OUT 1 up about as far as...
  2. plyall

    Hot, Blue, and Righteous - effects query (ZZ Top)

    Hey folks - I have been listening to some really old ZZ Top lately, specifically Tres Hombres. It's been a favorite for a long time. The song I'm asking about is a beautiful ballad that they did called "Hot, Blue, and Righteous" off of that album. I'm trying to figure out what effect Billy...
  3. plyall

    Bug or stupidity (14.00)?

    Folks - While mucking around this evening in Axe Edit, I found something that seems inconsistent. It appears that speaker (CAB) muting does not change with the SCENES setting. I'm sure there are other ways this can be done (i.e. channels), but I found it odd. Example: Scene 1: Cab A and B...
  4. plyall

    Control Switches - Where are they?

    Folks - I have been searching and scouring the PDF manual, but I can't seem to find any information on CONTROL SWITCHES. Can one of you learned folks send me some manual page numbers so I can educate myself? Even better - could someone provide a scenario where control switches provide a...
  5. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Hi folks - I have been fighting this off and on for a while. Here are the problem and the symptoms (and potential workaround)... Problem: If the Mac is up and running already, and playing audio, powering on the Axe FX III disables audio (specifically around the time initializing effects...
  6. plyall

    Mac only: aggregate device mutes when the Axe-FX III is turned on

    Folks, I know a lot of you don't have Macs, and for that I beg your indulgence... Scenario: I have created an AGGREGATE device that includes an Apollo Twin (Thunderbolt), the Axe-FX III USB, and two RME firefaces (FW-800). I'm particularly careful about digital sync. I have a master...
  7. plyall

    It sounds like my looper is ducking the recorded loop for the live playing

    Weird. I was just messing with adding some looping to a preset, and found that after I had recorded some clean chord riffs into the looper, the live guitar coming through (with a drive engaged) sounded waaaay louder than the background, and I could barely hear the background riff. I don't think...
  8. plyall

    Is FractalBot 'friendly to others processes?

    I was recently doing a backup of my Axe III and using FractalBot. Since the process can take a few minutes, I toggled over to Logic to hear some test tracks I laid down yesterday. Logic wouldn't play without complaining of engine overload... After the backup completed, I was able to get Logic...
  9. plyall

    Adding Axe-FX III to composite device (Mac) kills output

    Folks - I have been chasing clocking problems around my newly rebuilt studio for the past few days. I have two separate word clock masters (only one in use at a time). What I find is that if I add the Axe FX III to the aggregate device, I typically lose all audio. Here's a picture of my...
  10. plyall

    Is there any easy way to move through the presets without using Axe-Edit?

    I find myself doing a lot of value knob spinning every time I want to jump from preset 49 to preset 425. And it seems the faster I scroll, the less process I make, seeing only a change of about 3-4 presets when I give the knob a whirl. I remember on the Axe II there was a way to move in groups...
  11. plyall

    FC-12 (and FC-6) - Philosophy of use

    How are most of you folks setting up your FC controllers? Do you take a performance layout and then edit it for your needs, and use this for all the presets? I used the MFC-101 with a bank size of either 0 or 1, so that anytime I send a bank up, it changes to the next patch. I typically use...
  12. plyall

    Is there a confirmation of Pedal Calibration?

    I followed the manual for the FC-12 and did the four calibrations for my pedals (controller). There doesn't seem to be any way to view what the calibration process has done, or how it has compensated for a non-full-range pedal. How are you folks doing this?
  13. plyall

    Here's another reason to read the manual... (or I learned something cool today)

    I downloaded Leon Todd's 'LT Underdogs' patch from AxeChange. All I could get out of the patch was a DI-like sound. Hmmm. Meters look good - all blocks getting signal - but I'm getting a clean, very uninteresting sound out. I looked at his layout again, and noted that his patch uses a DI...
  14. plyall

    Dummy alert! How to select forums?

