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  1. merlin17

    Laney LFR-112

    I've been testing that little beast for the last few days and I'm quite impressed! Sounds very linear to me (in the ballpark of my Dynacord AXM-12a) with a little more bass-balls which makes it feel nice but not muddy. You can adjust the treble which could be useful under some circumstances, but...
  2. merlin17

    Wish Tap Tempo last two

    Hi! Would it be possible to implement the tap to calculate the tempo from the last two taps? It seems it averages all taps and ramps up or down from the nominal tempo at this point. That's mostly too slow for my needs, and as the switches are fairly loud I'd rather have it react faster...
  3. merlin17

    My AXE-FX II MkI is fried. :-(

    I switched it on today and it stuttered while booting (but did anyways). After that it smelled burned and I immediately switched it off. Unfortunately there's a fried part on the motherboard near the Ethernet port. I hope it's possible to repair it without exchanging the whole board...
  4. merlin17

    Block recall from another patch

    Hi! Is it possible to recall e.g. an Amp block from another patch into the current patch "onboard" the AX-8 (as is possible on the AXE-FX-II's recall page)? Thanx, Peter
  5. merlin17

    Nik Kershaw using AXE-FX

    Hi! Clearly seen at 20:32 (MFC with Looper Control). Catch Up | Vintage TV | It's all about the music | Sky 369 | Freeview 242 | Virgin 343 | FreeSat 505
  6. merlin17

    Scene Revert does not exit Tuner mode

    I have my AXE II configured for Scene Revert (not Preset Revert) on reselecting a patch on my MFC, but if I have the tuner engaged hitting the switch for the patch again will NOT get me out of tuner mode, and the tuner then is NO LONGER shown on the MFC - only on the AXE itself. Because I let...
  7. merlin17

    Scene Revert and Tuner off

    Hi! I'm not sure whether this is a feature, an oversight or a bug, therefore I'm posting here. I have my AXE II configured for Scene Revert (not Preset Revert) on reselecting a patch on my MFC, but if I have the tuner engaged hitting the switch for the patch again will NOT get me out of tuner...
  8. merlin17

    Video of an original song of my band, all guitars AXE-FX

    Hi! One patch only (Bogfish Strato), Morgaine Mintage Strat/ Tandler Beauty LP-style. I hope you like it...
  9. merlin17

    My stage today...

    A stage swimming on the water... I know the music stand looks like shit. ;-) PA/ monitoring was L-Acoustic. My RCF sounded VERY similar (and the L-Acoustic wedge is like 4 times the money). EQ on the FOH desk was flat (except for a lo-cut). The sound guy loved my signal. ;-)
  10. merlin17

    Volume changes

    Hi! I STILL have drastic volume differences of the same preset when changing between presets in V11b. Example: My main crunch rhythm patch is #2. When I change to another patch (let's say #4) and then come back to #2 it MAY be a lot louder than before. When I then change back and forth between...
  11. merlin17

    FW10 System Clean and 11b?

    Hi! I'm not loving V11 as much as most of you, so I'd like to try the System Clean sysex procedure. Can I use the file with a 11b Axe? Thanx, Peter
  12. merlin17

    EPK of one of my bands

    Hi! All guitars AXE II (with the leaked 10 beta firmware...). Leslie Moryson & Band Album "Ich mag dich" EPK - YouTube
  13. merlin17

    Bug? random issues since 10.0.2

    Hi! I played two gigs since updating to 10.0.2 (MFC on the first gig 2.15, second 2.16). The first gig was a Musical where I only use two patches. One time one of the patches was silent, I had to reselect it to produce sound. As I was the leading part in that song the conductor (and me) were...
  14. merlin17

    Ext2 to Delay Input level lags...

    Hi! I have Ext2 controlling my delay's input level. When I turn the pedal to 0 there's still signal going into the delay, only after 2-3 sec it's silent. The on-screen display is instant, but the level isn't. Damping is at 10msec, doesn't help.
  15. merlin17

    Humbuster cables to DI?

    Hi! Would there be a benefit by using humbusting cables from Axe II Outputs 2 to a DI Box or wouldn't it matter in this case? Happy 2012!!
  16. merlin17

    Left output 1 broken?

    Hi! Ok, probably not a bug but a hardware issue... My left Output 1 (balanced and unbalanced) puts out much less level than output 1 right, regardless of the output knob. Output 2 works fine on both sides. What could that be? Broken output volume poti?
  17. merlin17

    RCF vs FBT recording

    Hi! Here's a short riff through the RCF NX-12SMA and then through the FBT Verve 12mA...
  18. merlin17

    corrective cab IRs for Verve12 mA and K10 (WAV)

    Hi! I was asked whether I still have the WAV versions for those who want to use my corrective EQ cab files with the Axe II, so here they are. You still have to wait for an utility that can convert them to the Axe II syx format though. Use them if you like. I don't have the K10 anymore and the...
  19. merlin17

    RCF NX12-SMA

    Got it today. First impression: WOW!!! Seems extremely balanced and neutral. Off to more testing, playing an listening...
  20. merlin17

    FBT Verve 12mA Frequency Response

    Hi! I just measured the Frequency Response of my 3 wedges (unscientifically with a 31band t.meter), and it proved what I am hearing... The QSC K10 was relatively flat when the Bass switch is set to Ext.Sub - in the normal position everything below 120Hz is way too much. The LD Systems...
  21. merlin17

    Polarity when using DC?