    Folks - Because I recently upgraded to a III (and am selling my II), I wanted to restrict the forums I read to Axe-FX III forums, FC forums, and likely For Sale. No disrespect, but I don't really want to have to sift through AX8 (etc.) messages if I don't have to. Is there a way to do this...
  15. plyall

    FS Axe-Fx II, MFC-101 Mk I, Humbuster cables

    Folks - It's time to shift generations for me. I have had the II since 2012, and loved every minute of it. I have just recently upgraded to a III and an FC-12. First thing I did was transfer all of my patches from the II (thanks to Al Grenadine's super Axe-Tool). I wasn't sure at first, but...
  16. plyall

    It's likely Axe-Change - not Axe-Edit

    ...but I noted I could not search for 1x15 cabinets in the basic or advanced searches. I always get 0 results, even though they are clearly there.
  17. plyall

    Bass amps, cabs - what are you using?

    Folks - I used to use a straight analog circuit to do bass: Bass - UA 6176 - (interface) - Logic. I would like to use the Axe FXIII for bass as well (in the studio), Would you folks mind sharing what you are using to achieve this? Searching Axe-Edit for 'bass' is not largely helpful. So if...
  18. plyall

    What's the worst thing about the Axe-Fx III? (kidding)

    My objection is warm beer (and cold coffee). I come in with a fresh drink, and forget about it - sometimes for hours! I can't stop playing. Also - haven't seen the girlfriend in a while. Hope I still have one!
  19. plyall

    Latest Fractal Bot - appears it cannot handle the II and the III being connected at the same time

    Even though you can select the device being 'talked to', it appears a second device (In this case a III) hoses things up. Here are a few of the errors I received: When backing up the Axe FX II: When backing up, it appears to download everything 2-3 times (System, Bank A, etc.) When completed...
  20. plyall

    Wordclock/SPDIF in

    Folks - Is there any way to tell whether the AXE FX III is clocking internally, or to the SPDIF clock? I'd like to know because I have been chasing some sync ghosts (always fun) around my studio, and I'd like to know that the AXE is running off of word clock for sure (and even better, at what...
  21. plyall

    Not a newbie, but an Axe-Fx III newbie

    Folks - I just bought the Axe FX III after having a II for a few years. I have been moving, so I haven't really had a chance to mess with it for more than 30 minutes. Fumbling my way through the presets and channels, I couldn't seem to find the preamp gain knob on the amp block. I know it...
  22. plyall

    I should probably know this by now (but I don't)

    He fellow forumites - I joined about 6 years ago when almost all the buzz what about the Axe-FX II, and of course over the years, the product palette at Fractal has grown considerably. Is there a FORUM setting somewhere where I can select/deselect only the forums I'm interested in? No...
  23. plyall

    Need help with set lists

    Folks - I'm a somewhat seasoned (5 yrs) Axe II user, but I have never fiddled much with the MFC-101. My current approach is that I do a preset for EACH song. Most have at least two scenes, assuming I have a solo. More scenes if there is more complexity to the song. At present, the band is at...
  24. plyall

    Just saw The Tubes - using Kemper

    I had a great seat (took my grandson too) for The Tubes show last night in Agoura, CA at the Canyon Club. Overall take - they still have it! Fee Waybill was wild, but gracious. The musicians were certainly on top of their game. I was interested though to note that the guitar player was using a...
  25. plyall

    Amp block reset - the questions/the voodoo

    Guys - I've had my Axe-FX since 2012 and have never fully understood the reasons for resetting the amp blocks after loading new firmware. This is troubling to me, as I have a good number of patches that may require amp block resets. So, some questions: What is the impact of not resetting an...
  26. plyall

    Humbuster cable direction?

    Folks - I decided to replace my regular TS/TS cables with Humbusters, so I ordered a pair from Best Tronics. Does it matter whether the TRS or TS gets plugged into the Axe-Fx II? I'm running these from OUTPUT 2 to my CLR's. Thanks!
  27. plyall

    MFC-101 pedal cables

    Folks - I bought 4 6' cables for my MFC's 2 Mission control pedals. Experience has shown me that these are too long, and they are unsightly. I'm guessing 1.5 to 2 foot cables would be a better fit. I have seen some very clean looking pedal boards on here. Where did you get the cables? Also...
  28. plyall

    A little help with scene controllers and boost...

    Folks - It's embarrassing that I have labored this long with the Axe and have not used either scene controllers or a volume boost. Those-Daze-Is-Behind-me. #1 - Scene Controllers - I understand the concept perfectly. What I don't understand is how to program different values for different...
  29. plyall

    Best cable for Shure GLXD body pack

    Folks - Based largely on discussions here, I just picked up a new Shure GLXD wireless. I know a lot of folks complain about the body pack cables, or have replaced them with cables from other vendors. Where/what should I be looking for? Thanks!
  30. plyall

    Somebody stop me! (getting my MASK on) ... Boogie MK V Combo

    Hey folks - So I have been a deliriously happy Axe-FX II user for about 4 years. I use it with a pair of CLR cabs (not wedges), and an MFC-101. So far so good. After all this time, I've started playing in a band again. We're in early days, so I haven't gone too crazy, but I did order a...
  31. plyall

    Humbuster cable users...

    Folks - Bad news: they're letting me out of the studio! I am getting ready to start working with a local band, and I don't want to un-cable the rig in the studio, so... I am thinking about getting some Humbuster cables for running between my Axe-FX II and my two CLR (powered) cabs. I know that...
  32. plyall

    What iOS application do you use for reading the new forum?

    Folks- Since the new forum has come online, my forum reader apps have been misbehaving (Forum Runner and Tap-a-Talk). What tools are you folks using? Thanks!
  33. plyall

    Anybody happily using a MIDI guitar rig?

    Folks - I put a few related messages into the Antares ATG-1 thread. I was looking for a unit that could not only do the tuning and simulations that the ATG-1 could do, but also act as a pitch to MIDI converter. I just found out that the current firmware in the ATG-1 DOESN'T do this yet, and I...
  34. plyall

    IR update times in Cab Lab 3

    Hi folks - While I have been using the Axe-FX II since 2012, I'm a Cab Lab 3.0 newbie. As such, I have been looking for videos on the topic of using it (well). I have looked at Fremen's (hey T!) and Clark Kent's. It seems that when they have their browser up and running in Cab Lab 3 that their...
  35. plyall

    How the heck do you get a cab out of the Scratchpads?

    Hi folks - I recently started digging around into IR's a bit lately, and ended up with an IR that I liked very much sitting in Scratchpad memory #1. I tried using Axe-Edit and Cab-Manage to copy/drag/move/whatever it to a new location in User memory, but the software just wouldn't play ball. I...
  36. plyall

    Boost parameter? Wiki?

    Hi folks. I was recently tweaking a preset (my Super Super Reverb on Axe-Change) and felt that the preset currently has a tad too much distortion. I have the gain very low, but I do have the Boost engaged. I decided to look up the Boost parameter in the Wiki, and it really doesn't say what it...
  37. plyall

    USB recording - revisited (sorry!)

    Folks - I have always recorded my Axe-FX II using an analog path (Axe -> RME Fireface 800 -> Computer -> Logic Pro X), and similarly done my DI path with a real DI box coming off the guitar, and going into a separate input on the Fireface. Well, when I brought up the studio after Christmas...
  38. plyall

    Is anyone successfully using auto-audition in Axe-Manage-Cabs?