    Hi! I'd like to power the MFC with a Visual Sound One Spot DC adapter. The standard jacks of it don't fit into the MFC, but I have one adapter that fits which seems to change polarity. Does it matter to the MFC? Just checking before trying...
  22. merlin17

    Frequency shift when using different Cabs

    Hi! Anybody else having problems when using different Cab IRs with different patches that are used in one song? The different peaks and notches of different IRs make my ears dizzy when switching sounds, so I think I'm gonna look for that ONE Cab IR that I'll be using in every patch (at least...
  23. merlin17

    K10, Verve 12mA, LD Systems Mon 121A

    Hi! I have them here right now... The K10 is LOUD, wow! The bass extension is impressive, the mids are somewhat nice, the highs are clear. It's light and has perfect input possibilities. The EQ switches are not really usable for me. The LED on the front is nice to have. The Verve 12mA is a...
  24. merlin17

    Simple Line Mixer DIY?

    Hi! I'm no techie, so... If I want to mix two line level signals (in this case: one output of the Ultra and one feed from the monitor mixer) into one output incl. a level poti for one of the inputs, can I just build a box with two XLR inputs, feed one through a poti (what one?) and solder the...
  25. merlin17

    New Recording, Strat + JCM900, Pop/Rock-Tune

    Hi! This time of the year again, did some playbacks for the annual local musical. This song has two guitar parts, one single-note delay line (delay and panning done in mixing with SoundToys Echoboy/ PanMan, just to have control til the end - could have been done with the Axe, too; second is a...
  26. merlin17

    Plexi 1

    Hi! Is really anybody using this one in 9.0.2 with the bright switch on (default)? It has soooo much gain then even with the drive at 0... I have a Tube Amp Doctor Plexi here at the moment (Hi, Marco!) which is said to be true to old Marshall Plexis and it is really different... It is not my...
  27. merlin17

    Ultra 9.0.2: Drive block not delay compensated?

    Hi! Putting a drive block in parallel with a shunt and bypassing the drive block (bypass set to Mix=0%) causes comb filtering.
  28. merlin17

    Stereo routing question

    Hi! I'm using Out1 for connecting to my ART SLA-2 and guitar cabs. Out 2 is the PA feed. I want to use two HiRes Cab blocks for the PA feed, but I seem to be not able to get there in stereo (it sounds mono summed to me). When I'm using a stereo Cab block it IS stereo. How do I route the signal...
  29. merlin17

    4 Songs recorded with Ultra

    Hi! I already posted one of these in the "Tele, Blackface, Trem" thread, but my iDisk was modified by someone and the files got deleted. :-( These are 4 songs we did recently as backing tracks for a local Musical, so these are not really meant to showcase the Ultra but happened to be recorded...
  30. merlin17

    Blackface, Tele, Trem

    Hi! This is not meant as a showcase, but we did some recordings for a local Musical in the last days and this is a nice example for a nice sound out of the Ultra (V9) IMO. It's my Suhr Classic-T into the Axe, Blackface sim with very little adjustments and a Tremolo block. Cab sim is made with a...
  31. merlin17

    How to emulate a Marshall Superlead?

    Hi! If I want to recreate a Marshall JMP Superlead with inputs bridged in the Axe do I have to use two amp blocks at once (one with bright engaged and one without)? Is there a simpler way? Which model comes closest to the Superlead? I just did a comparison of an old Superlead with my Ultra...
  32. merlin17

    Poll: Global Cab

    Hi! I'd like to see a Global Cab option (in addition to the normal cab block). That would mean an additional cab block that automatically uses a user-defined global cab. The application would be: Set the global cab to an IR of the actual cab one uses. That means if I gig with a 2*12" cab with...
  33. merlin17

    Global Cab

    Hi! I'd like to see a Global Cab option (in addition to the normal cab block). That would mean an additional cab block that automatically uses a user-defined global cab. The application would be: Set the global cab to an IR of the actual cab one uses. That means if I gig with a 2*12" cab with...
  34. merlin17

    IR of a 1*12 H&K Thiele Cab

    Hi! If someone wants to try this, please do so and comment on it. It's an IR of my 1*12 Thiele Cab (Hughes&Kettner AC112P) with a Celestion G12H100 speaker. Miked with a Neumann KM86 mic (center and close) through an Amek 9098i preamp. Sweep file and deconvolution with Voxengo Deconvolver...
  35. merlin17

    No flat response on outputs?

    Hi! I did a few checks, because I wanted to know whether my Ultra has level differences on the outputs like the units of others. It does not, good! But: If I send pink noise through the Axe (bypassed, rear input) the signal from the outputs (both 1 and 2) clearly show a hi-boost - like a 6db...
  36. merlin17

    "Read defaults" again...

    Hi! Please please please add the option for externally controlled parameters (via expression pedals) to read a programmed default value in addition to the way it is now (reading the pedal value on patch change). This REALLY is driving me nuts as I have to program the defaults as separate CCs on...
  37. merlin17

    Stereo Effects Block Into Two Amp Blocks?

    Hi! How do I route/ configure a. e.g. stereo delay so that its left output feeds into amp block 1 and the right output into amp block 2? Is this possible with stereo effect blocks or do I have to use two mono ones? Thanx,
  38. merlin17

    Help please!!!

    Hi! I‘m really having problems with my Ultra... Everybody says it gets better and better the longer they have it, I‘m tweaking since January and I‘m still struggling with the same things. My clean patches are somewhat ok, but I don‘t seem to get something out of it that can touch my H&K...
  39. merlin17

    Drive section not delay compensated?

    Hi! When using the Drive block and NOT putting it to 100% wet there's some nasty notch filtering going on, pretty unusable. Has it always been that way? If so, why is there a mix control at all?
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