    Folks - Not sure what I am doing wrong. I get into Tools->Axe-Manage-Cabs and get the listing of cabs. I click auto-audition, and I get an instructional panel. When I click OK, I see MIDI activity, the edited light comes on, and the preset in my Axe-FX II does set the cabinets in the patch to...
  39. plyall

    BUG: Edit Modifier will not allow numeric input or Min and Max

    When editing a controller (EXT4 in my case) for Delay1 Mix, Axe-Edit would not let me input direct values for either MIN or MAX. Edit: 'or' in the title should be 'for'.
  40. plyall

    Possible Axe-Edit bug - Variac

    When changing the amount of the Variac in an amp block, double clicking on the control doesn't return it to its default value of 100%, but to a value of 50%.
  41. plyall

    Super Super

    In my stumbling through preset creation, I ended up making a patch that will likely be my go-to clean patch moving forward. I thought it would be interesting to share both here and on Axe-Change. The formula is simple enough (aren't many of the great ones as well?). It's primarily a Super Reverb...
  42. plyall

    Can the CLRs (powered cabinets) be stand/pole mounted?

    I thought I saw something that said some work needed to be done to make this happen. Thanks!
  43. plyall

    Is there any reason that we cannot upload BLOCK files (*.blk) to Axe-Change?

    As stated in the title. I think this would make a great facility for exchanging effects presets - drives, Leslie's, and in my case a GEQ block. I wanted to upload a pseudo ANTI-Fletcher Munson GEQ as discussed here...
  44. plyall

    For the 'Carr' fans out there...

    I just posted 3 Tonematches of a Carr Mercury on Axe-Change. Clean - Axe-Change - Download Preset - Carr Mercury Cln - PWL - by plyall Clean w/ Hi-Cut engaged - Axe-Change - Download Preset - Carr Mercury Cln NoBrt - PWL - by plyall Edgey distortion with Hi-Cut engaged - Axe-Change - Download...
  45. plyall

    3 New tone matches - Tech 21 Trademark 60 cln/crnch/dist

    I finally got around to tone matching my venerable Tech 21 Trademark 60 today. I am a massive Tech 21 fan, and think that the TM60 is one of the finer solid state amps I have played. It's a 60 watt 1x12 that has a clean and dirty channel (although the clean can get pretty dirty), and it has...
  46. plyall

    When you load an IR, are speaker parameter defaults also loaded? (X/Y)

    I ask because I was just messing around with switching between cabinets using the X/Y feature yesterday. My intent was to compare Factory IR F026 (2x12 Boutique) to an IR I was mixing in Cab-Lab 2.0. I started out by accidentally loading the F026 into both the X and Y versions of the cabinet...
  47. plyall

    What are the X's for?

    In messing with the new versions of the V14 firmware and Axe-Edit, I noted that some blocks in my grid have little X's in the upper left hand corner.... I also note that not all blocks have X's. Can someone tell me what these are for, or what they indicate?
  48. plyall

    Are it me?

    Or is the input gain structure changed? I found that in order to keep many of my presets from spiking the output CLIP meters, I have had to turn my gain down to 0.319. Erhmmm - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Oscar?
  49. plyall

    Axe FX II diagram on P-197 of the manual - USB?

    Folks - Can someone tell me what the function on the lower INPUT SOURCE switch is? It appears that regardless of the position of the upper half of the INPUT SOURCE switch, that USB Audio is delivered to the D/A converter - is this correct? If so, what is the intended use? Thanks!
  50. plyall

    Two Acoustics

    Folks - I'm going to have two acoustics here in the studio this weekend. Is there a way using (1) Front in - or - (1) rear in 1L AND (2) rear in 1R to feed separate signal paths across the grid, each instrument panned hard left and right respectively? Alternatively I could use Input/Output 2...
  51. plyall

    Cathode Squish and Squish Time

    As someone who likes a healthy amount of compression, I was glad to see these new parameters referenced in the release notes. I did poke around Ax-Edit to see where these were accessed (using the listed amps that are affected) but didn't see them. I went directly to the AXE's AMP->ADV screen...
  52. plyall

    How do I delete past forum attachments?

    I went to upload a couple of screenshots in a post I was making earlier today, and the uploads 'failed'. It turns out they didn't fail, but I was advised I was over my 1 MB quota. I went to 'manage attachments' and could't see a way to delete any of the attachments - what's the trick? Thanks!
  53. plyall

    Small preset glitch

    While surfing the presets last night, I noted that Preset #084 (Comet Concourse) has an engaged FXL that causes no sound to be passed through the preset (unless someone has something in the loop). A minor preset tweak (bypassing the FXL and re-saving) fixes this. Something to note for the next...
  54. plyall

    BUG?: MFC-101 Status not updated after EXT(n) switched - Totalsync issue?

    I have a patch that uses a Mission SP-1 with the integrated toe switch. I use this switch in a patch to: Turn on the drive Turn on the wah Turn off the Volume Block (using Chris@Katsu's technique), leaving the pedal itself to be used as a Wah controller When I engage the toe switch, the drive...
  55. plyall

    Fractal Bot Timeouts with V11.02 (Solved)

    Folks - I have always been able to get successful backups from Fractal Bot (using the latest copy). However, tonight I used Fractal Bot to load 11.02 code, and shortly thereafter went to do a backup. I get about to the same place with each attempt - about 97% of Bank A - and I get a...
  56. plyall

    Null filter oddities

    Folks - I was using one of Fremen's great patches and mucking about with different speaker IR's. I was using FW11, Axe Edit 3.00.0000 and a Mac Pro running 10.8.4. What I noted was that when I engaged the FILTER1 after the first AMP1, that I got a change to a darker somewhat lower signal...
  57. plyall

    Annual studio purge - see what interests you

    While I haven't gotten it all listed on eBay yet, I wanted to let Forum members have a gander at some of the stuff that's coming out of my studio this year. This is partly because it's time for a refresh, and partly because I'm still not working: DMC/Voodoo Labs GCX switcher and Ground Link...
  58. plyall

    Can Fractal-Bot be used to upload individual effects sysexs?

    I have a collection of effects blocks - some my own, some from others - that I would like to use. Per the reigning advisory with AXE-EDIT, this is not something to be messed with using AE. Is the 'Bot' capable of transferring these? I tried using it and it would stop with a blank transmit...
  59. plyall

    Solved: Axe-Exchange in Safari

    Folks - Using the default Safari browser, the Axe-Xchange does not present an UPLOAD prompt for those wishing to share patches. I have tried Firefox in the past and had spotty results. Is this something you could look into?
  60. plyall

    MFC Behavior - is this right?

    I use my MFC-101 with an Axe FX II that is up to date (both are). I also use it with pretty much the defaults, that is bank size = 5, etc. What I am concerned about is this: If I am playing a song on the basic bank (presets 0-4) - let's say preset 2 - and I want to go to preset 3 IN THE NEXT...
  61. plyall

    OH Live and Loud cabinets

    So I just saw the thread referencing the Live and Loud IR's by OwnHammer, and thought I'd give them a try. I'm a kickstart customer and grabbed them a while back. When I opened the archives though, all I saw was the 27K .WAV files. Did I mis-download these? Thanks!
  62. plyall

    Forum Software?

    It looks like the users of iOS application 'TapATalk' have been having problems of late. I use ForumRunner also under iOS. I was unable to upload pictures in an (attempted) post a bit earlier, indicating that the client software had received an unrecognized response. Can the Forum operators...
  63. plyall

    Led Zeppelin's "Good Times, Bad Times" - Carol Anne Trip Tik

    I found the new Carol Anne amp added in 10.09 to be very expressive! I applied it to one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs 'Good Times, Bad Times'. There are some external controllers involved, but you can probably reduce it to one external switch/controller: EXT-4 - Cuts the Leslie on, and...
  64. plyall

    Antivirus software got you down? (caution: NOT safe for work)

    How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus - YouTube
  65. plyall

    Axe-Change and Apple Safari - no UPLOAD button

    Folks - I went to upload a new patch a few minutes ago and couldn't find the UPLOAD button on the Axe-Change page. Yup - I was logged in, and I had successfully uploaded many times before. Hmm - I had been using Firefox! I just switched to Safari this week after the Apple World Wide...
  66. plyall

    Potential Fractal BOT Bug - edit buffer corruption

    After the cool updates to the last iteration of Fractal Bot, I was excited to make backups using the app (using a Mac). All went well - using an external MIDI inerface [Edirol UM-2 - 2x2 USB]. After the backups, I went to return to playing and got no sound. I looked at the Layout in both...
  67. plyall

    MIDI Through and MIDI Monitoring, or "I'm going slightly Mad"™ Queen ...

    Folks - I am attempting to see what messages are being transmitted by the MFC-101 and its controllers up to the Axe-FX II. I am running a Mac (Mac Pro), OSX 10.05, Axe-FX II 10.05, MFC-101 2.16, and I am using the Mac/OSX 'Midi Monitor' program. I have MIDI through enabled in the IO...
  68. plyall

    A tweaked version of the Galo Dumble patch (hats off to Galo)

    I have been very impressed with the Galo Dumble patch, but I typically doing things a little HARDER (Tina Turner anyone?). In any case, I have uploaded a patch to the AxeExchange that is called Galo and Carlos PWL that has a few tweaks to it. Assigning a IA on your MIDI controlller or MFC-101...
  69. plyall

    Looping and the MFC-101 (v 2.16)

    Folks - When the MFC-101 is in Looper control mode, is the arrow/cursor supposed to travel from left to right as you are recording? I _thought_ it was, but mine has not been doing that the last I looked. I was thinking that the arrow/cursor should give some notion of how deep into the...
  70. plyall

    Looping and teh MFC-101 (v 2.16)

    Folks - When the MFC-101 is in Looper control mode, is the arrow/cursor supposed to travel from left to right as you are recording? I _thought_ it was, but mine has not been doing that the last I looked. I was thinking that the arrow/cursor should give some notion of how deep into the...
  71. plyall

    (ulp!) Is it possible to model a [good] modeler? Tech 21 Trademark 60

    Okay... okay... grabbing my helmet and diving under the desk as I type... :o I confess. With all of the great amps, boutique and otherwise, that I have had the good fortune to own over the years, I have been really impressed by the Tech 21 Trademark 60. I believe Les Paul and others were as...
  72. plyall

    X/Y - the decoder ring?

    Chris and other Forum mentors - I have watched your useful and very educational videos on YouTube, and have noted that you have a IA switch labled 'X/Y' on your MFC-101. Now, I do know that there are individual commands for AMP X/Y, CAB X/Y, etc., but didn't think there was a global X/Y...
  73. plyall

    Wish What if GREEN were RED (or 6 was 9) ...

    First of all, props to the user who selected the clever username 666was999 :eagerness: But seriously - I have been conditioned to think that RED means things are ACTIVE, HOT, LIVE, ARMED, RECORDING, and even READY TO FIRE (ex-missile geek here)... The MFC-101 adopts the opposite philosophy -...
  74. plyall

    Blind Faith - Presence of the Lord

    Folks - Always loved this tune, and its tonality. Here's my humble approach to the basic guitar tone: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Presence of the Lord - by plyall I spent a lot of time on the Leslie, but am not as much of a Wah guy as most of the rest of you may be. I would appreciate...
  75. plyall

    Input Impedance

    Is it safe to challenge Mount Olympus? I read in the Wiki: "I do not believe that input impedance affects feel in any way. This is simply impossible. I remember people saying they could feel the input "pushing back". Silly. It will, however, definitely affect the sound as the frequency...
  76. plyall

    Axe Change and FW 10.0

    To the admins: Is there a possibility that we can get a search term that allows us to search for 10.x patches on Axe-Change? I did see some 10.x stuff, but it appeared that it was all for the Ultra. Thanks!
  77. plyall

    Ahem - Auntie Em' - I want to come home!

    Folks - I ran into my fair share of issues (sonically) with FW 10.0. Okay - no big deal. Follow the conventional wisdom and downgrade back home to 9.02. Wrong. As I fear others have seen, YA CAN't DO IT. At least I can't. I loaded the last backup of the 9.02 FW. Loaded bank A from 9.02 (my...
  78. plyall

    Juice (no straw ... sorry)

    Guys (and Gals), Courtesy of my last group of constructive critics, I have the stones to post a new segment - 'Juice (no straw ... sorry)'. Please listen if you have a moment, and feel free to provide feedback! Thanks! Pete Juice (no straw
  79. plyall

    Okay - so I found the balls...

    ... to post something on SoundCloud. It's pretty rough musically, but I'm really looking for feedback on the mix. I just got Superior Drummer 2, and figured out how to integrate it with Logic 9. I had a ball mixing this, but then again, I may be way off base! The drum pattern (sadly - used...
  80. plyall

    Mentally callenged, forgetful, old - or all THREE! Loading IR's

    Folks - I am the lucky recipient of Fremen's patches and banks, as well as his IR's. I have purchased IR's in the past (and apparently will be doing so again to match up with these presets), but for the life of me, I have forgotten how to load them into the Axe-FX II. I have some in user IR's...
  81. plyall

    V7 vs. V8x Phase Inverter - what do you hear?

    Folks - I'm very interested to hear what you think/hear about the differences in V7.xx versus the 8.xx modeling of the phase inverter (Global). Myself, I hear a slightly lower volume, a little less gain, and possibly a little less high end (not sure on this last one). I am one of the folks...
  82. plyall

    Possible new 8.01 bug?

    Folks - I'd like confirmation on this... When I am editing from the front panel, when I get to the AMP block, it always has Amp Y selected (which frequently results in no sound). Are you folks seeing the same? Pete
  83. plyall

    Post firmware update - what do you do? (best practice)

    Folks - I have seen a variety of different approaches to the problem of "my patches sound different after FW update X.yy". I know that a number of folks recommend resetting each patch's amp by changing its type and then changing it back. To me, in many cases this changes the character of the...
  84. plyall

    Japanses transistor radios, no output, and best method - umm - HELP!

    Folks - <Edit> To our Japanese brothers and sisters, no offense intended. I was raised in an era when American and Japanese products competed for the same portable radio market. Also - sorry for the subject's misspelling... </Edit> For many of you, 8.0 has been a panacea. For me, not so...
  85. plyall

    Restting an Amp Type

    Folks - We have all read that in order to reset an Amp, you change to another amp type and then back to the original amp. Per the other posts, this resets the default parameters of the amp. If this is the case, don't ALL of the amp's parameters become reset, and require a 'rebuild' of your...
  86. plyall

    Hammer to Fall - Queen

    Folks - First, credit where credit is due. I am a HUGE Night Ranger fan, and Mark Day's "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" was absolutely inspirational. I shamelessly ripped it off, tweaked the amp, cab, reverb, and delay and came up with what I think is a good approximation of Queen's "Hammer To...
  87. plyall

    Mackie MR8 MkII

    Folks - Not selling for Mackie here, but I stumbled across the most amazing set of INEXPENSIVE studio monitors. They are the Mackie MR8 MK II. Granted, they are not the top of the line Mackies, but I gotta say that I HATED the first generation of Mackie monitors. These were $250 each at...
  88. plyall

    RCF and Auralex?

    Folks - As I mentioned in another thread, I recently became the happy owner of a pair of the RCF 12's. Delicious! Merlin17 set me straight on the 'freefield/floor' switch, and it sounds 100% better. So - I went to Guitar Center this weekend, and came home with some Auralex foam pads for...
  89. plyall

    Are the RCF's considered 'bassy'?

    Folks - I just took delivery of a pair of the fabulous RCF (12) monitors, courtesy of Mike Pyle! They sound great, and really make the presets blossom nicely. I have them connected to my Output 2 jacks with XLR-> TS cables (I believe they are wired the same as the 'humbuster' cables in the...
  90. plyall

    Conundrum - 'Hep me, hep me!'

    Folks - First, go have a listen to this to put you in the mood :razz The Guy, The Deer, The Dog, And The Bambulance. Hysterically funny - YouTube - CAUTION: Very strong language for those that are sensitive! So - in effect, I need a 'Bambulance'. I have been following all of the speaker...
  91. plyall

    How long have you left your Axe-FX II on for - did it crash?

    Folks - I had a strange situation today with the Axe-FX II. My studio is in the basement, and I heard a loud whine coming from there about 1pm today. It turns out that I had left my Axe-FX II on all night in the studio (have done occasionally in the past), and when I came down to check the...
  92. plyall

    Tuner Accuracy

    Folks - I know that the tuner has been through some significant improvements (especially with the strobe wheel), but I accidentally stumbled across something today. I (for studio reasons) use a Radial JDV MK3 Class A direct box ** in front of the Axe-FX II. This also manages some front end...
  93. plyall

    Bank Sysex Files - can you load them to different banks?

    Folks - I was wondering if it's possible to load say 'Waldo_Bank_A' into the bank 'C' bank area in the Axe-FX II. The reason this came to mind is that most of my daily presets reside in Bank A. When I download other folks' banks, I would love to be able to load them to an alternate bank so I...
  94. plyall

    12 String Patch - it takes a village

    Folks - I have been wanting a 12 string patch similar to that which I programmed in my old Digitech 2101. I started fresh on the Axe FX II and came up with something that's a pretty good start. Essentially what I did was split the output of the amp to two crossovers. The first...
  95. plyall

    Wall-o-clean patch

    Folks - Attached is my attempt at a two amp/two speaker BIG clean sound. It has a hair of chorus (easily surpressed) and a slow leslie (also easily bypassed) for subtle texture. This is a 4 output patch. Many of the patch's nuances can be tweaked by simply adjusting the output mixer. The...
  96. plyall

    When you gotta have a Twin Reverb ...

    Folks - I was in a 'clean' mood today, so I mucked with a few more presets. Clean Twin - Beat it. Kick it. Still expect a very clean output. So unlike my other presets that use compression, this uses none. Twins sound inherently 'harsh' unless you tweak them. I remember losing at least...
  97. plyall

    A little pedal help, please

    Folks - I have 3 Ernie Ball volume pedals. I used to use them as 'expression' pedals with my old MIDI setup, but am not sure that they are right for the job here. I have tried taking a traditional insert cable (1/4" TRS to a 1/4" TS and 1/4" RS). I tried by inserting the send line into the...
  98. plyall

    Beautiful Shiva (clean)

    Folks - Here's my first attempt at creating what I think is a clean, punchy sound. I used the Shiva to create it, but I'm sure one or two other amps would fill the bill. The patch is called 'Shiva Loves Me' (yeah. yeah. yeah), and it was developed using: Guitar: PRS McCarty (neck...
  99. plyall

    Quick patch jump

    Folks - I recently loaded the famous violin patch at location 313. Since most of my custom presets are down in the 1-30 range, I couldn't find another way to get to the patch in 313 quickly - scrolling appears to be the only way. I'm sure I have missed a shortcut somewhere- surely the...
  100. plyall

    Ownhammer IR's - Mic emulation or not?

    Folks - I recently bought some of the Ownhammer IR's (Marshalls, Vox, Matchless, and Ampeg). Since these IR's are all taken with a variety of microphones, is it a 'best practice' to use the IR without any mic in front of the virtual cabinet? It would seem so, because that would filter the...
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